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I am 9 months pregnant, and drove from Austin, Texas. Upon arrival, my husband and I had to stand around and wait for about 2 to almost 3 hours for our room to be "cleaned". From what I understood, that's why you book a reservation, for the convenience of running into mess like this!
We arrived between 7:30pm and 7:45pm, it is now 10:08pm, as we speak and I'm still not in my room I booked! We received keys that apparently weren't activated, because they would not work on the outside doors for me to come back in... with the front desk closed, had to wait on someone to come and use their key so I could follow in...
This was absolutely ridiculous service. I didn't even want to stay any more, but it was too late, my reservation was already booked! Oh, by the way I booked for a 19 night stay!
I am a appalled, and utterly shocked on how this customer service encounter went! Please respond to this complaint as soon as possible. I am highly upset as this should not have happened!
Thank you.

Oct 08, 2019

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