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D Aug 03, 2019

I have been a customer of your Naugatuck, CT store for many years. However, that store has gone downhill to the point that I can no longer shop there. Right now it is just a matter of transferring my prescriptions to CVS and I will no longer be shopping there. If you would like to contact me I will gladly give you the last 4 digits of my card and you will see how much I have spent in that store throughout the years.
The customer service there is the worst. I purchased a small mower there a few months ago. I brought it home, put it together but it would not start. One of my neighbors, who is mechanically inclined, checked it out and said I should bring it back. He could not get it started. I folded the handle bar forward, put it in my car and brought the original box back to the store. I parked by the nursery but I was having a difficult time handling both the mower and the box into the store. A very nice woman who was just coming back to her car offered to help me. We got to the nursery. The employee at the entrance told me I had to bring it up to Customer Service which was at the other end of the building. I said fine but was there someone who could help me since this woman had just helped me to get it in the store. Her response was that she could not leave the door and there was no one available in the garden dept. So this nice woman said it was fine and she would help me get everything to Customer Service.

When I purchased the mover there was no one in the garden dept. I had to walk to Customer Service to have them page someone to help me get the box off the pile of mowers. Then I waited another 15 minutes for someone to come down.

I went to your garden department on July 3 to purchase flowers. Due to the constant rain this year I was behind on my planting. The selection was extremely limited and the rows of plants they did have were all dried out and dying. There were other customers there complaining about the condition of the flowers and shrubs. I left and went down to our nursery in town. I understand that stores keep moving up the seasons. However, people keep sprucing up their properties all summer. This year your stores did not even carry rubber mulch.

The deli always has long lines with only one person working. The pharmacy personnel are very pleasant but there are never enough of them and the line is often very long.

Your employees really need good customer service training. They are not doing much to retain customers or to upsell. It seems that most of them are just thinking about what time they can clock out. If you invest in your employees they will represent your store in a better manner.

And lastly, the store manager is never to be seen. If you ask for the manager you get everything from a cashier lead to maybe a supervisor. Let's bring the manager out on the floor. These are his customers!!!

Denise Alden
31 Deerfield Drive
Prospect, CT 06712

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