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M Review updated:

I put my application in on the internet and put put a 25 mile and your store in eldon called the next day I went for 2 interviews and they ran a back ground check and I passed the drug test and she set up orientation and the day before I was to go she canceled and let me go I asked her to call the store in osage mo. Because I new they were hireing but she said she couldn"t so this lady waisted your money by sending me to the dr. And built my hopes up I just think this woman dosen"t now how to do her job, I was at sears & roebuck mail order for 24 years and we would have been fired if we would of done our job like that.


  • Z
      Oct 27, 2010

    Im really confused, were you drunk when you wrote this cause it makes know since and alot of your spelling is way wrong. Just thought you should know, and I agree with you, thats pretty messed up. Really that whole store is messed up, they are rude and never have anything I need.

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  • B
      Oct 27, 2010

    Neither of you dufusses can spell. Perfect for wal-mart work??!

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