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Wendysterrible service

This week in Pittsberg, PA your restaurant near my closest town was giving away hamburgers as a taste test. The three of us got in line to get our sample. The line was long as every begger wanted a free meal. The difference between them and myself was I am a paying customer from the past. I am a registered nurse I make 90k a year and I don't know why I had to wait line when I can probably spend more money in their restaurant than the other regular every day people waiting in line.

My daughter and I got our burgers. We went to sit down because they had to make a new batch for my son since the already ran out. This took a good five minutes. I would normally have complained about this but since I already had my meal I decided to let it slide even though they were starving a ten year old by making him wait another five minutes.

My son came to the table without his burger and I asked him what happened. He told me that he wanted a double hamburger with cheese. (He was really hungry, his deadbeat father only fed him cereal for breakfast and rice and broccoli for lunch. He only ate the rice since he hates broccoli which my husband insists he ate if he wanted his dessert. My son refused to eat the broccoli so my deadbeat husband refused to let him have ice cream. Anyways to make a long story short because my husband practically starved my son he was really hungry and wanted a double hamburger with cheese. He said that they only gave a single patty for free and asked for money to get the burger he wanted. I immediately went to the counter. I asked which person was serving him. He pointed. I went up to that person and started telling her my concern when she told me to get in line. She was serving a customer. I admit I interrupted them however I was very angry at the way my son was treated. Then the customer got angry at me and told me he was not finished yet. I told him that I was a registered nurse and I make more money than him and he has no right to be mean to me just because he is jealous of how much money I make. Then the person behind him saw that I was angry and let me voice my concern. I am not racist but the person that allowed me to go through was white and the person that got angry at me was black. He is prejudice and thought I was being rude to him only because of his skin color. I was not, I was just trying to get my son the burger he wanted.

I explained the situation to the cashier. I told her that my son wanted a double burger with cheese. She was very angry and talked down to me. (I make three times as much money as her and she talked down to me.) She told me that only the hamburger's were free if I wanted double the patty and the cheese with it I would have to pay the regular price. I asked to speak with a supervisor. A woman by the name Rachel(probably Jewish from her name) came up to me and said that only the hamburger was free. I told her this was ridiculous, that Wendy's makes millions a year and they can't even add a an extra patty and a slice of cheese for a hungry boy malnourished my his father. She told me that I have three choices. I can either get the free hamburger for my son, pay for the burger that he wanted or take nothing. I took my son aside for a second and he said that he wanted two hamburgers for because he was hungry. At this point he was really upset he asked my why I did not just pay for the double hamburger with cheese and even offered to pay me back. I told him it was a matter of principle. I explained to him very softly that Rachel was being a cheap Jew, and that while I can afford the double hamburger with cheese for him I was not going to let the incompetent cashier and manager push me around and they are being very difficult in not adding an extra patty and slice of cheese for one hungry boy. When he found out that he was not getting the kind of burger he wanted he was very upset and did not want anything. I had to eat his hamburger because he refused to eat. While I was busy trying to make some sense into this situation my daughter had already finished her hamburger and had to watch me eat mine which I only half ate and my son's which he did not want because Rachel the incompetent manager put him in a bad mood. I did not even get an apology for the inconvenience that this has caused my son, daughter and myself.

I make 90k a year and can spend a lot of money in your store. You won't be seeing a dime until I get a $25 gift card for the inconvenience that you have caused me and my son. It does not have to be $25 it can be just a coupon for a free value meal as long as it is something I really don't care. You caused my children and myself a great inconvenience by not giving my son what he wanted and by making us stand in line with the regular everyday people who probably only make half or one third as much money as I do. Stop running your business like a bunch of cheap Jews. I myself have worked at Mcdonalds and have earned my living, and until your employees do the same they should treat people better off then them better.


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    Heather Oct 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Sound like you are the racist. And I am sure your son is not malnurished, especially if you make 90K a year. To me you sound like a horrible person. And the beggar wanting the free food is you! I am a single mother of 3, myself, and you do make 4 times as much as me. And yes I have a deadbeat ex husband. .. I would be GREATFUL for a free burger for my kids. . . and they would be GREATFUL to have whatever was given to them, and wouldnt BEG for a double burger. And calling the manager a cheap jew? Who the hell are you? Hitler? I am from PITTSBURGH (which you did not spell correctly, ahem) and I am saddened to know that there are such pompas jerkoffs like you in this world.

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  • Da
    Danielle Oct 21, 2008
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    First off you dumb racist selfish biaatch, Im a nurse with boys and people make mistakes even in the medical field, for you to call people names because your son didnt get his hamburger in a timely fashion, what were you born with a golden spoon in your mouth.. Learn respect and for most learn how to spell Im also from Pittsburgh!!!

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  • Jo
    jonelle Oct 21, 2008
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    A friend of mine posted a bulletin on myspace about how upset she got after she read this complaint. So I was curious to see what she was speaking of. Now I understand.

    I just want you to think about how errogant and ignorant you sounded in your complaint.

    Your main gripe was about being treated like everyone else in the establishment, i guess you felt you were more important, when you are nobody to any of them. Your money is nothing without a personality to go with it. Your boasting about making 90k a year, like anyone really cares. Mother Thereasa was the richest person ever and was treated with great respect everywhere she went and she made no money at all. She volunteered her time.

    On another note, if you were so worried about making 90k a year, why were you eating in Wendys anyway, and trying to get free burgers. You might as well have gone to a soup kitchen, you loser. You need to try jumping on the other side of fence and take care of someone because you care about mankind, not because you get paid 90k a year.

    I believe you may be in the wrong profession, you should've went to law school, or maybe work for an insurance company, oh yeah, I got one even better, be a polotician, preferrably a republican.

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  • Sh
    Shannon K Oct 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    OMG, Beotch! Where do YOU get off complaining? If you make 90K a year, why are you even caring about a free burger? For the PRINCIPLE of what? Of you being a cheap, arrogant, stuck up witch that can't even write a paragraph or spell? For crying out loud, you claim you LIVE near Pittsberg...IT'S PITTSBURGH! Hello!

    And, you're not racist...yet you called Rachel a "cheap Jew" and that with a name like Rachel, she must be Jewish...but, NO, you're not must be Aryan. This isn't Hitler's era anymore, honey. Jew's are people, too.

    You need to go back to school! I am rather offended by your style of writing, or lack thereof. You can't even put a simple sentence together, nor can you spell.

    And you make 90K a must have received your nursing license out of a Cracker Jack box! I am a nurse's aide, myself, and I have better bedside manner than you. What lesson, exactly, are you teaching your children, by behaving in this manner? Seriously.

    Beggars. Jews. You like only rich people like yourself. You have no clue, lady, no clue! Get over yourself and act like an adult.
    I agree with Heather. "And I am sure your son is not malnurished, especially if you make 90K a year." Oh, and if he's SUCH a DEADBEAT husband/father, what the heck ya doing with the fruit loop?

    To all that read these: Notice she's not anywhere to be found, defending herself. I love stupid people!

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  • Ju
    Julie Oct 22, 2008
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    Verified customer

    You, lady, are everything that's wrong with this country. You're impatient, arrogant, and for someone who allegedly makes nearly six figures per year, you don't appear to be very educated. (The spelling. The punctuation. "Pittsberg?") "90K a year, 90K a year, 90K year." Move on, idiot. What does that 90K a year get you? This is just another one of those little life lessons... that money can't buy you class! People like you should not even be allowed out in public, so you should be the one sending a gift card to Wendy's for inconveniencing them. Oh, and the name-calling... what is that?! Between your horrid fixation on how much money you supposedly have and your overall sickeningly childish, selfish attitude, it's amazing you even met a "deadbeat" that was willing to procreate with you! As for starving your son, maybe your selfish rear-end would have thought to give him your burger while you waited for the new batch to be made. That's what any real mother would do. You made a complete ### out of yourself and your children and I can only imagine the kinds of other irrational, idiotic behavior you'll engage in so that your children will grow up to hate you.

    On a final note, did you ever stop to think that no matter how awful a situation may seem to you (even though this is the most pathetic piece-of-trash complaint I've ever read in my life) that it could always be worse? When you actually do have real problems, let us know. Until then, don't take this kids out anymore. The people of "Pittsberg" are better off not having their dining experience ruined by a simpleton like you.


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  • St
    Stacy Oct 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I certainly hope this was a joke. Really, a truly educated and well paid person would never have the lack of class, not to mention literacy, you have displayed in this article. 90k a year? I think you're lying. You must be an insecure, bitter woman. And as a nurse, you should know that 2 weakly balanced meals hardly makes for a malnourished child.

    Wendy's wasn't advertising free double cheeseburgers, I'm sure. It was hamburgers. I don't expect a child to understand the concept but certainly a grown person, educated or not, can grasp what is free and what would not be free at such an event. Your immature, racist and threatening rampage probably did nothing to encourage the staff of Wendy's to help the situation.

    And your poor children. You taught them that their mother has out of control anger, you taught them to hate others, you taught them to make racist comments, you taught them that consideration and respect for others does not exist. I just hope they realize what a false lesson this is. You should hope they don't cower in fear from you and learn to hate you due to your inability to control yourself.

    Sounds to me like you were the cheap ### looking for a free meal and someone to pick a fight with. I pity you.

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  • Jl
    JL Nov 24, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Okay so you make 90K a year. Whoopee ###. No amount of money makes up for a total lack of class. Number one rule of being a mother: FEED YOUR CHILDREN BEFORE YOU FEED YOURSELF !!! [censored]..

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  • Anon Apr 04, 2009

    Wow, and I thought I could call /myself/ a troll.

    Well played, nurse.

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Aug 12, 2009

    You have got to be the same psycho that wrote in about another fast food company, saying blacks were theives because they stole your nickel. I pity your children for having to put up with you. You are a self-centered, egotistical snot who deserves to be put in her place. If you make so much money, why don't you try eating at home instead of whining about all these fast food places? Grow up, get a life and get over yoursel[censored]

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  • Jk
    Jkoe Feb 05, 2010

    This review was awesome. I can't believe all these people that are mad about it. The review is obviously made up. A wonderfully written, and fake review. "I explained to him very softly that Rachel was being a cheap Jew, " holy crap, I am still laughing about that line.

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  • Le
    Lester Mar 30, 2010

    Went thru drive Thru today at 1:05pm (Reg 4, 2010-03-16, 1:05pm, [protected] 4 4052, 17816 108th Ave SE Renton WA 98058) I live a mile from here so am familiar with poor service on a continuing basis from this site, I am aWendys customer so I keep hoping my calls and feedback will make a change.

    Today, ordered a triple meal #3 with chili instead of fries and 4 chicken nuggets.

    I left and headed to my destination, I reached in a bag and came out with chili, they placed the chili container on it's side nest to the hamburger in bottom of bag, the lid had come open and bottom of bag was leaking chili. I stopped and pulled into a parking lot, below the chili and hamburger was my straw, bent and flattened. there were 2 napkins but they were already covered with chili. In the other bag was 4 chicken nuggets and 2 napkins along with 4 sweet/sour sauces. I had asked for barbeque sauce. The nuggest were not warm but cold, all of them. Also in the bag were 2 napkins, no spoon for chili or crackers for chili. Person taking order had problem understanding English so I repeated everything at speaker and window. Today’s experience was the final straw, and I have gone out of my way to give them feedback and never asked for anything in return other than fixing the problem. Last time my hamburger had one less meat patty than ordered, food is rarely hot and forget the fries, soggy. How Wendy's can allow the service at this facility to continue is beyond me, I hear the same comment from other people in the area...HELP DAVE!

    I remember when Wendy’s had to hire off duty police officers to control the traffic during lunch hour, and they wore buttons that said Hot and Juicy….now it should be Cold and Old!

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  • Ja
    Jaiguz Jul 03, 2010

    I went to the Wendys on Wilson in Ontario, Canada and the female at the window ( around 10:30) asked why i was laughing and told me to stop laughing and that i wasn't funny. She asked " what's the joke?" and told me " i have the right to refuse service " because i was laughing with my friends ... she then asked me " are you high?" and told me to never come back again... i don't think i would ever want to after that .. so i went around to find the manager. I asked at tim hortons what the manager looked like and the description was " big and black" so i went and saw him outside talking to a group of friends in the parking lot. I told him wat had just happened and he said " so wat's the problem?" and i said " it's terrible service" and he said " ok? so wat do you want me to do?" and i said " i don't know whatever you want to i guess.. you're the manager" and he said " wat if i said i wasn't the manager?" and i had no answer... I've never been so pissed off at terrible service. I work at east side marios and if i ever did anything close to that ESPECIALLY AS A MANAGER i would be fired on the spot.. and this is not the only complaint i've heard from this wendys about this same depressed woman working the window. She treats anyone that goes through there like ###. However, this isn't the end of my story. As i drove away from this wendys the manager flipped me the bird along with his group of friends of whom he allowed to criticize me as well!

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  • Ke
    kentthekissfan Aug 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are a friggin [censor] and it's no wonder your ex dumped you and is stiffing you for child care. If you look any thing like you write I'd bet your a fat pig. I bet you go through life thinking every one owes you a hand out.
    I think the kid eats just fine and he should go live with his Dad so he does not turn out like the pile of crap you are. If you were a good mom you wouldn't feed the kid that fast food crap, at least the old man fed him vegies, I don't suppose you know what they are, "real food" not the crap the serve at fast food joints
    Did I mention you are a Friggin [censor]!

    You'll get your own one day...


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  • Me
    mernie07 Nov 22, 2010

    You are a racist. Cheap Jews? Sounds racist to me. And nobody gives a [censor] what you make for a living. NOBODY. You make so much but you get pissed because you're gonna have to deal out a little cash to get your "malnourished" son a burger? He is NOT malnourished. He had a healthy meal, and being denied icecream because he didn't finish his vegetables, that's just good parenting. Kudos to his Dad. And you stupid [censor], need to learn that just because you make more money than some, that doesn't make you God. You're an idiot. To think you're better than everyone else because of how much you make. My husband works in the medical field, and he doesn't make as much as you. Know why? He's in the Army. Making way less pay than he deserves so ignorant [censor]es like yourself can decide to get pissed over a damn burger. They have rules they have to abide by. The rule was more than one patty you pay. Just because you think you're better than everyone doesn't make you "special" if anything it makes you a selfish [censor] who is one of the lowest forms of human life. All men are created equal. Mean anything to you? Obviously not. You're just ignorant. And you don't deserve [censor] from anyone. If I would have been the "cheap Jew" manager, I would have thrown your self righteous [censor] out of my store. I hate you. Just from this and not even knowing you as a person (although if this is the way you act I do NOT want to know you) I hate you. You're a [censor], and I sincerely hope that you get back on here and read these comments and realize what a [censor] person you really are.


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  • why should they (everyone inside can hear what you say) have to stand around while you laugh and giggle on their timer? That's their money. They cant ignore you so why are you allowed to ignore them and take up their valuable time.

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  • Cu
    customer-not-always-right Mar 26, 2011

    so you assume a double cheeseburger should cost the same as a hamburger...and assume you make more money than all the black people at wendys...

    newsflash: only poor people [censor] about paying extra for extra food.

    when i go out with my husband, and we order food at a restaurant, we expect to be charged extra if we ask for extra.

    90k a year aint [censor]. You are a professional diaper changer-I wouldn't brag about being a nurse..all you do is deal with old people and bed sores and compacted colons all day. Sure, you do other things, just like the people at wendys do more than flip burgers and hand out bags of food.still, i'd rather work fast food than be a nurse, especially after working at a nursing home for 2 weeks with my CNA license, so get off your high horse.

    I never take my kid to fast food, and if I do, I take him to wendys and get him the mandarin oranges or a baked potato. Stop feeding your kid junk-no wonder he is starving after 5 minutes. My kid never starves, I make sure to feed him three times a day.

    What is an uppity nurse doing married to a deadbeat anyways?my husband is amazing.

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