Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companyproduct-spicy chicken go wrap

J Aug 05, 2018

Good evening, I don't usually complain I hate to be that person. But I usually check my food before I leave but I didn't because I absolutely waited forever to get it. I was tired and hungry and just wanted to get home. But I'm guessing the girl in the front was new because she didn't know how to minus things you didn't want. They also must be short staffed because in between every order she took she went to get the person who ordered previously order. I got a spicy to go wrap that that when I opened had a shred of lettuce, 3 little piece of shredded cheese and a really small half of chicken. I refuse to drive all the way back to wendys just for them to fix what should've been done correct the first time. I don't feel like someone should make something they wouldn't even eat.

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