Woodsprings Suitesstaff

Louisville ky airport...there are staff members that work here and stay here to conduct safety. The man was removed from desk for his behavior towards guests very rude viloent angry..he is mentally unstable his wife was hired on as they cant afford to stay unless they have the discount that workers recieve he starts trouble both him and his wife towards guests they decide they do not like..she the new night safty person is so afraid to work on her own her husband basicly still works there causing trouble and being violent towards guests...very rude these two. While i get caring about people excusing bad behaviours and allowing people who have serious mental illness for what ever the reason is unacceptable. I have seen people put out for a lot less here so i do not understand i am tired of being harrassed everytime these two employees decide they have something against you...staff that work at hotels should never be allowed to stay onsite as it causes issues...staff tend to treat or speak about guests badly when they place a complaint against staff at the desk..they tend to kick people out for complaining and single out whom they may have thought placed well they are great here most of them however i wish they didnt employee some people just for a place to stay they are not seeing late at night when this workers husband threatens others ... Threatened a woman that he woild litterally kill here for driving like five times in a circle around the parking lot only for us to fimd it was his wife that was doing safety at hotel...if i cant drive my car on property then i just will not be returning ever he got in my car and told me he would beat my "ass" what a welcome!!

Sep 29, 2019

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