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I have used a yahoo email address for nearly 20 years and have virtually all my website subscriptions and personal emails signed upto it. Yahoo are now saying they no longer recognise my account.

I have tried their help site but there is nothing for this issue and absolutely no option to contact them directly.

I'm so in the dark over this and feel like I cannot communicate with them over it

May 10, 2019
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      May 10, 2019

    The situation is pathetic ... Example: if one is attempting to sign on Yahoo, using Google Chrome, one hits a wall of stupid, as in being redirected to the a t & t sign in, which appears clueless (perhaps by design) about one's yahoo account. It would seem well within the realm of possibilities that a t & t is attempting to force users to drop their yahoo accounts in favor of starting a new a t & t one, thus saving themselves the expense of supporting old systems ? Perhaps leaving people in the dark with glitchy tech leads exponentially to conspiracy theories ? Regardless, there may be hope. Pro Tip: one may be able to still sign on by trying a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. yer welcome

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