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very poor service & management

Today a manager allowed an employee to walk away from me without serving me because I had reported her for...


Visiting the Wendys in Green Bay WI is horrible. The employees working there look like they have never heard of a washing machine or hygiene. There hair color is from orange to purple to pink. They all walk around like they have no clue on what is happening! You order a sandwich & 9 out of 10 times it is the wrong one. The dining area is filthy!!! There usually is no one dining inside but every table is dirty & the floor is gross!! If every Wendy's is like this I think they should all be shut down!! From reading all the complaints I can't believe there are still Wendy's open.

  • Je
    jeveuxlesoleil Mar 20, 2009

    Personally I find it horribly rude to judge hygiene based on hair dye... it's as good as judging someone by the colour of their skin...

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  • Anon Apr 04, 2009

    I think you're making a hasty generalization. Just because you've come across a Wendy's that's not up to par doesn't mean that every single Wendy's is exactly the same.

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  • As
    Asphodel Aug 27, 2009

    You can't order sandwiches there, they only serve burgers...and there's absolutely nothing wrong with hair dye, if anything, that should promote they would have better hygiene than if they had natural colors. What a lame complaint.

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Resolved terrible service

This week in Pittsberg, PA your restaurant near my closest town was giving away hamburgers as a taste test...

drive thru missing items

First, they took the order incorrectly. Before I paid I asked for it be repeated and they were missing 3...


Wendys 2222 elmwood ave., buffalo, ny 14214 [protected] Every time I leave this place I remember that I...

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food quality gone downhill!!!

My kids and I have always enjoyed Wendy's in the past, but eat out very rarely. We hadn't been to...

sticky, dirty tables, chairs, salt/pepper shakers

A group of eighteen friends go out to a fast food place after church on Sunday night. We went to a Wendy's on Coloniel Glenn Rd . Little Rock, and honestly the chairs, tables, salt/pepper shakers were so sticky all over it was terrible.. When you touched a chair, put your hand on the table to move it or just touched the salt/pepper shaker to use they were so sticky you needed to wash your hands before eating. Two of the ladies ask for a rag to wipe the tables and were given one. The workers didnt offer to clean the tables or anything. The workers looked clean and neat and the food was tasty, but it would be nice to sit at clean not sticky tables and chairs. It was like grease on the outside of a skillet that hasn't been washed with warm soapy water to remove the sticky. Needless to say we will mark that one of our list unless we hear they have done some detail cleaning.

  • Li
    Liz May 27, 2009

    That's pretty gross. I worked at a Wendy's for my first job years ago as a cashier and it was part of my job to wipe tables and clean up a little bit like every hour or so unless I had a huge line of people. Someone is definitely not doing their job.

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wrongful disipline

My son Kevin Foley has been working at Wendy's here in Fort Erie for a couple of years now. On Friday...

bad food & service

Even though wendy's calls dublin, ohio, home and does a lot of corporate waste in the metro-columbus, ohio area??? This was the last time I go to wendy's! And, I have no qualms what so ever about telling friends, family and co-workers to save their money and go any where but wendy's!! And I live less than a mile from where today's fun adventure started!

My "experience" started with me pulling my car to the order speaker, (There was one car ahead of me and one behind me and maybe 2 or 3 cars in the parking lot — hardly what i'd consider busy at 1:26:07 pm!) knowing what I wanted and the order taker's ever so polite and warm greeting of "so, you gonna order or what?" next, when I went to pay and had the same "gentleman" yell, "I don't do dishes!" rather than thank me as he handed me my change. At the next window, I was handed a small bag, and as I peered in I noticed no straw, and then turned back to the window where the young "lady" was shoving my drink into my car. I took the drink, opened the lid and noticed that this was not what I had ordered. (I've learned to check when ordering ice tea and asking for lemon!) I handed the drink back and said that not only wasn't there any lemon, there was barely any ice. Her response was they were "out" of lemon?? And then I watched her try and shovel a scoop of ice into a full drink. (Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that all this was going to do was displace some liquid.) she handed me back a dripping and dribbling cup, and I shook my head in amazement as she then wanted to debate the point why I needed extra napkins??? (Oh, I also had to show her the bag to convince her that I didn't have a straw! Thanks cynthia!)

When I got home?? My single with just onions and ketchup? If you guessed this wasn't what I got? You'd win the prize! I got a sandwich dripping with mayo, mustard, pickles, a small piece of lettuce, a tomato and yes, there was an onion and a gallon of ketchup! The fried were ice cold in what hardly constituted a full container!

You bet I called! I was told at first, call back the manager was too busy to take a call?? I stuck to my guns and ended up with a woman who was going to "tell me" about "my" experience? Shock and surprise when she told me to stop yelling, even though I maintained a very neutral tone in a normal speaking voice through out our "conversation" and when this was pointed out to her?? Her response was that she could "now" understand me?? And her response to my "great experience"? She offered me the free meal, and then hung up on me! So I suppose. Anyone can go to this store and say that they'd called in about a meal that was screwed up on sunday august 31, 2008 around 1pm, and get a free meal???

Guess I try and get a hold of the hudson street columbus ohio gm (Who according to my sales slip is tim schoondard from store #112) and give him a chance to explain his staff's less than stellar customer service and why on a long weekend, his produce order did not anticipate customers ordering ice tea and asking for lemon with their tea?? And then there's the issue of the slop on a bun. One would think that if the customer doesn't want the tomato and other goop, that there would be this policy somewhere that would connect the dots from less stuff translates to saving the company a penny or two here and there will add up and reduce waste?? I guess that is another one of the contributing factors on why wendy's has slipped in sales and why they were just bought out! (We won't even factor in how poor customer service has contributed to their fall!)

  • Fb
    fbnfj Nov 24, 2009

    I don't eat at Wendy's, or work at Wendy's, or know anyone that does work at Wendy's.. But everybody makes mistakes. It's not good that they messed up your order, but I could imagine working at a public service for a few hours. Can't you? Think about it:

    You have been working at Wendy's since 8 a.m. this morning. You're working at the drive-through speaker; you've had to deal with people that had quiet voices; or people that keep changing their minds on their orders; or just rude people in general. You really have to go to the bathroom, but you haven't had your break quite yet, you still have to wait an hour or two. You think about how you just want to be with your family or friends, but you know you have to get paid for something. The heat coming from the kitchen is making you sweaty and impaitent. You make a few mistakes on ONE order; and you're completely blamed.

    Everyone can get a temper, everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect.
    They try their hardest, and try to make Wendy's enjoyable for you, so you'll eat there again. Is it so hard just to forgive and forget?

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  • On
    Onlythebestformymoney Feb 15, 2011

    I hate these happy people that allow businesses to continue to offer poor products and services by just forgiving. Good job for sticking to your guns and demanding to be treated with respect, as well as your right to a quality product in exchange for your hard earned money. I had a similar experience with Wendy's today and I applaud you.

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  • On
    Onlythebestformymoney Feb 15, 2011

    Also I have worked at Burger King and just because I am tired or have to go to the bathroom or miss my family doesnt give me an excuse to suck at life.

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by employee

I am an employee, well use to be an employee of Wendys for about a year. From August 2007 up to the 22nd of August 2008. Wendys was unfair to their employees at the location on Rosevelt blvd. . Ramsy Development closed down the store location and never let any of their employees know till the day they were closeing down. We had no warning and no means to plan for what was going to happen. They promised us all a place to go to one of their other locations, but it still has not happened for me yet. I was use to working 5 days a week. The they had the nerve to tell me that they could give no mor then maybe 2 days week. Mind you we get paid bi-weekly. I have 3 children in which I take care of by myself. I have bills, car ins., gas.school activities for my 8 year old, babysitting, and how bad the economy is right now with all there prices of everything being so high now. When I did try to have this matter resolved with the direct manager (Victor). Victor told me not to call his office anymore. Ramsy development did not care about 3 shifts af people. A night crew and a day crew. We as employees and people have been over looked. As if we did not matter to them. Now I am looking for a new job when I had a perfectly good one. Someone, anyone, if you believe in the rights of all people and you read this...I deserve to be able to keep my hrs. and my job to support my family. The Ramsy Development company of Wendys has failed to let me be able to survive this hard time our economy is going through. As a single mother I am reaching out to help from one human being to another. Thank You!

  • We
    WendysManager08 Jan 15, 2009

    Don't Judge Wendy's just because Ramsey Development treated you terrible as an employee. I'm sorry this happened to you.

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  • Ro
    Rodney Ramey Apr 04, 2010

    Anthony Blair from Chapmanville, West Virginia spits in peoples food, especially those who he knows sleeps around with his girlfriend.

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  • Un
    Uncle Holley Apr 04, 2010

    Yeah, we all know Anthony Blair's game, that's why my church doesnt eat there anymore. He is on drugs really bad and so his girlfriend. She turns tricks at Cora Bottom, so when he spits in your food, who knows what you are getting. Perhaps the gift that keeps on giving. Yuck! He so nasty

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  • Li
    LissieMaeAdams Apr 26, 2010

    Yeah this is Lissie the one yall are calling his girlfriend well were broke up but just to yall know I have never even been to Cora bottom so if your ganna talk ### talk it about him not me. Im a good person and yall must just be jealous... That WENDYS is the BOMB!!!

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out of many food items

How is it that I would order a #9- 10 pc chicken nugget meal, they tell me they are out of nuggets and frie...

food issues

Sunday, we went through the drive through at the Soddy Daisy, TN Wendys. We ordered and had to wait for my husbands chicken sandwich. When we got home, we fed the girls and ate our sandwiches. My husband grabbed one of the extra nuggets out of the bag and popped it in his mouth. My girls wanted a few more nuggets so I got the rest of the nuggets out of the bag.

On the top nugget there was something on it. I took the nugget out and there was still a feather sticking out of it, actually baked/ fried into the batter so that it was still hooked to it. I was disgusted! Surely, if the company had the right inspectors/ health policies, someone would have noticed a whole feather sticking out of a chicken nugget! By the time it reached my hand, how many people looked at that nugget and "didn't" realize it?

I have had several bad issues with food lately, and I am so tired of it. It is food that the entire nation is eating and no one wants to do things right and health safe. When will people realize we need to be watchful of what is going on with our food products?

poor service

When I ordered my salad, the chicken was not grilled, so I ask the woman behind the counter if I can have my grilled chicken instead of fried. (First of all they did not ask me if I wanted fried and 2nd is that the picture in the place has a grilled chicken on the salad so that was why I didnt tell her grilled. I came in Wendy's before and I ordered the same salad and the chicken I got was grilled without having to tell them.)
Well the Person that I talked to was not nice and very hateful. She gave my a salad and I went to my seat but I looked at my salad and their was still fried skin on it and I think it is unprofessional for her not to give me just another salad. So I went back up their to the counter and told her about the salad still having fried skin on it, well she rolled her eyes and made a grunt where I could here it. She was talking about me, because all the other workers in the back was looking at me when she was talking to them.

Slow and unfriendly service

Last week after shopping my family and I decided to go though the drive though at our local Wendy'...

bad service, wrong food, bad attitude

They almost always forget to give you something in your drive thru order, even when asking them direct for...

small bolt in hamburger

On May 19, my husband got and chewed on a small stainless steel bolt in Wendy's hamburger. He spit the bolt out into his hand. We couldn't believe it! I took the burger and bolt back into restaurant, as we were sitting in our car. I started yelling my husband hurt his mouth from chewing on the damned thing and I wanted to find out where it had come from. To shut me up the manager took me back into the kitchen. I blamed it on the flippers. No they didn't have bolts. Then I looked up above where the greasy burgers were moving down some kind of a mini-assembly line being cooked. The burgers were just floating in grease. The manager refunded the money for our whole order and gave my husband a 'replacement' grease burger. I was promised Wendy's would look for the 'source' of the bolt and the manager would report it to Wendy's Canadian 'hotline'. He apologized for the bolt. I was told Wendy's would phone us between 48-72 hours. Not a word out of Wendy's. So I tracked the hotline number for Canada, phoned it, they had never heard of my husband getting the bolt. I sent the health inspector over. Where did the bolt come from? and what is Wendy's going to do about preventing other people from getting 'bolt burgers'?

Food causes diarrhea

I ate a salad and baked potato there and about an hour or two later I had servere diarrhea that lasted a...

Bad food!

Yesterday Feb. 16, 2008, my wife and I tried the Wendy's New Premium Fish Fillet made w/ North Pacific...

bad service!

At Wendy's I ordered a salad with no bacon and no bacon touching because I''m allergic to pork and pork by products and guess what they gave me : 1 1/2 pound Jalapeno Cheddar Double Melt with bacon! And the worst part was was that they weren't going to give me a refund or anything new and I brought the burger back! Wendy's : TOTAL RIP OFF!

  • Le
    Lee Jun 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WENDY'S FIRED ME TODAY! FOR NO REASON AT ALL. PAULETTE OF LAKELAND, FL. 3929 S. Florida Ave. IS THE RUDEST ### manager ever, someone needs to report her, or give me a # so they can fire that ###.

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  • Anon Jan 03, 2009

    Wait, if you ordered a salad, why did you accept the burger? Burgers are the round objects wrapped in foil. Salads are in a plastic bowl.

    You can usually tell the difference straight off.

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terrible service!

Has this happened to anyone else at this location? I drove through, ordered a single hamburger and small...