August 2, 2017 @ 11:30 AM. I see yet another sponsored ad for MacKeeper on the Yahoo home page. MacKeeper is a well-known malware distribution platform. They are very aggressive with advertising and targeting those who post anything negative about their product, but as an administrator of Macintosh systems at a college in Canada, I can tell you I see a lot of students with this software on their systems and invariably they need help removing it. There is a Macworld magazine article that explains how to remove this software without going into why you would want to, as the parent company (formerly Zeobit, now Kromtech Alliance) tends to sue anyone who claims their software is no good. Their software is not malware, but it does little good for your Mac in my opinion and I believe it is often bundled with malware that is installed at the same time, taking over your Internet searches and causing pop-up ads. The software is often deliberately not very good at uninstalling itself, so you generally need help getting rid of it.

I currently use Malwarebytes for Mac to remove this blight from student computers.

Please do not accept ads from this company. Their whole business model is based upon deception.


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