White Castle Managementhorrible customer service, cold food, etc

On sept.29. 2019 at 1.30 pm My mother and I went to the White Castle in Westerville ohio and it was bad from the start. Rest, was not busy so there must be a problem. Upon ordering I told or asked the cashier to make sure the fries, fish, etc was all hot but this was not done our fish was cold in the middle, fries were cold. There was no napkins in the rest and I need to let you know that TRENT was our cashier and from the start he was not just, no smile, told me that there food is always hot and he was rude in a horrible way. No napkins in the dining area, Trent told me he would get it in a minute after he took an order he was gone for quite sometime after the fourth person I went up again and asked for napkins and after he was done then he would get them so I went into the ladies room and could not get the water on so I went into the mens bathroom and got paper towels. Trent was so very horrible and I would like an explanation as to why he is allowed to be like this, I finally paid for our meals that neither one of us could eat it and last but not leased in the ladies room there was vomit in the bigger stall and it was just a mess. They were not busy and they had plently of help and this was a terrible experience and I will tell my chase co-workers and family to save there money and go some place where we could at leastn

Thank You

Brenda Robinson

Oct 01, 2019

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