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network problem

I have been using airtel for 1 year now. There is no Airtel signal / very Feeble signal in my area for more than 1 month now.
I have raised several complaints in Customer Care. But they have not solved this problem. They said that the tower in my area had to be removed due to complaints from the owner of the building. What are my options? If I change the provider, the number changes? Airtel is not bothered about this - and they seem to be in no hurry to fix. I am planning to go to the Customer Court.

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    Anuj Garg Oct 06, 2007

    I made a request in June for an yearly plan of Rs 499, which Iam availing for last 2 years. My request was confirmed at airtel's Sec 15 Faridabad market outlet, but normal monthly charges of Rs 150 were charged against my bill for June-July bill. So the airtel's representative at sec 15 market asked me to pay it this time which will be adjusted next time. Nothing of that sort happend in the next bill and even in the next two bills so far again.
    No plans have been changed so far for me, even after continuous complaints at customer care. I have the refrence no. s given to me by Airtel Customer care for solving the same problem.
    So now I have decided to file a complaint against Airtel regarding this issue in the Honnable Customer Court of India and end my 2 yeras of relationship with the Bharti's Airtel as its Customer. Also I will appeal to the Honabble court to take the Harshest Action possible.

    Anuj Garg

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card blocked after 8 months

I've bought Airtel Pre-paid card([protected]) 8 months back at our office from a airtel agent or employee? namely Mr Kuldeeep that time we bought more than 10 card for other college also, from 5th Jan'07 my incoming and outgoing calls blocked by Airtel, when i inquired about blocking at costumer care they said they need to verify my SIM number which i'd changed few days ago, and asked me to go any Airtel gallery i went to Vashi gallery and they verified my SIM number and told me that my connection will be started within 1/2 hour but connection not work then i call CC(121) and this time CC rep. told me that i have to go one more time to vashi gallery and sort out the problem. Today when i was at gallery a lady at counter no 3 told me that my card blocked by person namely DD and told that i have to call a person Nilesh and given his number when i called Nilesh from gallery his tone was very rough and asking me that where i got this card and asking me about the receipt of the cash and my documents (which i given to mr Kuldeep) i told to Nilesh that in our department no one is got receipt against the cash but he is insisting that i have to pay the card amount(Rs.600) and the documents again.

My question to sir that Airtel given such type of authority to any person? I have already given all documents 2 times once to Mr kuldeep and 2nd time at the your Vashi Gallery.

  • Gg
    gg Oct 09, 2008

    two days before i found a airtel sim and having a balance so i called to my friends suddenly i got a call saying that "plz return my cell mother promise i'll never complain to police " but i didn't even responded and didn't even open my mouth just listening to her and at that point i felt very nervous and end the call, when i discussed about this with my friends then they told that stupid you called me with that number if police enquires about this then we will be caught . please give me a reply
    my friend is going to US in some months if any report in police station then he cant go and me too please let me know the reply ...

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confusing plans

My prepaid mobile connection [protected], was giving a message that, i've to recharge before February 15th to continue the connection, and said that my phone is currently disconnected temporary. I tried recharging using Citibank Online; the minimum requirement for Citibank online is Rs 300 or above. so checked the Airtel Prepaid website and found a voucher for Rs 360, and i recharged for that( Rs.160 Worth Talktime & 30Days Validity). After the recharge, the talktime was updated however, the Validity did not take effect, so i called up the Airtel Prepaid Customer Care, spoke to sumitha and later to her supervisor Mahesh, he informed me that since i'm in a plan called Easy Recharge, i would not be able to use the talktime until i easy recharge for 99. He also said that, if i had paid the 99 first and the 360 later i would have got more talktime. So i requested him to refund, which he denied initially however promised to tech with his managers. He said that, if i recharge for 99, the talktime, that I've already paid will get activated. So today morning, i went ahead and recharged for 99, which makes it a total of Rs 459 spent. Now the message says, I've a validity of 30Days but Zero Balance. I called the Customer Care today and after long long hold and transfers, i spoke to one person and then to his supervisor Deepesh, who reported that, they do not have a documentation about my previous days call. And Deepesh also reported that, he doesn't know any supervisor by name Mahesh. And he very badly denied my requests. As to him, he says that since I've paid the 360 before the 99. i will loose the 360 and its benefits. I informed him about the airtel website
where these kinds of rules or plan related info are not shown clear to the customers, he reported that, Airtel Policies and procedures will be hidden for customers. I demanded for his manager, and he denied the request saying that, Airtel cant help me anymore with this issue. Basically i seem to have lost Rs 459 to Airtel, which could have been better if i distributed the same among some poor. Do not trust Airtel!

roaming activation problem

The company has not activated South Zone roaming requested by me on 22.12.2006 though they have acknowledged the message and assured to process the request with in 48 working hours.

But till 30th the same was not activated and when complained, they have a passed a resolution for Rs.100/- regretting the inconvenience caused and the same was adjusted in the bill amount.

But i have not accepted the same and i would like to know why the services were not provided to me when assured.

Further i would like to proceed to sue the company and if any possibilities are there the same my be informed.

Hoping for the best

Srinivasa Rao Peri

facing multiple problems

I have taken new airtel connection on 31st of dec 06 and 1st of jan 07 i have sent sms to 170 for std pre...

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airtel cheated me in land line connection

I took an airtel landline connection and started getting fleeced. First there was a false entry in the bill saying that I have requested for a dialer tone, which we never did.

Then there I was duped into a friends and family scheme which promised 3 local and 1 SDT number can be called as much as you like at a fixed charge. In the bill only the land line numbers have been discounted. The STD number has been charged. Mind you the fact it was supposed to be included in the fixed charge, I made a lot of calls and it was charged. I think I have been fleeced by Airtel. Lot of emails to Airtel have NOT resolved the issue.


false extra connection

I was always very happy with airtel customer care till the time a problem of extra connection came on my phone. I have mobile No. [protected]. With Nov bill I have been shown having taken an add on connection for Mr. Manish Kumar. tele no. [protected]. Rs 399.56 have been charged on my bill as an addon connection. I gave the first complaint on 20th Dec. Thereafter I have been regularly speaking to your cust. care. (Sameera, Inderjeet, Neha, Sita, Sandeep, Jaspreet, Karan, Sita and finally Neha).Everytime I have to repeat the same story that I have not asked for an AddOn connection. I dont know Mr Manish Kumar. I have already paid the bill because it is through ECS. And that I want disconnection of that no. and refund of the money I have paid.

Ms Sita had also consented to give me extra talktime but unable to refund my money. Now on 10th. Ms Neha tells me that I have to go to Okhla to personally sort out the problem.

Why should I do the running around when the mistake has been made by your employee. She told me that I can make a complaint to any Airtel centre or send a email and you should be able to refund my money.

  • Fa
    false activation Sep 30, 2009

    False activation by fake ulternate number...

    I was always very happy with airtel customer care till the time a major problem of many extra connections is activate by reference of my ulternate mobile number. By your activation department, activate many new airtel connection withthe reference of my mobile no. So I have to repeat I dont know any person which is using activated airtel connection to reference of my ulternate mobile number. so please deactivate the total airtel connections which is using by anybody with my ulternate mobile number reference.

    My Mobile No. is 9971086037

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different customer care people give different information

Following is the copy of the complaint that i submitted to Airtel Customer Care [protected]

This is regarding my pathetic condition while dealing with the Customer Care (CC) as well as the Airtel Outlet People.

The bottom line of this complaint is that Different Customer Care people give different information, even after asking whether they are sure of the information that they are providing. I will just tell how:

Before going for the purchase of the Data Card i called up CC for asking about the plan and the address of the Nearest Airtel Outlet. Address that they gave was correct.

Wrong information that they provided is as follows:

1. No Documents are required for purchasing the Airtel Data Card Connection.

So without collecting any documents i went to the shop and then was given a list of the documents required. since i was in the urgent need of the connection, i had to run pillar and post to submit the documents. Had the CC person told me that documents are required, i would have atleast collected the docs and then went.

2. Regarding Data Transfer Query:
I asked as to how is the Data Download Counted: as there are three plans depending upon the data download.

I specifically asked by citing example that if i open (say) ORKUT.COM then temporarily that page is downloaded onto the system and in this website so many pictures are displayed , so whether this data transmitted is also counted. TO SAY MY BAD LUCK OR WHAT, Both the CUSTOMER CARE as well as the AIRTEL OUTLET at GANDHI BAZAAR, BANGALORE people told me NO SIR ONLY if you download those pictures or any file then that will only be counted.

Now when i am really using the services, i find that all DATA RECEIVED and DATA SENT i.e. all DATA TRANSMITTED is counted. This i got confirmed from Technical Team @ 7070. Earlier in the impression that only DATA DOWNLOADED (not even DATA RECEIVED) is counted i selected Aritel Internet Plan of Rs. 350 of 500 MB.

BUT now i am finding myself in a fix as to what to do because at this speed the data counted will very well exceed this limit as per my hours of usage.

The thing is that whom to believe, CC people or Airtel Outlet People or Technical Support People and more than that DO I NEED TO TRIANGULATE every time i make a query like this.

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    anuroop talluri Feb 02, 2007

    I took an airtel data card 5 days before but the speed is very less it is taking 5 min to open any website the mac i can get is not even 20kbps. Even gmail is not opening at nights when i inquired cc they told that the given speed is 236kbps but u can get an average of 150 kbps but i am getting only 20 kbps. Do not buy airtel data cards. It's poor product.

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  • Sr
    SRF Polymers Ltd Sep 20, 2007

    While opening the Global Trotter Mobility Manager, we are getting the error as follows.

    "Cannot initialize the application"

    And we could not use the Airtel Data card.

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  • Dr
    Dr.R.Manikanda kumaran Sep 28, 2007

    i had purchased an aitel data card on16/6/07 from the following dealer,SHREE MADHAVA,franchisee airtel,E13,block-15,prince tower,near kohinoor bar,sanjay place,agra-282002.after installation while trying 2 open the Global Trotter Motility Manager,I received a error as follows,
    "fatal error occured during installation" and since then i was not able 2 use it.I contacted the dealer who
    said that its not compatible with windows vista and he asked me 2 install windows xp so as 2 use it.I had specifically asked him during purchase regarding this and he had replied that it has nothng 2 do with the operating system.I got irritated but still I went with his words and installed xp still the same probs reccured.I went back 2 him for refund but he refused.He said that he would sell it to some other customer and then refund me back.till now there is no response.I had been waiting patiently till now.I have contacted him several times in the meanwhile,but i couldnt get any responsible answer from him.Hope u take the required action.

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  • Ma
    mahesh May 21, 2008


    While opening the Global Trotter Mobility Manager, we are getting the error as follows.

    "Cannot initialize the application"

    then i click ok
    It will closed.

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  • Ja
    jalal1990 Apr 15, 2011

    i have 3G data card and recently got the first bill of Rs.354.53 the last date was 11-04=2011
    which i have deposited on 08-04-2011 Rs.360.00 but on 15-04-2011 it is not being connected and every times message being displayed"connection terminated"customer care number i have tried at least 15-20 times but all in vain and i am helpless.

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unnecessary balance deduction

Hi, I am subscriber of airtel services. i m using prepaid card for more than two months.My problem is that they are deducting my balance unnecessary. Daily it is 12 RS. I already contacted call center more than 4 times. They just say it will take 48 hrs every time, there is problem in system. I then visited there main office twice.still the balance was not refunded.I am facing this problem for last 30 days. But still the problem is not resolved. They always barred my call center services also even i could not attempt more than 3 times. I think this is very bad. They should resolve the problem as early as possible. But they are not.

  • Na
    Naitik H. Patel Jan 16, 2008

    If i want to know the call details of my prepaid card than what should i do?

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  • Ma
    mahesh babu Apr 20, 2008

    hi my name is mahesh babu i am andhrapradesh .i want ti know my call detailes of of last 3 months.if i need what i have to do.i lost my important numbers.

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credit card charged twice / fraudulent promotional offer

Airtelcallhome advertised that one the first recharge or purchase they would give double the minutes we purchased. They never did that and the worst thing is they charged my credit card twice.

As someone mentioned earlier, I tried to register my phone number in the website and it always fails.The website is horrible and the customer service sucks. I sent 4 emails till now and never got a reply to any of them and the toll free number never works.

My first experience was a bitter one and I'll never try this service again and most importantly I'll pass this message to everyone I know.

  • Sr
    Srinivas Aug 06, 2007

    I am using Airtel last 7months, Its really wonderful. I got it double talk time.

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totally ridiculous!

Presently I am using airtel prepaid scheme with one year validity on special students scheme. When recharge...

it looks like a bunch of mafia!, is a big cheating company and pls do not register in that. They are playing cheap tricks by avoiding customer calls. I registered for 25$ and according to the deal I was supposed to get another 25$ worth bonus minutes within 24 hrs of registering, which I did not get so far. When I inquired the customer care (after waiting for a long time of 25 mins on each call), they said that I would be credited the bonus minutes within 24hrs and it did not happen even after 3 days. In between whenever I tried to talk to supervisor (Supervisor name: MANDIR SINGH - ###, located in Chandigarh), he simply disconnected my call by playing chepa tricks such as - lift the phone and hang up in a second or two without talking so that my call would get disconnected. When I insisted the customer care to bring him (MANDIR SINGH) on his/her (Anju, Achan and Abhinav - customer care people), they used to tell me that they would bring him in a minute or so and then they would disconnect my call. It clearly shows that, the customer care and supervisors and I feel even the higher authorities in spite of recording the customer calls, they are just ignoring them. This is just because they are trying to bag lot of money through special offers in a limited time and then turn down the services just with a mere cause of updates on the website and also with one customer care number which is ridiculous. It looks like bunch of MAFIA including employees and the higher authorities cheating on the customers without any care. This is a clear indication on how India is growing and also in which direction it is going to end up. AIRTEL is treating USA as India and cheating on the customers on a regular basis. This needs to be sorted out by launching a case against them so that they would not be able to continue their business in USA.

  • Jo
    John P Joseph Jan 02, 2007

    I tried Airtel CallHome's service and I was stunned. And it was value for money. I disagree with this review, as it is evidently very biased.

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  • Nn
    N Nayak Jan 07, 2007

    I registered with Airtel 10 days ago and have only been able to make 3 successful calls to India. 9 out of 10 times the access number itself is busy. When you try to call the Customer care center, that number is busy too. A week ago, I was able to get through to Customer service once to get my Easy Dial numbers registered. I was told that it will be fixed in 24 seems like 24 days, because to date my issue has not been rectified.

    For those finding the 4c/min to India rate attractive.....think again. It is better to pay 8c/min on Reliance and get connected to your loved ones.

    This AirTel cookie is not baked at all!

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  • Ve
    Venkat Jan 17, 2007

    Airtel Sucks! ###s run this place...Everything about this company is ###...Throw money in water and see it float instead of buying calling card from this site...

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  • Sa
    sagar Jan 21, 2007

    Hi friends
    If you haven't tried stana card try it. it is real good. while signing in promo code or referral code space enter 135163 then you get double talk time on first purchase so go to and sign your self with your referral code 135163 bye and let me know how it is? in stana card you do not have to dial pin or access no only you have to dial is pre given us no for any international call.

    New promo code 135163. for India you will get 256 min on mobile phone calls by referring i am getting lots of minutes free every week.

    If you refer some one like i am doing after you make call from stana card then you also get half of talk time for free so it is worth using and worth referring .

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  • Ra
    rakesh Feb 06, 2007

    Disgusting and irritating unit.No one takes responsibility.It is just waste of time and money. Think again. Just because it has promotional quote, don't fall for it. It really sucks.

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  • Ga
    Gaurav Mar 07, 2008

    Ist think i wanna share with u guys is: they d't have any customer care number nor they even reply..if something happens wrong with ur account.

    I registerd a number and charged it with 10$, but they d't send me the 14 digit pin number. When i am calling from tht registered no, it askes for 14 digit pin no.

    Now conditionis tht in my account , i have 20$ but not able to call.

    I complaint about it thru mail, bt no one is responding.

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  • Sa
    sam Sep 20, 2008

    i was just gonna register to Airtel call home service. I googled Airtel for their website and man I found the complaint boards as the highest hits... It is scary to read so many negative comments.. Glad I googled it... I would not register this anymore.

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  • Ju
    Juwin Thomas Oct 13, 2008

    Totally pissed off with the customer service from AirtelCallHome. It seems that they do not want new customers.

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  • Sa
    Sameer Nov 19, 2008

    You guys should try

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  • Sa
    Sanjiv Nov 27, 2008

    This happens to me also, last Diwalee they had an offer if you register they will send the gift (pack of dry friuts) to a your india address. I keep calling them and they have been saying it will reach in 1 month then 2 months and then 3 months...

    I really got tiered and then left them ... Airtell really Sucks they are becoming worse and worse day by day... we should lauch a case agaist them in consumer court and bring them to groud.

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no response to customer query

I am an user of airtel prepaid mobile services. I have asked them about some discrepancies in my airtel mobile recharge. I have called the customer care for more than 10 times. Once i said, i need to speak to the Team leader they, transfer the line such that nobody takes care of that. See, i have called 10 times. They transfered the line for 7 times and waited nearly 7 * 8 min = 56 min literally. No response at all. I went personally to the airtel customer care centre. Wrote and handed them a complaint. They informed me that they will be calling me in maximum of 48 hrs. But still nobody called me. This is my 10th day of waiting. I had never came across such a worse treatment form any of the reputed service providers.

  • Ja
    jayaprakash.m Sep 21, 2008

    how to activate the 2nd sim provided with

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  • Mu
    munendra888 Oct 15, 2008

    my 09997467390 call me i have no.of query related mobile office beacuse i m activated Rs20 at date15-10-08 and it's service work only few please solve my problem.and i m facing second time.

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  • Be
    Beryl Nov 11, 2008

    Dear Mr. Chairman,

    I would like to bring to your notice, that I hold a prepaid Airtel connection for the last 5 yrs, which I bought when Airtel brought out a scheme for a life time connection for Rs 1000.

    When you say a lifetime connection it means that my validity would never get over that is what my understanding is, of a LIFETIME CONNECTION

    On the 6th of Nov I got an SMS stating that my validity was getting over on the 7th of Nov, so I was to recharge. I called up your customer service center where I was put on hold for about 15 mins and then was cut off. Since then, I have called several times, unfortunately, no one is willing to help !

    Yesterday, November 8, 2008., after I finally ran out of patience and threatened to complain about this indifferent attitude of the Customer Service Center Executives, I was informed that immediate action would be taken and that, within the following 24 hrs my SIM would be re-activated.

    It is the 9th of Nov today, as I write to you, as still NO action has been taken and furthermore, after my call to the Service Centre, this morning, I have been informed that, NOTHING can be done until tomorrow, Monday evening.

    I am bringing this matter to your attention now, because, as you will quite appreciate, I am a very frustrated customer of your’s and primarily, because of the attitude shown by AIRTEL and its Executives. Being in a Service Industry, I am certain you do not want me to be guiding your Executives on how to deal with Customers and their complaints, afterall, how long does it take, for apparently, experienced ‘professionals’ to respond / answer to a basic query of a customer calling in for assistance – as a customer, that is the basis one can expect, besides, you will further appreciate that it absolutely uncalled for to, go ahead and disconnect a 5 years connection, without any prior intimation, if at all.

    It is rather unfortunate that one of the largest service providers of the country, should have staff which is rude and unhelpful.

    I ran a business, most of which, is on the telephone – what am I expected to do now, given that I have been using this number for the last 5 years and ALL my clients have only this number to contact me on ?

    Without intending to really be sneaky about this matter, I would request you to kindly speak with Mr. John (Floor Supervisor) and Mr. Ajay Verma (also a Floor Supervisor) to understand this better. I also now request you to kindly give me a solution of how this matter is to be rectified !

    I can’t think a company of such repute can hassle their customers like this .If this is how you service your customers, I simply recommend you close SHOP.

    Just to keep you posted of my intentions, I am also sending a copy of this mail to the Consumer Grievance Court, anticipating some action from some angle, for some respite.

    My mobil no, incase required to be contacted and should you think it appropriate enough is 9810811193.

    I look forward to hearing from AIRTEL at the earliest.

    Best regards,

    Beryl Godinho

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  • Yu
    yuvaraj Jun 15, 2009

    Dear Chairman,

    Yesterday i get Airtell prepaid connection for 149 then i put top up of 399 and 77 std cutter but still now i account is not activated.

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  • Ta
    tamil Jun 21, 2009

    i am using airtel my friend also airtel i want to addon him how to do tht

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disgusting behavior of the customer support guys

I am talking in regard of the airtel showroom that in Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore (its sme Skyline enterprises). The customer support there is pathetic. anybody visiting there will remember a visit to the jungle. the people there are sooo indecent & arrogant with no knowledge of what they are doing. the channel partner was using fowl language & screaming at the to of his voice causing inconvenience to everybody. Customers have to wait for the executives personal calls to be over, only then will they look at you.

I would Airtel to please do something & teach them some product knowledge & lot of public manners.

worst website and horrible service, no way to contact customer service!

This is the worst website and phone service I have used from USA.

1. Placed order 4 times with unsuccessful messages - surprisingly got deducted 4 times from my credit cards.
2. Could never connect to customer service number provided.[protected] never connected so far.
3. Never succeed in getting connected to [protected] in first 3 attempts not even busy message.

It has been more than 10 days I am struggling to reach Airtel customer service by all means with out any success.

cellphone connection resubmission of proof documents

Airtel is asking all customers to resubmit the address proof documents. They are saying this is due to TRAI guidelines. I have submitted the documents when I took the connection. Now they called up and confirmed the address proof. After this all of sudden, I get an SMS saying, I need to resubmit the documents in 76 hours and the confirmed address and the address in their records do not match. I don't understand this. I have not moved nor did I change my address!! I think they are just passing their inefficiency to the customer and asking them to unnecessarily submit-resubmit-resubmit cycle. What is the guarantee that they have it right. If they want to confirm the address, they need to use different methods of confirming the address. I could again give them a junk address, if I was really needed to play mischief.

Also, in the SMS, there is no direction how to submit, where to submit. This is all utter inefficient way of doing things.

  • Na
    Nawshath Mar 08, 2007

    Yes I agree, I had prepaid Airtel connection. Few weeks back suddenly my outgoing was disconnected without any notice and I got struck at some critical situation.I was frustrated, helpless... Caused emotional anguish. Then next day I went to Cust care center with address proof docs and took more than 2 hrs to submit the document(Half day completely wasted) then that evening I got outgoing call enabled. Again after 2 days i got sms from airtel to resubmit the document else my outgoing call will be barred. Totally frustrated... I have work I cannot go behind airtel to keep on resubmitting my documents everyday, I cannot operate under this condition... Then I decided to throw away my prepaid simcard. Being a corporate employee called sales executive from airtel they came gave me new connection and new simcard and got activated within 12hrs... Now I suffering... I unable to make ISD calls... I sent email to [email protected] with all required documents to activate my isd call facility as advised by the airtel executive. After 2 days when I called 121(It took nearly 45 mins to speak to executive sooooo many recorded options which irritates) he just saying that they did not receive any email and requesting to sent it again... are they playing with us. I said no i am not going to send any more email then he raised some request on his own and informed me that i will get ISD activated within 2 working days. I really don't know whats happening... I am a customer of airtel past 7yrs only voice quality is keeping me to be airtel customer... but airtel customer care is the worst I ever seen in my life it just sucks.

    I had very bad experience with airtel customer care when I lost my mobile few years back.

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  • Na
    Najeeb Narayanan May 22, 2007

    I am an airtel subscriber (mobile 9845443433, landline 41311037, broadband)for the last 3-4 years. My March 2007 bill was 1055 and I paid 1300 (Rs 245) extra . Because of that while paying the April 2007 bill I paid Rs 246 less. Your customer executives disturbed me so much asking about the remaining money even though their account reflect that my money is already available with you.

    Every time I spent 10- 20 mts just explaining about this and the heights of this is you disconnected my outgoing calls on 22nd. I couldn't believe that Airtel kind of company not valuing the customer time and pesturing them by disconnecting the service.

    The heights of that is after got disconnected, we have informed airtel customer executive promised me that they will be reactivating it with in 4 hours and now even after more than 12 hours it is not activated.

    Today morning I've spent around 45 mts with your customer executive explaining him what happened in my bills, (atleast try to appoint who understand little bit of maths), As he is taking so much time to understand basic maths I asked him to connect to his manager, he put me on hold for 5-7 mts and disconnected the call. his name is "Shreyan" and I called form 9845443433 mobile.

    I didn't expect this kind of approach from a company who value their customer.

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  • Ki
    kishori prasad Jul 21, 2007

    My mobile no. is 9955525665 which i took one month back. I live in village so it is very difficult for me to come the city and talk to customer care. After giving two or three days services connection had been discontinued. When i called to the customer care they were asking for address proof which i had all ready submitted to shopkeepeer. After disconnecting services one month back the services have been not started yet. Airtel person is asking all customers to resubmit the address proof documents. They are saying this is due to TRAI guidelines. I have submitted the documents when I took the connection. Now they called up and confirmed the address proof. All of sudden they called me and said the address in their records do not match. I don't understand this. I have not moved nor did I change my address!! I think they are just passing their inefficiency to the customer and asking them to unnecessarily submit - resubmit - resubmit cycle. What is the guarantee that they have it right. If they want to confirm the address, they need to use different methods of confirming the address. I could again give them a junk address, if I was really needed to play mischief.

    Thanking you
    kishori prasad

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  • Vi
    vijay khamkar May 30, 2008

    Respected, I have to change my addresss which were belongs to my airtel post paid connection which were change into new address of my house my new address : SHIVKRUPA, 4/141, S.B.PAWAR MARG, CURREY ROAD, MUMBAI;400013. Please send my bill on this new addresss. Thanks, vijay khamkar(9987365668)

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  • Dr
    drakshayani Jun 11, 2008

    help me to get internet connection for Nokia N70(No-9866147061).

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stay away from this scam!

I recently came to know about their new promotion from my friend. Did tried to register online, they took all my credit card information, but at end said, transaction unsuccessful, so i thought it did not go thru. I checked my email for registration email. None came thru. Few days later i received a email about account number and i saw change $50 on cc card. I guess they must have processed all unsuccessful trascations manually changed with out customer knowledge, which is unlawful. More over The account number they gave never worked. it does not let me in. The 24x7 customer service never works, always busy, they must have not have a cs at all. The website is 70% of time down. I could not make calls and neither could get money back. Website is full of errors. I heard from few of my friends, they had similar problems.


  • Ha
    Hanisha Fatania Dec 20, 2006

    I am a satisfied AirtelCallhome customer and I think that you are exaggerating way too much. Their site was a bit slow a couple of days ago but I've been able to use the service without any problems after that. Go a little bit easy, tiger!

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  • Wi
    Will Dec 21, 2006

    I have had the same problem. The cc transaction was unsuccessful and now i have an account. stay away

    0 Votes
  • As
    Ashok Kumar Oct 20, 2007

    Am also gone thru the same problem, I think we need to stay out of this.

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phone service or fraud?

Please do not waste money on Airtel callhome to India. There is nothing about this company that works. The...

no customer service

I have signed myself to to make a call to India. I haven't received my account number after 48 hours. I have send e-mail and trying to call the customer service number [protected] but all the time getting engaged. I know Airtel India (Sunil Mittal) is chor, but thought that they might be fair in US, but the same practice is being continued here. They have charged the money to our credit card but not yet delivered the service and we have no option to contact. I have sent e-mail to their customer service but no response to that also.

By taking money and providing no service, Mr Sunil Mittal have become the billionaire in India and all Indian media is praising Mr Sunil Mittal. I think this media is sold their ZAMIR.

Somebody, please help in giving me the address of consumer protection.

  • Pa
    Pandu Dupati Jan 08, 2007

    Customer service number 1-877-247-5150 put you on hold for 15 to 20 minutes and the line is thrown out.

    When tried multiple times to submit a complaint with user login, the below error was encountered (tried multiple time on different days):

    500 : Network error – Connections time out

    Service unavailable
    Please try again later

    The web site program has horrible logic and no validations. I had tried to register and the page had no errors, but the credit card was charged 3 times.

    Can any legal action against the company be taken by the organization which controls the toll free number.

    Somebody ensure to get return of the amount paid by the customer.

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  • Hi
    Hitesh Mar 27, 2008

    this is a pathetic calling card service. the site sign up sheet is aweful. the customer care executives are bad. Mr. Mittal if u can then please refund our money back because the site showed transaction failed and ur card was not debited. But still the card is debited. This is not expexted from a service provider like airtel...

    I think i made myself look like a fool by recommending it to my friends...

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cannot use provided login, cannot contact customer service, cannot make calls

Hi. Firstly when I signed up, it came back with the credit card did not ge through try later, but indeed the card was charged. Then today I get this mail with login info....tried it...comes back invalid. That is using the very info provided by these people. Customer service line is busy, cannot use their number to place a call to India. I feel ripped off and want my money back. Very poor reflection of the company.

  • Ta
    Tarun Dec 17, 2006

    We both are in the same boat

    0 Votes
  • Ni
    Nitin Jaisani Dec 18, 2006

    The service is the worst calling card company i have ever seen. I can't register my phone number in their website, in ad it says pinless calling but its a big lie. They never response for any mail.
    Airtel sucks.....

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  • Vi
    VINEET GUPTA Feb 13, 2007

    Airtel call home is a fraud. Do not use it.

    1) Very poor customer service
    2) Fraudulent Accounting practices

    They gave double talk time to begin with, but soon i found that for every call they were charging me twice. I have logged a complaint number 325500 with airtel. I cant believe i switched from Reliance.
    The customer service Lied again by saying that they see the double charges but that is due to some missing calls from the system. FRAUD again.

    Airtel call home is a fraud. Do not use it. I am going to stick to reliance.

    0 Votes
  • Sr
    sreekanth Aug 28, 2007

    The manager
    Airtel customer care,
    Bharathi airtel ltd,
    Enterprises (corporate) team,
    6-3-1192/1, 7th floor,
    Kundan bagh, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500 016.

    Sub: complaint on misguided and charges Reg.,

    I am an Airtel user for the last 6 years bearing No: +91 98491 812 45, with an avg. monthly billing Rs 3000/- Aprox and having believed Airtel so strongly. Even I do not see the bill. When ever I get SMS from the Airtel I pay the bill. There I made a big mistake.

    I have been using Airtel GPRS for the last 1 year by paying a monthly rental Rs 499/-. When I Opted GPRS I was told by customer care people that 24x7 @ any website anything unlimited download free. The only charges are monthly rental & if I do purchase any thing in the site by using my credit card they will charge only service charges. Keeping the same in mind I have downloaded some wallpaper, ringtones etc. for which they charged Rs 2000/-.

    I contacted customer care and asked for the clarification, they said they have been charging this for the last few months and I am paying the same for the last few months.

    When every thing is free of cost how come you can charge?

    Having belief in Airtel I did not even see the bill.

    I have contacted customer care many a times regarding the weaver off of the above charges. None of them has responded for the same. 1 or 2 people called me. When I asked the above said problem neither of them responded nor called back.

    So I stopped paying the bill. They called for the payment but they did not solve my problem. Now my mobile is disconnected.

    I strongly believed in your Airtel I was cheated and misguided. I am sorry to use the word cheated. But this is a fact.

    Having contacted many a times they have given me Rs 500/- weaver of. Though I paid for many a months I asked for only one month i.e last month(Rs.2000/-). Hope any one can solve this problem.

    With reagards

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  • Sr
    sreekanth Mar 25, 2009


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