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yes I must complain about persistent advertising Binary option "TRADING" Companies such as who are in my E-Mail page all the time, I have just noted this one on 16th October 2017.
Any intelligent, Decent minded person knows that these get rich schemes are a cruel form of deception and theft.


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      Oct 28, 2017

    Anyoption is pure SCAM. 
    Let's start from the tools for investing: for most of the options the time frame is limited to 30 minutes and end of day/week. So you can not trade a 1 minute, 1 hour, 2 hours etc etc... PUT ora CALL - which is quite limitating. Sedondly the opening of US stock trading is delayed of 10 minutes, which don't allow the investor to take advance of the opening fluctuations.
    Secondly when you want to withdraw your money in the best case there is 3 days waiting time for the operation to be done: even worst, in my case, my documents were not approved (tehy still are NOT approved after 4 months) and they said my card is not eligible for withdraw and never had a final answer.
    Thirdly, the staff is very insisting on you making deposits all the time, not to rate the mobile app which is also terrible.
    Stay away from this option trading platform !!!
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