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ABX Express Complaints & Reviews

ABX Express / forged of signature and lost parcel

Oct 11, 2019

I got a parcel from China that reached here last week. Because I went for holiday only check tracking online when I was back at 7th Oct 2019. The online system show that the parcel already delivered and signed by me at 1st Oct 2019. I puzzled and called to ABX customer service, the...

ABX Express / non delivery of goods

Oct 04, 2019

ABX ExpressI ordered online goods from shopee on 9 sept. goods arrived kuching on 18 Sept but not delivered to my address. I have made multiple phones call, lodge complaints at customer service, written email to head quarter. still no news of my goods. after my complaints they conveniently changed...

ABX Express / barang dari china

Oct 04, 2019

ABX ExpressHeloo apa sudah jadi pada barang sya yg dibeli dari china, my agent dah send dari china kew malaysia dan smpai pada 26 haribulan haritu dan diserahkan pada abx start dari 1haribulan 10 smpai 4 haribulan, bila saya check dalam sistem status tetap sama "short landed" apa yg terjadi pada...

ABX Express / I don't receive my parcel but when I track, it show me that I had received the parcel.

Oct 04, 2019

ABX ExpressI am very angry with the dishonest of your company yet I need wait long time to get my parcel. For 1 week I wait for the parcel and when I track, it shown me the parcel already received. This is very ridiculous and should not be happen. I try to call to the head office, but I can't reach...

ABX Express / slow courier and lie to customer

Oct 02, 2019

ABX ExpressStupid and slow courier, not recommended and do not use this courier. Says that 2-3 days and the parcel will arrived but still not arrived untill now. Image just kl to rawang selangor. Custermor service also so bad just know how to inform other branch to post out parcel but not force and...

[Resolved] ABX Express / misleading information

Sep 27, 2019

ABX ExpressSHX27948119BMY. Ms. Sharon Quishy The shipping reference above meant for our items from China bought from Shopee Malaysia. On 16th reached ABX Batu Pahat. Then no intimation as to deliver or to be collected. By 24th September the items returned back to Subang. Called up Subang via customer...

ABX Express / no delivery

Sep 22, 2019

My item still not delivered to my home.. Checked on 15/09/2019 (public holiday)- item arrival at abx on 13/09/2019.. I was positively think it was in public holiday... But until today (22/9/2019), the item still not delivery to home.. Curently in confinement time, so I cannot to get item...

ABX Express / parcel di hold kerana courier tak faham alamat dan tak cuba hubungi berkenaan alamat

Sep 21, 2019

Pada 20 Sept 2019 saya track parcel saya dan dinyatakan "out on courier delivery" jadi saya tunggu tapi hingga ke harini (21 Sept 2019) parcel saya masih tak sampai sedangkan pada hari isnin (23 Sept 2019) saya dah mula kerja dan tiada di alamat tersebut. saya bagi alamat tu sebab saya...

ABX Express / parcel didn't received coz short landed, status no update, maybe lost

Sep 20, 2019

ABX ExpressTracking number: [protected] Courier company: abx express = Sep 17, 2019 02:31 pm - update status - *short landed (subang) Sep 17, 2019 02:31 pm - update status - undefined + (subang) = The parcel reached msia on 6/9/2019 based on the tracking with shipping agent easipass, From 9/9/2019...

ABX Express / sudah lebih satu minggu.

Sep 19, 2019

ABX ExpressBarang saya dah lebih satu minggu tersekat kat abx office . Bila saya call abx seremban katanya driver belum ke kawasan tempat tinggal saya lagi . Jadi kena tunggu driver bila ke sana . Kenapa macam ni ? Servis apa macam ni . Brg tu dh lama sangat . Bukan saya tak paham sistem penghantaran...

ABX Express / courier service

Sep 19, 2019

I suppose to get my parcel Yest but the item was on hold. I called hq to check only find out there was somebody call me but mentioned that nobody reply the call. This is ridiculous nobody was calling me Yest. I had been waiting for the morning until nite. And the customer service so rude...

ABX Express / parcel delivery

Sep 18, 2019

ABX ExpressI don't understand what's reason to keep people's things in your Subang warehouse for so long. Shipper said your guy picked up on 10th September. From online tracking, parcel still in Subang "LOGSHEET". I've visited & called your ABX Kuching Office, reason they gave me was Malaysia a lot...

ABX Express / agent service in sri aman

Sep 18, 2019

to whom it may concern, I dont know why you still retain a lousy agent like this after all these bad services by her. I called her to send my things but she even yell at me. I assure you this is not the first time she did this. Please send my things a.s.a.p. She is very rude. I also had...

ABX Express / parcel did not received. you guys are sucks!

Sep 18, 2019

My parcel was not delivered to me but suddenly update that it was received by co-stamp. Tried to contact your customer service via email and you only reply me 2 weeks later by sharing the POD without offering any assistance. There's only an unknown IC number stated on the POD without any...

ABX Express / product delivery

Sep 17, 2019

The consignment was picked up in KUL (Solaris KL) a week ago and not arrive in BTU (Bintulu) as of today. We have critical timelines to meet (installation on 19/9) and the ABX staff feedback on consignment status is lacklustre nonchalant. I would expect the organization be responsive...

ABX Express / courier services

Sep 17, 2019

ABX ExpressThis is not first time they do this on me, This situation lasted for a few years~and they never think to improve Parcel reach in Miri, they left it in the ABX office for over 7 days without deliver it. Most of the time i have to pick my parcel if want to be fast, i got parcels to...

ABX Express / abx drops center in bintangor lost my parcels. items not received but status updated to delivered

Sep 17, 2019

ABX ExpressI lost 3 parcels which are supposed to be delivered in september 2019. I waited whole day at home for the parcels, the deliveryman didn't even make phone calls. Then suddenly after 1 or 2 days, the status of order is changed to "delivered". My visit to abx bintangor dropcenter i...

ABX Express / route scan for 7 days

Sep 17, 2019

ABX ExpressIn the record, the parcel arrived at facility on 10 September and I didn't get it till now (17 September). It takes 7 days to route scan ? I call to the branch at Kuching but it was failed. So I decided to call to the branch at Sabah. Then she gave me a number and asked me to contact...

ABX Express / shipment hold for a long time

Sep 14, 2019

The tracking status mentioned that my parcel out for delivery on 8/9 but I did not receive any parcel on that day . At night when i check the tracking status it mentioned that shipment hold - delay because of 'tak sempat' reason. But the problem is until today, 15/9 I still did not get my...

ABX Express / I haven't received my parcel but it's stated as delivered to consignee the n the abx tracking

Sep 14, 2019

Hello ABX, where is my parcel# SHX70082853BMY? I have waited the whole day at home but received no calls & no parcel. Guess what? I was shocked that Shopee notified me that my parcel was delivered at 6:09pm. So, ABX, please show me the POD that has my full name, IC number and signature...

ABX Express / I haven't received my parcel but its stated delivered to consignee at track & trace abx

Sep 10, 2019

ABX ExpressI though it already delivered to my address. At that time i am not at home. I thought only me facing this problem. There is no notice to pick up and else. Its stated that it delivered to consignee 7 SEPTEMBER 2019 at 11.44 a.m. but none of my family receive it until today 11 SEPTEMBER...

ABX Express / parcel haven't received until now

Sep 07, 2019

ABX ExpressI haven't received my parcel until now, and it's not even peak season!! What is ABX problem?? What is the company management problem?? Please solve the main core problem!! My parcel reached at my local place at 30 August 2019. Today is 7 September already! What, why? Takes so long! 7...

ABX Express / product & service

Sep 04, 2019

I already buy glove from china, already arrive at ABX Sibu, i been tell by them, that they cant hold my item about 15days, so i start to count day.. The day i want to collect my item is day 9.. But they told me that they already sent my item to SABAH KK already.. What the F! Then i contact...

ABX Express / shortlanded for more than a month

Aug 28, 2019

ABX ExpressSo I've bought some stuff from taobao. It is stated that my parcel has already arrived at SBZ, Malaysia and had been collected by ABX but that is not the case in their website. It only says that my parcel is "SHORTLANDED" in their website. I've contacted them several times and they only...

ABX Express / tracking number : shx33436174bmy

Aug 28, 2019

ABX ExpressRe: Tracking Number #SHX33436174BMY According to tracking, why the delivery being is out but then on hold on 24 Aug 2019? And why the comment says wait 15 minutes? On 24 Aug 2019, who day I am at home awaiting the item, but thee is no one is deliver to my door step. It seems that your...

ABX Express / Insanely slow service

Aug 26, 2019

So slow. Are you guys using bicycles to deliver parcels? My package arrived in the Subang hub a week ago and still not delivered. Please do Malaysians a favor by changing to other business our online merchants would not get smacked because using your service. Seems like even after years in...

ABX Express / shx04021677bmy

Aug 26, 2019

Whats wrong with abx service??? My parcel already arrive at abx 3 weeks ago yet im still didnt recieve my parcel!! I have call abx office but they dont answer my call!!! Also theres no information from abx regarding this problem!!! Please do something before friday (30/8). Abx service very...

ABX Express / late delivery (21 days since my item forward to abx delivery facility)

Aug 23, 2019

ABX ExpressI ordered an earphone from remax china, the company had delivered the item so fast. It arrived and been forwarded to abx delivery facility on 4th august. Today is 24th july and i still dont get my item yet. The courier had called me before when he arrived at my office unfortunately i wa...

ABX Express / the worst courier company ever!!!

Aug 22, 2019

ABX ExpressPARCEL TRACKING NO. SHX32221569BMY CHX 16/08/2019 15:57:00 SHIPMENT HOLD CHX 16/08/2019 09:18:50 SHIPMENT OUT FOR DELIVERY CHX 13/08/2019 12:15:38 SHIPMENT ARRIVED AT ABX FACILITY SUBANG 09/08/2019 01:45:11 LOGSHEET SUBANG 08/08/2019 16:56:34 SHIPMENT PICKED UP SUBANG 08/08/2019...

ABX Express / late delivery

Aug 21, 2019

ABX ExpressMy parcels already arrived in malaysia on 16th august but until now it does not deliver to me. Why you hold my parcels for long time ? Just deliver it to your customer. It is urgent parcels for me !!! Please deliver it before 23 August or I will take another action. I don't know what's the...

ABX Express / parcel still not received

Aug 21, 2019

ABX ExpressMy name is sarina my contact no [protected] Im ordering few item from of the parcel should be received by me approximately on 16 August...i have made a call to abx hotline and they told the parcel was at abx facility since [protected]@ 8august 2019...i have made more than 30...

ABX Express / worst courier service ever

Aug 21, 2019

I placed an order from shopee on 04/08/2019 and the goods arrived from China to ABX USJ on 10/08/2019 but i did not see any delivery updates since then. I called ABX on 15/08/2019 to report the delay and was told that the delivery will be made in another two days but until now, 21/08/2019...

ABX Express / servis yang sangat mengecewakan

Aug 19, 2019

Beli brg dari China..sampai di abx tgm 1 Ogos 2019..tapi sampai sekarang masih tak terima apa2.ini kali kedua abx tgm buat begini. Pembelian pertama akhirnya saya cancel, mls nak tggu dah.rupanya, brg yg ini, abx juga yg amik..caj penghantaran berbayar., Jika x mampu nak hantar, jgn trima...

ABX Express / Parcel with ABX 2 weeks

Aug 19, 2019

ABX ExpressSHX96745222BMY - Called ABX at least 3 times but the parcel status still the same with them since 6 August 2019. Asked to return call or when to deliver my parcel they can't response at all. Parcel from China to M'sia took less than a week but with ABX is already 2 weeks. Can't imagine how...

ABX Express / The WORST courier company ever

Aug 19, 2019

PARCEL TRACKING NO. SHX63940584BMY Shipment History Location Scan Date Activity CHX 13/08/2019 13:00:05 SHIPMENT ARRIVED AT ABX FACILITY SUBANG 09/08/2019 02:03:21 LOGSHEET SUBANG 07/08/2019 16:11:42 SHIPMENT PICKED UP SUBANG 07/08/2019 16:11:42 STICKER - TOTAL PKG# (VIA HUB) No shipment update...

ABX Express / I didnt receive my parcel

Aug 19, 2019

Hi. How come the shipment is already delivered to me but still i dont get my parcel yet. No phone call no masagge and suddenly notification from shopee appear that state i received my parcel and sign it??! What a worse service u give to customer. Because of your bad service i have to faced...

ABX Express / slow service, customer service make empty promise

Aug 16, 2019

ABX ExpressMy parcel is picked up by ABX at 10 August 2019. As I'm going to go outstation at 17 August 2019. So i make a call to Customer Service to ask for the actual date delivery. First attempt #1 (13 August 2019) The Customer service pickup quick quickly as it is early in the morning (9am), I...

ABX Express / very poor courier service

Aug 15, 2019

ABX ExpressIts been 10 DAYS since my parcel arrived at ABX Subang. The only update is "Route Scan".ABX need 5 days for ROUTE SCAN??.Then I called the customer service.They said they are short in rider, dont hv anybody can send the parcel to me.That's is not my problem la.They keep promise to send in...

ABX Express / parcel

Aug 13, 2019

Hai ABX courier please delivery my item SHX99748631BMY. Barang shopee.., setiap kali seller pkai servis abx courier msti ade mslh dgn penghantaran. Call x angkat2, , , nti bg feedback brg stuck... spai bila mau peram brg customer.. klu x ckp pekarja jgn la ambil tlalu byk brg2 customer to...

ABX Express / I am complaining about my parcel. shx80432274bmy

Aug 09, 2019

ABX ExpressI've called to ABX hq and subang hub few times but still no follow up. i've been calling since past 5 days, few times a day but no answer been given. they keep saying that my parcel cannot be found and they have a lot of loading parcel. is that mean my parcel was not important to look...