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Emirates reviews & complaints

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Emirates - Refund for cancellation of flights

My Emirates booking ref.# is NZQJX6.
On 26/11/21 our return flight from JNB to DXB and consequently DXB to SYD was cancelled.
Despite continuous attempts to arrange a return flight we only recently were able to return to Sydney.
Despite continued attempts by my travel agent to arrange a refund for the cancelled flights they have been stone-walled.
With the COVID pandemic continuing to rampage the world we are unlikely to be travelling for a while, thus we request a full refund be granted.

Desired outcome: Refund in full of the return flights JNB to DXB to SYD for my wife and I.


Emirates - Late notification of cancelled flight

My partner and I were due to fly at 22:20 on the 30th Dec. We got confirmation of cancellation at 15:41, via email, which I did not see until 16:20. We are relocating to the UAE so have moved out of our accommodation, we have paid money on removalists and PCR testing. We now have nowhere to stay until our new flight and are required to pay more money for another PCR test. Please can someone contact me so we can get compensation for ou out of pocket expenses, and placed in a hotel while we wait for the flight to be re-booked.

Desired outcome: Placed in a hotel and compensation on out of pocket expenses


Emirates - Lost Luggage

I was traveling from Delhi to New York by Emirates and my luggage was lost. Its been two weeks. No one picks up the phone at the baggage claim for Emirates window and the voicemail box is full, can't leave a message. If I call the customer care they say to patiently wait. I mean how can I wait patiently when my valuables are in my luggage. I mean who is responsible. Don't know who to contact or what to do.


Emirates - Manage a booking - mobile1. Emirates.com app

Dear sir or madam, Earlier this week I booked a return flight Ref; KM2APW in an emergency to join my parents tovisit my terminally ill relative in Dubai for a week. The next day on closer...

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Emirates - Denied boarding with art test

I was denied boarding stating that I must carry PCR test even though I showed the below Singapore government ICA ask for PCR or ART for all returning Singapore residents.


Due to this, I have to incur charges for postponing my ticket to 17th December + Hotel and living stay for another 2 days + PCR test cost along with unwanted stress and agony.

This is simply annoying for the already affected travel inconvenience we are facing these days and an 5 star airline like Emirates is not expected to add more.

Do let us know how you can refund us for all the inconvenience caused.

Desired outcome: Refund for all inconvenience caused

Emirates - Lost baggage

I lots my baggage from Miami. I start my Journey from CMB to Miami on 23rd Emirates airline.
I lots my baggage after transit from Miami flight EK 6445.
All of my valuable document inside my baggage and really helpless in this situation once i get out from Miami airport .


Emirates - Damaged luggage

I left Uganda on 31/Oct/2021 on EK 730 with two suitcase that were in perfect condition. When I got to Cochin on 01/Nov/2021 on EK 530, one of my suitcases had a broken wheel (please find attached pictures). I'm kindly requesting to be compensated for the damages as I won't be able to use my suitcase for other flights.
My skyward number is EK-[protected]. The luggage id: EK 476522.

Desired outcome: Compensation

In order to request the compensation for allegedly damaged baggage the passenger needs
to climb down the tree,
to find his / her PNR or valid e-ticket, baggage tag,
to submit the complaint orally or in written to the air carrier or to the agent of the air carrier in one of the countries, where the stated airports situated in.

Both Uganda and UAE appointed their respective authorities for the investigation of the passenger claims.

Emirates - Harassment on EK Flight

I am very disturbed and outraged over an incident which occurred during my flight from Durban to Dubai on the 30th Sep. My friend and I 2 females travelling alone to Dubai seat 26A and 26B. There wa...

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Emirates - Ground bahrain office

I have faced very cruel bad behavior with a pakistani female in bahrain office who was so rude and her tone was the worst, the incident happened 28 august 2021 at 4 pm when I ask how to upgrade from...

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Emirates - Unrealistic requirement

Emirates desires all passengers to have COVID test done 4 hours before for flights originating from Pakistan and some other countries
This is most unrealistic and unthought of requirement. For example if there are 200 passengers it would require 200 machines and operators to do testing. I doubt Islamabad and Rawalpindi combined may have 200 machines. It requires minimum two hours to check the rapid Covid test.

Please consider to modify to within 24 hours Covid testing.

Zahid Aziz
Email: [protected]@gmail.com
Mobile USA [protected]

Desired outcome: Please consider to increase 4 hours to 24 hours for Covid test

The Emirates air carrier can demand each their passenger to provide valid certificate (approval of the absence of Covid-19 virus) simultaneously with the e-ticket in any visible form for the servicing agent at an airport. There shall be common standards, issued by WHO (International Classification of Primary Care) in each country.

Emirates - Being bumped off a flight

I had booked a flight from CMB to AMS on 19th June 2021 on flight EK 649 and EK 127.On the 10 th of June I received the following re cancellation Add Emirates to your safe senders list ...

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Emirates - Cancelled flight

This is regarding booking IE4A8J, our flight was originally on June 8 but we received a call last May 27 saying that the ticket was cancelled due to limited seats. Please understand that my husband...

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Mar 08, 2021

Emirates - Damage baggage

Dear Emirates Team,

unfortunately i have to file complaint about my damaged baggage while traveling from AMD-DXB-ADD on Dated 24th January, 2021.

i found one of my checked in bag was damaged while i collected at arrival Airport (Which is Addis Ababa- Ethiopia). and immediately i contacted Emirates ground staff, whom confirmed the damage and asked me to file the claim. Which i did (Claim File number: ADDEK32173), where i been told that emirates office will contract me for compensation. after awaiting for 2 week, i visited emirate Addis Ababa office. they tried to contract airport staff to get information regarding my complaint. where i been given another false promise that "EMIRATES WILL CONTACT YOU REGARDING YOUR COMPLAINT".

again after awaiting for another 10 days i start follow up, after along follow up i got a call from emirates offering only on 18th February, 2021. offering me $50 for my claim (for total damage of my check in bag). hahaha which was quite unreasonable. (the reason given by them was i have to give original purchase receipt for bag which i bought in india- they suspect that i knew that emirates is going to damage my check in baggage and i have to provide receipt as a proof that i bought this bag/ or that bag belongs to myself)

i ask them straight away that i can't accept this unreasonable offer from emirates. after i reject offer they told me that my complaint will be escalated to customer service (i awaited another couple of days to get feedback from EMIRATES customer service, where again i disappointed as i don't receive any feedback)

anyhow i have to visit again to Emirates office (as i got no choice), they finally advice me file online complaint with emirates as EMIRATES ADDIS ABABA OFFICE AND AIRPORT STAFF can not provide any further information and solution regarding my claim. and i have to directly communicate with customer service.

Anyway this was not expected by the Emirates - that after awaiting more then 45 days i am not getting any solution on my claim and i have to file complaint directly to customer service.

i think this was enough story to explain my claim situation to yourselves and i hope will received positive solution for my complaint.

Emirates - Rude hostesses and staff at airport and in flight

December 17, 2020 flight EK 641 We were in flight. When they were serving dinner. In my ticket I suppose to get baby meal. Which no body mentioned in flight. So when they were serving dinner I asked...

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Apr 23, 2020

Emirates - I am angry because refund process

I wonder when it will be refunded I hope you can answer quickly reservation code:G2WQL6(departure date : 2020.04.08 10:15 Moldives-Dubai round trip) airline : emirates airline credit card last...

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Feb 09, 2020

Emirates - abusive racists manager saud ahmed mumbai - denied boarding to family with infant and 2 small kids below 5 years

On Nov 9, 2019, I was so happy and excited to travel to Spain from our native Philippines with my husband and 3 small girls (5 years old, 4 years old and 6 months infant). Earlier, From the...

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Jan 10, 2020

Emirates - check in process

Emirates Airlines - Nice words, Irresponsible Behaviour Had checked in on-line for an 11:50 Dubai-Athens flight on Dec 11th. My taxi arrived at 10:40 due to the unusually heavy rain that day. Run to...

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Aug 18, 2019

Emirates - 2 missing apple ipad pro from our suitcase. Flt-ek720-nbo-dbx /flt-ek007-dbx-lhr

Good evening, My family and I have travelled to Kenya and back for a holiday but our concern is for the two Emirates return flights named above. Once we checked in Nairobi 14th Aug 2019, for a 1635...

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Emirates - I received an email regarding a ticket that I booked and traveled two years ago

My family travelled last year on holiday, i booked the flight thorugh online agents and pasid through my credit card. I received my flight tickets and my family travelled to Mauritius.

A year later i received an email from the Emirates Group Fraud department claiming that my payment was fraud and that the agent used a scam credit card, while my payment is made through y credit that is different from the one that the agent paid to Emirates.
I am told that my family are not allowed to travel unless i settle the due of Emirates owed by the agent.

Please advise accordingly why am i responsible for a payment that is not made by me to Emirates and why a year later.


Naden Coodien

Emirates - I am complaining about the unprofessional behaviour of the duty free shops.

I traveled by Emirates flight dated 18thMay, DXB to Hyderabad by 3.10pm flight in the afternoon. Wanted to buy some chocolate and a bottle of whiskey from the duty free shop. Had a a very humiliating experience in both the shops. On presenting my boarding pass, the person on seeing my name, very mockingly and in a humiliating tone ridiculed by commenting that I have a long name and called one of her colleague to show the name and burst out laughing. When I asked them what is so funny in my name, they realised that they have crossed their line and remained silent. This is uncalled for and they have absolutely no business or authority to insult a customer who has come to patronize. Dubai duty free authorities please look into the matter seriously and ensure that no passenger is insulted by the staff on duty hence forth. Kindly take appropriate action and update me. Thank you.

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