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Lay away program to buy an AMS Scooter

Sixteen months ago I signed up to buy an adult mobility scooter from Omegastores, Wallingford, CT. I have allowed them to withdraw $50.00 a month from my checking account. Now that my total has reached $800.00 I have tried to reach them to make arrangements to select a scooter, a delivery date and terms for the completion of payment.

I can not reach them by any means.

Their phone doesn't accept calls, They do not return emails etc. etc.

It appears that these people are not legitimate.

I would like my money returned.

Scooter was completely broken

My brother bought scooter from the website The courier delivered it, but it was broken. I called to the seller, who promised to arrive and take the scooter back, but no one showed up. They simply fooled me and started to ignore all my phone calls and emails. I waste large sum for the scooter, which I couldn’t repair. They are liars and scammers, and I want to find other deceived customers, who lost money. Please we need to stop this company and return our money. Post your comments.

total ripoff


Broken electric tricycle

I ordered an electric tricycle from Monica LLC – OMEGASTORES at
I inspected it upon arrival. It looked fine from the top. Upon closer inspection, the sides of the battery were hanging brokenly.

I received it Oct. 8th, and have emailed (and called) repeatedly with no response, despite automatic email replys stating I would hear from them in 2-3 days.

I contacted the shipper, and they stated it would cost $1443.93 to return it on my own if I didn’t use the Monica LLC account. But the company would have to call them for the pick up.

I am having difficulty believing no one will contact me regarding my $1100 purchase.


Buyer Beware! I ordered an Etrike from this company. It took over two months to receive the item. When I...

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Buyer beware

Buyer Beware - I wish I had the sense to research this distributor better that I had. I never would have...

No respond, no product delivered!

I purchased a $749 2007 log splitter from The check was deposited on Oct 6th. I can not get them on the phone or the internet . They do not respond to my E-MAIL., I have reported this to the bank fraud div of BofA today. They are still taking orders by phone as that is the only number that responds but not with a live person.

  • Ja
    Janet Reid Mar 05, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a log splitter with a leak and was told to return the part, which I did at my expense. They returned the part and I was supposed to pay for the delivery. I refused and wrote asking for my money back. I have not had any further response from Omegastores. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL!

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  • Lo
    LoganJ Oct 14, 2008

    HORRIBLE service. Bought a "cozybike" a while bike - came broken. They replaced it, second one came BROKEN AGAIN. I called them and got no answer. Left three messeges. NO REPLY. I kept calling back and the JERKS over there took the phone off the hook. They told me to ship the broken one back and they'd refund me. I shipped it back - NO REFUND. HORRIBLE COMPANY. STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!

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  • Ga
    gary w. lenk Jul 18, 2012

    Same o same o, when is our legal folks going to do something about the scam artists at Omegastores??? I purchased an electric tricycle from them and after several delays in delivery, the bike arrived and the ten minute they state installation, took over 60 minutes, I turned on the electrical and found there was no electric. The battery is charged, all connections are made but it is a piece of junk and doesn't work. Have tried to contact Omegastores via telephone and email several times but they do not respond. The same complaint filed by many many consumers against this company. I have contacted the Attorney General in Ct. attn:Office of Public Inquiry - the address is: Attorney General
    55 Elm St.
    Hartford, Ct 06106 - please bombard the office with your complaint..

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  • Cu
    cut2it Sep 26, 2012

    Bad merchant!! AVOID! Tried to buy parts for EC69 cigarette machine - original parts made from cheap plastic that cracked.
    Filled in the online order form only to find that they didn't tell the shipping cost and that I was asked to post ALL my bank acc. info on line - WHICH I WILL NOT DO (& neither should you).
    E-mail contacted omegastores w/ request to order by phone [the way they took the original order] or mail w/ Credit Card (below). Today's Blow-OFF reply follows:
    On 9/20/2012 5:00 AM, [email protected] wrote:
    To: [email protected]
    Thanks for the come-back! -- That "PARTS" link should probably be on your web page.
    I want to order one of the C69 Injector modules @ $9.50 + shipping but I WON"T put my Bank info on the internet!!!
    Give me a phone # where I can order w/ a CC - or the process of ordering & paying by mail.
    Thank you -- ch
    Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 3:36:23 PM
    Subject: Fwd: 3rd Req Re: cig roller parts
    3 more days w/o reply -- PLEASE, provide requested info!!!
    Also Left message @ Phone:(203) 294-1051 (monica llc)
    Sorry but we cannot do that way.
    Regards, omegastores
    If that is acceptable customer service to you - have at it, but I've had enough!!! ch

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  • Rg
    R. Gatto May 16, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, Damn. I wish I'd come here before... I ordered a CozyTrike from this outfit. I'm a disabled Veteran, and I need transportation for groceries, etc. A friend of mine actually SAW one of these trikes, locally, and took pictures to show me, and went on about how much the guy that owned it raved over how great it was. I made my order May 1st. They cleared the payment within three days, and other than a receipt email, I have not gotten the "tracking email" they state will be sent "automatically" after payment clears. They don't state HOW they ship, and have very vague outlines of the process. It is *now* May 16th, and I've sent several emails, enquiring when my trike will arrive. Early last week, they said it would arrive *this* week. It's early Friday morning, and STILL no trike or word OF the trike. I've made a note of the contacts for the Connecticut AG/BBB from the posts above, and I hope I don't have to use them. I can handle delays, etc, as long as I'm kept in the loop. These people don't have a LOOP to begin with, apparently. Ironically, they sent me a letter (IT arrived two days after the check cleared), offering me a chance to win/earn $1000, if I'm one of the first 100 customers to send them a video endorsement showing me on the trike. Can't very well DO that without the damned TRIKE, now can I?? On one hand, I'm grateful that I'm not the ONLY one this has happened to, but on the other hand it really pisses me off. It took me over a YEAR to save for an expenditure like this, and if it turns out to be a rip-off, I will get VERY public about the way this outfit treats Disabled Veterans. In light of recent events in the news, it WON'T go well for them...I can't believe this! There's a part of me that swears this is a Chinese outfit in disguise, just from the syntax on their website/in their letter. Something is just not right...I've sent a couple more emails, asking for specific delivery times/at least a DATE, and have received NO responses to those, yet. I bank with a Credit Union, though, so I might have some recourse there. I hope. My legs won't take another year of hauling crap around manually...

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  • Jo
    Joker03 Jan 02, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These guys are a joke. I ordered the negative degree freezer from them and it quit working after 30 days. They refused to refund me the purchase price and wanted me to pay shipping to and from for them to look at. Stay away from this company. Absolutely sub par products and customer service.

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Big hustle!

I ordered a log splitter from them on 1/19/06. I ordered their highest rated product for I wanted the most powerful splitter I could find that would work off standard 120 volts A/C power. I ordered the "Megasplit2006" which appears to now be called the "Megasplit2007". The seller claims it has 9 tons of force (the other models are claimed to have 6 & 7 tons of force). This claim is very doubtful and should be investigated by the authorities. In fact the model I ordered looks (from the pictures) very much the same as the "Fisch LS-8000 II 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter " at Amazon where they claim only 4 tons. While OmegaStores offers 3 models of splitters with 6, 7 and 9 tons of force claimed, respectively, there is reason to believe that all are the same unit as I will discuss further below.

Immediately after ordering, I received a phone call from the OmegaStores representative. We discussed technical details in which I questioned some of their claims but he assured me that the claims were all true. I questioned why the three models would have different forces when the motor appeared to be the same. The representative claimed there was a difference in the hydraulics. However, I later found a parts list online at OmegaStores and all three models have the same component parts!

Then we discussed delivery. The representative said that if I would allow a bank transfer of funds, he would ship immediately. I stupidly agreed to that as I really needed the splitter in a hurry. It was all bogus. Nothing was shipped and no confirmation could be obtained. In fact, it was impossible to communicate with the company. Phone calls and emails were not responded to. After 3 or 4 weeks I concluded that I had been had. I contacted the BBB and the authorities in Connecticut. As far as I can tell, nothing came of my complaints.

Approximately 1 month after I ordered the unit, it arrived by UPS shipment.

The product was very poorly packaged. The heavy unit was in a cardboard box, loose among chunks of Styrofoam. Parts were broken or missing altogether. I had my lawyer send them a fax with the list of broken and missing parts and they were received in a few days. Lawyer letters are responded to! The electric motor would not run but would simply blow the circuit breaker when it was turned on. A visual inspection revealed that the housing was bashed in against the rotor. I corrected that problem myself as I really needed a working splitter right away.

The markings on the box the unit came in indicated that it was a cheaper model than the one I ordered (the marking identification on the box does not correspond with the model names used on the web). The joke of an owner's manual had an addenda sheet that claimed that the book was good for the model I ordered. Apparently one owner's manual covers all three models. As stated above, the parts list is also the same for all three models. There is no nameplate identification on the unit anywhere. Only the box had any identifying information. This may violate federal laws, I do not know for sure.

After repairs were made the unit operated satisfactorily. That is, it split logs. I have no means of measuring the actual force created. However the motor does run on a 120 volt standard outlet.

I would not buy anything more from this company even though they have other products that I would like to have. I suspect their warranty is a joke from other complaints I have read so I figure I am stuck with this item even if it fails.

Store details:

Omega Stores
121 - C North Plains Industrial Rd
Wallingford, CT 06492
Tel: [protected]
Tel: [protected]
Fax: [protected]

  • Lo
    LoganJ Nov 21, 2009


    I bought their electric bike and it came BROKEN. It was packaged HORRIBLY. NEVER ANSWERED MY CALLS. NO REFUND.


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  • Da
    David Sep 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased an electric bike from this person last year and never recieved a certificate of origen which is necessary to legally register. After many phone calls, e-mails, and threats, he finally e-mailed me a copy. However, the state requires and original copy.

    For some reason this person who owns Omegastores won't give out his name. He lies on the website, telling people that these bikes don't need to be registered and that is not true. Many states require it. I have no idea why this person will not give me the certificate, but the bike is useless to me if I want to ride it without wondering about a ticket (Pennsylania ticked for unregistered ebike-$106.00)

    Look at other websites about this guy. He lies about many things. He also tells me he will not sell me spare parts because I've complained about him. You'll see that about many things he sells. All he has to do with me is to send the damn cerificate but he won't.

    Because I've complained to the company in China about this certificate, he tells be that he won't sell me spare parts, which means when my battery reaches the maximum charges (160-200, but who knows with these guy, he lies just to lie) I'm screwed because it is not really a pedaling bike as the pedals are just for assisting the electric motor.

    Do not buy this bike if you need to legally register it. Check your state regs about that and do not believe anything he tells you. There are much better quality bikes out there and they actually have customer service and documentation to show that their products are in this country legally.

    Again, search all over for complaints about Omegastores, and save the money and aggravation.

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  • Ma
    MaryPolk Feb 23, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased several items from them but everything was always fine. I think these complainers work for the competitors.

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  • Lo
    LoganJ Jun 23, 2012

    Work for the competitors? No, sorry. I dealt with these a**holes long ago and it was the worst experience of my life.

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  • Mc
    Mckinzie Feb 10, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't buy from omega
    stores, wish I had read about problems before I lay away
    out of $ 150.00. Refuse to refund money.

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