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airtelcallhome is not working - waste of money!

I have purchased AirtelCallHome for $10. After lot of effort, I have registered myself. After that I got a confirmation of Registration.Since then I am trying to call my India Phone number. It is NOT at all working. I tried to call their Customer Service Center [protected] ). I couldn't talk to them. It is a total waste of money. It is NOT working. I want my refund now. Consumers beware. Don't buy this product. It is a total waste of money. Airtel has started this business without proper infrastructure. Their website is pathetic. I am trying for the last one hour to update my Phone number. Every time it is giving error.

Kallol Sengupta
Cincinnati, USA

  • Vi
    Vinai Singh Dec 21, 2006

    I agree with Mr SenGupta. Completely pathetic service, can't register phone numbers. Customer no service is always busy. Don't buy this product.

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  • A
    a Dec 26, 2006

    Does this company provides any kind of phone service? I don't think so. I bought a card from them two weeks ago and almost every other day, I try to use the service or try to call their customer service, but no luck.

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  • Ha
    harpreet singh Dec 26, 2006

    I bought $200.00 calling plan from airtel from which I could not make a single call, and at another instance they charged me another $200.00 from transaction which they showed me as unsuccessful.
    My total loss is$200.00 to a company we trusted the most for it's services backhome.
    Please tell me the ways to recover my hardearned money from these scam masters theives.

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  • An
    Anil Kumar Dec 28, 2006

    I don't agree as expressed by other author regarding airtelcallhome service. I am having this service for last 15 days but i never encountered the problem. As promised they also doubled the talk time on signup. call quality is also crystal clear. Thanks airtell for bringing competition in india call. all major player in India call reduced the rate to less than 8 cents.

    Thanks again.

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  • Ra
    RAVI P Dec 28, 2006

    Please be proactive ...after all its our hard earned money and we are the consumers.....start below..most of the details are available on the AIRTELCALLHOME website..$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=

    Thank you for recent correspondence. The Federal Trade Commission acts in the public interest to stop business practices that violate the laws it enforces. Letters from consumers and businesses are very important to the work of the Commission. They are often the first indication of a problem in the marketplace and may provide the initial evidence to begin an investigation. The Commission does not resolve individual complaints. The Commission can, however, act when it sees a pattern of possible violations developing.

    The information you have provided will be recorded in our complaint retention system. This computerized system enables us to identify questionable business practices that are generating numerous complaints and may be in violation of the law.

    Thank you for providing information that may be used to develop or support Commission enforcement initiatives.

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  • Su
    Suresh Jan 05, 2007

    Adding one more complaint. I did face similar issues like the rest. Support number always busy, initial attempts to make calls didn't succeed, not able to login to website, etc. As someone pointed out, big infrastructure issue: launching a service that's not ready for the call volume. However, after couple of unsuccessful attempts, I was able to make calls and I did indeed get the double the money offer they promised. The Call quality to the cities seem to be okay but to the rural areas, there is quite a bit of echo. I am trying to use up my money and go back to Reliance (although, those guys seem that they cannot make up their promotional offer - one day it is double the offer up to $50, next day it is up to $10, next day it is some arbitrary minutes based on the what the prepaid amount is). The Call quality of Reliance is definitely superior to Airtel and I never had any problems connecting. With Airtel, did anyone figure out how to update the registration numbers without getting any error. It looks like the stupid system asks for PIN even if you are calling from a registered number.


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  • De
    Deepak Chawla Jan 11, 2007

    Dear Friends,

    This company is big fraud with no customer service and poor connectivity. I don't want you should not waste your time in dealing with such a company.

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  • Th
    Thejas Sep 14, 2008

    Well the reason why I am sending you this comments is just to share my bad experiece with airtel customer service and I would like to take your kind attention towards their irresponsible/fraud attitude.

    From Sept 5 -08 morning onwards I was not able to make any calls to india from any of the phone number from US through airtel eventhough I have sufficent balance.I called airtel customer service(877-247-5150) on the same day twice for telling the same issue and the executive who handled my case told they opened a ticket for the same and will be solving the issue within 24 hours and I will be getting the call within that period.More over the executive told they will be sending this ticket number/status to my EmailID which I updated in my profile and more over he collected the same on the same call, unfortunately I didn't get any calls/mails till saturday Sept 6-08 till evening 6PM and I called the same customer service number asking about the status..The executive to whom I spoke on saturday told still 6 more hours left for solving that and the ticket is still open.I waited till sunday moring Sept07-08 by thinking they will be resolving the issue.Unfortunately I didnt get any updates either through phone / mail.

    Finally I decided to close my account and I don't want to continue the relation with airtel call home, before closing that ticket I asked the executive to pass the phone to any of his manager/supervisor and you know what how the executive replied "There is no manager/supervisor on the Floor".I really fed up with their services, then I came to know how importance they are giving to customers.

    When I asked the status of my ticket(Close account) after 8 days the same executive team told account is still active but they block my account by keeping some of my money.If we are closing our account then that is their responsiblity to close our entire account information then and there and refund whatever balances we have till that date instead they are showing their fraud attitude.

    So I would recommend you guys is think twice before you are proceding with airtel..They will cheat you ...

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  • An
    ankit Sep 22, 2008

    I totally agree with you. This is what happened with me and I ended up wasting money rather than make any savings. I have now switched to Vyke for making calls to India and the service is excellent!! I recently got my family to enable Vyke on their phones - sounds unbelievable but we can make absolutely FREE calls!

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airtel activating connection without verification with fake id!

My name is Dr. yogesh malhotra having cell no : sir there is person named manoj who previously work in ailtel as a coordinator of connect in matrix processing house, gurdev nagar pakhowal road, ludhiana and from whom we got connection he used my identity proof and got connection in my name for which no verification is done by ur agency. we came to know when we got call from airtel about non payment of bill of number [protected], so i told them that i have no such connection and bar the number. Then somehow i came to know about this person and then i call him and he agree to pay the money. when i again meet him he told that i pay the bill by check and it take some time in procedure. After a week we again got the phone from ailtel that bill is not paid. So i again contact him then came to know that he is not presently working there in office. I got his address from ailtel : Manoj Arora , 13812, street No. 2 , Parbhat nagar, Dholawal. ludhiana, i did not go there because i dont know how he will react as he already left the company.

I am doctor by prof. and did have much time to follow him. please tell me what to do. If anyone want to have no. u call him and verify address many time then how this can this happen so it not possible without internal involvement of the person in company.

You have detail of phone calls made by him and u already have bank check through which he had done payment. I also got notice from advocate this is quite humiliating and harrasing for me as someone came in my clinic and tell that u have court notice for non payment of bill and this all happen in front of my patient. This is quite insulting.

  • Da
    dattatreyasarma Jan 18, 2010

    Subject: D.Dattatreyasarma Hyderabad
    Date: 12/01/2010 08:27:23 PM
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Message body:

    House of sri M.Kondiah
    Houseno 1-10-285 7 A1
    Brahminwadi Begumpet
    Hyderabad 500 016
    Phone No:9866685156

    Nodal officer
    Andhrapradesh state

    Respected sir Madam

    Sub: Requesting - Mail- for - Rectification - in- editing of- customer name and -address -for-
    Prepaid -SimCard -in your -Data

    Ref: Name of - Customer - Divakaruni.Dattatreyasarma
    Phone Number 9866685156
    Sim Card - Issued - in - the - year - 2005

    With Refference to above the subject I D.Dattatreyasarma is going to request Please Rectify your data means my Account Information My Name and My Address in Your data iun a perfect manner.
    Because It came to my vision that my Data means My Name and my Address whatever you entered in your data is wrong.
    Here I am going to mention in a Perfect manner My name and My address Please edit

    HOUSENO 1-10-285 7 A1

    I am going to submit xerox copy of my documents for proof

    For address proof and Id proof: XEROX COPY OF ELECTION CARD Working Id card : XEROX COPY OF ID CARD WHERE I AM WORKING


    Thanking you Yours sincierly


    Thanking you


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pathetic service!

I have my account in the airtel call home where I can call India. Since the first day, the website...

call to india system doesnt work at all

We subscribed to the Airtel India call home service because it is basically a Indian company and it was offering a good rate as compare to reliance India. The number given to access India phone number doesn't work at all. Customer care number comes as busy. The hard earn money which we spend on getting in touch with our loved ones is getting destroyed like such companies.

  • Pa
    parasad Dec 18, 2006

    I had signed up for the same service. I signed up but I was never told my account name or account number. They charged my credit card though. Now when I try to place a call, it asks me for account number which I don't have. I try to log on to website but I don't have a username. I tried using their feedback form but it does not work. The customer service phone number is always busy.

    I just hope to be able to recover my money somehow or the other but at this point, it seems highly unlikely.

    I was also using Reliance but got suckered into using this AirTel by Shahrukh Khan's Ad...What a sap I am ...

    I will never ever ever use this company again.

    By the way, people, I started using Primus and it works out much better than Reliance. For $11.48, you get to 129 minutes compared to 78 minutes for $10.75 for Reliance.

    Hope this helps somebody.

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  • Vi
    vinod Dec 19, 2006

    Yes, u r right it sucks.I just wonder how about g3telecom. Is primis still better than g3.
    Thanks for ur advise guys.

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  • Ni
    Nirav Patel Jan 18, 2007


    I was victim too for $100. Even today I tried to call CSR ( 1/18/07) after my credit card company denied issuing credit to me. It looks like very organized scam. We should start sending emails to our local state attorney general's office. state attorney general are responsible for consumer related affairs.

    I also tried sending emails to other bharti officers none of them bounced back and none of them replied. Feel free to flood their inbox with complains!

    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

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  • Ra
    R Arukala Jan 24, 2007

    I am also victim. Here so many complaints, simply i can say uglyyyyy phone service, and customer service, i am trying to reach home from past 3 days, it says my account is blocked and contact customer service, i still have 115 dollars in my account, i called customer service and they told they wil take 24 hours to fix the problem, till now they didn't fixed the problem, when i try to reach customer service, alwayssss busyyyy, it is actually dead phone, they don't concern about the customers problems even though they claim India's largest telephone service... I always recommend not to recharge and use this ### airtel service, believe me it is very ugly service

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  • Hi
    Hitesh Patel Apr 14, 2007

    Tried to log in website to take advantage of Double Talk Time offer in February-2007, till today 4-14-2007, the issue had not resolved. Talk with Floor Manager at Chandigadh , Mr. Manbir Singh on 3-09-2007, about the same issue about Double talk time as well about that Airtel have tried more then three attempts to withdraw 100 dollars each and was successful in doing so for 300 dollars which I never authorized on 3-3-2007.

    Still waiting for refund from him and again talked with some customer representative on 3-29-2007 nothing done. So that's the customer service of Airtel which brags about lot of good stuff ,is really piece of ###. I will never recommend any one for this company or service and i am going to complain about this to attorney's office as this is related to consumer fraud.

    And someone mentioned above some email add one should complain their stuff to them also , email add are
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

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  • Ni
    Nick Jain Jun 28, 2011

    Cheaters, Cheaters and Cheaters. These Indian businesses give India a bad name. Sunil Mittal should be ashamed of himself and so should Shah Rukh Khan for supporting Air Tel. They are shutting down business in US and not refunding the money. They just swindled a lot of people. I guess, now I know how Sunil Mittal created his empire, by fooling people.

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pitiful service, awful website

I recently purchased an airtel calling card. I was appalled at the proficiency the airtel team showed. Here...

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atrocious customer service or a scam?

I signed up for Airtel Call home lured by their offer of 7.9c a min with double the talk time for the signup...

wrong 1-8877 number

I can't make call using the number provided. It is having busy signal. I am keep trying. It is waste of...

customer service sucks

I wanted change my rate plan, for that i called customer care, they said i need to send a mail with rate plan N my office id proof to [protected]@airtel India, i did that they replied they will get back to me 24 hrs, they dint i send again again n again 25 mails but they never bothered to get back to me, N everytime i called up they said "don't worry sir, u just need to send a mail N thats it,it will done", finally after a month they send me a bill with my same rate plan, when i called up reported that, non of the executes were ready to take responsibility n said we will arrange a callback from managers, non of the managers bothered to call, i reported this 20th of nov, N i used to call everyday day N they use to commit me that they will call me next day N they never, finally i was totally fed up, N i walked to customer care (divya shree towers, Bangalore), i spoke to mr. aswin at the airtel office, told him everything, he said me sorry many times N committed me that they will change my rate plan N give the discounted N were every sorry that this happened. Again tis been 14 days today i haven't received even a single call, i keep calling Mr.Ashwin everyday N he as different stories to tell me everyday. I am seriously fed up of airtels sucked service, i never thought airtel as such an sick service. i have 5 connections in my name from airtel n give them a business of 10,000 every month i get back this, it as almost taken 2 months to change the rate plan N solve my problems N i still have no solution. I would serious recommend people to not to go for airtel. IT SUCKS!

  • Om
    omkar reddy .D Jan 10, 2007

    I am using Post paid connection from past 11 months i dont have any problems ,but yesterday i received a call from ICICI Credit card department saying that 9845273689 this number wants to block. The reason is in 2003 Wasim has used same number to take the ICICI Credit card and he made credit purchase 70,000 and he did't made the payment so now i am facing threat from the concerned department sentencing to prison and penalty of three months . All this happening because of the duplicating effect of the sim.

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  • Sa
    sameer saxena Aug 07, 2008

    hiiiiiiii dear
    sub. - complan for TM {avinash shrivastva
    ambikapur {C>G>}
    sir yeha k jo TM hai vo lazy hai
    use baat karna nahi aata aur
    kisi bhi custemer se thik se baat nahi karta vo bolta hai jo chahu main kar sakta hu main airtel ka boss hu
    yeha tak ki retailer ki bhi baat nahi manta hai
    isliye airtel ambikapur mai fail ho. syad vo yeha kuch din aur raha to kitne counter close ho jayege
    kisi bhi retailer ko starting mai bolote hai aap ko comission milega baad mai kabhi milta hi nahi hai
    kabhi free sim hai aur comission k time paise lagege
    ambikapur mai kisi bhi retailer ko sahi benifit nahi mil pa raha hai
    plzzzzzzzzz as soon as
    hamare problem ko sol. kare
    plzzzzzzzzzz change for 'TM '
    yur retailer

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  • An
    anil singh Sep 26, 2008

    Sir, My GPRS service not to prope work and i am pripade costmer my service active start on 10sept but not to prope work and my costumer service stope. My mobile no. 9784914903. Please my service activite counti.

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no response from the company to handle complaints

I have my account in the airtel call home where I can call India. Since the first day, the website...

no customer care number active, website full of errors!

I recently purchased the Prepaid card from Airtel for making calls to India. They have great rate of 7.9 c...

not able to recharge

I m prepaid customer of Airtel Maharastra and now I m not able to recharge. I got recharge voucher but due to some problem it was not responding thats why i send many request for same. And when now i m trying than Airtel is not allowing me showing me message "You are BARRED from this services".

  • Su
    Subramanyam BV Sep 26, 2007

    My Name is Subramanyam BV & my mobile no 9849764864 in Andhra pradesh. when i have visited in madhya pradesh, I have recharge the same by Rs.100/- and i have recd the sms from air tell but still not i have not greeting the credited the same in my mobile. Then i have another recharge of Rs.100/-

    Please look into the matter, and clear the same. for this i have already sent 3 to 4 mails in 123 but i didn't get any reply.

    Subramanyam BV
    Hyderabad - 9849764864

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  • Ka
    kareem Aug 25, 2008

    this happened in my case also

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  • Do
    DO CARE FAST Jul 06, 2009

    Airtel services & systems for customers :- BAD /NO CARE/ ABUSIVE LANGUAGE /CHARGE EXTRA MORE ?

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no money refund!

I am staying in BTM. I & my friend has applied for broadband connection. Prasand was the guy,who came from airtel office. He told,he will arrange the connection within 3 working days. After one week, he said there is some problem in connection. It will take some time. I said him, to return back my Rs500. Till now he has not given the money. Airtel is a cheater!

  • Sa
    Saravanakumar Mar 10, 2008

    I have applied for new connection in the month of Jan 2008. One Mr Manohar (9940102564) has collected Rs 500 on Jan 25 2008. he has promised to give the connection within 3 days but till now i have not received any call from him. i have also made several complaint in the airtel call center my complaint ref no is 3697050. now today is March 11 still i have not got the connection. AIRTEL is a cheating company.

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incoming calls blocking!

I am a holder of the Airtel pre-paid card. For the past one-week my incoming calls have been blocked. On contacting AirTel executive at customer care I was informed that this was due to the reason that my card was not verified. I had been contacted for verification prior to this and had given AirTel executive my address and had set a time for him to meet me and collect the required documents, however he did not turn up then and yesterday also on talking to your executive I again fixed a time for him to collect the documents today. But as before no one turned up. The blocking of my incoming calls without any prior notice is causing me a lot of inconvenience.

  • Sa
    Sankalp Tripathi Mar 13, 2007

    My incoming was barred without any notification from Airtel, because address proof was needed again. I deposited all the documents at Noida Airtel on Friday (9/3/07) afternoon, but still my incoming is barred. When i contacted customer care on Friday they said it will be done on Saturday but when i called up on Monday it was told that it will take 3 days. Today its more than 3 days but nothing has been done. I am using airtel broadband also, but these kind of services are forcing me to shift my connection to close the relationship with airtel. Is there any guidelines for solving customer queries? If yes are these being followed? We are having 3 airtel connection and average usage of Rs.10000/month and still i am facing these problems. The customer care is very irresponsible and sometimes they even disconnect the call after hearing the problem and every time u call up there are different excuses. If you want to talk to supervisor, they all are always busy. Response time from airtel is becoming worse day by day. There is no advantage for going to new technology if u can not provide the basic services to ur customer in proper way.

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  • Vi
    Vinit Sehgal Mar 20, 2007

    I am not getting incoming calls on my mobile phone since last 15 days. For the last 2 weeks, i was on roaming and came back to delhi (my homebase yesterday). I contacted 9810198101 and 121, but they are not letting me speak directly to the customer care executive, and are telling me to send sms to 121. After sending sms also, there is no response.

    Besides, there is no way i can contact them on phone.

    I am able to receive sms and i am able to make outgoing calls. But, incoming calls are not received and the caller is getting the message 'user is not reachable'. This is hurting me a lot.

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  • Re
    Rebeesh R Apr 07, 2007

    I took the airtel connection before 20 days, from one of the dealer in Boriwally(e) and at that time itself i gave all the necessary documents. But know the connection in barred.

    I had worked in Airtel's customer service (HTMT-Chenni) so i know the problems and issues very well, thats why I had given all the correct documents. But still the connection is barred. When i went to Airtel Francahise in Boriwally west, I got pathetic service, they were shouting at me and telling that i have to submit.

    I gave the same complaint in customer service, but no action. That is the big complaint of Airtal mumbai customer service. No actions, disconnecting the calls, wont take the calls in midnight times.. just fed up. I gave these complaints to TLs, Floor manager.. but still no actions on that also.


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  • Sh
    shael Sep 08, 2008

    pl send my calls list to my id plz its a request

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  • Ku
    Kuldeep Sisodiya Nov 21, 2017

    I am not getting incoming calls on my mobile phone since last 15 days. For the last 2 weeks, i was on roaming and came back to delhi (my homebase yesterday). I contacted 9810198101 and 121, but they are not letting me speak directly to the customer care executive, and are telling me to send sms to 121. After sending sms also, there is no response.

    Besides, there is no way i can contact them on phone.

    I am able to receive sms and i am able to make outgoing calls. But, incoming calls are not received and the caller is getting the message 'user is not reachable'. This is hurting me a lot.

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not able to connect any other network in the evening time!

I have been using AIRTEL Mobile No. [protected] for quite some time. Right now I am facing problem with network congestion problem in the evening times. Evening times from 6 PM to 8.30 PM I can not communicate any of IDEA and BSNL Mobile Numbers. Its' highly impossible to conduct my business in the evening time as most of business clients collection points are having either IDEA or BSNL Mobiles. In fact I have interacted with airtel customer care for number of times. But no communication from side. right on i communicated to Nodal officer as well as ceo helpdesk, no response. I have been sending mails to concerned departments and no reply. I might have send 20 mails to 121 & Nodal and ceohelpdesk, No one responding on this issue. I am very prompt payee and all the time my bill ranges from INR 4500/ to INR 7000/-. But I am loosing lot of business due to this connectivity problem. How one can on this type of Mobile network?

making fool of customers!

I got two Airtel connections of Airtel and so as my colleagues. The executive told us that it is a corporate connection and we will not be charged if we make calls in the group and we can also send SMS between the group. He also told us that we can make STD calls at a cheaper rate when compared to others. but to our surprise we found that our connections were not corporate and we were billed heavily. Many of us sent many mails and called the Airtel customer care, but it was of no use. So we decided to not to pay the bill amount until and unless it is billed appropriately under corporate connection rates. These people do anything to sell their products. They play all this type of cheap tricks to sell their products and if we do not pay the bill they send notices. Something must be done to stop this kind of activities.

Paul Samuel.

  • Ad
    aditi taneja Jan 08, 2007

    Recharge doesn't give full talktime as mentioned! Less validity than mentioned at the website. A definite tool for fooling customers.

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  • Sa
    Satya Naratyan Mukherjee Apr 26, 2007

    I took an airtel prepaid lifetime connection with my phone. I have some complains against airtel...

    1. (i) While roaming in chennai i was charged rupees 4 per sms (but i should be charged rs for a sms of 130 words). I told them to solve this problem but 121 the customer care of chennai told me that they can do nothing because my connection is from westbengal. (ii) At that time in chennai when i was trying to call 121 the voice told me to sms my query to 121 (toll free) number [i have the sms from them saying it]. But when i sms them i am charged rupees 2 for that SHOCKING for me.

    2. While my uncle took the same type of connection of airtel 3 years ago from mine but as mine his lifetime time expires at 01/jan/2025. And my question is why i not get that extra 3 years though i took a LIFETIME connection.

    3. Today 26 apr 2007 i got a strange massage saying that i have downloaded the a r rahman's song as my hello tunes. But the shocking part is THAT I DIDN'T ORDERED IT !!! When i tried to call 121 or 9933099330 it told me to sms to 121. I sms them but i get a massage saying that i have subscribed to airtel hello tunes service and i was charged rupees 30/month for that service and rupees 15/song.

    4. When i called to the airtel for asking what was the speed of airtel internet the man other side harasses me and talked ### with me. I have a computer degree in software hardware and networking FROM NIIT. I am using bsnl broadband, reliance mobile's internet together for many years and THAT KID TOLD ME THAT I AM A FOOL, A NONSENSE AND I AM A NOOB TO THE COMPUTER WORLD and CYBERWORLD. SHOCKING ISN'T IT ??

    Thanking YOU,
    Hope you will convey my anger to the ### NET that doesn't WORK in the world.

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  • Ka
    KAPIL May 29, 2007

    I know the trick to make airtel GPRS for free! Contact me i will tell u the my no. is 09860019817 this trick 100% working on pc or on ur fon u just have to activate airtel live AND MMS that is absolutely free to activate.

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  • Na
    Narendra Nov 27, 2007

    I am cheated for 56 rs. Easyrecharge by saying 35 mins STD call free... But not seen in my balance inquiry. Also my balance shows 5.85 balance and still I am not able to call any of the number. Also I have been blocked to call customer care. What a hell this is? Do something gr8 to avoid this harassment. My mob no is 9892050824.

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  • Ra
    Rajesh_ Jun 13, 2011

    I have a airtel prepaid mobile number from Delhi region, This time I am in Bangalore. What the airtel do, they activate any service and charge from talk time, they even dont send me any SMS as information. When I try to call 121 they say call at 09810198101(Delhi customer care) for that they charge STD call rates, after a long wait, customers care representative comes on call and disconnects call after 5-10 seconds or say should have complaint same day when money was deducted.

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worst network coverage

I time complaint about the Airtel's Network Coverage in the Kharadi MIDC, IT Park, but yet no action has been taken.

There are many IT companies in this area such as Zensar, Synechron but the network quality is worst in this area. Only 1 or 2 bars are shown in the mobile and sometimes there are no bars shown. I am not able to receive any call as well as i can't make any out going calls due to the poor network quality.

So, can any airtel guys look into this matter and resolve the network problem. I also recommend to all the new customers that don't buy the Airtel card as their services are very poor and they don't care about their customers. Even their customer care center does not bother about the customer. Airtel don't had any complaint number system, which is the worst case scenario.

[Resolved] harassment of consumers by all mobile phone cos

Dear fellow harassed mobile users. Please make a request to telecom regulatory authority of india (Trai) to...

lack of clarity in the schemes!

I have taken post-paid connection (Rs.999 for 2 years) plan from Airtel Delhi in Oct'06. I have not...

excess bill problem!

I am already using Airtel Landline Connection. But i m not satisfied with the service they provide. My bill...

easy recharge facility problem

This is with regard to my Airtel Prepaid connection number-[protected]. Today i.e. 27th of November 2006, it was my last day including grace period to recharge my number. I went to many airtel dealers who could use the Easy Recharge Facility to recharge my number but they are saying that the Server is down for the whole day and they are unable to do so today. Currently i am on Lifetime plan(monthly recharge of Rs.99) with balance of Rs.395.

I want to register my protest and ask the company to take serious and effective steps to refund my balance as it is completely their fault. They are taking their customers for granted.

  • As
    Asadullah Khalid Apr 14, 2007

    This is with regard to my Airtel Prepaid connection number. Yesterday i.e. 214/04/2007 it was my last day including grace period to recharge my number. I went to many airtel dealers who could use the Easy Recharge Facility to recharge my number and thereafter is subscribed by activating to access of internet upon my GSM mot flip hand set but after receiving SMS from airtel customer care for said activation service of internet upon my hand set but inspite of showing the SMS of activation of said internet service, you did not provided the said service up on my hand set in spite of several reminder and you have unlawfully and by adopting unfair trade practice in deduction my balance .. Currently i am on one monthly validity recharge of Rs.216 with balance of Rs.50.

    I want to register my protest and ask the company to take serious and effective steps to refund my balance as it is completely their fault. They are taking their customers for granted.

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  • Ja
    jagdish Jul 17, 2008


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  • Sh
    shoaib panjwani Aug 08, 2008

    i just want to know how to recharge from internet

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  • Ke
    Kevin Sep 01, 2008

    Hi Shoaib Panjwani,

    You can recharge your prepaid from its available in net 24x7... hope this website will be usefull wheneve u need it...

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