ABX Expresspoor services

T Nov 13, 2019

Poor servies!!! I inform abx klang got goods for pick up on 3pm, she ask me take to down office for them easy pick up, I answer actually my office at 2floor. At 4.50pm I inform abx oficce klang my company off on 5pm, please ask driver come. Office girl just answer me:"driver tiada", ask we self send to office. I say its your office problem, I inform 3pm, now 4.50pm just inform me no driver? Abx office just say arrange driver go my office take. N second day I oso 3pm contact abx klang office got parcel pick up, but till 5pm oso no drive come pick up.5.40pm just call me ask my office close already? Can I ask like this service I still can b continue?

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