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Virgin Atlantic Airways reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 12, 2006. The latest review baggage handling was posted on Sep 9, 2019. The latest complaint damaged baggage was resolved on Mar 23, 2014. Virgin Atlantic Airways has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 46 reviews. Virgin Atlantic Airways has resolved 6 complaints.

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Virgin Atlantic Airways Complaints & Reviews

Sep 09, 2019

Virgin Atlantic Airways — baggage handling

My daughter has been without her luggage for 5 days in Cordoba Spain. Her confirmation infor is DB46CP...

Virgin Airlines Australiacancellation of flight

Membership No. [protected]

Flight details as noted below (and travel reservation attached with all family member details):

VA0823 - Sunday 23 June - cancelled due to engineering requirements
VA0035 - Sunday 23 June - cancelled due to engineering requirements
VA0834 - Thursday 4 July
VA0824 - Thursday 4 July

Please note that we had pre-purchase accommodation, a wedding to attend, tickets for various experiences, airport transfers etc all shared with another family and awaiting a Virgin flight four days post our original departure date was an unreasonable delay.

We have made claim with our travel insurance to cover the last minutes flights purchased - due to a delay "outside of our control" - for a total of $7, 650.48 with Jetstar - this was for a family of 8 travelling one-way to Bali (myself, my partner and our 6 children) - Virgin at the time refunded the amount of $2, 142.88 - hence our claim of $5507.60.

Finding out at 9:30pm the night before an 8:00am flight was particularly distressing - as we were travelling with another family that were assisting us in getting our children and luggage to the airport and also sharing accommodation and transfers. They were lucky enough be be offered a flight the following day - our family was unable to board a flight until Wednesday 26th June - four days post our initial departure and four days into an 11 night trip.

We kept our original return flights with Virgin due to the reasons outlined above, and the fact that last minute flights were so expensive, particularly for a party of 8.

This was by far the cheapest option for us considering the amount of money we had already laid out for this trip, already booked annual leave that could not be changed, school holidays and the shared care arrangements for our blended family.

Unfortunately our travel insurance have declined our application for insurance due to the ground of airline fault and engineering requirements.

I trust you can imagine that this has left us in financial difficulty - and at a time that should have been stress free and relaxed - the customer service operator at the time of us cancelling and re-booking of flights suggested that "this is the reason why we have travel insurance to cover such instances" ... as our travel insurance has rejected our claim I am asking for Virgin to review the details as provided above and trust that you can look favorably on providing our family with compensation for the emotional and financial stress this has caused.

I have tried to attach emails received to date in relation to our application, from both Virgin Airlines and our travel insurance but have been unable to attach.

Feel free to contact me via mobile on [protected] or email on [protected] should you require any further information.

Happy to attach further information as required.

Kind Regards,
Nicole East
27 Nagle Drive
Belmont Vic 3216

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    • Aryan Russ Sep 27, 2019
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Ms Nicole East:
      It is useless talk without the attached documents such as
      - full e-ticket or PNR along with receipt
      - notice of the cacellation, if you have it
      - your own complaint towards the air carrier
      - any other correspondence related to the dispute.

      In general, all claims shall be presented before the AU (any other country) court not later than within 1-2 years following the cancellation of your flight.

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    Jul 29, 2019

    Virgin Atlantic Airways — 1 clark shoe missing and 2 damaged luggages

    In june 29, 2019 we boarded on virgin atlantic 09:00 p.m. to manchester, london . on flight virgin atlantic...

    Virgin Atlantic Airwaysspecial assistance

    At the time of making my booking to fly in June 2019 I put in a request for Special Assistance. I use a battery operated motorized wheelchair.A few months later Special Assistance emailed me requesting more information about the wheelchair. And so it continue...for the next 6 months. Five different staff members in the Special Assistance department all asking the same questions.
    We even sent them the manufacturer's operators manual, including all wheelchair specifications and battery power needed to operate it. We took photographs, answered the same questions over and over again.
    Three days before we were due to fly Special Assistance contacted us to say we could not take the wheelchair with us.
    Really??!! Six months and five staff members we get told the wheelchair batteries exceed the IATA standard for watt hours.
    Nonsense. There are two batteries that operate the wheelchair. Together these batteries exceed the 300 watt hours allowed.
    However, if they are separated then both batteries fall way below the 300wh allowed.
    The irony is I couldn't take the wheelchair on the flight but I could carry a spare battery of...300watt hours power!!!

    We had bags made to ensure the batteries were unable to touch, had a separate case for the joystick, so there was no possible way the wheelchair could ever suddenly start operating whilst in the hold. In addition the wheelchair has plastic caps that are placed over any terminals that are open when the batteries and control arm are removed.

    My husband phoned the UK Special Assistance offices and was told because the batteries exceeded the IATA allowance we could not travel with the wheelchair. We had only booked our visit to the UK to attend my nieces wedding, all the plans surrounding the wedding venue and reception had been made with me using my wheelchair in mind, and now 3 days before we are due to fly we are told we cannot take the wheelchair.
    Only when my husband pointed out that we had been answering all of the same questions over and over since January 2019 and none of the five staff members gave us any nuance of an idea there would be a problem (one even said I could take the wheelchair right to the door of the aircraft!), did the lady say she would allow us one battery in the cabin hand luggage and the other in the hold. Which to us had all along been the intention so as not to exceed the 300wh battery allowance onboard.

    And so it came time for us to return to South Africa. We had a letter for the lady at Special Assistance saying we could fly with one battery in the hold and the other onboard, both in their bags we had had made.
    The lady at check in said she had never booked a wheelchair onboard before and so followed us being bombarded with questions from three Virgin Atlantic staff, one saying she needed to let the ground crew know, the other saying something over her shoulder to us as she walked away from us. After my husband was asked to put the 30kg wheelchair on the scale twice, both times unaided whilst two Virgin staff looked on, and much rechecking of the form that had to accompany my wheelchair, we were then told to go and find the Special Assistance desk ‘upstairs'. We had to ask two different Heathrow staff members where it was. Once we were registered there we were eventually assigned a team member to help us through the security and passport controls. Usually at the time of check in the lady behind the counter would call for a Special Assistance team member to come and help us. Perhaps this is not Virgin Atlantic's definition of Assistance.

    As we were approaching the boarding gate our Assistance lady informed us both our passports had to be rescanned. Then to our huge surprise, there was a ground crew member standing with the battery that had been in the wheelchair in his hands! The ground crew were not happy with it being in the wheelchair so had gone into our wheelchair bag and removed the battery from the wheelchair. Thy had also taken the bag containing the control arm out of the wheelchair Bag.
    The flight crew were shocked to see us boarding with an open battery and we had to explain the ground crew weren't happy. The battery was stowed in its own overhead locker with our hand luggage. So there we were, forced to take both batteries and the control arm, which had all been securely packaged with no possible way of being activated, onboard and thus exceed the IATA standards. The Flight Manager asked to take a photo of the battery to show the Captain. She never came back to us so we sat anxiously waiting to hear if the battery would be allowed to travel with us. Only when the aircraft began to taxi did we know that the pilot was comfortable having the battery onboard.

    I have flown with other airlines and taken my wheelchair with me many times and this is by far the worst experience I have ever had!!!
    Virgin Atlantic, you really need to improve the communication between your operating departments, at check in, onboard and with the ground crew and, perhaps most importantly, with your passengers.

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      Virgin Airlinescase

      We travelled from Perth to Brisbane on Saturday the 13th July, with virgin airlines...flight number VA 467.
      It wasn't until we arrived at our accomodation that we noticed one of our cases was damaged. I purchased them from Groupon last year. It is the 3 piece ABS shockproof luggage set. It was the largest size that was damaged, blue in colour.
      I am hoping that you will compensate us by replacing it.
      I am adding a photo to show you the damage.
      Hope to hear from you soon.
      Rosslyn Panizza


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        Virgin Atlantic AirwaysI getting the job offers from your company so I just wanna verify

        I'm getting job offers from your company so i just wanna verify is this offer is pertains to you or its a scam . Please reply me ill send you the details as well i you need .the persons who send me the emails and called me used a name syed Wajih Ul Hassan Kazmi.
        And the other one is arun khana please confirm me the details thanks.


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          Virgin Atlantic Airwaysvirgin atlantic booking folder no:151068, order no: 204939

          Yesterday, 26/4/19, I rang to book 4 flights from Manchester UK to Orlando.
          I knew the exact flight times that I wanted and the dates .
          I specified that I required 3 flights from 8/2/20 to return on 22/2/20 and 1 flight from 8/2/20 to 21/2/20

          I spoke to Bruce who gave me the prices £635 for the 8-22nd flights and £630 for 8-21st flight.
          I repeated these prices back to him and he confirmed them. There was also discussion regarding the return flight stopover at Atlanta - but I was happy that we had identified the correct flight to coincide with other members of our group so agreed to book it (as I needed to ensure we would all be together and needed to confirm the flights as soon as possible)

          The only detail he asked for was my name and he took a £50 deposit and said he would send an email with the details of flights on and I could confirm that and pay the balance . Given that I have never booked like this before I assumed that I would be required to complete all the details of the passengers when I responded to the email.

          I had to go out before the email was sent and did not get to read it until after 11.00pm. It just had my own information and showed a price of £685 - but had no reference to the other 2 flights for 8-22nd or the flights for 8 - 21st.

          I rang to query this at approx 11.30. I was told that this could not be dealt with then and that I needed to speak to Bruce. I was advised that he would be in at 12.00 on Saturday and he would leave a message to ring me immediately he was in.

          I had a very disturbed night as I was worried that the flights had not been booked and this would mean that our coordination of the travel plans with other passengers would be put in jeopardy.

          By 12.30 today I had not been contacted so I rang again. I was again told Bruce was not available - and that he did not arrive until 1.00. I voiced my concerns that the booking had not been completed correctly and that I was very annoyed about this.

          At around 1.30 Bruce did ring me back. I pointed out that the prices I had been quoted were £635 and £630. He categorically denied this and said it was £685 (had it been this figure I would not have accepted it as I knew I could get it much cheaper by going through Skyscanner [I had had a quote at £591 earlier on Friday through Netflights but did not book it as I was trying to co-ordinate with all other passengers - when a decision was taken to all book through Virgin Atlantic direct I agreed so long as it was not more than £50 more expensive]
          When I asked about the bookings for 3 people for 2 -22nd and 1 for 2 - 21st he eventually acknowledged that he had not actually done this.

          I feel it is only good fortune that the flights were still available. Initially today he said he had checked these prices and they were correct . I advised him that I had already been on the website and seen that the flights on 8th and 22nd were priced at £642.14 and 8 - 21st was £590. He agreed to check again and then came back with prices of £640 and £580 . He was insistent that he could not honour the price of £635 for flights for 8 - 22nd.

          I felt that I had no choice but to accept these prices.

          I have been extremely disappointed with the service that I received. The prices given to me were quite clear but were changed and even when I agreed to make the booking the e-mail received did not reflect what I needed.

          I would request that you listen to the original conversation I had with Bruce to confirm the prices I was given and the requests for flights which I made.

          I would hope that you will resolve this issue by honouring the prices quoted for the 3 flights for 8-22nd and also compensating me for the stress and upset caused by the service I received.

          I look forward to an early response

          Annette Odell
          Mob [protected]

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            • Complainant20091 Apr 27, 2019
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              The text of the author is indefinite as
              - no date/time and place of the events,
              - no order in full
              - no e-ticket
              - no receipt / bank extract
              - no clear request
              seen or as atachment in full

              Nobody has a duty to reply to an anonymous and/or to indifinite complaint,
              to the document, which addresse is not bound with

              If you expereinced the material loss and want the compensation,
              you need to collect the related documents and to hire the legal professional for charge.

              Sr manager for ICAO irregulations matters (Europe and Asia)
              Aryan enginners ltd
              email for request with documents:
              aryan {at},
              where {at}[email protected]

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            Virgin Atlantic Airwaysjob scam

            I'm receiving multiple emails that I have been selected for a job in Virgin Airway, out of no where, They usually picked all information from a job hunting site.

            Here are email addresses
            Syed Wajih-Ul-Hassan Kazmi

            Here are the contents of last email:
            Atten Sher Khan
            We are pleased inform to you.Your resume is approved for potion of Cargo Cord.We issued computerized receiving system number VIR 000968.So You must be used this registration number in any correspondence emailed .We send soonly this opportunity detailments.We received all academic docs&requied passport copied.Waited for conform
            Arun Khana
            Mng HR&Admin
            Virgin Atlantic Airways
            Main Headquarters
            Crawley City

            So please be aware and never provide information

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              Virgin Atlantic Airwayslost luggage / oil green pack back

              Dear Sirs:

              I m writing to you because my dougther Maria Francisca Calderon Osorio who traveled from Balli to Brisbane, VA 46 had lost her luggage.
              She was travelling a lot during last month and took many many flies and never happened that.
              I really appreciate you make all necesarry to find the back pack oil green it conteins her personnal things.
              She checked it in Balli and we trusted everything would be all right arriving at Brisbane Airport as stop over...last destination Proserpine PPP.
              Date of flight 01/29/2019
              Looking forward and heraring a promt reply

              Laura Osorio
              Maria Francisca Calderon´s Mother from Chile

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                • Updated by Laura Osorio · Jan 29, 2019

                  Dir Sirs

                  I let you know that Maria Francisca was informed by Virgin Counter Brisbane (domestic flights) that her back pack is in Balli Airport and will be send direct to Proserpine.
                  I hope to heraring from her it has received.
                  Many thanks in advance
                  Truly yours,

                  Laura Osorio

                • Complainant20091 Apr 04, 2019
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Did the passenger receive her luggage accrding to promise?

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                Virgin Atlantic Airwaysonline service

                Whilst trying to book our holiday online we were offered the trip for £2600, at checkout it failed. There was no explanation, just ring customer services, who were offline for the weekend. Looked at rebooking and the price had gone up to £3100 ... finally got hold of VA CS today, they found the details and offered us the same holiday for £3600 ... got a go swivel from my partner, justifiably. They did offer an £80 discount on that, how generous.

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                  Virgin Atlantic Airwaysflight compensation

                  We were scheduled for a flight back from JFK INTERNATIONAL on Saturday 15th September 2018 to Manchester airport. So our flight left on time of 7.10pm. However 3 hours into our flight the plane was diverted back to JFK due to a technical error, we then didn't land until 12:30 pm and had no idea of the situation or what would happen next, we then had to queue for 1 hour for an information letter from virgin and to be given accommodation until the following day, we then had to take a train to the shuttle bus station where we queued for 1 hour 30 to take us to the radisson hotel, we then queued to check in for 45 minutes to be told the virginstaff at JFK did a miscount of people and there were no rooms left, we then waited another 45 minutes for your staff to find us another hotel, which was then a half an hour drive there to be checked in at 6am! Queing here and there for hours and feeling physically and mentally exhausted;
                  It really took the enjoyment out of our holiday as it was also my birthday on the 15th September the day the original flight took place that was returned back to JKF, so being exhausted and sleep deprived for 2 days it ruined my day, not to also mention the fact we have had to fork out all kinds of funds which we didn't have for extra food/drink etc until the flight home the following night 16th September, also on our information letter we received from virgin staff at the airport stated they would supply us meals an drinks, did not receive any of this, nothing when we got back onto the flight the following day. No offer of compensation, also I had a pick up arranged for Sunday 16th sept at Manchester airport which didn't go ahead as we were not able to fly home until Sunday evening/ to arrive Monday morning at 7.30 am in Manchester so had to pay for a taxi then as the pick up we had arranged for Sunday was no longer available. We expect to be fully compensated for the flight and extra spends we made out for this horrendous event

                  Georgia Thompson & Paul Finnegan

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                    • Complainant20091 Apr 27, 2019
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      1.Passenger is a person who has the ticket or air carrier PNR (booking) for the exact air carrier flight.
                      The author does not show neither the ticket or PNR related to him and to the family member.

                      2. Flight is a service of the air carrier which has the particulars:
                      - air carrier ICAO / IATA abbreviation
                      - date, time
                      - airport of the departure
                      - airport of the destination
                      - number .
                      Such particulars are not seen in the text.

                      3. The US federal regulations do not forsee the compensation due to the delay.
                      The Europen and the UK regulations forsee the compensation and additinal service due to the delay.

                      4. Compensation
                      It is unlikely, that you expect the requested UNDEFIED compensation, as you had reached the destional air port, in the district court. Though, the legal professional can advise more.

                      5. If seek the compensation, you need to collect the related documents (eticket, boarding pass, the above text)
                      and to hire the legal professional for charge in order to intiate the case at the court.

                      6. The ICAO regulations forsee the time limit for the submission - 1 year from the date of the flight.

                      Oleg G
                      Sr manager for ICAO irregulations matters (Europe and Asia)
                      Aryan enginners ltd
                      address for request along with documents to e-mail for: aryan{at}
                      // substitute (at) = @ in the address field

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                    Virgin Atlantic Airways — flight friday 13rh 6pm from johannesburg to heathrow

                    The Irish hostess asked all aboard to pray to Satan that I received wrinkles around my face despite being...

                    Virgin Atlantic Airwaysnightmare travel and worst service offered by baggage department

                    My Parents were travelling from India to Newyork and one baggage went missing. It had medicines of my mother who was a bp patient.she had a hard time in the us as we could not get those medicines in us. we had to contact a local doctor with her insurance and started her new tablets but she is still not stable as the new tablets are not stablilizing. Vigin kept me hanging for 2 days and i went to the airport at delta and i got info that my bag was missing was shipped from London and later it was missing.Vigin gave me no information but asked me a few details after 3 days on the bag.i am still waiting with little hopes based on their experience. In one word i can say is Virtgin Atlantic is going to be a night mare travel and worst service offered by baggage department.

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                      Virgin Atlantic Airwaysflight

                      My flight was delayed originally 40 mins but that was ok and advised in good time, we then boarded the plane to be sat on a runway in 45 degree heat with no running air for nearly 2 hours! Finally got a jug of water between us all before we all passed out. (They had fuel pump issue and was trying to fix it on the runway with us staying on the plane!!!) not something to be rushed!
                      Finally allowed to be let off after we were begging to be let off and then sat in departure lounge for another hour before being told of the eventual cancellation.
                      I then was told I was now in overstay on my visa when I re-entered the passport area of the airport and had my current visa cancelled so I was in the city on a cancelled visa. When I tried to come back through the next day I was whisked off to immigration where I had to pay an overstay fine and felt humiliated when I couldn't pay it as didn't have the money.
                      Some kind Emirati paid it for me sympathetic for my tears, god bless him!
                      When I got home I checked online and had been put on a new flight with different airlines and non direct when I paid for a direct flight with Virgin!!
                      Got to the new check in desk with Emirates who would not accept the extra baggage I had already paid Virgin for and had not transferred over so I had to throw away 2kg of my belongings as I did not have the funds to pay for extra baggage.
                      My flight went via Paris with a 4 hour lay over meaning I had now been travelling and in airports for nearly 20 hours for a 7 hour should be flight.
                      Because of this my hire car was labelled as a no show and I nearly lost my £250 deposit until I managed to somehow kick off enough they sympathised and came to a compromise. More stress I didn't need.
                      I since emailed Virgin 3 times with zero response at all in 3 weeks so I called the complaints line to be apologised to and airmiles suggested as a way of apology. AIR MILES?! Apparently they can't refund my ticket or compensate me for any of this except my extra luggage and the visa fee's.
                      I have to fly home with this company as they won't refund me my ticket so I can get alternative flight with someone else. This is not fair.
                      I've never had such bad treatment and will never be flying with Virgin again.

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                        Virgin Atlantic Airwayssuitcase damaged

                        To whom it may concern,

                        My name is Malina Dzima and I traveled on Saturday 6/30/18 from JFK to Sofia Bulgaria. When I received my luggage at the Sofia airport, the zipper was completely damaged. The suitcase was brand new when I took off from JFK. This is so disrespectful to all your clients that you do not treat our luggage more carefully. I received my suitcase destroyed. We do always when we travel, trust you that we will receive our luggage untouched.

                        My flight booking reference is VS/COE6HN.

                        I hope that this issue will be resolved in a timely manner and I will be compensated for the damage.

                        My cell is [protected] in the US or 00359-[protected] in Bulgaria.

                        My email is [protected]

                        Thank you in advance.


                        Malina Dzima

                        suitcase damaged

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                          Virgin Atlantic — booking a ticket then reneging on the price

                          I have been a Virgin Atlantic Club member for 15 years. 3 days ago I contacted VA to shop for a ticket to fly...

                          Virgin Atlantic Airwaysvirgin atlantic airline and also the package holiday in which we booked through virgin.

                          Dear Dir/Madam,
                          I booked a holiday in January 2018 for myself, my partner and our 2 children to go on holiday on 31st May 18 to Barbados for 2 weeks.
                          It was a trip of a life time for us as a family and wanted it to be special for the kids.
                          The hotel I had been advised was good 4 children with plenty to do to keep then occupied was the Bougainvillea in Maxwell.
                          As on virgin website it states that this hotel is good 4 children as it has many facilities for them.
                          Firstly my 2 Boys were not given their back packs on the plane which virgin state they give to all children, as you can imagine they were very upset. Secondly when the menu's were brought round I asked for children's menu and was asked if my children were down for children's meals?? My boys are 7 and 3 years old so obviously they are children and on their booking they are under Master... The steward then checked and said they were not down as children but had 2 spare meals and they could have them, is this the reason the also did not receive a back pack?? Surely anyone can see from looking that they are kids.
                          When we arrived at out hotel in Barbados we asked about the kiddies club, we were told it was not on as they had no one to run it at that time so it was not available. This is 1 of the things when booking a holiday we make sure our hotel has as my eldest loves the kiddies club, we were very very disappointed with this. We also then found out you had to pay for the kiddies club if it had of been available which we have never had 2 pay for on any of our other holidays, what a disgrace, and it was not cheap. We later had a look around at the games/play area room which was situated away from everything on the lower floor with no one in it and all of the amenities for my eldest eg computer, ice hockey table ect we had 2 pay for... There was no mention of having to pay for anything on any advertising for the hotel or off the tour operator.
                          The kiddies playground was out of the way from the main pool and beach, it was located over the road from the hotel and was only open certain times of the day, we also had to find a security guard to unlock the gate for us to enter, what a joke a playground and pets corner that is away from everything else and only open at certain times of the day. This also was never mentioned to us when booking the holiday.
                          Included in the hotel also were certain water sport facilities for the kids... Well no wonder the offer that free as the sea is so rough there that you wouldn't let your child out snorkeling or on a body board, again false advertising no one was ever going to use those facilities in them waves. 1 very disappointed little boy. So far no holiday club, no water sports for him, we had to pay for all the games he wanted to play on and the playground n pets corer was over the road and open certain times of the day...
                          Evening entertainment, on the virgin site entertainment is everyday. This was not the case. Entertainment was on 4 times a week...
                          The virgin site says the hotel has 3 swimming pools? Yes it does but only 1 is available for children to use... My eldest was told he had 3 swimming pools he could choose from then we arrive and see the notices around the pool, no children allowed.
                          Virgin site advertised this hotel as being family friendly, my kids along with 5 other children were in the pool 1 evening at 6.50pm, bare in mind the pool rules says the pool is open till 10pm. They were repetidely told by a male member of staff that they had to be quiet. This member of staff also approached the parents and told us to tell our children they had to play quietly. What a joke that was. Kids were on holiday enjoying themselves, they had nothing else to do as they had no hotel entertainment on that evening or anything else. I have never had this before. I also wouldn't mind if the kids were being loud but they weren't.
                          There were 9 children including my 2 Boys who were there together and played together, I know the kiddies club also had 2 have a certain number of children to run it which out of season reception told us was 3 so why did they not have anyone there to run it?.
                          Overall i feel we were mis sold this holiday and my boys were very upset at times when told things we r available or they couldn't do it. A holiday of a lifetime it was not. It was supposed to be the best holiday ever for them as we had worked so hard to take them to Barbados which we probably won't be able to afford again and what a disappointment it was. Myself my partner and my 2 children were disappointed from the moment we got onto the plane and no bags for my children, then it just continued to disappoint us all.
                          We also asked 4 bags on the way back and were told that they only give them out flying from Manchester. The air stewardess said she would make a note that they never received one, not that that helps upset children.
                          We had to hire a car in the end so we could take the kids to different entertainments.
                          We are very upset about the above disappointments and were mis sold this holiday.
                          I would like to know what virgin as a company are going to do to compensate us as a family who never received what we payed for.

                          I look forward to your reply

                          Kind Regards

                          Miss Collette Humphreys
                          Telephone Number [protected]

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                            Virgin Atlantic Airways — lost bags

                            Dear sir /madam Yesterday I got a flight from Gatwick to Las Vegas as it was a birthday present . When we...

                            Virgin Atlantic Airways — customer service!

                            Hi, This is my first time flying with Virgin Atlantic, and to say least I am extremely disappointed with the...

                            Virgin Atlantic Airwaysmissing baggage - airline misplaced it - more than two weeks but still no trace.

                            I am writing this on my wife's behlaf name: Ms. Sanchita Majumdar who flew from bombay (BOM) to Newark (EWR) through London (LHR) on Sunday Dec 10, 2017 india time and arrived EWR on Sunday Dec 11, 2017 USA time, booking ref # DZ9K5W, E-ticket # [protected].

                            On arrival, she discovered that one of her bags is missing so, we filed a complaint with the local airport staff, who called us, two hours later and gave us a ref # EWRVS10749, we were told by the local airport staff that, may be the bag is left behind at the LHR airport and they would trace it & get back to us in 3-4 days time. I called your customer service team already for couple of times and at all occasions, my plea had nothing but fallen on deaf ears. All I hear from them, is SORRY and we are STILL tracing it.

                            Missing bag has a lot of things with sentiments of our late grand maa and its very important for us to find that bag.

                            Also, I raised the same complaint online with their delayed baggage team, Ref # VSCR-[protected]. Now, after taking this up with two of their departments (Customer service and online baggage delayed teams) still when i have no positive answer, i had nothing but to escalate it here with the you guys, as well.

                            I look forward to hearing from you and help me retrieve my missing bag.

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