ABX Expresscomplaint the service and the mistakes of the workers

M Jan 11, 2020 Review updated:

I haven't receive my item. But I use the shipment number check in the website, there write "shipment delivered". I wait for a day and didn't see the abx express's car come. There is about RM210 of the item and now disappear or send to the wrong person. Please improve the service. This case is very serious and this cause us will not believe in your company. Meanwhile, please provide the solution for me as soon as possible!

complaint the service and the mistakes of the workers


  • Um is not an answer! Jan 11, 2020

    if it was left on your doorstep in an open area, you have a douchebag in your area. people steal packages left and right all the time.

    its come to the point that I want to make random /preparation h/ amazon packages as decoys. to teach the robbers a lesson.

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  • Fe
    felicitythediva Jan 22, 2020

    the worst ever courier service I have ever encountered. I can't even give them one star. They can just deliver your parcel without double-checking the address. Their dispatcher has no sense of responsibility. Let alone the very unhelpful and kind of harsh superior that I had to call with regards to my missing parcel. I had enough of this courier. if they continue this kind of service they gonna run out of business very very soon.

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