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Aeromexico Inc.

3663 N. Sam Houston Pkwy East, Suite 500
United States - 77032

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 237 6639(USA & Canada) 11 15
1800 855 474(Ireland) 3 0
1800 952 0533(Colombia) 1 1
800 052 1447(Costa Rica) 1 0
+1 877 262 0455(USA & Canada Agencies) 5 3
+1 800 800 9999(USA & Canada Groups) 2 0
+1 855 332 1455(USA & Canada AM Contigo) 2 0
+44 800 9775 533(United Kingdom) 4 0
+33 800 916 754(France) 1 0
+31 800 022 4008(Netherlands) 3 1
+34 900 995 282(Spain) 1 0
+86 216 089 9985(China) 1 0
+81 352 935 945(Japan) 2 0
+54 800 888 2276(Argentina) 1 0
+55 800 891 7512(Brazil) 1 0
+56 225 994 378(Chile) 2 0
+53 78 309 528(Cuba) 2 0
+593 800 000 227(Ecuador) 3 0
+503 800 6105(El Salvador) 2 0
+502 800 835 0269(Guatemala) 3 0
+504 800 2791 9025(Honduras) 2 0
+52 555 133 4000(Mexico) 1 0
+505 800 226 0294(Nicaragua) 1 0
+507 800 052 1373(Panama) 1 0
+51 80 053 407(Peru) 1 0
+58 800 162 7351(Venezuela) 1 0

Aeromexico Complaints & Reviews

Aeromexico / service

Jun 23, 2019

I travelled on AM 25 on May 30, business class. All classes were boarded at the same time for no apparent reason. Then I traveled AM 8 on June 12, also business class. There was a child, . probably about 2 yo, next to me. Behaving as a 2 yo is expected. Fussy from time to time. Since when...

Aeromexico / I am requesting a refund because of medical reasons

Jun 21, 2019

I purchased a ticket from Orbitz for my sister to fly from Tapachula, Mexico to Boston and had to cancel the flight because she became ill with a abscess under her armpit and has a doctors appointment to drain it on July 4th. Her ticket number is 1397319544168 and name is Amabilia Padilla...

Aeromexico / refund for ticket due to missed connections

Jun 18, 2019

Requesting a refund for AM 3934 flight number from EVV to Detroit- AM2723 Detroit to Monterrey (June 10)...Flight delay caused missed connection to Monterrey with no other options available- Flight was rescheduled for June 11 on Delta 5427 to Atlanta DL753 Atlanta to Monterrey and...

Aeromexico / dl8893 (airline booking ref: g5cp9s)

Jun 17, 2019

I went through my most horrible travel experience till date. DL8893 flight that was operated by AeroMexico was 7 hour delayed without any advance notification. Worst was that none of us (customers) were notified in advance and they kept changing their timing and reasons as the day...

Aeromexico / wheelchair service.

Jun 11, 2019

On Saturday, June 8th. I flew from Acapulco to Toronto via Mexico City on Areomexico flight 616, arriving in Toronto at 11PM. I have rods in my neck due to a serious spinal injury which has left me weak on my right side and with drop-foot, all of which makes it impossible for me to walk long...

Aeromexico / address of aeromexico legal department in the united states

Jun 10, 2019

I am an attorney working on a case and I need some documentation from your legal department. The only address that continues to arise as you corporate headquarters is 3663 N. Sam Houston Parkway East, Houston Texas. However that address is vacant. I have been unable thus far to get the...

Aeromexico / airline tickets

Jun 06, 2019

Aeromexico is garbage. Last month I booked a flight for a contractor who did not show up to my event. I cancelled the return flight within 48 hours of takeoff, and was told that I could "leave the ticket open" as a credit toward future flights. Since I book a lot of flights in and out of...

[Resolved] Aeromexico / cancellation de billets

Jun 06, 2019

Suite à un téléphone fait aujourd'hui chez AEROMEXICO CANADA, On m'a dit d'écrire ici. Nous avons réservé pour le 16 décembre direction Mexico-Mazatlan, nos billets ; 1392111768927 . Carrier Marcelle 1392111768928 Carrier Gilbert. Mon époux Gilbert Carrier a reçu un diagnostique de cancer...

Aeromexico / name was not able to be fixed

May 30, 2019

On march 2nd I booked a flight. To Mexico on the time of booking I put the correct name of the person that was traveling. On May 29th I got an email to check in on line and when I was on that process I was told that the name did not matched with the name on the passport when I called...

Aeromexico / missing stuff on luggage

May 24, 2019

Hello, My name is Miriam Serrano, and I am emailing regarding a complain. I traveled back from Guadalajara to Chicago on 03/21/2019 flight number 660. I checked in my luggage at Guadalajara airport around 11 am. (they told me it was okay) and my flight was at 6:44 pm. When I arrived at...

Aeromexico / buying an upgrade on flight that was cancelled.

May 24, 2019

I was scheduled to fly out from Leon BJX to Mexico City then to San Antonio, Texas on Delta on 5/23/19 at 8:15 a.m. on flight 7988 Code KD73TB. That flight was cancelled and changed to code JKQJBS. Then it was changed again to MIZQDV, Aeroltal by Aero Mexico and I was sent an E-mail to see...

Aeromexico / missing a pair of swede blue evening shoes

May 23, 2019

My trip itinerary started on May 14, 2019 from LAX to Mexico (Delta) and from Mexico to Lima, Peru (Aeromexico). Unfortunately, when I arrived to Lima and collected my luggage, I found out that my suitcase had been opened (locks cut) and one pair of shoes were missing. Quickly, I went to...

Aeromexico / unfair treatment

May 21, 2019

Aeromexico's San Francisco check-in staff did not let me board my flight to GDL on May 19th 2019 because eventhough I am a US green card holder but my passport is VIETNAMESE, despite the fact that I have been to GDL 3 times before. I was told there is a new law passed by the Mexican government that...

Aeromexico / lost our flight due to airport staff ignoring us and bad customer service

May 16, 2019

I am Writing to seek your assitance about a recent extremely frustrating experience we had with your airline, On May 12, 2019 I was scheduled to fly on Aeromexico flight number 494 from Mexico City to Seattle, WA. After Arriving the airport, well in advance of the flight, we where asked...

Aeromexico / flight tickets

May 16, 2019

Good afternoon, I booked 2 round trips for my husband and I through Orbitz Confirmation #BHQBJA, unfortunately the outgoing itenenrary was changed and we were unable to accomodate it on our schedule, I was pleased Aeromexico refunded our money on our outgoing flight but since we were not...

Aeromexico / customer service

May 08, 2019

"Worst Airline Ever Experienced" Aeromexico forget it do not trust them! On February 6 I was trying to make a reservation for a flight from Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City through their website Unfortunately the site was not working properly and I was not able...

Aeromexico / delayed airlines

May 03, 2019

My flight was delayed and it through the whole day off, i didnt get home until the following day mid afternoon. I did not receive wheelchair assistance, had to spend the night in seattle at the airport. I am 63 years old and I cannot move quickly. My daughter was getting in touch with...

Aeromexico / luggage damage

Apr 29, 2019

My luggage is damaged. It' s value is 210, 00 euros and by the brand of American Turister. When I landed in Thessaloniki my luggage was missing and I did the declaration of missing in Skyserv Handling Service with the number SKGV11118/28APR19/1146GMT. I was traveling with your company from...

Aeromexico / need employment information

Apr 18, 2019

I've been calling different numbers trying to get in contact with the Human Resources Department to request a full verification of employment for a pilot employed through Aero Mexico and I've had no luck. who can I reach out to directly to have a form filled out? Our client is trying to...

Aeromexico / my vouchers

Apr 09, 2019

Soy Maria Arechiga #voucher 1390425388897. Mi son Alexis flores # voucher 1390425388897. hace un año viajaba de Guadalajara a lax ca y me cancelaron mi vuelo a mi y a mi hijo. Nos dieron unos vouches para viajar a mexico. hable hace un mes para saber que podía hacer para usar maestros vouche...

Aeromexico / my father got diagnosed with tuberculosis, the doctors told he could not leave the country. he was in hospital for 20 days

Apr 04, 2019

my father got diagnose with tuberculosis, the doctors told he could not leave the country. he was in hospital for 20 days, and. first appointment was on first, and the second was on the 11th. that why my father could not fly on his round ticket that he bought to Mexico. and we want to see...

Aeromexico / my daughter missed her flight

Apr 04, 2019

My Daughter was to be on a plane this morning at 240 am confirmation number JSLXNI she was at the airport to try and print her boarding pass at 1 am. The system told her only that the plane was on time. I feel like the guy Julio I was speaking to was very rude about the situation. My...

Aeromexico / missed connection want compensation

Apr 03, 2019

AeroMexico Confirmation #XOWAHC My flight AM697 from Vancouver to Mexico City was delayed taking off on March 31, 2019 and also delayed upon arrival. It was supposed to arrive at 06:55 but we were not able to exit the flight till 08:22. These delays made me miss my connecting flight AM650...

Aeromexico / surcharge

Apr 01, 2019

We have booked a flight from Mexico City to Montreal February 24th and paid fully in advance for the flight. The day before departure to come back to Montreal, we checked in on line and there was no available seat that was included in our ticket price. We were charged $38.30 each for a...

Aeromexico / transportation voucher

Apr 01, 2019

Le 19 février 2019 mon vol était cédulé pour 15h15 et à mon arrivée à l'embarquement, on m'a avisée que le vol était changé à 1h15 le 20 février 2019. En consolation on m'a remis un billet d'une valeur de 400$ US. La date d'expiration pour ce billet est le 19 février 2020. Je dois faire un...

Aeromexico / luggage lost

Mar 25, 2019

Hi, My luggage was lost yesterday, March 25, 2019, between Leon and Montreal. My ticket number is 13934810655244 and my baggage number is AM390013. My baggage is the standard one in fabric with wheels and is fuschia. When opened, you will see a black coat with flowers on. The telephone of...

Aeromexico / charges for a more comfortable seat with more leg room.

Mar 21, 2019

Flight #616 from Mexico city to Toronto March 16/2019 seat #6f, When I booked this return flight I paid an extra $160:00 CAD for an upgraded seat, more room and more comfortable, the seat was the same as any other in tourist class, no bigger no more leg room and no more comfortable, also...

Aeromexico / buenas tardes

Mar 14, 2019

buenas tardes el motivo de mi molestia es que el dia sabado 09 de este mes, compre unos boletos con destino a Peru ... el representante nos explico que si lo haciamos con el nos cobrarian como 15 dolares me imagino por la atencion ...pero que si lo haciamos online seria gratis ...asi que...

Aeromexico / airline ticket (need refund on airline ticket)

Mar 13, 2019

On 2/28/2019, I took off from San Antonio, TX to Mexico City one stop then into Bogota, Columbia I had no problem. When I returned from Columbia on 3/7/2019 into Mexico City, they held me there and did not let me board my flight to go to San Antonio due to my ticket name Melinda not...

Aeromexico / I was missing my flight am 402 with aeromexico because of the mistake of the check-inn clerk.

Mar 07, 2019

I was missing my flight am 402 with aeromexico at 7th february 2019 (7.2.2019) at 9.30 am from mexico city to new york jfk airport because your check-in desk officer donovan arqueta at account number 33 at mexico city juarez airport did not check that I have a proper immigration form with...

Aeromexico / world class entertainment

Mar 03, 2019

I flew from Mexico City to London Heathrow on Monday evening . The plane took off at approximately 11.50pm. At midnight I informed your flight attendant that my TV monitor was not working. Again at 12.30AM I informed another one of your flight attendants of the same problem, she said they...

Aeromexico / 24 hour refund policy

Feb 20, 2019

Arranger remarks Refund ticket joseph kalionzes 1390490921318 - 394.38 usd Refund ticket nicolassa galvez 1390490921319 - 394.38 usd Refund ticket danielle silva 1390490921320 - 394.38 Refund ticket jacquelyn kalionzes 1390490921321 355.38usd Refund ticket valerie galvez 1390490921322 -...

Aeromexico / missed connecting flight itinerary # 7393375026711

Feb 18, 2019

On Monday Feb 11th, my husband and I missed our connecting flight from Mexico City to Cancun (Flight Departing at 2:25PM) due to the lack of responsibility of the flight attendants. My husband and I sat at our gate (69) and did not see the monitor display the proper information about our...

Aeromexico / cancellation of plane tickets

Feb 17, 2019

On Sunday 2/17, I made reservations for 11 travelers and I decided to cancel within hours due to personal reasons. When I called to cancel, I got hung up on multiple times (I guess doing a refund for multiple travelers is a pain) Anyways, when I finally called a 5th time, I got connected...

Aeromexico / air line

Feb 11, 2019

My wife Lourdes V reservation #STMPXE is in Bogota Colombia she was denied acces to her flight because the air line claims they could not verify the card used to book the flight (Aeromexico) it is imposable to talk to anyone from that company because they do not have a direct number in El...

Aeromexico / requesting refund of the ticket that was not used

Feb 06, 2019

hello i'm requesting a refund for the ticket that was not used on February 4, 2019 confirmed under Travelocity itinerary 7400837910177 under Michael Angelo Serrano for $202.36 dollars departing from Guadalajara Mexico @ 7:30 to Sacramento California. My name is Martha Elena Serrano i...

Aeromexico / daños equipaje facturado

Feb 02, 2019

Numerosos articulos de mi maleta estan dañados, algunos completamente inservibles. Facturé una mochila de 60 litros con muy pocas cosas fragiles, todo protegido entre la ropa. Cuando viajas con mochila, el equipaje es facturado como fragil para que tenga un trato apropiado. Sin embargo, cuando...

Aeromexico / compensation refund

Jan 28, 2019

29 january 2019 Aeromexico airlines, Mexico city Sir/madam, Greetings! I claim compensation relating to flight # am 59 dated december 16, 2018 with ticket # 1392889562095 and 1392889562096 which I booked from guatemala city to mexico to narita, japan. The flight was delayed for more than...

Aeromexico / in 2017 I was on a flight to mexico and my moms diamond necklace was stolen out of my bag

Jan 26, 2019

Hi so im very upset to find out my necklace was stolen out of my bag when I checked it. It was my mothers who resentley passed away and is so important to me, I want to cry every day knowing someone just stole it from me. My name is Lucy Pennock I flue with aeromexico with flight 663 left...

Aeromexico / refund

Jan 24, 2019

My wife and I had a really bad experience flying Aeromexico on January 17th. We both the tickets in December to see our family in Brazil. We had couple options, but we decided to take a Aeromexico flight to try if for the first time. We normally get American. We took 2 bags each along with...