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D Oct 24, 2019 Review updated:

my family got unprofessional services at the ticking boarding when we headed to cancun from YVR in the morning on the day of Aug31.
we were late to gate and we showed all sorry. hen I was saying " I am so sorry" she the lady at the gate replied very bluntly and humiliated our family. it was so horrible to face to the type of customer services. I admitted we were late and thank for waiting us. But her attitude was so horrible like unprofessional teacher scold young children. I dont know how our late showing impacted her duty but I think it should be addressed and they should be educated about basic customer services. the moment was in mind for more than a month and I think you should know about the poor services happening at the boarding gate for customer who are going to go their vacations and it messed up. Thank you.


  •   Oct 25, 2019

    You had me until we were late to the gate.

    Sorry. The only unprofessional people in this incident were you.

    Aim to get to the airport a good three hours before boarding time. That way there's no cause for panic.

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