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bought new sim card which is not working!

I bought a new SIM card from a shop at Pune station. I filled up the necessary form immediately. On the next day I submitted my photo as well. It appears the shop keeper has not sent the photo to Airtel Office, and hence I received sms / calls from Airtel. I went again to the shop and he assured me that the photo has been sent to Airtel. But today to my surprise, I find that the service has been withdrawn! The message "Call [protected]" for customer care : On trying this number through a landline, the response says that the number itself is not registered! Now what do I do?!!! Shoot down the shop keeper who sold me the SIM card? Does Airtel have any control on such third rate callous vendors? Or is it that Airtel office itself has misplaced the application or photograph? Why do they sell SIM cards thru such outlets? Secondly, is there an after-sales service available? Customer care?

By the way my cell number is [protected]. I am sure Airtel can do something about such SIM card vendors. Or else something must be done about Airtel itself!

  • Sa
    satpal khalsa Sep 08, 2009

    dear sir,
    i have purchased a nokia 1202 handset alongwith a free airtel sim card bearin mobile no. 9797672576 on the name o0f Rachen kour from doda airtel office. 12 days passed and its not activated. the manager passing the time by saying that there is some problem in the airtel office.
    i want your help to solve this problem asap.

    yours faithfully satpal singh
    we mail id [email protected]

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fraudulent charges from bank account

I was alerted by the Transaction Review folks at my bank on 02/08/07 that AirTel was processing three separate charges using my Debit Card number. Each charge was for $208.33 for a grand total of $624.99. One such charge has already cleared my bank pending their FRAUD investigation. I have phoned and Emailed the Company repeatedly with NO HELP, NO ANSWER or a response of any kind. I am not a victim of the "bank deposit check" scam currently operating in Hawaii where I reside. This is the fraudulent use of my Debit Card which had to be cancelled. This is really frustrating because I am on a fixed income and now must cover these amounts, $624.99 until my Bank can proceed.

  • Sa
    Sancho Mendoza Oct 11, 2007

    I am also a victim of a fraudulent transaction from Bharti Airtel. My credit card company is still in the process of disputing the $200 charge. I consider myself fortunate that my wife saw this suspicious charge 3 days after it posted and was able to request a dispute and cancel the card.

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migrating from prepaid to postpaid plan: glitches

We (my friend and me) got calls from one Himanshu Rana from Unique Marketing services ( Shop No.9, Rajnath Apartments, Near Shri Ram Mandir, 90 Feet Road, Bhayander East, Mumbai) to convert our prepaid plan to "VERTICAL 99"- a postpaid one. As the scheme was looking attractive, we purchased SIM (Worth Rs. 599/- each).

We filled up the forms and gave all the necessary documents asked by him om 02.02.07. He told that by Monday (05.02.07), we will get verification calls and after that our new SIM cards will get activated.

But, till date no verification call has come. When my friend and me contacted on the no. [protected] given by him, we got repeated reply that Himanshu is not available on the no. And when I told that I am registering a complaint on Airtel website, he said me that it will be of no avail, as he himself looks after these complaints.

Everyone, beware!

  • Ni
    nilesh Feb 27, 2008

    I have purchsed a postpaid card ie 199 rental the executive come to my house in last 2 week before . As the scheme was looking attractive, we purchased SIM (Worth Rs.99/- each).

    We filled up the forms and gave all the necessary documents asked by him om 09.02.08. He told that by Tuesday (12.02.08), we will get verification calls and after that your new SIM cards will get activated.

    But, till date no verification call has come. When my friend and me contacted on the no. 9987275464 (Executive no Nilesh Avhad) given by him, we got repeated reply that Nilesh Avhad(Executive Name) the no is temporary out of service msg. And when I enquired to Airtel gallery they are told me this no is no registred. The executive (Nilesh Avhad) given me a postpaid no 9987575824 but till date its not activated i enquired to airtell gallery but the executive people not coopearting with me .
    SIM NO 8991923000086984156
    DUAL IMSI 404929308698415
    Mobile no(Given by nilesh avhad) 9987575824
    Packing Date 12/01/2008
    Packed By Bharti Airtel Limited
    i have registred this card to Mr. Nilesh Bhirud (Ghatkopar)
    I have given this him 99rs cheque he told me that this card is a 2% cota of a goverment employee.
    Kindly inform me wht to do and whn my no is activated.
    In case my cheque is clear so wht can i do....
    Please inform me as early as possible.
    The plan of this scheme is
    199 rental
    199 rs call free
    airtel to airtel local -30ps
    airtel to other local -50ps
    airtel to landline local -1rs
    sms 100 free
    after 50ps per sms .

    So please inform me regarding this plan n above mention airtel sim no in details & also inform me when this card will be activated.
    Waiting for reply

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  • Di
    Dinesh Madkar Jul 17, 2008

    My Mobile No. was 9892507896, still my reposit is not returned to me.



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  • Di
    Dinesh Madkar Jul 17, 2008

    My Mobile No. was 9892507896, still my Deposit is not returned to me.

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gprs connectivity problem!

I purchased a new airtel connection postpaid in nov 06 particularly for gprs mobile internet. From day one...

gprs not getting deactivated

I am really fed up with Airtel services, it very irritating ...

I had requested for my GPRS deactivation and for my refund for the unnecessary deduction from my account, but no action taken.

I had activated GPRS on 26th jan morning and tried to deactivate it that night itself, but was not deactivated. I tried with 56562 more than 10 times on the following days but still not deactivated.

Every day I receive the message “Your balance is deducted by Rs.12 for your VAS download.”
GPRS is not getting deactivate, it is not my fault. From so many days I am trying to deactivate it.

I have call up your customer care executive to find the status about the GPRS, sometime they say GPRS is active and sometime they say GPRS is deactivated. How automatically this activation happen??

And every day my balance is deducted by Rs.12

Costumer care executive doest not care you when you try to talk with them.

  • Sh
    Shri Jan 13, 2009


    I have similar problem but is Bigger issue

    my GPRS plan was chaged without any notice and notification, i kept using it .. and after two day's my unbilled amount was 8600rs.

    initally they accepted the fault Now they say it is okey..

    What sould i Do..???

    Here is lay of Airtel the conversation with airtel.


    Dear Sir,

    I am User of Airtel number 9766607591, and I am facing sever problem will billing for last month.

    I have been charged for uninformed bill plan change which was not requested.

    I was using GPRS plan 349Rs/month plan regularly, and on 27th of Dec cecertainly I found and SMS stating my unbilled amount is 25XX rs which was around 150 rs Yesterday, i called customer care regrading that issue and customer care replied saying that must be an mistake in bill and wait till next bill generation.

    later after one day I got SMS stating unbilled amount is 85XX Rs that time customer care told me about change in tariffs of GPRS on my account from 26th of Dec.

    but i have never requested for deactivation of my previous plan but it still got deactivated and i got no sms stating deactivation.

    further the tragedy does not stop here but i have been told by cust. care exec. that another plan of GPRS is active on my account (30Ps./50Kb)
    which was never requested to be activated and I got No sms stating activation of the same.

    now the scenario is that upon following (please refer following mail conversation ) rigorous correspondence with Customer care they assured me of waving off those charges and now they say that can not be done once bill is generated.

    Please look into issue.

    Feel free to Disturb me anytime.

    Looking forward to your urgent replay as my outgoing facilities are stopped science 10day's

    A hope full Airtel customer
    Mahesh Kadam.


    Dear Customer care exec.,

    As my problem is still not solved and as AirTel assured me of solving problem once bill is generated (REF : " Further, we would like to inform you that the same will be rectified once the bill gets generated for your Airtel number 9766607591. " ), today 9th is the bill generation date. I hope my problem will be solved and out going facility will be resumed as you find the problem in billing (charged for unrequested GPRS plan, PLEASE GO THRU MY COMPLAINT BELOW IN PREVIOUS CONVERSATIONS ).

    I seek a call from customer care in case if you are unable to understand my problem.

    Looking forward to immediate call from you as mail box will be unavailable to me till Monday.

    Shriganesh Borse
    Siemens PLM Software (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    -----Original Message-----
    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 4:16 PM
    To: Borse, Shriganesh
    Subject: Re: 9766607591 : Ref NO: 228421598742 :: RE: (Mobile No:=9766607591 ) 9766607591 : Consumer Complaint Message From "Borse, Shriganesh" <[email protected]> [REF:228577519556]

    Dear Mr. Kadam,

    Thank you for contacting Airtel.

    We understand from your previous interaction dated 31/12/2008, you have expressed concern over increase in unbilled and GPRS deactivation and activation without your consent for your Airtel number 9766607591.

    We understand your concern and will work towards resolving the same.

    We sincerely apologize for the difficulty caused to you in this regard and we regret to inform you that we are unable to forward your concern regarding increase in unbilled amount to the respective department as it does not include the rentals or discounts if any.

    Further, we would like to inform you that the same will be rectified once the bill gets generated for your Airtel number 9766607591.

    There is an unbilled of Rs. 8624.20/- this is your approximate unbilled usage as on 30/12/2008. Please note this amount doesn't include monthly
    rents/roaming usage/discounts. Actual amount will reflected in your forthcoming invoice dated 09/01/2009.

    Also, kindly dial *121*12# (toll free) from your mobile to know your unbilled amount.

    Further, we regret for the GPRS plan changed without your consent. As per GPRS [email protected] 50Kb ? MH there is no rental towards the same and you will be charged Rs.0.30/- per 50kb. If you are fewer users of GPRS it will be highly beneficial for you.

    For further assistance, mail us at [email protected]

    We value your association with Airtel.

    Warm Regards,

    UshaRani. K
    Customer Care Executive
    Bharti Airtel Limited.

    ---- Original Message ----

    Dear Customer Care Executive,
    AS I won this mobile number it is my call to decide which service to be
    activated and deactivated on this number. NO one can simply activate any
    plan at any point of time without my permission.

    The Unbilled amount which was 2589.4 Rs Yesterday Became 8624.20 Rs Today
    Without accessing Any GPRS service.

    This surely indicate some fault in system.

    All this fault because Airtel by mistake deactivated my running plan and
    activated heavily casting plan without any information and permission,
    this is not allowed as per consumer court guidelines, I request you to wave
    off the charges which are charged to me without prior notification.

    I will also request you to postpone the and interruption in the service
    till the issue is resolved.

    Looking Forward to positive replay from you.

    Mahesh Kadam.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 11:11 AM
    To: Borse, Shriganesh
    Subject: Re: (Mobile No:=9766607591 ) 9766607591 : Consumer Complaint
    Message From "Borse, Shriganesh" <[email protected]>

    Dear Mr. Kadam,

    Thank you for contacting Airtel.

    We understand from your previous interaction dated 30/12/2008, you have
    expressed concern over increase in unbilled amount and Change in GPRS plan
    without Prior intimation to you for your Airtel number 9766607591.

    We understand your concern and will work towards resolving the same.

    There is an unbilled amount of Rs. 8624.20/- as on 30/12/2008 and it
    includes the usage and does not include the rentals or discounts if any.
    The same gets updated within a time span of 24 hours. We request you to
    wait till the next bill generation date to get the details of the bill.

    Also, kindly dial *121*12# (toll free) from your mobile to know your
    unbilled amount.

    Further, we regret for the deactivation of GPRS Rental 349-MH in your
    mobile number without prior intimation to you. As the tariffs of GPRS plan
    of Rental 349-MH has already been withdrawn. Hence the new GPRS [email protected]
    50Kb ? MH was activated in your account with effect from 26/12/2008.

    Hence the following are the available Mobile Office GPRS in Airtel:

    Without Subscription* - No rental - 30P for 50KB (Tariff/unit post
    Monthly Subscription - I (Basic) -Rs.249 (rental) with 125MB - 20P for 50KB
    Monthly Subscription - II (Premium) Rs.599 (rental) with 600MB - 20P for

    Hence we request you to reconfirm if you wish for the activation of above
    mentioned GPRS Mobile Office. If you are not satisfied with the existing
    plan of MO.

    Furthermore, we request you to make an interim payment to avoid
    interruption in your services as your credit limit is Rs. 2000.00/-

    For further assistance, mail us at [email protected]

    We value your association with Airtel.

    Warm Regards,

    UshaRani. K
    Customer Care Executive
    Bharti Airtel Limited.

    ---- Original Message ----

    Dear Customer Care Executive,

    I am a regular user of GPRS Mobile office plan (349 Rs per month). I was
    Using the same plan activated on 18th November 2008 till date.

    Today 30th December received an SMS stating unbilled amount 25XX Rs Exceeds
    credit limit and I need to pay 15XX Rs at least to continue uninterrupted

    I have complaint that

    1.?????? I was not notified about ?deactivation of ?GPRS on my Number on 26
    th dec (as to by customer care exec.)

    2.?????? I did not put any SMS to Deactivate GPRS. Still Got Deactivated if

    3.?????? And even worst case of no notification for activation of GPRS plan
    30ps.Per 50Kb on 26th Dec 2008 which is cause of such huge unbilled amt.

    Since ?did not received any communication from Airtel regarding change in
    Tariffs and i was using GPRS since 18th Nov 08, I do not take
    responsibility for the unbilled amount That is Accumulated on My number.

    Please act fast and feel free to contact me.

    I will be forced to take help from consumers community ?if issue is not
    solve urgently.



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get charged for free sms

I have a problem r that there were certain msg charges which were deducted under the free msgs schemes. Although I have free msgs left in my account but sometimes it deduct charges without any reason & moreover I have a problem re - my 121 (Customer care) no. It doesn't work. I came to know that its on msg mode without any reason. Actually I have talked with the customer care people many times at mohali office (Chd). But they don't respond properly. Recently few days back I have talk with mr. Kunal prashar (Manager operations) re my problem and he assured me that it will be sort out in 12hrs but there was no response, then after 2 days I again call and talk with mr. Chetan chopra (Team leader) and he assure me that your problem with sort out latest by 5th feb, 07. And all your charges would be credited. But till now there is no response. Airtel has very poor service and cheating customers.

  • Ra
    Raman Jun 20, 2008

    I have airtel connection, the no. 98728-88803's
    outgoings/Incoming is not activate from today. It is deactive from
    today morning. As i dail any no. computer say that your
    enrollment form is not yet received, but i had submitted it
    to dealer two times. Here is not my default. So please
    relook this matter and solve my problem, its request. I
    submitted my form, snap, id proof (all documents as require
    by you) to Mr. Kaushik (9872933777) and he said i have sent
    it to Mohali to Vijendra like name as. I am the old
    customer from 2004. So please call him and solve this
    problem asap. If you want any query from me then you can
    call me freely.

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  • Ga
    gagan srivastava Jul 23, 2008

    u r true bro, airtel r cheaters. i have got a broadband connection and they have charged me and given the details of surfing charges at early morning 4am or 5 am. like this. now can they tell me how can i use this service in early morning when the office is closed

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  • De
    deepak sharma Feb 06, 2009

    Dear Sir, i have a very big porplem with me i have Airtel connection in haryana zone 9896882505. there is one company fusion animation they charged me after the one week 15/- rs. but i am not use this services and i asked to Airtel customer care many time but they don't give the way to me.
    Second i have already register for Do not dustrub calling last one year and now i dont use the GPRS also the fusion company give me massage if u want to do the decativate this serives go the this link but i dont have any gprs for my cell when i go through the net it give me massage u dont have the right user. please do somethink i have already the lot of money to Airtel without any reason please help me to short out of theses kind of problem.
    Alteaset i have change my cell no and get the BSNL services they are good for DND services if u have any solution please call me in my new cell no. 94166-46704 or you can mail to me my mail id is [email protected], [email protected]

    Thanking You

    Deepak Sharma

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airtel kbc - cheats!

I have been trying to register as a contestant with kbc through my airtel mobile number since the january 29th episode when the lines had opened up for the same.

But since kbc is running two competitions simultaneously, ie, har seat hot seat and the question to register as a contestant on the show, every time I try to answer the question for registering, I get an automated response saying that the har seat hot seat lines are now closed and then I get charged for that call as well!!

To better understand my complaint, one has to understand the show format. The har seat hot seat competition is only valid during each episode from 9 pm to 10 pm. After that, the question to register as a contestant flashes between advertisements after 10 pm till 8 pm the next day. So far I have been trying to register for episodes 26, 27, and 28 but every time I try to answer, the har seat hot seat automated reply comes on. The problem also lies in the fact that the number to be called in is the same for both competitions, ie 5646 followed by the correct entry, ie, either 1, 2, 3, or 4

I had complained at the nearest airtel outlet close to my home and I got an sms from the company stating the error was fixed but when I tried again, I kept getting the automated response from har seat hot seat and getting charged again!!!

I reside in the state of karnataka and I know that mine is not an isolated case as I have tried doing the same from a relative's cell phone and got the same response.

  • Dk
    D K Ray Feb 19, 2007

    On 18th Feb. 2007 the kbc 3 contest (launched by Airtel, Rs.6/min. rate, to 56465 and as mentioned a way to get direct entry to fastest finger fast in kbc 3) was closed.

    What is the result? Who is the top scorer?

    Inquiring through post because I am finding nobody to whom I can phone or ask for the result.
    No contact no. for inquiry to Airtel is available.

    D.K. Ray
    New Mumbai

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  • Pr
    P. Ravinder Feb 20, 2007

    Who is the winner of kbc airtel? Where should we contact to know the results and our position in that contest?

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  • La
    Lalita Iyer Mar 10, 2007

    In the Shortcut to KBC contest, Airtel KBC should stop resorting to cheap gimmicks to extend the minutes we talk (charged at "only" Rs. 6/min) when answering questions. There is an inordinate delay in reading out the options, as much as a 20-30 second pause (I even wondered if the line had got cut!!!), as well as getting an "invalid response" message with consequent repeating of the question with options. This is cheap and irresponsible behavior from the organizers and nothing but blatant cheating of the public! I advise subscribers to not get fooled by this gimmick and stop participating in this.

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  • Sa
    Sanjay Mar 15, 2007

    Who is the winner of kbc airtel? Where should we contact to know the results and our position in that contest?

    God bless you people who play KBC using Airtel Mobile. Yes, I was about to faint after getting my mobile bill. If anyone can guess what was my mobile bill for last month, I will send you to the KBC Hot Seat directly. It was not 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K hmm it was 7K. I will never ever play any games using my mobile. This is a lesson for me. For all of you Indian never ever play such games using your mobile phones. These are all gimmick and gimmick only. The one who is going to be a Crorepati is the Mobile company Owner or Siddhartha Basu.

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  • Vi
    Vikas Mar 16, 2007

    One of the my friends participated in short to KBC, held from 4th to 11th march 2007 by using airtel mobile. He was informed that he has replied all 750 ques, if he will be a top scorer, the star tv will contact him, a week has passed and yet he dint receive any call from either airtel or star tv.

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  • Fa
    Farhat Chauhan Mar 24, 2007

    I participated in the shortcut to kbc result from 4th to 11th march and replied to maximum questions spending thousands of money. I have been sending sms to 121 to know the result and every time i receive a same reply that i will be notified soon. Whom should i contact, cant we talk one to one to Shahrukh. I am eagerly waiting for my call from KBC.

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  • tahirnepal Dec 08, 2011

    hi cheak it well

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billing and network issue

This is in reference to the complaint raised by me for "No network coverage" in the basement in Sector 18, Gurgaon (behind Maruti Udyog).

The complaint number is : [protected].

The request was raised on 23-Nov-06 and the expected date for resolution was 27-Nov-06.

I wish to bring to your notice that the status of my request is still "OPEN" and I have not heard from anyone from Airtel side.

This is a known issue in this area and I am not able to understand why Airtel is so keen in loosing it's old customers for this very old issue which can be resolved by installing a booster (which all other service providers have already done).

I take this opportunity to raise this issue through your esteemed organization, so that Airtel does something to improve it's services and does not let few people to spoil the company's name.

Himanshu Pandey

  • Dr
    Dr Prashant Jain Feb 08, 2007

    I have a post paid mobile connection of Airtel mobile services India through Account no. 107-103540877. They have charged me for SMS while the connection I had was having free SMS pack. On talking to the customer service executive Ms. Kanchan I was told the company had withdrawn the SMS pack on 23rd Nov. Since no such notification of the company was received by customers I asked her to register my complaint and give me a complaint no. Which she refused. On being asked the number of her superior executives she refused to give the number. What is the way out for the customer?

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  • Bh
    Bharati Prabhudesai Mar 13, 2007

    My cheque of Rs 608/- for my monthly bill for my mobile no 9890329335 was received by the local franchisee unit of Airtel at Panjim Goa on 22nd February. The cheque was sent through courier services and proof of delivery was received from the service provider.However the concerned person receiving the cheque misplaced it and I had to face continuous reminders for 18 days from their Pune branch that the payment was not received. There were warnings of termination of services .All the explanation on my part was of no use to them.Ultimately I had to visit their Panaji office in person and issue them a fresh cheque. The earlier cheque has not been traced as yet.

    I found the franchisee operation to be most unprofessional.

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  • Ha
    harish mahajan May 15, 2007

    Re: Airtel

    Dear Responsible & Airtel Mobile Staff,

    I would like to put up my grieverance hereby for further action you feel essential to be taken in this concern. I bought a prepaid connection on 6/5/07 for Rs 250 in which as per the plan I was supposed to get talk time of Rs 250,instead I have got balance of Rs 125 at the time of loading the sim, I was told that the remaining balance of Rs 125 I would get within 72 hours, but after complaining for several times till date I have not received the remaining balance, lastly on 12/5/07 I was given a complaint which is 05120592020 please take action on very urgent basis or else I will discontinue Airtel service,as I am not satisfied with your customer care people since every now & then they say it would take 48 hours but nothing happens in due course of time, hoping that you would take a very prompt action in this connection & oblige.

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  • De
    devenbaraiya Oct 05, 2007

    hi my name deven jiva baraiya. my mobile number+9198983303231 i am international roaming in saudi arabia in jeddah city before my service is working now days my service not working please start my service as soon as possible i have to much problem to contact

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  • Am
    Aman Mar 10, 2008

    I would like to tell you about the highly DEPLORABLE and totally UNPROFESSIONAL attitude of the Airtel customer care executives. They have no sense of how to talk with customers – absolutely no etiquettes what so ever. They don't even know how to use the database in their computers, for God’s sake. My Airtel prepaid mobile no. is 989 755 4749. Day before yesterday (March 9, 2008) I received the following message:

    "Thanks for using the Airtel chat service"

    Exactly the same thing has happened on my brother’s prepaid mobile connection number 999 723 1989. After this on March 11, 2008 my balance was automatically deducted about 25 Rupees or so and showed the balance as negative now. Who the hell gave Airtel ANY permission to add ANY services or deduct ANY money from my account?

    On several earlier occasions too, Airtel has committed such types of frauds so many times with me and my friends. One time it was an unauthorized charge of Rs. 24 and another time it was Rs. 99. They automatically activate any service on any number WITHOUT APPROVAL from the customer, and when these irate customers call them, the Airtel customer executives then have the nerve to start misbehaving on the phone. Give me a break. Classic case of – ULTAA CHOR KOTWAAL KO DAANTE, isn’t it?

    So Mr. Airtel, please refund my 24 + 99 + 25 = 148 of FRAUDULENT BILLING, and do not activate any kind of useless services on my number in the future. If Airtel resorts to fleecing its unsuspecting customers like this ever again, then all of us friends and relatives here are going to form a group and jointly file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against AIRTEL. We would also then feel compelled to take this issue to the news media and switch to foreign companies such as Vodafone, etc.

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pathetic billing

I am being a customer of Airtel-Nasik since last two years.Now I am a customer of Airtel-Mumbai. I have been...

please never take airtel connection or you will be in great trouble!

First of all I want to say never take Airtel connection at least in Bangalore. I took Airtel Pre-Paid...

the delhi office did not proceeded the documentation I have submitted!

I am a tourist in India and have resubmitted all needed documents, photocopy of the passport - with Indian visa, photos and whatever I was asked for, but now Airtel is asking me, via SMS, to "submit documents...", or else... I am now in Jaipur and cannot submit any documents in Delhi and guys here in Jaipur say there is nothing they can do. So, it seems that my phone will be disconnected because of the laziness or/and incompetence of the guys in Delhi office.

  • Ne
    Neelam Negi Mar 04, 2007

    I have Aitel Broadband and as a matter of fact Airtel's customer Service is too pathetic since they keep on hanging up on me. And, I have few billing disputes with Airtel's illegal charges and they didn't resolve it since November'2007 and then charged me more charges even when I was not using the services.



    Please, guys don't go for Airtel.

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  • Jo
    John main. Mar 04, 2007

    Airtels customer service department rely on computer generated reply system. It looks for words then generates a reply to your query based upon this software. I would suspect that only about 5% of your calls or SMS are actually read by a human interface. The company itself is debt ridden and having problems with competition from Hutch/Vodaphone, who offer a much better signal quality,especially in regard to GPRS. Airtel are living on borrowed time because most people realize that the service offered is total crap and that the equipment they use is out of date. Just look at the download speed on their GPRS service by pressing Ctrl Alt Delete and go into networking. It gives you the precise speed your connected at.Mine is usually 1.5kbps or .75 of 230 kbps. I can use it for emails and nothing else. Dump it and go to Reliance. Not for the phones but their data transfer card.It connects at 125kbps and costs around 1250 per month. I know it might seem costly but you save on time and blood pressure.Airtel or Airturd are rubbish. Dump them and vote with your mouse.I have lived on 3 continents and AIRTURD are the worst mobile company i ever come across. Absolutely crap.

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problem to send sms

I have bought a Airtel Sim on 15.01.2007. While using this SIM, I am unable to send SMS to anyone even to Airtel at 121. There is no problem to receive SMS, to receive and dialing a call.

  • Yo
    Yogesh Kulkarni Apr 23, 2008

    Airtel Friendz Services are becoming Worst and worst,

    Whenever we makes a call in happy hrs, its really irritating to get connected with frndz,

    Network will allways be down, Lot of conjestion in network, Very irritating, Am thinking to switch from Airtel to some other services, As i cant tolerate this any more.

    Whenever there is need to call somebody very close to me, I have experienced very worst Network problems,

    These conditions are not improving even after complaiting to lot many Customer care executives.
    Some times even messages are also not going, its really frustating to have network like Airtel with your cell,

    Frndz, I will sujjest, Just Switch your services.

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  • Kr
    krishna1173 Oct 11, 2010

    my no is 9890002747
    i have purches connection before 7 year. however on 10.10.2010 your people wake up and disconnected my service and giving reson for non verification. it is to much from airtel side. now for reconnection, i have to go thair shop and airtel is seying this is best service, we provide. cay you think about, after seven years of period verification is panding. go bless to you pepople.

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  • Ni
    nivedhita Mar 01, 2011

    i had activated the airtel sms pack yet dey deduct my balance..this has become a real concern for airtel...thanks to the mobile number portability i'm goin to move on...

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don't ever call customer care in 121!

I am an airtel mobile prepaid user. My sincere advise to all airtel users is that "dont ever call customer care in 121 believing your complaints would be attended promptly". Airtel has this facility to discourage its customers when they approach with a complaint. According to trai regulations, whenever a customer contacts a mobile operator's customer care, he should be provided with a docket number and the next time you make a follow up call you have to mention this number and the mobile operator should be able to trace the complaint history and know the current status of the complaint. But this procedure is not at all followed by airtel. But some operators like former bpl mobile did this. Whenever you make a complaint, they record it and send you an sms with your query number, so that it would be easy for making a follow up. But airtel customer care executives try to avoid you by asking you lot of questions regarding your complaint and each time you make a call to know your complaint status, a different executive will be attending your call and you will have to explain everything right from the beginning. No matter how many times you contact 121, the same type of situation you will face. If you insist on getting you connected with some higher official, they have a fake button which will make a ring tone noise making you believe that your call is being directed to some higher official of the company but nothing will happen even if you hold the line for five or ten minutes. So the best thing is send an email regarding your complaint to the nodal officer and the ceo/coo of the respective circle. The email addresses can be found out in the following links.

Http:// Htm

Http:// Htm

Always prefer for a written response so that you can have a record of the correspondence for future action! You will probably receive a reply in about 2 or 3 days. Even then if your complaint is not redressed properly do not hesitate to send a legal notice and register a case with the consumer addressable forum. And don't hesitate if the amount involved is as low as rs.50 or 100/-. It is our money and we pay for their services and they don’t provide us anything at free of cost!

  • Vi
    Vikram Kumar Feb 05, 2007

    Yes, even in my Airtel account there was a deduction towards roaming charges while I had not gone anywhere for the complete month/billing cycle.

    On speaking to the customer care (name Pankaj) not only he was rude but also he was adamant that I must have gone somewhere / outside the city and the charges are legible.

    Is it the way of caring the customer or harassing him?

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  • Ra
    rajkumar May 24, 2007

    AIRTEL, the worst customer care in INDIA.

    0 Votes
  • Am
    AMIT KHETAN May 27, 2007

    The people who sit there at the customer care are just not bothered about the customers problems. They just want to finish their call and save their call handling time. I had a pathetic experience with the customer care. I look forward to change my service provider and to advice others the same thing.

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  • Su
    surinder singh Dec 27, 2007

    Kindle activate the do not diturb facility on this no urgent 9818844553 or tell me the procedure for the same.

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  • Ni
    nithinkk Feb 26, 2011

    HAPPY NEWS to all AIRTEL Customers now you can switch to other operators with out changing your mob no. Last week i switch to Vodafone from airtel with out a penny cost :-)

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poor customer care assistant

I have airtel sim card and belongs to maharashtra region. from past 5 days i have the call diverting problem...

cug not activated & refund not done!

I've a Airtel Prepaid card of Friends scheme card with 2 of my other friends. I opted for CUG Benefit...

false commitments by the airtel customer care executives!

I called to book my Air Tickets through an agent called 'Make My'. I had to call them to...

wrong number recharged

My Friend is having Mobile Connection Prepaid with Airtel. I Recharged for Rs. 120 through Internet from ICICI bank Account. Mistakenly I typed wrong number. I complained this to the Airtel Customer Care at 121. He said you can get cash back or can not do the revert. This so bad. And since then i am not using Internet Recharge Option for any mobile.

  • Pi
    piyush kumar Feb 01, 2007

    i want a life time prepaid card no.

    0 Votes
  • De
    Deepak Mehta Jun 25, 2007

    It is very difficult to get Tata sky No? ( For recharge the account we have to wait a long ).

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    Santosh kairamkon Sep 20, 2007

    My Friend is having Mobile Connection Prepaid with Airtel. I Recharged for Rs. 120 through Internet from ICICI bank Account. Mistakenly I typed wrong number. I complained this to the Airtel Customer Care at 121. He said you can not get cash back or can not do the revert. This so bad. And since then i am not using Internet Recharge Option for any mobile.

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  • Re
    redfb91 May 13, 2008


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false advertising & unjustified deduction

On this Sunday I got 1 message from Airtel from 678000 saying "Your Hello Tunes Subscription Pack for 30 days has been updated. Dial 678 to select the latest songs as your Hello Tunes."

As it was free of cost I dialed 678 to set a latest song as Hello Tune for my number. Immediately after that my account was debited with Rs. 65. I downloaded this Hello Tune only because it is free. I don't want if it is being charged. This is unfair to me and I want my money credited back to my account.

I called your customer care executives twice on 15 Jan & 16 Jan. They said you deactivate your hello tune by dialing "*106#" and your money will be credited back to your account within 24 hours. It has not been done till now.

Lastly when I called customer care executive today (Jaideep Nimbalkar) he told me that your money will not be credited back to your account. He also said that you are fooling around by saying that it was not mentioned in your message that downloading a latest song will cost you money. You will have to come to our office and bla bla bla.

  • Ra
    Rajesh Mar 26, 2007

    I received an sms for dialer tunes from 12800. I dialed the number and then i realized it was written 60 paise per second. So i cut the line immediately. But i did'nt activate the dialer tunes. But it has been activated and my account is going low. Because, everyday new dialer tone is set up and the money for it is taken from my account. Beware!

    0 Votes
  • Ak
    akshay Jul 19, 2007


    I have just taken a new connection of AirTel. Its prepaid card, today morning i got one message without sending any reaquest i.e "You Have been Subscribed to HelloTune..."

    When i gave call to Customer care, i have been told that, i'm getting this free hello tune for a month n after that i ll have to pay for it, and when i asked to deactivate the same i got one number from them and thats *106#.

    I am trying this number since morning and still i am getting same message i.e "The request has timed out, Please try again"...

    This is one more way this AIRTEL selling there boring Hello Tunes. ;-X

    PLEASE DONT GO FOR airtel CONNECTION... ITS absolutely 3rd class.

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  • Ja
    jazz_rulesworld Aug 29, 2009

    i too very sad with such unfair mean of deducting money.and worst thing is, no one is here to listem your complaints.I supposed we all should through airtel and look for another good telecom service...
    please help me .

    jagdish rawat

    0 Votes
  • Ar
    arif bhat4 Jun 03, 2016

    dear sir---

    i am arif bhat very much frustated by the service subscription by airtel . they subscribe the pack services to my number and deduct the money automatically and then say that i have done this. they are looting the money like this in manner. please help me. the customer service of airtel is very rude.
    my no is 09906432069

    arif bhat
    kashmir india

    0 Votes

informark solutions scam

Authorized Dealer of Airtel "InfoMark Solution Malad mumbai" have cheated me.

They call me claiming that they are calling from Airtel, offered a post-paid connection (currently i am using Airtel-Prepaid connection). I agreed, for the connection so they send their executive on 30th Dec 2006, to give me SIM card and collect the documents.

I paid him 600Rs. and he told me that SIM will b activated in 3 working days. When i contacted them after 6 days. They told me that, Airtel wants some other address proof as a document, and they will be sending same executive to collect document. For 10 days no one comes.. i some how manage to send my document to them. I submitted copy of leave n license agreement of my house. Now its more then 16 days and my SIM is still not activated... With lots of efforts i was only able find out that these agents are not from Airtel but from Infomark solution

When i try to contact them, they don't even answer my call.

I contacted customer care number 121, They told me that their is no record of any such application and asked to contact the Agent/dealer who gv the SIM card.

They never pickup my call....

Name of the Agent who call me for postpaid connection is "Pinky" - [protected]

Their team leader's Name is "Neha" - [protected]

Agent who collected my document n gv me card is "Pretam Shetty" - [protected]

Plz can anybody tell me Where should i go.. how can i get refund... i don't want Airtel postpaid connection now....From Where can i get my MONEY BACK

Should i report it as a scam in police... or should i go to consumer forum..

If this is the service Airtel providing now... what should i except from them people in future....

Airtel will loose many of its customers because of this "InfoMark solution"!

So guys beware of InfoMark Solution and Airtel

  • Sh
    Shaikh Ali May 11, 2007

    I have also been cheated the same way by Infomark Solutions. Airtel is not ready to give support and asking to go to the dealers. However, when I call there then nobody pickes up the phone. What do we do now. Should we file a case against Infomark solutions or Airtel.

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  • Ma
    Masoom Tulsiani May 02, 2008

    I have been cheated the same way, some agent claiming from Malad office.
    He offered me the 199 corporate postpaid plan, with 500 rs security deposit and One free airtel number.

    They sent someone to collect the documents and payment.
    I just have the subscriber enrollment form.

    3 days, and I am still waiting for my sim card.

    Contact me on [email protected]
    Lets file a petition against Airtel Bharti and Infomark

    What say?

    0 Votes

outgoing blocked

I am using this Airtel number [protected] since last three years. In November I received messages and calls from airtel customer care asking me to submit identity proof and address proof for verification. As I have recently shifted to Delhi, I did not have any documents. It took time for me to get the PAN and Rent Agreement made. Since then I am wondering where to submit these papers? The vendor from whom I bought the SIM told me the address which I could not access due to my busy work schedule and also due unawareness of the places and convince in Delhi. On December 7th, When I recharged my phone with one month's validity, I found that my outgoing is already barred (though they did not forget to update the accounts). On January 10th, I could manage to find one Airtel spot at Sarita Vihar, H-Block Market. There I dropped the papers in drop box as told by the fellow there and also got the phone recharged with one month's validity. The accounts were cleared with immediate effect. I received the message of recharging but my outgoing is not started till today. These fellows are so quick in receiving the money but then dont ask for the services because even their data base recognizes only the money and not the services!!!

Before Delhi, at Aligarh, I used Airtel number. There, whenever we faced any problem, we consulted with customer care executive, who could be accessed by dialing 123-9. But now, I don't know how to talk directly to the cc executive. If you dial 121 in Delhi, only computerized voices will eat your time and patience out!!!

  • An
    anand Mulye Oct 11, 2008

    I have submitted the documents through the Shop-keeper Shiv electronics Dombivali as well as on getting the sms from airtel I submitted the same in person. Still My connection is discontinued for outgoing on 11-1008. I purchased the same on 2-10-08.
    My no is 9967189887.
    I request to start the same immediately
    Anand Mulye

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    sameer Mar 20, 2009

    sir I request to you so plz give me my sim 9997606241 this no is miss place in my pocket i want to reactivate my sim plz sir

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Martin Julius Feb 25, 2011

    sir my name is M.sunder raj working in gov of TN sales man co-operative
    sir i had taken 3 postpaid connections but i am useing only one connection (8754484307) but i din open one specific pack till now but the bill has been generated to this number without my knowledge (8754464307)...
    so kindly check and give me the further details about this issue...

    0 Votes

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