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Aeromexico Customer Service


Aeromexico Inc.

3663 N. Sam Houston Pkwy East, Suite 500
United States - 77032

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 237 6639(USA & Canada) 11 15
1800 855 474(Ireland) 3 0
1800 952 0533(Colombia) 1 1
800 052 1447(Costa Rica) 1 0
+1 877 262 0455(USA & Canada Agencies) 5 3
+1 800 800 9999(USA & Canada Groups) 2 0
+1 855 332 1455(USA & Canada AM Contigo) 2 0
+44 800 9775 533(United Kingdom) 4 0
+33 800 916 754(France) 1 0
+31 800 022 4008(Netherlands) 3 1
+34 900 995 282(Spain) 1 0
+86 216 089 9985(China) 1 0
+81 352 935 945(Japan) 2 0
+54 800 888 2276(Argentina) 1 0
+55 800 891 7512(Brazil) 1 0
+56 225 994 378(Chile) 2 0
+53 78 309 528(Cuba) 2 0
+593 800 000 227(Ecuador) 3 0
+503 800 6105(El Salvador) 2 0
+502 800 835 0269(Guatemala) 3 0
+504 800 2791 9025(Honduras) 2 0
+52 555 133 4000(Mexico) 1 0
+505 800 226 0294(Nicaragua) 1 0
+507 800 052 1373(Panama) 1 0
+51 80 053 407(Peru) 1 0
+58 800 162 7351(Venezuela) 1 0

Aeromexico Complaints & Reviews

Aeromexico / luggage lost

MathildeBigras on Mar 25, 2019

Hi, My luggage was lost yesterday, March 25, 2019, between Leon and Montreal. My ticket number is 13934810655244 and my baggage number is AM390013. My baggage is the standard one in fabric with wheels and is fuschia. When opened, you will see a black coat with flowers on. The telephone of...

Aeromexico / charges for a more comfortable seat with more leg room.

Phil Clough on Mar 21, 2019

Flight #616 from Mexico city to Toronto March 16/2019 seat #6f, When I booked this return flight I paid an extra $160:00 CAD for an upgraded seat, more room and more comfortable, the seat was the same as any other in tourist class, no bigger no more leg room and no more comfortable, also...

Aeromexico / buenas tardes

alexis66 on Mar 14, 2019

buenas tardes el motivo de mi molestia es que el dia sabado 09 de este mes, compre unos boletos con destino a Peru ... el representante nos explico que si lo haciamos con el nos cobrarian como 15 dolares me imagino por la atencion ...pero que si lo haciamos online seria gratis ...asi que...

Aeromexico / airline ticket (need refund on airline ticket)

Hermelinda Longoria on Mar 13, 2019

On 2/28/2019, I took off from San Antonio, TX to Mexico City one stop then into Bogota, Columbia I had no problem. When I returned from Columbia on 3/7/2019 into Mexico City, they held me there and did not let me board my flight to go to San Antonio due to my ticket name Melinda not...

Aeromexico / I was missing my flight am 402 with aeromexico because of the mistake of the check-inn clerk.

Marja Helander on Mar 7, 2019

I was missing my flight am 402 with aeromexico at 7th february 2019 (7.2.2019) at 9.30 am from mexico city to new york jfk airport because your check-in desk officer donovan arqueta at account number 33 at mexico city juarez airport did not check that I have a proper immigration form with...

Aeromexico / world class entertainment

Hilary McGuigan on Mar 3, 2019

I flew from Mexico City to London Heathrow on Monday evening . The plane took off at approximately 11.50pm. At midnight I informed your flight attendant that my TV monitor was not working. Again at 12.30AM I informed another one of your flight attendants of the same problem, she said they...

Aeromexico / 24 hour refund policy

Valerie Nair Galvez on Feb 20, 2019

Arranger remarks Refund ticket joseph kalionzes 1390490921318 - 394.38 usd Refund ticket nicolassa galvez 1390490921319 - 394.38 usd Refund ticket danielle silva 1390490921320 - 394.38 Refund ticket jacquelyn kalionzes 1390490921321 355.38usd Refund ticket valerie galvez 1390490921322 -...

Aeromexico / missed connecting flight itinerary # 7393375026711

Okairy Rodriguez on Feb 18, 2019

On Monday Feb 11th, my husband and I missed our connecting flight from Mexico City to Cancun (Flight Departing at 2:25PM) due to the lack of responsibility of the flight attendants. My husband and I sat at our gate (69) and did not see the monitor display the proper information about our...

Aeromexico / cancellation of plane tickets

CJD123 on Feb 17, 2019

On Sunday 2/17, I made reservations for 11 travelers and I decided to cancel within hours due to personal reasons. When I called to cancel, I got hung up on multiple times (I guess doing a refund for multiple travelers is a pain) Anyways, when I finally called a 5th time, I got connected...

Aeromexico / air line

renerios619 on Feb 11, 2019

My wife Lourdes V reservation #STMPXE is in Bogota Colombia she was denied acces to her flight because the air line claims they could not verify the card used to book the flight (Aeromexico) it is imposable to talk to anyone from that company because they do not have a direct number in El...

Aeromexico / requesting refund of the ticket that was not used

martha serrano on Feb 6, 2019

hello i'm requesting a refund for the ticket that was not used on February 4, 2019 confirmed under Travelocity itinerary 7400837910177 under Michael Angelo Serrano for $202.36 dollars departing from Guadalajara Mexico @ 7:30 to Sacramento California. My name is Martha Elena Serrano i...

Aeromexico / daños equipaje facturado

Lydia González Mederos on Feb 2, 2019

Numerosos articulos de mi maleta estan dañados, algunos completamente inservibles. Facturé una mochila de 60 litros con muy pocas cosas fragiles, todo protegido entre la ropa. Cuando viajas con mochila, el equipaje es facturado como fragil para que tenga un trato apropiado. Sin embargo, cuando...

Aeromexico / compensation refund

luks on Jan 28, 2019

29 january 2019 Aeromexico airlines, Mexico city Sir/madam, Greetings! I claim compensation relating to flight # am 59 dated december 16, 2018 with ticket # 1392889562095 and 1392889562096 which I booked from guatemala city to mexico to narita, japan. The flight was delayed for more than...

Aeromexico / in 2017 I was on a flight to mexico and my moms diamond necklace was stolen out of my bag

Lucymaerose on Jan 26, 2019

Hi so im very upset to find out my necklace was stolen out of my bag when I checked it. It was my mothers who resentley passed away and is so important to me, I want to cry every day knowing someone just stole it from me. My name is Lucy Pennock I flue with aeromexico with flight 663 left...

Aeromexico / refund

Carlos Cipriano on Jan 24, 2019

My wife and I had a really bad experience flying Aeromexico on January 17th. We both the tickets in December to see our family in Brazil. We had couple options, but we decided to take a Aeromexico flight to try if for the first time. We normally get American. We took 2 bags each along with...

Aeromexico / baggage overcharge

Saul Marschner on Jan 23, 2019

My name is Saul Marcshner. On Dec 4-9 I went to Mexico. We payed our flight through our AmericaExpress card for the flight and baggage. On the way back on the 9th I ended up paying for the baggage through my bank card and forgot that it was payed already. The charge was for about $60. How...

Aeromexico / they don't let me check in my carriages

Osbaldo on Jan 15, 2019

On december 25 2018 im tray to abord flight 773 at 8:21 am but the problem was here that im lost my flight becase they don't let me check in my luggage, they say that i can flight with out my luggage, 48 hours before that arive to the airport in tijuana im call to areomexico to ask them to...

Aeromexico / request refund of tickets / medical reasons

Steven Koch on Jan 8, 2019

To whom it may concern: I Steven Koch had to change our (Araceli and Steven Koch;December 24 2018 flight to December 26 2018. The reason being my wife fell and broke her ribs. We were informed that we had to buy new tickets, but could get our monies back if /when we filed a refund/complaint. So...

Aeromexico / lost luggage

kfriedman02 on Jan 3, 2019

I traveled to Acapulco from JFK in NYC on Friday, December 14, 2018. I was on AM405. I arrived in Acapulco at around 7pm and my luggage did not. The woman at the desk, Mariel, checked my information in the system and immediately saw that my luggage never left JFK. I was promised my luggage...

Aeromexico / antiquated and slow systems

Bill Setter on Jan 2, 2019

Our return trip was a nightmare!!! it took us over 40 hours to get home! Aeromexico was completely incompetent. I know there were many canceled flights in the US that could have made some options not possible, but the options that we were presented with were realistic, avoided the east...