Yahoo! / news, and bias posting with downplay on murder

South Africa Review updated:

To whine it way concern.
I am deeply disturbed at the pure audacity in regards to your article "man charged with synagogue attack was Star athlete and Scholar" by Eliot Spagat and Julie Watson.

By accepting / writing and then posting such an article you agree to accept the murders and play "nice nice" with the murder. Don't do this. It's simply disgusting.

It brings a mere shame onto journalism, or rather a lack of journalistic education.

For your ease I have attached a photo of the article in question and how it should of read.
This is not a matter of opinion. News should be an unchanged truth.

Kind Regards,
Jonathan wolfson


May 01, 2019
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  •   May 01, 2019

    The story meant to show that educated athletes murder innocent people celebrating Pesach, not just homeless or demented people. You don’t expect educated people to murder others; you expect them to be non-racist and accepting of others.

    He was bright enough to go on Pesach and not on a normal day. At least he didn't go with many guns and ammunition

    My heart breaks for all but especially for the doctor doing CPR on a lady. She was dying and he looked up and saw her; it was his wife and she died. He passed out and she was dead when he awoke so he never got to say goodbye.

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