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problem with the seller bobo bird official store - defective watch


Order ID: [protected]
Order time & date: 12:11 Nov. 11 2018
BOBO PTAK Mechaniczne Zegarki Mężczyźni Wodoodporna Automatyczne Zegarki Top Marka Luksusowe Zegarki Na Rękę orologi uomo automatico
Sold By
BOBO BIRD Official Store

I've bought a watch from BOBO BIRD company and it is unfortunately defective. It does not count time correctly (error around +5min every hour).
I started a dispute on my account, but for some reason dispute is finished in the system. I have no idea why... Because I try to get my money back, but seller refuses.

Could you help me with that?

I also have problem with the seller. I have sent to the seller (via mail, because they asked me for that) video that proves that the mechanism is defective. It is visible with a bare eye that the watch on the right goes to fast (compare starting hour and finishing), but the seller responded "we cannot see issue from the video".
Could you please help me with the seller? I always had very positive experiences with aliexpress, but not I am just mad that they treat me like that...
I just want to return the watch and get my money back.

Video attached.

Regards Kuba

exploding kittens damage and incomplete

Order [protected]

As evidence is shown by pictures the box arrived damaged and half of the cards are missing. So this game is broken and not possible fo play

For this I request my money back as I cannot do anythinv with this

The initial results was that it was invalid as it was not broken. I was shocked as I had the pictures to prove it !
Another was refund and send item back. For this the seller should be paying the sending fees as he send me a broken and incomplete game! (Pictures attached)
This was supposed to be a present!

You can see from the revieuws he has done the same thing already several times and is not to be trusted so

1. Please react upon this to get all my money back
2. Block this person from aliexpress as he is giving it a bad name

exploding kittens damage and incomplete
exploding kittens damage and incomplete

  • Updated by Steffe · Dec 30, 2018

    Order 96453606372681

    Arrived DAMAGED and INCOMPLETE so the game is broken AND incomplete.

    Seller does not want to take responsibility and aliexpress seems to protect them and not the costumer at all cost

    As this game is for the trash I demand a full refund and not sending back the package or full refund + shipling cost

    As we do not have the possibility to ship thousands of packages simultaniously, it cost me more fl send it back than the full refund!!

    This is the mistake of the seller

  • Updated by Steffe · Jan 04, 2019

    I Already contacted you but you have dealt with wrong item. I am filing complaint regarding "EXPLODING KITTENS" game

    Order 96453606372681

    The game arrived broken and incomplete (half of the cards missing)

    Until now, no progress was made. The seller does not want to take responsibility and aliexpress until now only wants fo refund me 1$  of an amount of $8 (game, again, is  broken and incomplete!) or is proposing full refund if I send it back, which will cost more than the refunded $8 !

    So again, I ask a full refund or full refund + shipping costs if he wants me to send it back. This is carbage, i cannot do anything with this thing.

    Please do take your responsibility

seller hknice store product huawei mate 8 screen my email address ruby. [protected]

Dear friend I would like to do an official complaint about a seller Hknice store where I bought a Huawei mate...


non delivery of my paid orders last november 17,2018

I ordered items from your company last nov.17, 2018 and was successfully paid thru my rcbc mastercard, aa far as i can remember, i ordered 6 items with 4 lipsticks and 2 watches .At first i was kept updated regarding shipping until it reached our countrys destination.Order no.[protected], tracking no.RF 588989245SG, And then suddenly last dec 7 there is a message to me that my order was cancelled due to non payment but the order different from my old order no.which is [protected], is this a scam?you are collecting money from us and make us expect that there is really an item and after which you are going to create another issues?return my money if you cant deliver our item

iphone 8 we bare bears phone cover

I ordered a phone cover and it has been more than 40 days since i ordered. On the app it says delivered but i...

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order id: [protected] seller: store name: wiyo mannequin co., ltd store

I ordered to WIYO Mannequin Co. thru Aliexpress last dec1, then i sent a follow up last dec18 and that the only time they told me that it was out of stock totally... so i don't have choice but to cancel. now i am following up for my refund but no respond from their side.

i even checked in aliexpress portal for my pending refund and i found nothing.

Attached is our conversation from the seller.

order id: [protected] seller: store name: wiyo mannequin co., ltd store
order id: [protected] seller: store name: wiyo mannequin co., ltd store

  • Updated by Francisco Francisco · Dec 27, 2018

    I have checked my orders that most of all which i paid for Aliexpress Direct Shipping ...SELLER use Aliexpress Standard Shipping. When i contacted the sellers they told me that it is not them who change the shipping method, it is Aliexpress.

    I don't know who is telling the truth.. the seller or the aliexpress website...

    see sample attached.

used closed account for refund in order to frustrated customers.

I am writing this letter to complain about AliExpress poor service towards their customers. I bought a lot of...


rosewheel 2.5l

I ordedred this product:
Roswheel 2.5l mtb bicycle bike bag mochila ciclismo 2 colors outdoor sports cycling backpack hydration pack water bag.
When it arrived I sent the sellerdispute that he made a mistake and did not sent the hydration sack.
I got an answer that I id not ordered it, as a response I sent the seller my answer that it a part from the deal and if you go to the product photos it is there and no where is mentioned that the bag does not include the sack.
Neverthe less this bag can not be used without the water sack.
All I asked is to send it.
The seller chose to ignore my ask.
I don't know wht to do now.
If you can try to see my discussion with the seller in 'my orders"
This is the 3rd time I am writing to you.
Thank you

unauthorised credit card charges

I purchased the following items on November 3rd 2018 and one of the sellers has overcharged my creditcard.

Andrea Doherty
Platinum member
29 Power St
Islington NSW Australia 2296

Total amount charged should have been: $99.91AUD
My credit card was charged: $236.41 from 'AliexpressMelbourne'

why is there such a difference ? I would like a refund of: $136.50 to my creditcard

Andrea Doherty

usb rechargeable led desk lamp; do not purchase from aliexpress!

I made a purchase from aliexpress on 12/06/18. The item in question was a usb rechargeable led desk lamp. I haven't received the item so far and hadn't received a email confirmation regarding my order nor a shipping confirmation email! My orders page under my account doesn't show my purchase for some reason, however, my bank shows the charge to my checking account! The charge says aliexpress london for $19.78. Note: aliexpress also made it difficult to find a phone number to reach them. I couldn't even find an email address to reach them, only robotic chat! At least my bank agreed to dispute the charge! Never again aliexpress!

made six orders only received one

I'm from namibia... Almost 5 months ago I ordered some products through aliexpress... Only one wa...


rc602s voice search remote control with netflix button fit for tcl c70 and p60 series, xclusive x1

I am from Pakistan. I ordered a smart remote through Aliexpress. After receiving it I got to know that the...


about the ordered nike shoes

I had ordered Nike Shoes( order did: [protected]) on 15th July 2018 with AliExpress shipping LP00106703850827 but I haven't received yet. It was supposed to be delivered 30-35 days . The local customs office is holding the shoes suspecting the shoes are fake. I submitted all required documents as per request of customs to have customs clearance but the goods is under customs. The customs office sent me recently email that the shoes are either returned back to seller or destroy due to suspicious of infringing intellectual property rights in the case of counterfeiting and is therefore prohibited.It is according to the European Union No. 608/2013, which prohibits that goods found to be counterfeit are released for free circulation or retuned to origin, with destruction being foreseen for that purpose.
I sent this email which I received from customs office to AliExpress many times but no reply. I even sent to the seller but no reply. I chatted many times to the customer service of AliExpress and they tell they solve my problem and return my money back but not solved.
I am really tired of contacting to AliExpress and costumer seller sending messages to solve my problems but they didn't listen. I have been waiting for around six months for getting only one pairs of shoes. It's really shameful. I told them I don't need their shoes because customs already suspended . So just return back my money but AliExpress and Seller my shoes are showing dam care. So through this complaint I would like to request the concerned body to solve my problems with compensation because I have spent much money calling to the Customs office very often.
Thank you.

about the ordered nike shoes


beard growth spray

I usually order beard spray to sell... And they come one one so i got to the post office to take them to sell.. I studied the process and it was cool.. So i ordered for 9 bottles on 7th October... And till date it hasn't arrived...
But i ordered 3 bottles on 10th October but that one came last 2weeks...
I verified and i was told my goods is lost in transit ... Cant be tracked

beard growth spray
beard growth spray
beard growth spray
beard growth spray


stitching stones

My name is Monica Fulciniti, I have an account on Aliexpress and I regularly by on you shop.
I never had problems.
But on my last shopping, day 26/11/2018, I ordered some stone to sew on clothes. I had several problems to order the goods I need, in the end I did't recive a confirmation of my order but the day 28/11/2018 the payment has been charged on the bank account name: Monica Volonté for the ammount of € 156, 20.
See attatched file.
Also I didn't recive the stones.
I Want to know what happened and if is possible to have back my money.
Wait for answer asap.
Monica Fulciniti

stitching stones


product name : jinkairui 12 massage balls u shape electric shiatsu kneading back neck shoulder body 4d infrared heating

DEAR Aliexpress customer service,

Am vijitha Karthik, my email id : [protected] I was ordered a product in your aliexpress app.

On 06-Oct-2018 ordered the following from you:

Product Name : JinKaiRui 12 Massage Balls U shape electric shiatsu kneading back neck sholuder body 4D infrared heating
massager car home relax. addon 110v + china + with car adapter + EU plug

I paid a amount SGD $74.41 by credit card.

The reference number for my order id was [protected]

i was expecting to take delivery of the item on 11-Nov-2018, but on till now ( 06 Dec 18 ) i havn't received the product ... still i can't understand where we or you missed the process. This thing making us worry.

My Worries in Details :

Failure to deliver within a reasonable time .

Time is essential. please deliver the item without undue delay.

should you fail to do so, i will be requesting a full refund of all amount what we paid.

hereby i attached my ordered details for your concern.

The ordered product following details:

Order Date : 6.10.2018

Order Time: 13.33

Order ID : [protected]

Seller Name :HEALTH LIFE

Product name : JinKaiRui 12 Massage Balls U shape electric shiatsu kneading back neck sholuder body 4D infrared heating
massager car home relax

Product Updates: 110v + china + with car adapter + EU plug

Shipping Address: Lalitha Krishnan
37/131, kathapillai street, nearlakshmi Mahal,
Melur - 625106, Madurai district,
Tamilnadu state,
India. HP:+91 [protected]

Tracking Details:

Tracking number: LX433884487NL

Total amount: subtotal (SGD $68.51) + shipping (SGD $5.90 )= SGD $74.41

Credit Card holder name : Karthik Srinivasan

Credit card bank l: DBS Bank, Singapore.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Vijitha Karthik
+65 [protected]
+65 [protected]

product name : jinkairui 12 massage balls u shape electric shiatsu kneading back neck shoulder body 4d infrared heating
product name : jinkairui 12 massage balls u shape electric shiatsu kneading back neck shoulder body 4d infrared heating


buyer protection

Ordered an item. Received the wrong product. Filed a dispute, received badly written verdict of no refund. My reason for the complaint is not listed under protection, but it is extremely common to be sent the wrong size or colour, or one that doesn't match the listing in quality, sometimes also in design. The dispute process is not fair, and does not protect customers against bad practices. Buyers beware.

smartphone gimbal stabilizer

I have order this product in AliExpress online on dated 15-11-2018, as they mention it will be deliver within 10-20 days.
after placed the order they did not respond . when afetr 3-4 days i text to your customer help, then they reply that they are going to send the product and i received a tracking number.
today 05-12-2018 and max delivery time is expired but the product still not deliver to me.
when i contact to AliExpress aagain, they telling me to search all the nearest post office to get the product.
is this system for online shopping..? its very funny, that need to search by self to get the product. its much better to go store to buy direct than the shop online froAliexpress. this is very worst service.

Tracking number details : LP00118325353802.

My humbly request i dont need product from aliexpress. its not trusted online shopping centre. Please refund my money.

Thank you very much.

Best regards


I never got my item

Hi, I ordered a wine chilling stick in January ago and never received it. They said it was mailed and I checked and never got it. They kept telling me it was coming. I sent the supplier many messages and was ignored. The supplier did not resolve my issue and closed the account. I believe the supplier blocked me as well. This company is not taking care of customers and issuing either a replacement or refund. I feel they have stolen my money. I hope this company is looked into with this scam. The order ID:[protected] HZ lifestyle store.