Walmartwalmart employees are nasty and rude

gallipolis walmart employees are very nasty and rude they look like they need to be in a circus especially the one in jewelry with the big tattoo across her neck!!! nasty nasty nasty why cant they hire people that are decent i have seen some in the past that are very polite and very well pleasant but their gone now all the employees there are a bunch of skanks!!! I don't shop there anymore neither do alot of other people i know should really see about getting good help there instead of all the nasty crack heads there yeah yeah yeah i know u have to take a drug test to work there but beleive me they know how to overcome that i mean their crack


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    Daynac Feb 24, 2010

    I do have to agree with the complaint, but not about the Walmart they are talking about.I worked at Wal Mart for over a year up until the time we moved to Chesapeake, Va. Store # 1841 is one of the worse Walmarts I think I have seen ever, 98% of the time we went into that store we have felt so unwelcome.We only get greeted with a warm greeting if the greeter is white, if they are black they don't even acknowledge us.When we are looking for something and can not find it we Very rarely get assistance, workers there will not make Eye contact with you heaven forbid as much as a smile.Customer Service is just as bad as walking through Hell well that goes for the whole store.Don't ya'll care about your customers any more?What happened to Customers are always right?What happened to if you can't be friendly to the people that pay your bills than we don't want you as a part of our Walmart family.I Loved working at Walmart in Texas, we were the first ones to help build the inside of the store before it opened and worked Grand opening and EVERY employ there treated that store and the customers with the True Walmart Pride.We would always see the same faces day after day after day we made the old and new customers want to come back to spend their money there or even just to stop in to say Hello and on their way out something was bought rather they needed it or not.Never ever would I work any where and treat people as badly as the store #1841 treats their customers, Cashiers, Deli, Bakery, customer service, and greeters need to take classes on how to properly handle the customers ...WITH FRIENDLY ATTITUDES.I am so sorry to say this but the only RUDE people from Walmart#1841 has been black, don't get me wrong there are some black people that are as sweet as pie that work there maybe 3 or 4 but the majority of them are rude, I think this should be looked into without anyone knowing that they are being watched and I don't mean watch them for one day, watch them for a while and then they need to be fired on the spot! Why would anyone want to give their hard earned money to a company that allows that sort of attitude..If I liked that store and the people in it I would probably be working there today.

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    mrs nancy adkins Feb 28, 2010

    I had a bad shopping experice at the walmart a in a small town in Starke Florida on sunday feb 27, wife and I was doing some peaceful shopping, while walking down the asile we could not help but hear a gentlemen yelling at a young lady .my wife also noticed that the young man was an employee who worked at the store in Starke, we could not beleive the rude words that was being said to her My wife stopped and looked at the young lady with tearful eyes, she wanted to say something to the young man, but didnot.however she did turn to me and said how sorry she felt for the young lady.we could see thta she was very embrassed shame and hurt.We pray that the young lady will be ok.As a shopper at your store I fell that you need to train your employees how to treat other people shopping at walmart, even if they not on the clock.It have been 3 days and and my wife cannot seem to forget that poor young lady face.she was a beautiful lady dressed well and all.We pray taht your employees learn to respect others even if they are not on the clock working. A very disapointed shopper!!!

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    wowser63 Mar 09, 2010

    i didnt get hired, and i 'm pretty sure it's beacuse, i'm not a senior, no t obese, and not tatted up with hoop earrings, but my neighbor who is in a whell chair with no job experience got the job, what a croc!

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    SkyWlf77 Mar 10, 2010

    Ok, wow...Just, wow. I have rarely read so many prejudiced, inflammatory and downright nasty reviews in one place.

    First of all, Wal-Mart cannot discriminate against the people they hire based on how they dress, what piercings they may or may not have or any of the standard Equal Opportunity Employer standard (race, religion, sex, etc.). To do so would invite massive lawsuits and result in a large raise in prices for everyone.

    Second, while you may not like tattoos, piercings, etc., they are a person's choice. I personally don't care for them, either, but saying that these people are "crack heads" or "skanks" is completely prejudicial and inappropriate. You don't know these people personally and you have no idea what type of people they are, therefore you have no right to use these terms in a public forum such as this one.

    If you have a problem with the customer service in a particular store, approach the General Manager regarding the issue. If he refuses to do anything about it or blows you off, go to Wal-Mart corporate and complain to them - but make sure you use the Chain of Command properly and have evidence to back up your claims. Claims such as the generalities and prejudices written here will NOT stand up.

    @Mrs. Adkins: I sincerely hope that someone took the time to get that employee's name and report them to management. That kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. Never be afraid to speak up on someone else's behalf when seeing actions such as that. Just remember, it could be you next time around and you'd want someone to stop and help you. I wish I had been there...

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    hate walmart_sucks Mar 16, 2010

    oh yes i do know these people and know them well this is a very small town everyone knows everyone so dont tell me i dont know these people...I DO!!!

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    lindseynichole08 May 22, 2010

    "hate walmart_sucks": I personally know the girl that you're talking about from the jewelry department and you obviously do not. She's extremely polite, caring, and intelligent, and if you can't see past her tattoo then you have some serious issues. If you had any other issues with her besides her tattoos then I would say take it up with a general manager, but it seems like you're just finding anything to complain about. If you have such a problem with the store then I suggest you shop elsewhere.

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    Scotty1988 Sep 10, 2010
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    I'm actually a little surprised to hear some of these complaints, but perhaps the store I work for is different. I work for a Walmart in Maine and I have to be polite, even if I don't want to, but that's part of customer service. Also I'm not allowed to have any piercings other than my ears and tattoos in excess in areas where someone can see it is right out. I had a friend who got sent home just for having a hickey on his neck! I'm very surprised. If I were you I would not complain to the store manager since the store is probably the problem. I would find out how to contact the District or Market Manager for that area and express your complaints to him/her. If all else fails you can contact headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas. I apologize for anything that offended, though it is not my store. Like I said, I work for the company and they usually have much higher standards for their employees.

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  • Fl
    fly2neverland Feb 17, 2011

    Decent people don't want to work at Walmart.

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    Asmith0306 Feb 22, 2015

    This is highly offensive! Tattoos, piercings, and having a job at Walmart does not make you a skank.

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    Kellyjog Mar 13, 2015

    Walmart in MiddletownOhio is ridiculous. I've been disrespected in 3 different departments. By three different employees! Around Christmas I asked a guy in the sporting goods department for help after he took forever to get back there he grabbed his keys and cursed and slammed open the case to the amo to get me what I needed. He's continued to be mean until my husband 6'3 walked up and asked what the problem was. Then a girl was filling in in the picture department and told me she had no idea what to do for me this was not her department that she doesn't even believe in electronics. I literally had to tell her how to do her job. Then I came back a few days later and the guys suppose to be running electronics were playing on there phones and couldn't help me right now! Walmart in MiddletownOhio!

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