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+20 9007 0000(National Call Center) 3 5
+20 224 830 888(Abbasia) 2 0
+20 226 823 271(Abbasia) 0 0
+20 223 900 999(Adly) 0 0
+20 223 902 444(Adly) 0 0
+20 223 906 078(Adly) 0 0
+20 223 927 680(Adly) 0 0
+20 226 966 798(Airport - Terminal 3) 0 0
+20 222 067 010(Airport -Terminal 1) 0 0
+20 224 183 690(Airport -Terminal 1) 0 0
+20 225 749 714(Foreign Affairs) 0 0
+20 225 777 007(Foreign Affairs) 0 0
+20 224 183 722(Heliopolis) 0 0
+20 222 908 453(Heliopolis) 0 0
+20 222 904 528(Heliopolis) 0 0
+20 222 741 953(Nasr City) 0 0
+20 222 718 038(Nasr City) 0 0
+20 222 718 031(Nasr City) 0 0
+20 222 069 075(Shobra) 0 0
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+20 222 069 072(Shobra) 0 0
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+20 233 475 193(Zamalek) 0 0
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+20 233 051 431(Zamalek) 0 0
Military Transportation Department
+20 224 830 888
+20 226 823 271

6 Adly Street, Cairo Egypt
+20 223 900 999
+20 223 902 444
+20 223 906 078
+20 223 927 680

Airport - Terminal 3
Cairo International Airport, Terminal 3, Departure Hall
+20 226 966 798

Airport -Terminal 1
+20 222 067 010
+20 224 183 690

Call Center
EgyptAir Administration Complex, South Building, 3rd Floor, Finger 1 Airport Road #160
+20 090 070 000

Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cornich El Nil Maspero
+20 225 749 714
+20 225 777 007

22 Ibrahim Ellakany St. Elkorba, Helioplis
+20 224 183 722
+20 222 908 453
+20 222 904 528

Nasr City
3, Abu El-Atahia Street, Abbas EL-Akkad Street
+20 222 741 953
+20 222 718 038
+20 222 718 031

13 Agha Khan Building - Almezalat Shobra
+20 222 069 075
+20 222 069 071
+20 222 069 072

Talaat Harb
9, Talaat Harb St.
+20 223 927 664
+20 223 930 381

26 July St. Mohandessein Zamalek Club Fence
+20 233 475 193
+20 233 472 027
+20 233 051 431

Complaints & Reviews

EgyptAir — booking

I have booked on line with Egyptair and everything was confirmed and I received the confirmtion, however, three hours later they cancelled my reservation. This is the least to...

egypt air line service at the airport when getting the boarding pass

Hey u always fly but never got treated so bad only for EgyptAir. Customer service at the airport are so bad. I ama an American and I have every right to travel, but because it said on my passport born in Yemen I get treated like Ana animal by your staff. This is my second time and always get treated bad and worse it never got better. They keep telling me I can't travel to Egypt I needs visa. I tell them that I am a citizen of the United States and I will buy visa at the airport in Egypt. But no help they keep giving me hard time to the point that I heat Egypt air. And will tell everyone I know not to use it.

hotel accommodation and food

597797 Hi Sir/Madame, I was travelling with my mother from Baghdad to Toronto as on 13 Sept 2019, we have a layover(transit) at Cairo Airport for 19 hours. As my mother have Canadian...

flight trip

We have bought a round trip flight on Egypt air flight from Guanzhou - Cairo to Addis Ababa Jul 10, 2019, and Addis Ababa - Cairo to Guangzhou Aug 31, 2019 (with e_ ticket no: [protected] and [protected]). The segment from Addis Ababa - Cairo to Guangzhou was scheduled Aug 31, 2019, 4:10 AM, but when we arrived at the bole airport check-in, Egypt airline staff told us your ticket and name not visible on the system and you can ask Egypt Airline Addis Ababa branch and take the next day's flight.
We had to wait more than two days in Addis Ababa to fix the mistake, because of this we spent two days spending money and escaped Guangzhou to Xian domestic flight, and the Egypt Airline Addis Ababa branch wasn't cover our cost, they told us the problem done by Egypt Airline Guangzhou branch staff and you can ask Egypt Airline or Egypt Airline Guangzhou branch about your cost. How can we get airline help?

Traveler name: Abawa/ Ayalu Teshome and Assemahagn/ Shambel Ferede

Thank you for your cooperation!


i have a flight today on Egypt air flight number is ms 791 from cairo to rome in 9.35 but when i arrived to the airport in 7 told me the flight is cancel and you can take the next flight in 1.55 i stay more than 5 hours in airport without any problems for the company there's something i can do with the company or not and the agent's for the company speak with all the people with bad way and say the flight is cancelled you need the next flight itsbok you dont need it there's nothing to do for you
nader elnagar

flight cancellation (uncommunicated)

EgyptAir MS725 at 10h05am

I have booked a return flight Brussels-Cairo-Brussels. The segment from Cairo to Brussels was scheduled on 18/05/2019. To our surprise the flight was cancelled and we were scheduled to the flight of the 19/05/2019. We were not contacted in anyway by the airline to inform us of the change nor did it appear on the airline's website. We received the usual links for our online check-in on 17/05/2019 and got our boarding passes to discover the change in the hour of the flight and most importantly the change in the DATE/DAY of the flight. None of the 24/7 numbers were working (1717 or [protected]) and when they finally connected it was an auto message indicating that they are only available between 8am to 8pm (not 24h).

When contacting the airlines and complaining they said we called yet could not provide info on when, who or why did they not leave a voice message, send an email or sms when no one answered the phone, or even have the curtsy of calling again.

flight delayed

Today I had I planned flight on EgyptAir from Cairo to Jeddah at 2:15 pm.
What happened was unacceptable at all.
Till 2:30pm (which mean after the planned date for departural) the gate was closed, nobody told as what's happening or why the gate was closed.
And after one more hour we start to see the employees and they told as that the flight will be in the air at 4:30.
The employees were soooo rude and aggressive.
And after all it's 5:30 and we still in the airplane we didn't move yet.
It's totally unacceptable and inconvenience for all the passengers, I am asking how I can raise this issue and how I will be compensate.
My flight no is MS671 from Cairo to Jeddah
My name is Nehal Salama.

I will appreciate your fast and kind reply.

flight delayed

lost and delayed baggage claim

Greetings sirs, ii, beverly swan filed a lost and delayed luggage claim claim # caims 68224, on july 30, 2018. I arrived in cairo, egypt. July 30, 2018 neither of my two{2}...

delayed baggage w miss behavior of the employee of EgyptAir dealing w your referred file caims73336

We are ff number [protected] No professional stuffs to deal with our problem or our inquiries. Vvvv poor dealing, wrote on ur file to call u since 7 am, but here since 8.30 start...

delayed baggage delivery after flight arrival

on 21 September 2018, my domestic flight on Egypt airlines was arrived from sharm elshiekh city to Cairo on time (1:00 pm) Flight: MS 456 seat: 33K Name: Ahmed Elsayed The...

check-in at counter

Dear sirs, My 18 year old son was on a Egypt's fight 799 Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018 cai-cdg. Confirmation no. QY66LO He arrived at the ticket 8:15 am and they kept him there till...

service/food/damaged luggage

I have been flying Egypt Air since 2013. My United Air Star Alliance #CB546913. First from Rome to Guangzhou 5 times a year. Lately Miami to Sharm el Shiekh 4 times a year. The...

cancellation of the flight lx 4190 geneva cairo on 2/6/2018

Flight number LX 4190 geneva Cairo at 2 June 2018 . departure time 15:00 terminal 1 Ticket number :[protected] Reservation number : KXU7Q6 Idiscovered it on making online...

missing baggage


I have been waiting for someone to email or call me back in regards to my baggage being missing.

I flew with Egypt Air on May 25th. Flight # MS995 from Cairo to Toronto.

My baggage is missing. #871924 & 871925.
Masuma Manji & Irfanali Manji

Please call me in regards to what the next steps are. My Phone # is [protected]. And my email address is masuma.[protected]

  • Complainant20091 May 30, 2018

    You did not attach e-ticket / boarding pass / bag tag number/ complaint dta numbers.
    Nobody will call for no reason.

    I am not connected wth this air carrier.

    manager for IATA/ICAO irrerulations

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missing luggage

My baggage was lost by egyptair 25.03.2017 on flight numbers MS856- MS995 .From Khartoum - Toronto-Edmonton. My baggage was checked in up to Toronto unfortunately I could not find...

pilot arrogant attitude

I want to share with you very bad experience I witnessed on Egypt Air flight from Beirut to Cairo flight MS712 on Thursday 19/4/2018. I am attaching my boarding pass for any details you may need to investigate this incident.

When we arrived at Cairo airport the pilot treated one of the Lebanese passengers who was about to leave the plane in a very arrogant and rude way and when the passenger refused such treatment the pilot ordered the crew to close the door and keep passengers inside then went to his cabinet neglecting all angry passengers. After that the pilot tried to arrest the Lebanese passenger but some Egyptians refused and said he did nothing wrong so we will stay on plane to tell the truth and will not leave this guy alone. This took 5 minutes or so then the pilot ordered the crew to open the door for all passengers.

Yes, it took as little as 5 minutes but left extremely bad impression among all foreign passengers as well as Egyptians.

Appreciate if you can raise my complaint through the right channels for investigation and give me feedback ASAP.

I sent the above to [protected] on 21/4/2018 but did not receive any reply till now (29/4/2018).

I am staralliance gold member for many years by the way.

broken plane ms664 jed to cai march 4th 2018

597797 My name is Marwan S. Wahba and I was supposed to go to JFK New york with my wife and daughter on m Sunday March 4th 2018 from Jeddah via Cairo, the plane had technical problem...

lost baggage

I travelled on Egyptair from Asmara (Eritrea) to Blantyre (BLZ), Malawi via Cairo and Johannesburg. A departed Asmara on 1st Feb 2018 at 03:25 on Flight number MS 834. At 23:00 hrs on 1st Feb, I connected with another Egyptair flight to Johannesburg (JNB) Flight Number MS 839 arriving in JNB OR Tambo Airport at 07:05. There was adequate time in between flights in Asmara and Cairo to allow my bag be transfered to the next flight. To my surprise, when I was about to leave JNB heading to Blantyre which was my final destination, I was approached by a Malawi Airline official who told me that I did not come along with my baggage on the same flight from Egypt. I reported the matter upon my arrival in Blantyre and was told to check with them the following day (today).

Today I was at the airport but my baggage was not among the baggages that came from South Africa.

Would you please explain where my baggage is? What shopuld I do to get back my baggage? Reference number for my baggage is: MS 884172.

Grateful if I canb get my buggage as soon as possible.

Lovemore Mazibuko

  • Complainant20091 May 13, 2018

    The air carrier has 21 days for the delivery of the lost baggage of the passenger.

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  • Complainant20091 May 19, 2018

    The e-ticket / booking number / bag tag is absent in attachmnet
    So no prove of the services present.
    Send / attach e-ticket / boarding pass/ bag tag
    whichever is in your possession.

    In 21 days the only solution - via the court only.

    e-mail: aryan(at)

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My friend and I were coming back from DXB to CAI on Jan 15th, 2018 and at the time of the check-in in DXB at 2 am, EgyptAir staff told us that the flight was canceled and they had no idea what time it was going to be scheduled. They advised us to go back to the hotel or find a place to stay. From my experience with airlines, they were supposed to pay for our hotel stay. If I live in Cairo and I am just visiting Dubai, how am I supposed to go back to the hotel after I had checked-out and ask them to stay in the room again? That doesn't make any sense.
So, they gave us a McDonald's voucher to eat and we had to be waiting for 12 HOURS to catch the flight. MS911 was scheduled for 5 am then they changed it to 8 am and then to 12:55 pm but actually, we took off at 2 pm!!!
I had an important meeting at work in the morning and that almost cost me my job. My friend who came all the way from Brazil had a trip starting at 12 pm on the 15th and she had to cancel with NO REFUND of the travel agency. It was such a frustrating incident and I really hope Egypt Air can refund or at least compensate us for this horrible experience we had. I travel a lot and probably will never use this company again because it was such a hassle and I don't want to go through all of this next time.
Ana Lima and Priscila de Oliveira


delay in arriving at johannesburg and hence I ended up missing my saa flight and paid a penalty fee

On Saturday October 28, I flew from Cairo to Johannesburg to attend an international conference at Cape Town. My flight to Cape Town SA 317 was supposed to leave at 9:10 AM. However, my flight from Cairo to Joburg (MS 839) got delayed for an unknown reason. As I had to go through Immigration and to reclaim my luggage at Joburg airport, I arrived at SAA terminal 30 minutes before flight time and hence SAA agent would not allow me to check in. In the meantime, she refused to put me on another flight saying that the delay was Egyptair's fault and hence Egyptair should make those arrangements for me. She sent me to Egyptair's sales office on the third floor of terminal B og Joburg airport but the office was closed. I was then informed that the office won't open until 9 PM i.e. 12 hours later.

I spent the next two hours running from one Information desk to the other and from terminal A to terminal B to Menzies trying to get help. I eventually got on flight SA 317 which left at 11AM but I had to pay a penalty fee of 1550.00 ZAR ($130).

I would appreciate your prompt investigation of this incident and refunding me for the above amount.
Thank you for your consideration.

Dr. Nahla Abdeltawab
Country Director
Population Council
Cairo, Egypt
e-mail: [protected]

  • Complainant20091 May 19, 2018

    The e-ticket / booking number is absent in attachmnet
    No proves and no reason of the refusal are present.

    Send / attach
    1. e-ticket
    2. boarding pass
    3. paasport copy with face
    4. any visa, if you had to have it
    4. reson of the refusal,
    whichever is in your possession.

    e-mail: aryan(at)

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counters of egyptair

Hi, My son had today a flight to Paris and we encountered many problems that led to missing this flight: 1- he arrived three hours as recommended to the airport and to our...

miles redeem ticket

Sir… I am a Member of Egypt air plus Ms [protected], now after I collected a whole mileage equivalent to 27138 Mile, I went to Egypt air sales office to redeem my miles with a one...

ticket refund.


I have been following regarding the below issue for almost a month now. No responds from any of the Egyptair contacts.

We had cancelled 2 tickets from Cairo to Sharm El Shaikh on the 8th of June 2017 as we could not travel to Egypt from Qatar. I received an email confirming the cancellation and the refund will happen only after 21 working days. The fund is not refunded yet

Please do the needful to refund the money at the earliest as this have been delayed more the days you mentioned, and the cancellation was done one week after booking and 3 weeks prior to the travel date.

For your reference
Booking Reference MCCVNR
Name Ms Kitty Jose

Booking Reference MC98WT
Name Jihad Akber

the cabin crew manager

I want to submit a complain as I was on flight no4001 g ms, 29th of april, termilal 3, 19:10dep, 22:20 arrival

1) I was insulted by the cabin crew manger
2) I asked for the security, he came to support her then asked to have my passport and upon her request they refused to open the door and holded me and my father forcing us to stay and refusing to get us the airport police to protect us from them
3) as she in front of every one threatened us to be deported?!!!
4) at last she insisted to keep us inside till we apologize to her after cursing me
5) after a while when every body had already left the airplane the captain came to us introduced him self ahmed hussin zebdeya I guess after holding us like 30 min.
What happen is that at the begging of the flight I asked the flight attendant to get me a pillow she said sorry we dont have so its ok, after a while I saw another one giving other passengers pillows and blankets so I called her again she ignored me, I asked another male flight attendant to please get me her name cause I want to make a complain so he didnt but he gave me a pillow and said we cant give u a blanket now
The flight attendant was looking at me in a very offensive way and when the we reached jeddah I took the pillow in my hand to make a complain on my way down the cabin crew manger came said u cant take it in a very rude way and high tone and insulted me (قالت لى انت سحت و فاسالتها هل تهينينى قا لى انت ذاهبة للعمرة و تاخذين سحت و رفعت صوتها و استدعت امن لمنعى من النزول حتى بعد ان اخذت الوسادة و بالفعل منعنا من النزول و طلب جواز السفر فرفضت و طلبت الشرطة السعوديةو فرفضت و قالت حنرحلك و نجبلك الشرطة تيهدلكو مش حتنزلى لا انت ولا ولدك قبل الاعتذار منها؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟!!
و بعد نزول الركاب جاء الكبتن احمد حسين ذبدية و سمح انا بالنزول
توجهت لمكتب مصر الطيران بجدة لعمل شكوى طلب منى ان ادخل على الموقع للشكوى و رفض اى اجراء

So I am asking egypt air a cabin crew1. Insulted me2. Held me against my wish
3. Threatening me using security, and that she will insult me more and deport me
4. The cabin crew wanted us to apologize to her after she insulted us more than once??? Or keep us one the plan and deport us???
5. The security held us??? And asked to take our passports refused to protect us or get us the police as we wanted?

I attached the flight ticket and a pic for the security man the name of her I am not sure about but I guess mai, old lady over 50 years old
لقد قامت رائيسة طاقم الضيافة بسبى و اهانتى و تهدديدى بالترحيل و احتجازى بالطائرةو عدم السماح لى بالنزول بعد نزول كل الركاب رفض الامن باستدعاء الشرطة او حتى حمايتنا منها و طلب مناا لاعتزارلها للتمكن من النزول؟؟؟لا اصدق حتى الان مدى الاهانة الاختراقات التى قامت بها و ان كان هذا ما تقبل بة مصر للطيران؟؟

the cabin crew manager
the cabin crew manager
the cabin crew manager

medical assistance wheelchairs

flight egypt air ms 43 march 25th I arrived from Hurghada at 7am to take a connecting flight to Brussels MS725 I applied for medical assistance I I have serious walking problem...

luggage cost/customer service

I have booked a flight with Egyptair on the 20th of December 2016, from Manchester to Cairo, reference no. [protected]
I was allowed 2 luggage, 23 kg each.. as it I had planned to get back with 4 bags, I called Egyptair in England to buy the weight of 2 extra luggage, I was told that I cannot buy online and I only can buy at the airport, so to decide whether to buy or to ship them via a shipping company, I asked for the rates, the answer was as following:
_ 95 sterling pounds for 23 kg extra bag
_ any extra weight above 23 will be charged per kilo
Based on these rates, I decided to take the bags with me on the plane, however, when I arrived at the airport for checking in and after doing the check in, I went to the desk to pay and they charged me:
_ 168 sterling pounds *2 as I had 2 extra
_ 250 sterling pound as a fine for the heavy bag ( one of the two was 30kg)!!!

I could not recall my bag as I 'll miss my flight and they told me if you missed the flight, you will have to buy a brand new flight ticket, I had to pay this ridiculous amount of money, which by the way I did not have on my UK bank account and had to use an Egyptian credit card that charged me a lot above this amount!!!
Now, I am writing this email to ask for an action from your side as I followed all the instructions and acted upon the information I received, this amount of money is not realistic, it equals a whole new ticket and even more!!!
I have contacted Egyptair customer service and (we care) and their reply was unacceptable, I have informed them of all the details regarding the incident, that I have been in contact with Expedia and Egyptair before I travel from Uk, both assured me that any extra luggage will be dealt with Egyptair, I even contacted Brussels airway to make sure which party is the right one to buy extra weight and they confirmed that it has to be through Egyptair. However, their reply on my complaint is:
"Re your complaint, we would like to inform you that investigations took place by our concerned departments, they clarified that the amount you paid for your extra luggage was handled by the SK airlines ."

I tried to reply that It is not my problem who handled the payment, my issue is that I followed the information that was given to me and apparently was incorrect, but it is like they do not want to understand!!!
This is a mistake from their side, I even told them that I can give the mobile number I called the customer service from, my name and they can go back to the call records as calls are recorded, that the customer service gave me WRONG information and if these were the rates I have been given at start I would have used a shipping company or find other solutions but definitely would not have agreed to pay this HUGE amount of money for TWO BAGS!!!

PLEASE advise accordingly, waiting for your reply

Egypt Airlinesbag wt policy

Since I was 2 months old, I was traveling through egypt air either once or twice a year. among these 34 years, I couldn’t remember a significant real problem with your service except my last trip. I was travelling (cairo – sharm el sheikh – cairo) on this month (14th-23th / jan) , this trip was the worst one in my life. I had two main problems with your agent, they are implantation of bag weight policy and professional communication with the costumers.
I was travelling from cairo on 14th, january, 2017 with my wife and small kid, we have three main bags with about 75 kg weight (two bags 30 kg and one 15 kg) , and I have no comment or objection from your representative on the egypt air counter. on my return on 23th, january, 2017 (flight no. 306) , I had the same bags with almost the kg (two bags 32 kg and one 18 kg) , as I have rearrange bags wt. according to your representative request to match bag policy without mentioning that I will pay fees for extra wt. , finally there was only 45 min for airplane departure, and with very ugly and unprofessional way of communication he ask to pay 30 $ for extra wt. and after long discussion with his supervisors, they insist on their communication way and their decision ; (i. e. take it or leave it).
Now, you will find my complaint questions;
• why there are two ways of bags policy implantation in cairo and sharm airport?
• why you didn’t respect your costumer experience with your agent?
• why these aggressive way of communication with your costumers?, as I think you have to be problem solvers as big service provider.
• is it suitable to give your costumer instructions to take make the action or refuse?
I think this trip and you action for my complaint will have a significant impact on me and my cooperation (pharco cooperation) future trips. for your kind feedback.
Hisham seif
Business development manager
Pharco cooperation
Hisham. [protected]

EgyptAir — business class flight single traveler with 4 month baby

Do not ever consider flying with this airline specially with a baby. I had small baby and no one helped me even after telling them I need assistance due to c section. They refused...

Egypt Airlines — missed christmas

On the 19th of December 2016, I was supposed to fly from Johannesburg - O.R Tambo - to Athens - El. Venizelos - with a stop in Cairo. Unfortunately - and besides leaving home 2...

Egypt Airlines — overbooking flight # ms 338 on 22/11/16

Dear Sirs, I am a frequent traveler (FQTV [protected]) using your domestic flights almost every week between Hurghada & Cairo. I booked on 07/11 a trip to Cairo on 21/11/16...

Egypt Airlinesscam egyptair for payment online

Dear Egyptair,

I'm here to rewrite again my absurd and terrible experience. I state that I live in Egypt, I have an Egyptian credit card and I wanted to buy on Egypt's page Egyptair ( the price in local currency)
Saturday, November 19 I tried to buy online the Hurghada-Rome flight departing 22 and return on November 27th (one for best offer and return to platinum) in 7385. The On my prepaid card I had Le 7712.20(more money than you need to buy) . For several times the operation failed. Sunday I called both the call center Egyptair that what my bank. At the end I discovere that the funds were insufficient because the charge would have happened considering the dollar cost of the ticket 464.00 and multiplying with the change of 18 (gearbox that specific c 'it was Monday, among other things). So the ticket price would go up to The 8352 !!!
Fortunately I had a prepaid, and the operation was not successful, but if I had a regular credit card?Otherwise I would have found Le 1000 more without knowing it: this is called scam !!!
After writing several mails (where they also asked me to scan my card in the mail on 21 novembre [protected], November 21 they called me from the finance department (phone number [protected]) saying that I had the 100X100 reason and that I should not be angry whit Egyptair because it would solve every problem.
I specified that I could not start the 22 having canceled my vacation and I wanted to start from November 27 to December 2: went to best offer and return to platinum) in LE 7473. I'm still waiting
I flew with Egyptair years and I've never had any problems, but cuase of the devaluation of the Egyptian pound was exaggerating. Wanted "fool me" Le 1000, I have made clear my holidays and 6 days later I still have not received an apology for what you wanted to do.
I guess at this point, that what happened to me was not a technical problem but continue to do so.
My every word would be useless to express what I think of you

Egypt Airlines — baggage claim

Dear egyptair, On july 30, I supposed to go from athens to jakarta as my final destination, with the initial route: athens-cai (Ms750 30jul 19:30) then cai-bkk (Ms960 30jul...

Egypt Airlineshorrible service! and crime!

I've suppose to flight with ms 732, on 09.07.2016 from berlin to cairo.
I have arrived at the airport before the boarding time and the checking time was opened. Well there was no check in counter neither egypt air representative at all ! (They probable have check in the passenger that has arrived earlier and left the desk wile the time for check in was still on). More over there was no one in their office at the airport.
I lost a important working and day and money of course.
Once I found after someone at their office, told me that only the manager can do something about. I spoke with him on phone (Of course coz he left the working space earlier) , he was full of stupid excuses that is not their fault that I could check in !
This is my worst ever exercise with an airline ! Such a terrible service such a bad people !

EgyptAir — women abuse & disgusting service

The message below was sent to EgyptAir several times since 7th April 2016, and i have not yet received a response from them. I can only assume that they condone and encourage...

EgyptAircriminal behavior of egyptair employees

On Sept. 17, 2015 upon passing through the immigration checkpoint at CAI Airport, two men blocked our exit from the checkpoint and physically took my boyfriend's passport from his hand. They identified themselves as security officers, but could not present any credentials and were not in uniform. Very scared, I approached several CAI Airport employees for help. They all ignored me. One individual who was an EGYPTAIR employee, wearing EGYPTAIR credentials, intervened in the situation -- but NOT to assist us. Instead this EGYPTAIR employee assisted the men with keeping the passport and continuing to question us. The EGYPTAIR employee assisted with translation, and continued to provide that assistance even when the man asked us how much cash we were carrying -- which was his attempt to get cash from us in exchange for return of the passport he took. At one point when I said I was very nervous, the EGYPTAIR employee laughed at me. The behavior of this employee is deplorable. I wish I had asked for his name because I would have pursued this matter until his employment was terminated. I will be reporting the incident to the U.S. Embassy, and pursuing every possible means to review and publish this information for others so that they do not fly EGYPTAIR in the future. We had planned to fly EGYPTAIR from CAI-LXR during our stay, but instead we cancelled our tickets after the criminal behavior and assistance that the EGYPTAIR employee engaged in.

Egypt Airlinesseat reservation

i am trying to make a seat reservation from Egypt air travel from Cairo to Bangkok as it will take more than 9 hrs, and my wife will be an adult with a baby so we need a suitable seat with bassinet.
she knows English very well and she is not pregnant.

i have find that seat number 38 G is available, and asked them to reserve it for us or any other available seat.

it is 4 days now and nothing happened even we offered to pay more money, but still nothing happens.
i have send 4 email and every time the gave me a new reason for rejection.
my reservation no is 2DHDV2

seat reservation

EgyptAir — flight ms 180

Regarding to flight MS180 transit from Cairo to Alexandria got delayed for more than 4 hours without any information or formal announcement and we have just waited in the plane...

EgyptAir — bad attitude

اشتكي من سوء معامله المضيفات والأمن في مصر للطياران للمواطنين المصرين جدا جدا جدا -في يوم ١٦/٧/٢٠١٥ وانا راجعه من قبرص الي مصر السابعه ٧ ٣٠ فوجءنا بوضع شنطه كبيره الحجم وكرسي...

Egypt Airlines — terrible experienc & rude staff

Never fly Egypt Air 1. They will cancel your confirmed seats without any notic. 2. They will misplace your luggage and be rude to you when you follow up with them 3. The entire...

EgyptAirbad customer service

very bad customer service, actually the worst cabin crew I've ever saw + the most unprofessional customer service agents who will always be sooo bothered and annoyed if you ever phoned them or asked them for help!
so finally i went online to manage my booking and the website is just a miss! you cannot edit or manage a thing about your flight and it takes forever to login your ticket!
nothing seems to work out! you have to wait and see your luck at the airport if they're going to help you or ignore as expected!
my advise: never go in this airline even for free!

  • Jo
    Joosab Oct 13, 2010

    I was on a flight from Cairo to Johannesburg. My kids were travelling with me. The food that was served to my kids was burnt and disgusting. I find it a disgrace that Egyptair can serve this type of offering to paying passengers.
    I was so disgusted, I made sure to take pictures of it.

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  • No
    @nonymous Oct 13, 2010

    Your complaining about the burnt'ness? Look at the food itself! ... ewww. I wouldn't feed that crap to my dog!

    I think prison food is better .. haha ...

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  • Ho
    Hossam Ragab Mar 28, 2015

    Good day
    I was coming in flight MS 684 to Cairo from Dammam and the food was expired and unhuman and attached is a photo of it.

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