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Complaints & Reviews

air travel

I purchased a ticket on SAS recently and after purchasing I needed to change my time of travel. My booking reference is LLLIVU. When I called your airline i was told "I don't have a reservation on this flight" - they told me the transaction must not have gone through.

I purchased another ticket on another airline and now I've returned to the states to find that I did have a ticket and now I need to pay for two tickets. I realize I would have to pay a change fee, but that would have been less than a new ticket.

I am very frustrated - I spent 2 hours on the phone while on business travel and your reservation people did not help. I just spoke to a person who said "sorry - we cannot help you". I will never fly SAS again...

  • Complainant20091 Apr 26, 2019

    To the author Brian Rees, residing at the USA

    You misunderstood, this is not the site of the Scandinavian Airlines System ("SAS" ).

    You did not present the ticket, which includes PNR LLLIVU.
    E-ticket and PNR LLLIVU are mandatory attachments to each complaint, upon it is in the posesion of the reponder,
    in order to verify the facts and to conclude, preliminary, the addressee, whom you complaint can be directed to.

    Your loss not seen due to "spending of 2 hours at while on business travel" as no evidence, a reason and the addressee, whom you had made a call, are cleared from your text.

    Probably, you need to contact the local lawyer for the agreed fee, if you have enough in your possession.
    Alternatively, you can hire a legal professional in the civil aviation (twise cheaper option in comparison with US lawyer), who is able to submit the lawsuit and presnet yourslef before the US dictrict court.

    We can assist for the passengers in the the complaints mainly befiore the aiyhorities of the Europena Union (all countries) and in most of Asian countries, which used "major" air carriers, effectively.

    Nevertheless, the process related to the defense of the passenger right can be commenced in written (a prapartion of the complaint) in the cases, where the time limit is going to an end (360 days or 2 years).
    And the passenger can represnt himself in the simple cases related to the cancellations, following the advices of the profesional. So, you can expect payment of USD 650-700 max, if you are reday to put your own efforts in minimum.
    It is not difficult for the educated person.
    The fair cort must award the fair compensation + expences by the judgement.
    Usualy the "passanger" case related to cancellations and delays can last
    from 4 months (all objects and subjecvts are undesrtood and simple)
    till 18 month in the complicated circumsatnces.

    I personnaly won 2 similar processes and lost 2 processes due to the fraud of the judges in Sweden and in Finalnd
    for last 3 years. Though the last 2 cases are not still over.

    The above is just for the brief imagination.

    OLEG G
    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregularity matters (Asia and Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    electronic address for request with documents in .PDF or .JPG format: [email protected]

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  • Complainant20091 Apr 26, 2019

    for correspondence aryan{at}

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payment not received


compensation for cancelled flight not provided

To whom it may concern,

On June 1st, I was flying from Sydney, all the way to Vilnius.
The flights were:
Sydney - Singapore
Singapore - Copenhagen
Copenhagen - Vilnius

The last leg of the flight was cancelled and I was redirected with the following:
Copenhagen - Stokholm
Stokholm - Riga
Riga - Vilnius.

I was supposed to land in Vilnius at around 10:30 - 11:00 AM. I have reached home at around 8 PM.
I have filed a compensation request for cancelled flight, however, my claim was denied.
The explanation for cancelled flight was a sudden illness of a crew member. This circumstance was called "extra-ordinary" by the airlines and hence my claim was denied as to their claim:
"A sudden illness of a crew member is as you know nothing we can foresee. Therfore we were not prepared with extra crew and had to cancel the flight."

As the sentence above (quote from their response to me) - the airline was not prepared for managing their capacity under these circumstances.

Whereas, I do agree that a sudden illness of a crew member cannot be predicted by 100%, there are ways to prepare and manage the capacity so that the clients would not, or be merely affected by fluctuation in task force.

I manage a team myself, and I know that people get sick. When people get sick - there are certain activities that management can do to assure flawless execution of services provided. E.g. There are companies who have staff "on call" - in case something unforeseen happens, so these people would be able to show up at work within reasonable amount of time and clients would experience little to no inconvenience.

With the above said, I believe that lack of structure in managing the capacity should not affect my arrival time by 8-9 hours and 2 additional flights.

As it was a very long and tiring journey - I believe that I am entitled to a compensation under European Union directives, and I cannot see "sickness of staff member" as extraordinary circumstance that cannot be managed.

As per advise by SAS ("If you are not satisfied with SAS final decision in this case, you can proceed to the Consumer Complaints Board or to court. SAS will not take any further action in the matter.") - I am failing this complaint.

Ruta Zabielaite

Case number for complaint: 1424948
Air booking number T5748N

  • Updated by Ruta Za · Jul 02, 2018

    I would like to be compensated for cancelled flight and being rerouted for additional 2 flights to reach my destination 9 hours later than expected.

cancelled flight

We had booked a flight from Stockholm to Berlin 2018-06-01 which should leave at about 20.15. We were there...

delay in flight without compensation

On the 22nd of October my flight Helsinki-Berlin (via Stockholm) was delayed, causing a re-route via Munich, and arriving 3:30 hours later (see attachments).
I opened a complaint in SAS webpage with case ID 1302732, but they denied my issue, without giving any proof.

According to EU regulation 261/2004 art. 6 a) I am entitled to receive compensation.

Other passengers in my case received compensation so problem 2 is this different treatment.

I demand a fair compensation for the caused trouble, as arriving so late also created problems at destination not being able to use public transport.

Thanks for the help

Pablo Fernandez

delay in flight without compensation
delay in flight without compensation
delay in flight without compensation

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Delayed luggage

I flew Copenhagen to Berlin in August to join a cruise in the Baltic. My luggage was delayed and never arrived until I was back home 22 days after departure. I was called by American Airlines who had my luggage and was told they would not deliver it to me as I did not fly their airline. I drove to the airport to pick up my delayed luggage - 142 miles. SAS refused to pay me mileage for my travel to and from the airport and refused most of my claim citing the Montreal convention and other policy BS. Their customer service sucks, no regard for customer satisfaction when they are the ones that screwed up.

Change return date scam

The problem I have with SAS is that they scammed me when I changed the return date for the trip I made in April 2004.
Not only they charged me $600 to adjust the return date by 3days, but they also scammed me by misrepresenting the amount I would have to pay for the whole trip.
To add some detail, I originally paid $1008.71 for the round trip Seattle - copenhagen. Later, 2 weeks before the trip, I changed the return date by 3 days on their website. They displayed all 4 legs of the trip with prices next to them, and the total amount displayed for the trip was $1528.23. So I accepted the change. But what they did, is they charged me the $1528.23 in addition to the $1008.71 I originally paid. When I called them and asked for refund of the original $100.71, they replied that they don't want to refund any money, and that the $1528.23 was in addition to the actually in addition to the $1008.71 I paid.
Total scam: 1) If that was true, then why didn't they show the 4 legs of the trip and the total amount of $2536.94, and present unequivocally that I would have to pay $1528.23 in addition to the $1008.71 I already paid?
2) If they would have made it clear the total cost of the trip would be $2536.94, I clearly wouldn't have accepted the transaction.

I am still fighting with them to refund the $1008.71. I will have to open a lawsuit against them, and prove that their website and communication was insufficient... lots of work, and not sure how it will go. Be aware of this scam if you need to rebook with them.

Second issue is about a window smart phone (approx $500) I forgot in the seat pocket when I got off the airplane in copenhagen. I realized right after I exited the plane, but the information clerk told me that I cannot do anything right then, but that the cleaning crew will find it and then I would recover it the 2nd day. Don't want to get into too many details, but it was a nightmare trying to recover that phone, and in the end I didn't. They were sending me in a circle: SAS rep sent me to the Copenhagen police lost and found, the police sent me to the airport lost & found, and the airport lost and found sent me to the SAS office, and so on. Very hard to talk to anybody at the police lost & found - except 2 times, there was only a robot answering and playing a message in danish. Same with the airport and SAS office. Overall bad experience interacting with the people at SAS, airport and Copenhagen police. They were very unfriendly and unhelpful. I wouldn't visit copenhagen every again, unless forced.

Terrible customer service and lost luggage

I flew on SAS flight SK3924 from San Francisco to Newark, SK904 Newark to Stockholm, and SF730 Stockholm to Moscow. I arrived in Moscow on February 7th around 4pm. Today is February 8th and SAS has not responded at all to my lost luggage inquiry. Their email system says that it will take 2-3 weeks to respond to my email! When I try calling, NO ONE

The world tracer ( is also woefully inadequate. The status for my luggage has been stuck on "ITEM LOCATED, PENDING CONFIRMATION" since I arrive in Moscow with not much other detail like location, flight number, which airline and etc. For all I know, my luggage is still floating somewhere around the world. I don't know where the heck it is because SAS and Aeroflot (SVO airport and lost luggage claim desk) won't tell me. First they promised that I will receive my luggage at 9am on 2/8, then they promised it would be coming in at 5pm instead. When 5pm came around, they promised
2/9 in the evening.

I LEAVE FOR SOCHI FOR THE OLYMPICS 2/10 IN THE MORNING. Right now, it doesn't look like I will get my luggage back in time before I leave Moscow or EVER for that matter.

This is my first time flying on SAS and it is definitely my last. Apparently, according to traveller forums, SAS is known for losing luggage and never compensating travellers.

Also, I am a Star Alliance Silver member- what's the point of being a status'ed frequent flyer when they just treat you the same as everyone else!??!

Double Charged Us

We booked three seats on SAS Airlines back in January from Oslo, Norway to Bodo, Norway. Each ticket was ~$100 U.S. Dollars. The day of our departure from the United States to Europe, our very first flight on Delta was cancelled. This caused up to miss our Bodo flight. The Delta representative called SAS Airlines explaining it wasn't our fault and that we would be able to make the next flight to Bodo. They could care less. She spoke with many supervisors at SAS Airlines and they would not help us. They said we would have to buy another ticket. Once we arrived in Oslo, we went to the SAS ticket agent and even spoke with the supervisor. They sold our previous seats and then explained that we would now need to pay over $1, 000.00 US Dollars to get to Bodo. It is the worst customer service I have ever received from an airline. We would like to have some compensation back from SAS Airlines - we did not cancel our flight - we simply had to take a later flight ON THE SAME DAY. This was out of our hands. I will keep posting and spreading the word to as many people as I can.

Failure to Provide Vital Information

My wife and I live in USA. In Feb. we called SAS to explain that we wanted to fly to Stockholm, then Finland, and return to the US with our 15-year-old Goddaughter, who would stay with us for a month and then return alone to Stockholm, then Finland. It was to be her first visit to USA. we explained, and we needed to fly together on her initial transAtlantic flight. We were told we cd not purchase her ticket online. We needed to buy the more costly tickets over the telephone. We agreed and purchased the 3 Economy Extra seats in February for a flight the following August. We later called to reserve seat assignments. Each time we called SAS, we experienced wait times exceeding 20 minutes. Some of the representatives were very rude, made us feel they didn't have time or want to be helpful at all. Each time we persisted and explained our concern that we fly together with this 15-year-old who is a Finnish citizen. At NO TIME did any SAS representative inform us that US law requires an ESTA -- or electronic security authorization -- to fly to the US from Finland or Sweden. This is not a VISA, the law does not require a VISA from these countries for stays of less than 90 days. After arriving in Finland we took great pains to contact SAS to confirm our return flights as scheduled with our Godddaughter. Our electronic tickets and itenerary were reviewed by agents at the airports, as well. No one ever memtioned the ESTA requirement until we were ready to depart from Stockholm to Newark -- then they refused to allow our Goddaughter to fly! My wife and I could board, we were told, but our teenaged companion from Finland was not allowed to board. As a result, the flight took off without us, as we could not leave this 15-year-old alone at Arlanda in Stockholm, and she could not return to Finland. It took about 15 minutes to complete the ESTA application online and pay a $14 fee using a credit card. Then it took another hour or so before SAS personnel confirmed that ESTA application was approved. SAS then told us we could fly on the same flight the following day -- if we paid a $900 rebooking fee, $300 per person! We had no choice but to pay the fee, as we had already pre-paid more than $2, 300 for these tickets back in February. SAS did not apologize for not informing us of the ESTA requirement. They said it was not their responsibility to do so. One agent actually told us we should call the US Embasy in Stockholm to complain. The ESTA requirement was only created in March 2010. It is not well known - none of our friends who travel frequently to Scandinavia has heard of it. How are we to know about this essential requirement if the airline personnel who sell the tickets do not inform you of it? The requirement is mentioned on the SAS Web site, but we did not know we needed to scour the Web site for such info after we had so many direct contacts with the airline's personnel, who completely understood our special situation. When we purchased the tickets, the SAS representative should have advised us to carefully read their Web site for information related to Finnish citizens visiting the USA. I'm outraged at the way we were treated by SAS personnel, and have reason to believe it is a manifestation of a prevailing anti-American attitude held by many SAS employees. I've been flying SAS on a regular basis for 30 years, am a EuroBonus member, and feel that I was mistreated and actually robbed by this airline. I would urge American travelers to consider alternative airlines when visiting Scandinavia.

  • Bo
    Bob Hiker Feb 11, 2013

    I feel your pain they are a very crappy airline indeed.

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Bad experience

This story happened a year ago. I and my husband have had the unfortunate experience of meeting your staff in Trondheim and Oslo. Our bad luck started from our leaving Trondheim on June 1st, 08 where my husband and I, two Israeli doctors, arrived to take flight No. SK 335, SAS, Trondheim - Oslo. We had been informed that the airfield is closed at night and opens only at 05.30 a.m. At this point, everyone who had an early morning flight arrived at 05.30 a.m. Some were leaving Trondheim as late as 8.00 a.m., 9.00a.m. and even at 10.00a.m. There was a long queue of at least 100 people waiting to be served by only one clerk. No one thought it necessary to deal with earlier flights first and because of this people were under stress. I approached this single clerk to tell her, politely, that my flight would leave in 50 minutes and she answered, in a very impolite manner, that every one is in the same situation. The flight to Oslo arrived on time and then we discovered that our programmed flight, BT 152, Air Baltic, from there to Riga did not appear on the notification screen. We looked for someone with information as the official offices were not manned and we were confused as to where to go and what to do. On approaching the security we were informed that although no one appeared to receive questions, there were ample workers but they did not appear. On being helped by security we met with some help from an official, a blonde woman, from SAS services, whose name was withheld, who said that we must approach a clerk who represented Baltic Air. On her advice we examined our tickets and then we discovered that the real departure time had been changed in the tickets, but in Trondheim, were the single official had been far too busy to speak, no one did notify to us that important fact. I told her that I had a complaint that their clerk in Trondheim had treated us very impolitely and did not inform us that our flight was postponed, and we wish to speak to a supervisor. We were given a card with the address of customer services and told to write our complaints and that the supervisor doesn't work on Sundays. On being informed that, I could only complain in writing from Tel-Aviv, where I would be in another two weeks, another worker, hearing the words Tel Aviv, Israel, jumped up from a back room where she had been drinking coffee and began a tirade involving the fact that we should leave immediately otherwise security would be involved. I was overwhelmed by the lack of good manners shown by the majority of workers of SAS Company, and I approached the head of security to find out what to do. Before I left I asked for the name of the bad-mannered clerks and they refused to identify themselves. The security explained to us how to approach the Baltic Air representative who arranged flights for us to Copenhagen and from there to Riga. We finally found a supervisor and he was very surprised to hear our information, that he never worked on Sundays and he apologized. SAS supervisor informed us that SAS and Air Baltic, Israel should have informed our travel agent that the flight we expected had been cancelled and that it would be far later than it was expected. These men were the only polite people we met, who were prepared to explain to us what had happened and to help us. The change was from 8.25a.m. to 19.30p.m. We had planned to arrive in Riga at 10.00 a.m. and we arrived at 5.00p.m. instead of the late hour of 11.00p.m., had we traveled by the arranged flight of SAS and Air Baltic. This day, June 1st. was ruined and arranged meetings were cancelled, but cancelled too late, as no one would give us information in time. People waiting for us in Riga also ruined their day, as we didn’t arrive as expected. In conclusion, we studied all the consequences due to our flight troubles on returning to Israel, but we discover, that no information was passed on to the required sources, no one in Israel was informed about the changes, including our travel agent and facts were only known by us on our arrival in Oslo.We were very surprised to meet with rude and impolite treatment by workers of air lines, who should have known better, and unwillingness to help, not even giving information as to change of flight. We informing you of this unfortunate situation, as you had the opportunity, recently traveling in India, to experience different kind of service, when our flight was post point. We were informed on time and even proposed compensation according to the international law concerning delayed flights. We were so offended by your clerks, that probably even after years we would not forgot that incident in Oslo airport. Especially as that incident had a anti Israeli flavor.

Ezeego1 Fraud site

They offered one air deccan ticket free on purchase of one ticket...but when you claim your free ticket, they don't redeem your promotion code...on top of it, they don't respond to any emails or phone i am not sure whether the ticket i have purchased will be at all valid or not. I would recommend not to use the site at all.

I would like to know where can we put a complaint against this fradulent site so that in future other innocent indian citizens are not fooled....we need to stop this site and close their operations in india as soon as possible...

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