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Pakistan International Airlines

Motor Transport Building, PIA Head Office
Pakistan - 72500

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1844 682 5260(United States) 3 1
1844 315 5983(Canada) 6 0
808 234 6321(United Kingdom) 20 6
1800 808 216(Malaysia) 4 1
1800 852 7261(Thailand) 2 2
800 0914 0002(UAE) 3 3
+92 211 1178 6786(Customer Service) 7 4
+92 219 904 0000(Head Office) 4 1
+92 219 904 3246(Shares) 3 1
+33 800 900 561(France) 3 1
+49 800 754 8631(Germany) 2 0
+39 800 561 922(Italy) 2 1
+31 800 265 8700(Netherlands) 3 1
+47 80 069 393(Norway) 2 0
+34 900 373 179(Spain) 2 0
+86 400 842 9107(China) 2 0
+966 800 850 0150(Saudi Arabia) 5 2
+65 800 852 3446(Singapore) 4 0
+92 219 924 2165(Head Office) 8 3

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] Complaints & Reviews

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / Flight Times

Jul 17, 2019

Before this is passed on to my Solicitor for further action, can I ask why the flight time changed from the time on the ticket. The flight wasn't delayed, it was all planned a while ago. Changed the time by over 4 hours without any notification whatsoever 17.7.19 (PK701 Islamabad to...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / flight cancelled

Jul 08, 2019

hello sir . My return ticket was booked for 11 of july 2019 pnr no. 7YB66T. from heathrow to lahore airport. Now my booking is canclled due to flight cancelled on 11/07/19. I am much worried and in tention what did I do now . I have very urgent work in lahore on saturday. It is a big loo...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / letter of complaint against staff's misbehavior / harassment do update ok to board...

Jul 04, 2019

Complainer: Mr. Girisha kp Flat no. 304, Rolla Street, Durdubai, dubai, United arab emirates To : The manager, Customer service department, Pakistan international airlines (Pia), July 04th, 2019 Subject: Letter of complaint against staff's misbehavior / harassment do Update Ok...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / tickets refund

Jun 25, 2019

Dear Sir, I am from Dhaka Bangladesh, I purchased return tickets for my family from Dhaka office. Lahore-Karachi-Dhaka, after traveling one side canceled my ticket & apply for refund on 1st October 2018. Till not get my refund, hundred times contact with MR. Atta Muhammad Rahu representative of...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / refund of my extra payment / booking ref. ag9w5t / ticket nr. 2142411901832

Jun 19, 2019

Dear Respected, I Traveled from Jeddah to Lahore on 31-May-2019. I purchased my ticket from PIA Jeddah sales Office on Date.: 15-05-2019 21:54. Air Line: Pakistan international Airline (PIA) Booking Ref. AG9W5T Ticket Nr. 2142411901832 The particular amount has been paid by the cash...

PIA Head Office Riyadh / about the head office people.

Apr 30, 2019

Sir I have booked my ticket before 1 and half month, so today was my flight, 30.04.2019, at 10 am from riyadh, when I gone to the airport so the airport people checked my ticket so they told me that your flight has been cancled before 1 month and they havenot call me about cancellation, so...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / claim of luggage

Apr 24, 2019

Saif Siddiqui 6:26 PM (7 minutes ago) to care, hafizahsaan1973, info, hamza, Mohammad Mr. Mohammad Yousuf., That's not my fault I don't need to so see the excuses of CAA or PIA for the flight delay for Luggage / Bags (PIA informed and allowed me boxes/luggage of 28kgs each) Then why...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / booking through credit card

Apr 10, 2019

Dear sir I had booked a ticket in PIA in name of Mr Fida Muhammad ( Booking Ref:28JMKF) on 11-04-2019 from Dubai to Islamabad. The ticket was booked by using company credit card as we use company card for travels. He was not allowed to check in saying that he doesnt have the original...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / pia staff complaint and baggage delay complaint

Apr 07, 2019

I have booked my ticket from dubai to lahore via karachi deted but now I just want to share my bad experience actually pathatic experience 1st of all I have suffered in dubai air port they informed me I will be landed in karachi then islamabad but I have to go to lahore so they told me...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / no response, no acknowledgement for availability of business class seats

Mar 24, 2019

I have inquired from PIA customer care for non availability of business class seats well before travel date in July 2019 and August 2019. Even I inquired about to be informed for the class update procedure but having waited for at least 2 weeks, I have not even been acknowledged and or...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / customer service/hygiene and safety

Jan 16, 2019

My wife and my 2 babies travelled to Pakistan this week, after 2/3 years. This time round, i was optimistic and thought i would send them on our national carrier and try and be supportive of the changes that you are attempting to make, how wrong was i. To begin with, the rudeness of the...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / food poisoning during flight

Jan 05, 2019

The food was awful . It was so bad my hole family got food poisoned. My youngest daughter got unwell on the plane. My daughter vomited on the plane. The worst thing was that the staff were extremely rude. Instead of helping to clean up the mess they told my wife to clean up the mess . Thi...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / inadequate travel arrangement and service

Dec 29, 2018

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Flights - departure UK The issue that I have experienced was: I travelled from Manchester to Pakistan with my wife and two of my children. My daughter has Celiac disease and before flying we rung and requestd gluten free...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / luggage

Dec 16, 2018

I would like to inform you that i along with my family decided almost after 5 years to fly from Riyadh to Islamabad on PIA. Unfortunately, again we received a very pathetic service. On 13 December we flown from Riyadh to Islamabad on PK-756 PIA which arrived at 6:30 pm. After waiting for our...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / misplacement of luggage

Dec 04, 2018

Hi good afternoon.. Sir /Madam hope you will be fine ..I want to bring a situation into your notice that we are facing in entebbe Uganda after travelling through PIA Kenyan airline .. I Capt Farhan Farooq alongwith my 3 other colleagues are UN staff and presently working Congo in...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / extra payment paid

Dec 01, 2018

Hi There, I have travel on 30th November 2018 from Lahore to Toronto and Winnipeg, on flight number PK 797. on the boarding time I have 01 extra baggage and PIA counter they ask me to pay for it and I paid 15000 Rupees all the way down to Winnipeg and I noticed they give me only customer...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / reservation

Nov 25, 2018

My seat was cancelled without informing me. I was on a return flight from Karachi to Islamabad, I was told at the desk no seat. Was sent to reservation office they confirmed my seat has been given away. Please mind that I was the first passenger to check in. My flight time was 7, I came...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / wrong flight timings sent to me

Nov 18, 2018

Hi I booked flight tickets for My wife and child ( 5 month infant ) travelling from copenhagen ( CPH ) to Islamabad on 17th of November 2018 ( PNR: RKJ5ML). Since it was an e ticket. Soon after flight reservation through PIA's website. An email was sent from PIA to me that flight will...

[Resolved] Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / fraud of pia - pk-391 flight - 11.11.2018- departure from islamabad

Nov 13, 2018

I check in at Islamabad Airport on 11.11.2018 on 3.00 pm to take my flight Pk-391 to sukkur through seat nos. scheduled at time 4:00 pm. But I was surprised that flight was already taken off on 2.30pm. I was misguided by counter staff that flight is cancelled due to weather. Due to I have...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / all service from aircraft departure islamabad

Oct 31, 2018

Child on oxygen 12 years old Wheelchair assistant not handled properly A lot of issue s with paying for oxygen Delayed response after booking oxygen Having to pay the evening before flight (so short notice) Being left on aircraft after landing for a whole hr! Waiting for wheelchair...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / extra charge for booking

Oct 30, 2018

I booked two seats from Manchester to Lahore by PIA dated the 24th of August, 2018. The tickets were purchased from Bhatti Travel, Oldham, UK. Our return flight was booked for 14th of February, 2019. We travelled via economy class. Due to some urgency we had to return to Manchester sooner...

PIA / confirm of over seats

Oct 23, 2018

Hi my name is Qazi Abdul Wahid my Uk address is 114 Deeds Grove High Wycombe bucks Hp123nz my home telephone is 01494440223 and mobile is 07720563910 and email is [email protected] I was travelling from Pakistan Islambad international airport on 30/09/2018 with my family and we...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / charging for tax which was not due

Oct 21, 2018

Dear sir /madam I booked my ticket with pk709 on my way home on 31st August 2018 I was charged 230rupees at the lahore pia desk when I came to board. I was told that on my ticket it states I need to pay 230rupees tax. Which is not true when I came home I rang travel trolley who I booked...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / tickets refund

Oct 05, 2018

Sir, PIA cancelled my tickets and didn't provide me any compensate, refund or MCOs. Please find the below details. It is requested you to please provide us the MCOs for our 13 tickets. I attached all the required documents etc. As per original plan my flight was on December 9, 2016 from...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / uncouth rude behaviour of staff

Sep 22, 2018

I happened to avail PIA flt PK 204 from Dubai Intl Airport to Allama Iqbal Intl Airport Lahore on 20 Sept 18. Onboard apart from the abysmal condition of the aircraft which was nothing less than criminal negligence in maintenance and the general condition, what was more embarassing and...

PIA / pia failed to comply with the law

Sep 21, 2018

Sat 9/15, 3:52 AM Pavneet Ticketstoindia ([email protected]) EBP No. 548268 You replied on 9/21/2018 4:18 AM. Airline Reference: PQHTAL TicketstoWorld, I refer to the ticket you sold me from Lon to KL. It appears that the stopover at Lahore to Karachi was a local sector. I did...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / delayed flight

Sep 16, 2018

On the 15 May 2017, three of my family members were travelling from Heathrow to Islamabad on board a PIA airplane. This flight was delayed due to an issue with your cabin crew. With this delay my family was unable to perform the janaza for my late uncle. I therefore request that you let me know of the procedure to claim compensation for this oversight.

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / luggage scam

Sep 08, 2018

Dear Concern On 7th September 2018 Flight Pk-0590 from Karachi to Zhob i booked three tickets by the name of ALIYA/ASAD MRS, HANZALA/ASAD MASTER & HAMZA/ASAD INF with the luggage of 2 bags . My family reached to Zhob but the luggage had gone to Rahim Yar khan airport . we went to the Zhob...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / cancelled the tickets again and again

Sep 05, 2018

Dear Sir /madam My reference number is MDOJIA. MY name Mrs Shakila Ahmed. I booked the tickets for 11 August on 5th June was traveling for medical reason as my daughter got the appointment in hospital for eye problems on 12 August . I received the call from pia office that my flight i...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / station manager at dubai airport

Sep 05, 2018

Dear Sir, I reached here through google search, As per the above details I want to file a complaint against your Station Manager Mr Manzoor at Dubai International Airport. I was with my family (6 tickets including kids) from Dubai to Peshawar at 09 August 2018 PK 283, PNR FILDBC & HKKFRR...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / pk792 flight delays

Aug 09, 2018

I was meant to be travelling today on 09/08/2018 with 7 members in total, i was told the flight has been delayed till the following day 7am, and ive been told again that it is now gonna be departing at 2pm on the 10/08/2018. At this time i still dont feel that it will go out at this time...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / cancelled flight

Jul 10, 2018

Hi My name is Sabrina I booked my tickets to pakistan in January 2018 for the date 27/07/18. Yesterday on the 9 July I got a phone call to say that they flight is being cancelled and they going to reschedual the flight. This is not good enough 7 months ago I booked my flight and now they tell...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / refund ticket

Jun 15, 2018

I purchased a two way ticket fro pia dubai clock tower branch dated (08 to 23 june-2018), I used one way on 08th june, but changed my mind, that I will not go back to dubai and want to refund the ticket on 23rd june in pia peshawar branch, I was surprised the concerned person at pia office...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / ticketing

May 28, 2018

PIA by far is the worst customer service I have ever come accross my life, I am chaseing refund of my cancelled booking since from 2 months and no one has every acknowledge my request, sent several emails to KHI web ticketing refund email cc webticketing and customer care all falls upon...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / in flight service

May 21, 2018

Very bad service seats were moving ask for leg room seat wasn't given one as I had operation on my leg need to stretch my leg no in flight entertainment the tv screens were broken so wat are you supposed to do for over 7hrs toilets were very smelly poor hygiene didn't go toilet through out...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] / poor customer services

Mar 09, 2018

I Travelled to Islamabad on 20th January 2018. Flight number PK702. Seat number 82 K and the female cabin crew was rude and unprofessional. Spoke to gulam mustafa who would not provide me with female cabin crew name in order for me to make complaint and take this further. On going to the...

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) / toll free no. didn’t satisfied.

Mar 02, 2018

I try to get Ticket through iOS app on iPhone three times date 2-3-2018 time 1:26am. Again I try date 2-3-2018 time 12:04 pm. Everytime I complete the procedure putting cridit card no then I get pin from my concerned bank to complete tranction Then message came thank u then message came...

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) / stealing of money from luggage

Feb 19, 2018

Asalam-o-alekaum. On 6th of february I arrived from saudi arabia after performing umrah. On next day I have a connecting flight from karachi to quetta on flight number pk-352 having pnr number te the luggage I put my volet having pak rupees 10000 and 20 saudi rials. Some...

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) / luggage (aab e zam zam) not received when flight landed

Dec 28, 2017

I traveled with my wife (AQSA SHOIAB and Son MOUSA SHOIAB) from Madinah to Multan by PIA Saturday 16 Dec 2017 by PK 0716. Flight timings were as departure 12:00 PM and arrival 6:00 PM. when we reached Multan we were informed that our Luggage (Aab e ZAM ZAM) not received within the flight and...

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) / also known as travel flychannel

Oct 17, 2017

My name is Muhammad Usman and I live in Toronto, Canada. I booked and purchased tickets from also known as flytravelchannel as on April 17 2017 and paid on the same date. However, on checking PNR as on July 15 2017 I saw that my tickets have been cancelled. After inquiry...