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Hello my name is nosheen akhtar, I took a domestic flight from Karachi to Lahore, can I just say how disappointed I am with your service. Your staff on the plane were not helpful or polite, there was no friendliness whatsoever.
The reason for this email is the fact that my suitcases have been ruined, there was rain in Karachi and I watched my suitcases being left outside whilst your staff loaded pallets of mangoes. My clothes inside the suitcase were soaking wet! And the suitcases are not going to be suitable for travel anymore. I took an international flight from Manchester to Karachi and my suitcases were fine but during a domestic flight with pia lasting just 90 minutes, my suitcases are filthy and everything wet. Suitcases should not be left in heavy rain and mangoes take priority. I am honestly disgusted with the level of service I received

Misuse piya staff members in lahore airport

Please note that Mrs. Shamim Akhtar is working at Lahore Airport on behalf of PIA. By making connections with people coming from overseas flights, she is giving benefits from PIA. She comes and goes to work voluntarily. Gives first class seat to every known passenger which is illegal.
These things are tarnishing the image of PIA. It is misusing PIA. My polite request is to either remove them or transfer them from Lahore. Thanks !

Flight Islamabad to London

my experience traveling with P I A on 19th April 2020 I started my journey from Islamabad as we were waiting
about to board the aircraft a lady announced people with seat numbers 41 to 55 please come and aboard,
within few minutes half of the people came to the gate their was no system to have controlling people of
keeping social distance from people also to staff should have told the passengers that rest of the seat no.
should wait to be called. even a few staff members were also present there but they did not bother to stop
the passengers who have not yet called. due to crowd there was a high risk of virus spreading if any of those
passenger already infected. there should be proper guideline from the staff to passengers that how properly board the plane
.I approach one staff member to raise this issue but all in vein there should be announcement on the PA system.
secondly I was travelling in business class after 6 hours of journey, toilets beside the business
class washing facilities were blocked and one of the toilet was blocked and water was coming out of it and on the floor,
I have raised this issue to the staff and he just ignored and said that this will be fixed when the plan lands and
he cannot do anything about it, I had to talk to them again after a few minutes that this is a serious issue and health and safety
issue that if the water get to the electric wires than we could have been in a serious problem and it was risk to all of our lives, that member of staff was age group of 45-50(male) he was eating while we passenger can watch .I also have pictures of spoiled toilet but here is no option to attach.reason iam complaing about all this that they should take step to sort the problems straight they working on front line of PIA they should make health and safety not only to passengers but to them as well. I hope the issues which I have raised should be taken care of. and I would also like to hear from you as my email and phone number is mentioned above. thanks

Flight Islamabad to London
Flight Islamabad to London
Flight Islamabad to London
Flight Islamabad to London
Flight Islamabad to London

PIA & Islamabad airport

My parents reached from japan yesterday at via PIA and Islamabad airport.
They are charged $1800 extra inspite of having return ticket. First thing if someone can not pay, what will he do, secondly they were kept in a dirty hotel where they can get the virus, then when all the passengers started shouting about their rights, they are shifted to Haji camp where they are still kept like prisoners, no one is there for taking care, there is no facility for taking the tests for virus, no body knows what will happen next.
Where is Imran Khan, (the most incompetent PM I have ever seen in my life).
Shahid Hayat

pia fraudulent website

there is a con man, who has created a website very simillar to PIA and selling tickets, we paid him £4000 for tickets, soon knowing it was a fraud, called PIA, the staff told me PIA knows that the man Hassan Ali is selling tickets to PIA customers with false website.
Why did PIA not take any action against someone who is robbing their customers? If it was another airline they would get the website removed and report him to police.
Is this the cost we pay for our loyalty to PIA.

Mrs Khan

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misbehave, worst quality of food, poor management

PK 284, seat No E10, Dubai 11:40 am to Peshawar 3:30pm, 27 January 2020, i m regular traveller, today i face worst experience with PIA, staff misbehave on boarding with passengers in Dubai for money, misbehave in plane with customers, poor management with customers, not even listen to customer for their complaints, bargaining with patients passanger in plane for better services, when i complaint, he take my passport and say i will say to airport security, worst quality of food ( not able to eat) i have pic i will share with u, worst rice i ever seen in my life, at then not even give customers complaints cards and they laughed, say complaints online, those passanger are labour in UAE, not even knowing how to complaint online, kindly do something for better experience, thank you

misbehave, worst quality of food, poor management
misbehave, worst quality of food, poor management

cancelled flight

Mr T R Afzal 100 Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, London E17 7HE
17th January 2020

REF: Cancellation of flight compensation
Booing ref :Jl9Y5E and JL9YR5.

PIA Customer Service Department,
I am sure this is not the only letter you will receive from unsatisfied customers.
I booked 3 adults tickets through an agent to travel to Pakistan direct to Sialkot on the 10th December 2019.
But was informed a day before that PIA decided to cancel the flight without any consideration taken for passengers. No communication was relayed between PIA and their agents.
Having worked at Heathrow for 16 years, 4 years as a Load Controller, and 12 years as an Immigration Officer for UKBF, I am fully aware of airline laws for carriages, cancellations codes, and regulations for passengers.
I have conducted a few inquiries of my own, which concluded that there were no mechanical problems with the aircraft, weather was fine to fly in, and no delays were experienced.
I was very lucky that I contacted a PIA employee a day before my departure, and said please confirm the departure flight time for my flight tomorrow. Only then I was informed that the flight was cancelled, and rescheduled for the following day.
I immediately contacted the ticket agent, who said we were only informed of this decision taken by PIA, and were about to contact all passengers (lack of communication between airlines, agents and passengers).
As you can image this resulted in a loss of money for me;
• Cancellation of a taxi.
• Rebook new taxi.
• Extra 2 days unpaid leave as return flight was changed too.
• Change of plans,
• Stress and problems caused

I contacted PIA customer services via email, requesting an explanation. I only received one email back saying we will look into this and get back to you. Since then I have sent 9 emails, (can provide evidence of all emails sent if needed) but got no response. I even sent an email to the head office contacting a Mr Musharaf, and yet again no reply.

Finally I got through to PIA finance department via phone, who directed to Mr Fawad in the legal team, but was unable to get through to him.
However, a very kind lady answered and assisted me. She told me that all emails sent go straight into the Junk mail, and are not checked (very strange). I gave her my booking reference; she said I should write by post, with all my concerns and copies of tickets.
I was informed I am entitled to 3 off peak tickets with PIA, or £535 (600 Euros) for each passenger.
I had a very similar experience with Turkish Airlines a few years back; they handled the situation in a very professional and speedy manner.

Please can you refund me with money; account details
• Mr T R Afzal
• Acc: [protected]
• Sc: 090128
• Santander Bank.

I hope we can solve this matter between us, as I do not wish to involve any other parties at present e.g. Ombudsman.

I can be reached on [protected] or [protected] if you need any further information.
Finally, please can you keep me updated?

Please find copy of all 3 tickets as requested.

Mr T R Afzal

  • Updated by T raja afzal · Jan 24, 2020

    waiting for a reply..

    PIA is very poor with getting back to customers

customer service

On Sunday 29th December I had to fly back to the uk with my poorly son from Islamabad airport. My. Son needed...

delayed baggage


I want to register a complaint on behalf of my father and company against the delay in baggage that took place in a Pakistan International Airline flight from Karachi to Madina PK-743 on 15th January 2020 when my father was travelling along with his friends for Umrah for 10 days.
Right after the incident my father filed a complaint at Madina airport when no satisfactory reason was given why did it happen and the complaint form was given to him and he was told that it has been registered and will be sorted earliest possible but unfortunately nobody responded to it even after 4 days due to which he had to suffer a lot as all his belongings including medicines were in that baggage.
My father had to suffer a lot as he had no extra clothing and daily living items were all in that bag and despite calling to the PIA head office several times in Karachi as well as in Medina no body responded satisfactorily.
My father is diabetic and hypertensive for which he is on medications which were unfortunately all in the baggage which resulted in his missing of his daily dosing of medicines for 4 days putting him at risk of certain health issues due to raised blood pressure and uncontrolled diabetes.
The similar problem was faced by the other friends accompanied by my father(unfortunately two of them were diabetic and off medications) and more than 50 other passengers in the same flight.

After several calls being made to the PIA centres he received his luggage on 4th day the 18th of January 2020.

This is completely unacceptable and equivalent to a torture to keep a person without his belongings and medicines for more than 4 days in a chilly weather and at a place where he had no known relatives/ friends or any sort of assistance.

Flight details are
Karachi to Medina
Reservation number QAUVXD
Baggage received 18/01/2020

I have tried to register complaint online via contact us PIA website
I hope it will be responded soon.

My contact details are

delayed baggage
delayed baggage
delayed baggage
delayed baggage

service of pia

My complaint is on PIA airlines.
My flight( islamabad to jeddah) was on 3:55pm ( 16 January 2020) but they sad that flight is late due to some issues, so they told me to wait until 7pm.
And the issue is still not resolved ( 7:53pm) and they are telling to wait till morning.

They are wasting my time.
I will provide all the details of today's umrah flight from Islamabad to jeddah.

Now i am waiting for your quick response.

Email: [protected]
Thank you

service of pia

schedule change of flight was changed without informing

My wife Itrat zahra naqvi was traveling by PIA from oslo to islamabad on 2nd november 2019 by flight nr.pk772 with confirmation nr, cxwkn2.depature time was 7, 50 pm from oslo.we live 2 hours drive from the oslo airport .when we arrived at oslo airport we shocked to listen that the gate has been clossed .we were answered that flight shedule was changed one week ago.we had to come back from a long distance.this was quite disturbing for us because my wife was travelling to our sons marriage.we came back changed the ticket and traveled on 06th.november 2019.Pia did not informed us about the change of flight scedule.The same process was revealed when we both was comming back from lahore by flight nr.751 from lahore on 04th.dec.2019.we came to the lahore airport to take flight to oslo and again got no information from PIA that the shedule is again the flight will leed from islamabad to copenhagen not from lahore.we were not informed again and PIA had both our telephone numbers of Norway and pakistani phone number also.we got embaresed and changed the ticket and came back on 07th.dec.2019.I had important meetings related to my job.we missed three days and we were not given any hotel or any compensation.we were totally helpless in lahore.this kind of actvities is very harmfull for the pia and the passengers.any way we have decided never to travel by PIA.

luggage missing

Dear PIA, My colleague traveled to Pakistan on November 03, 2019 (Sun) on FLIGHT: Abu Dhabi to Peshawar...

cabin crew

The cabin crew were so rude to me and my family. We were flying from Manchester to Islamabad and my mum did not feel like eating the food and they were forcing her to eat! How dare they! I will take it to the authorities about this. I am a solicitor and will be filing a law suit. Also, once we all ate we had to pick the trays up ourselves and then give it back to the cabin crew. The standard was really poor. I am very disappointed and will not be flying with this disgraceful airline again!


it is second time family fly PIA and they not get there baggage who can they buy ticket next time if they are in trouble it is staff responsebilty they not do rhere work properly it is staff dont do there duty there is no body who ask them why?
all work some they work in own firm no body question them if PIA not has good reputitions you loss custumor and they loss jobb Think about it

pia online services


Respected PIA,

I book my tickets from PIA office Jeddah and 2nd one from PIA official web site,
and you people just change little bit flight timing and then its not showing on yours online system and msge show >
i visit more then 10 time for PIA office and many time call to [protected].
problem is still on going plz fix its as possible.

Details below


Islamabad Intl. (ISB) Jeddah - King Abdulaziz (JED) (PK-741)
 Departure Time: 17/09/2019 - 08:50  Arrival Time: 17/09/2019 - 11:50

Muhammad Ayaz
Jeddah, KSA
PIA Frequent Customer

extra luggage

My flight was from Lahore to Toronto on 6th of August and when I reached airport for boarding the officer...

flight from islamabad to the uk

On the 07/09/2019 my wife along with my 2 children (1 infant 1 child) was booked, with a confirmed flight and...

check pia ' s worst system glitch

MY name is A. Ghaffar, we husband & wife booked first time ever our vacation trip thru PIA from Toronto to Kualumpur Malaysia via Pakistan where we stayed 7 days from 31st Aug-07 Sept, this morning when arrived Karachi airport to get Kualalumpur PK 896 @ 06:00 am flight, we came to know there is no such flight as it was suspended months ago due to airspace closure by Pakistan, kept talking to PIA staff & our booking agent hrs & hrs .None of them helped us & tried to help for next step. PIA blaming our booking agent & agent saying all flights were confirmed by PIA. They never informed about suspension of flights for Malaysia & even there is nothing about it on their website, the PIA is responsible for this big glitch & blunder but none of their o nduty officers realised that what kind of mental, physical & financial stress we having right now. We again called taxi & came back to our hotel in Karachi. We will never ever take NATIONAL AIRLINE PIA after this worst experience. It all happened due to lack of training & bad customer services, they just saying you can claim for refund with PIA but not telling how we going to get our other destinations, our hotels were booked for Kualalumpur & Bali, our vacation days got ruined, how about our return flights from Malaysia to Lahore by PK 897 & than Karachi, even PIA confirmed 1 night hotel stay in Lahore as well when coming back to Karachi' s stay. Very disappointing & heart wrenching situation for us as we thought to take our airline, if had been other airlines, they would've helped us by compensating us other options but PIA confirmed now that they will be worst for ever & will never change till unsupportive & untrained people are there. IS THERE ANY RESPONSIBLE / AUTHORISED PERSON TO SOLVE IT???? Our confirmation # on itinerary is C2X3VU .

check pia ' s worst system glitch

boarding pass for inf issue

Could not forget my bad experience with PIA yesterday normally i don't mind little thing during traveling and try to be flexible but this time it become over the limits.
I was traveling with my 10 months daughter and i assume infant seat are for them anyway and person on the boarding trying convince me that i have to pay extra charges for it at one point i agreed and paid him, luckily i saw my tickets number and realized they were not in order, i asked the person please put them togather and he refused and told me u paid for one seat which was very annoying, i suppose infant get seat automatically and i paid for my one.
Anywaz i told them give me a refund and will manage in a normal economy seats, that great person had given us 64E and 64D right at last with bathrooms, and u can imagine how difficult it become with us to hand when my baby was at sleep and that corner become noisey during all my flight.
" i believe that person had dilberately given us that poor seat because of that little argument over the infant seat price"
I hope this complaint make other traveler's experience good with PIA.

boarding pass for inf issue

seat allocation in advance

I have just bought the pia tickets to Islamabad and am trying to reallocate my seats before travelling but unable to so which is not helpful at all. Every airline allows you to re allocate seats of your choice but for whatever reasons its stopped by pia.
I have been advised by friend that you can book seats but only through pia office and they charge £6 per person, is this true then surely this can only happens in Imrans government and what a new Pakistan.