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Resolved will never ever purchase eyeglasses from the walmart optical

I purchased a pair of glasses from the Walmart Optical in Pasadena, TX back in June...only 9 months ago! The glasses just completely broke in two pieces. I was just told when I took them back that they no longer carry that frame and I would have to purchase new glasses. I paid over $300 dollars for those glasses with insurance! She told me that I had better insurance coverage this year and that they would pay more for the new glasses. Even so I really don't have the money for that. She then told me maybe I could take them and have them soldered for about $20. I have worn glasses for 35 years and never in my life have I had glasses that only lasted 9 months and then to be told basically too bad so sad...I should have at least received some type of compensation. Those expensive lenses (bifocals) that I purchased are no longer good. I am highly upset and will never ever purchase eyeglasses from the walmart optical and everyone I know is gonna hear my story.

  • Cb
    cbedair Apr 09, 2010

    I also had a problem with them I bought a pair of glasses and I was suppoesd to pick them up a week later and i went back they werent ready and they said my frames where no longer in stock so i had to get measured for another (more expensive pair) and wait another week and after 2 weeks i finally got my glasses.

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  • Ss
    SS9999 Nov 30, 2010

    I work for a WalMart in Nevada. I am a State Licensed Optician and the Vision center manager. I am sorry to hear that they told you that you need to purchase a new frame. What they should have done is offer you another frame up to the same value as the frame you had previously purchased. WalMart does offer a free 1yr no fault warranty. I consider that to be bad business and now I am sure you will not be returning there. By the way, Texas is not a Licensed state so my guess is that you may have gotten a "Mctician" who just doesn't care about performing real customer service. My fellow WalMart employees I am ashamed of you!!!

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  • Sh
    Shotinthe dark Mar 09, 2011

    I went into Walmart to see their optician for my examine. Bought new glass with lens to the tune of $300 for the frames/lens and $95 for the exam. Went to pick them up a week later, and could not see (everything blurry, and No, I wasn't under the influence of anything). The customer service person, Robin, said that I would need to get used to them for a couple of days. I returned after 3 days, and said that everything was still blurry. She checked my old glasses from SEARS, and then checked my new ones from Walmart. The prescription for the left eye had dropped by .50 % and the right eye by .75% by the Walmart optician. No wonder I couldn't see!!! Now, I have to wait to see the optician AGAIN, taking time off from work AGAIN, to have my prescription corrected, and have the new lens put into the frames (which means another week of waiting). I will definitely travel the distance to go to SEARS or elsewhere next time.

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  • Be
    becker23 Apr 23, 2011

    I could write an angry book on my experience with the Walmart Vision Center. I will make a long story and frustrating day very short. They tried to force me to keep a faulty frame that they could not get to sit straight on my face. They tried to get me to accept inferior workmanship in the lenses of my new glasses in which I could not see clearly at a distance or through the bifocal from the get go and they tried to tell me that all polarized lenses caused things to look odd indoors, because mine were reflecting light in that room in a very odd sort of way, even though when I tried on other glasses with polorized lenses and that occurance was absent. They told me "my eyes would adjust, so just take them home and try them. It can take time." Wrong, glasses should correct ones vision from the get go, or something is very wrong. They were pushy in trying to get me to buy things I did not want, they were pushy in trying to get me to keep these inferior quality glasses and they were so pushy, they offered a very, very deep discount rather than just say they must have done the lenses wrong, let us compare this with your prescription. I left finally with a refund, but not until after they wore me to absolute tears where I simply had to walk away. I will never patronize this store again and after reading on other sites about WVC elsewhere, I will never patronize another Walmart Vision Center. By the way, their good deals are anything but a good deal. They are tricks to put high pressure, buy this which nobody else wants at a tremendously hight price and get that free. Also, when I went to pick up my new glasses, that distorted frame that I paid full price for, was a freebee with a purchase of lenses that day. Guess the frame didn't fit other's faces either. Now what is wrong with this picture?

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  • Jo
    Jocelyn W. Aug 02, 2013

    I have been seeing this eye doctor, Walmart Vision Center, for 2 years (Mt. Olive, NJ). This doctor told me i have astigmatism in one of my eyes. Recently i went back for an eye exam because i was having symptoms of headaches & blurry vision. Doctor said i needed a stronger prescription. Picked up my new glasses, still had the same symptoms with my new pair of glasses. Went back to see the doctor of my problems. His response was "Its all in my head. I no longer have astigmatism & the glasses corrected the problem." That same day, I went to a different eye doctor who told me: 1). I now have astigmatism in both eyes; 2). Glasses will not correct astigmatism, it would just get worse. Of course when I went back to Walmart Vision to confront him, the doctor said "Then go see this other doctor." I am also an Emergency Medical Technician in a very busy 911 system. The sad part is that my salary is pitiful compare to this eye doctor's salary & I know for damn sure that my patients had received the best possible care that I could give them. I and many others trusted this doctor to take care of our eyes and failed. YET he has no qualms about taking our hard earned money!

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Resolved poor service/rude

My daughter needed some new tires on her car and wanted to meet at wal-mart in Monett MO. which is about 45min. drive for me. We meet they priced tires I said ok we will take them and so on. I needed to get back home so I wanted to pay for them and leave this is where the problem started. They said I would have to wait till tires were on before they could ring up. Well you just told me how much they were why cant I pay. Then the little girl got mad told the shop person to pull down so she could ring them up because I was making it difficult for her while I was standing there listening to her rant and rave. Then the manger came and had me buy a gift card thats dumb.But I got it . Then they pulled 3 cars that were behind her around our car and made her wait tell me this wasn't on purpose. I will never buy another tire from wal-mart again and I will be spending alot less money there for other things.

Resolved walmart employees are nasty and rude

gallipolis walmart employees are very nasty and rude they look like they need to be in a circus especially...

Resolved hiring is being done based on color and not qualifications and experience

The WalMart Store in Greenville Alabama needs to look into what's going on in their Human Resource Dept. Hiring is being done based on color and not qualifications and experience. The employees being hired are of one race(black), are rude and have no idea of what their doing. People are being charged wrong prices due to these employees not knowing the products their ringing up. The people in the Human Resource Dept are in the practice of hiring friends and the color of their choice! This needs to stop before it's taken any further!

  • Di
    dia3766 Mar 31, 2010

    race does not mean anything in hiring, it is the qualifications. In regards to brains being smaller in reference to intelligence bigger is not always better, i have met some white folk (i am white as well) and they were dumb as a stick and i have met some geniuses that were different races

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  • Mi
    Michael1972 May 22, 2010

    Well then your studies are outdated, they did claim blacks had smaller brains in the 60's when there was much more racism.

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  • Un
    Undetermined Feb 14, 2011

    Maybe all of you should go and do some research:
    race and intelligence has been a subject of debate in both popular science and academic research since the inception of intelligence testing in the early 20th century, particularly in the United States. Intelligence quotient (IQ) tests performed in the US have consistently demonstrated a significant degree of variation between different racial groups, with the average score of the African American population being significantly lower—and that of the Asian American population being higher—than that of the White American population.

    At the same time, there is considerable overlap between these group scores, and members of each racial group can be found at all points on the IQ spectrum. Similar findings have been reported for related populations around the world, most notably in Africa, though these are generally considered far less reliable due to the relative paucity of test data and the difficulties inherent in the cross-cultural comparison of intelligence test scores.

    There are no universally accepted definitions of either race or intelligence in academia, and the discussion of their connection involves the results of multiple disciplines, including biology, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. Many factors that could potentially influence the development of intelligence have been advanced as possible causes of the racial IQ gaps. It is generally agreed that both genetics and environmental and/or cultural factors affect individual IQ scores. There is currently no consensus whether genetics play a role in racial IQ gaps, or whether their cause is entirely environmental.

    Critics have questioned the validity of race and IQ. Sternberg et al (2005) argue that race is a social construction with no scientific definition and that the overwhelming portion of the literature have tacitly adopted folk definitions of race. Intelligence is a disputed concept which, they argue, make the relationships to other variables tentative.

    There are observed differences in average test score achievement between racial groups, which vary depending on the populations studied and the type of tests used. Rushton and Jensen write that in the United States, self-identified blacks and whites have been the subjects of the greatest number of studies. They state that the black-white IQ difference is about 15 to 18 points or 1 to 1.1 standard deviations. 15% to 20% of the black IQ distribution exceeds the white median IQ, so many blacks obtain scores above the white average. The black-white IQ difference is largest on those tests that best represent the general intelligence factor

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Resolved limit cut

I too had a Wal-mart card that had a $600 limit and after Thanksgiving I paid it down to $150 because I am working at getting my credit ratios down. Ok Fine.. 25% sounds good until I get a letter less than a week after payment posted that my credit had been reduced to $160 due to a "periodic review". My score is above 700 but they showed me as maxed out once again. So I paid off the bill and will never use the card again. Unbelievable! No wonder people have crappy credit.. the companies are all working together to keep your score down so they can justify charging 29% interest. Cash is king again in my house.

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Resolved does not stock the needed supplies for this community

I am appalled at the Wal Mart Supercenter in Chickasha Oklahoma. The so called supercenter does not stock the needed supplies for this community. The sporting goods is a joke and the outdoor supplies, I just found out, will no longer carry supplies for outdoor water ponds. I was just there to buy groceries 2 days ago and heard a manager getting onto an employee in the produce section, telling him that he needs to focus and get the produce stocked. The idiot manager didnt know that the store was out of some of the produce due to a winter storm warning and heavy consumer buying that day, and if he needed to counsel an employee, he should do it in private. I frequently have to drive 45 miles to Okla. City to get supplies. Whoever the manager of this facility, and their regional is, they should be fired and competent people who can do a market analysis for the needs of the community should be hired.

  • Excellent comment... Especially the part about counseling an employee in public. That is extremely unprofessional!

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  • Sk
    SkyWlf77 Mar 10, 2010

    Counseling an employee in public is never an appropriate course of action. When you witness something like this, don't ever be afraid to make contact with the Store Manager and report what you have seen. Chances are, the Manager has no clue what the Assistant Manager just did. As I tell everyone I know, just picture that employee being berated as you and ask the question: "Would I want someone to report him if that was me?". A well-based accusation by a customer will carry much more weight than that employee approaching the General Manager about what happened on his own.

    As far as the store not stocking what is frequently needed, feel free to speak to the General Manager about that as well. You'd be surprised at how accommodating most of them will be. When my son was an infant, he was on a special formula that our local Wal-Mart only carried 2 bottles per week of and which was usually sold out. When I spoke to the manager and let him know that I would need 14-16 bottles per month of the formula, he happily increased their order to accommodate the request. Try that out at your Wal-Mart...You may be pleasantly surprised!

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Resolved rude to costomers

I was in wal-mart today and ask were I could find bathroom scales and a person which was the ###. manager was really rude. He reallydidn't seem happy with his job if he doesn't like it he should leave and quit being rude to other people

  • Sk
    SkyWlf77 Mar 10, 2010

    I'm noticing quite a few of these types of complaints. The problem that I'm seeing with them is that nobody has spoken to the next higher-ranked person in the Chain of Command. If you have this problem, go up the chain (in your case, to the General Manager of that store) and speak to him/her about it. They may not realize that they have this problem in their store (for any number of reasons). If you don't report it, chances are that others aren't reporting it, either which means that no one is reporting it and you can't expect the problem to be fixed if no one reports the problem.

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Resolved old, broken tv in a new box

My future sister-in-law bought a new Phillips flat screen TV for 700.00 from Wal-Mart. When she got it home...

Resolved don't buy air beds at walmart

This happened sometime ago. We were having company come to stay for a week and I decided since I had tried...

Resolved employee injury

I'm an employee of the Wal-Mart store. In July of 2009 I was working on the cash register when I was injured. I thought it was not a big deal since my wrist popped and just figured I didn't have any problems.
That evening I spoke with an Assistant Manager and filled out a report for making a record of the problem. The next day I went into work, let the csm know I couldn't handle the register since I was still in a lot of pain. I saw the manager to get a release to go to the emergency room for an exam. After being off for three days as ordered by the hospital, the managers treated me badly. The doctors placed me on light duty and sent me to many other specialists. After months of being away from the registers, the managers started treating me badly and it became worse than ever. They made up customer complaints to write me up, rumors started that I was/am going to be fired cause of my injury, and more. Now the worker comp case workers who are suppose to make sure my doctor visits are covered, won't approve any other visits ( I'm not released off doctor care till yet), won't even talk to me about my case. Wal-Mart took me off the schedule and so I have no hours to earn money. They know my husband has been recovering from a broken neck, I have two children to provide for, and they are still doing this to me. I haven't had any proof of any customer complaints and I do my job without any issues. I'm sick of the abuse the company does to the workers who try hard to over-come things like this. My injury I was told isn't an easy fix, it's only treatable with theripy and pain management for a long time.

Resolved cashier

I had filled out a check with Walmart on the "pay to" line, the date 2-6-10 on the date line, and my...

Resolved not satisfied

Our local walmart store has recently remodeled. They have made the isles wider and removed a lot of the clutter that used to be there. They claim that the products have not changed and that they will still have everything they had before. The last five or six trips to walmart, I have not completed one single list of items I went to pick up. One of walmarts big things is being a one-stop-shop store. Today I went to our local walmart store to buy my son some overalls. We have had a lot of snow over the past couple days, and being a teenager he wants to play in it on his 4 wheeler. After driving almost 30 minutes in the snow, we find out that walmart dosent have any coveralls. Couldnt even find a place where they used to be. On my way to the other side of the store, I found a manager. When I asked him, he told me coveralls were not in season. I laughed at him, we have 6 inches of snow on the ground in January. He made one excuse after another. I asked about other items that they no longer carry, and he had no answers. When I mentioned that my wife was already buying her groceries somewhere else because of lower prices, he let me know that he would make it with or without me. Well I gave him that chance by leaving empty handed. If I had of bought the items on my list today, it would have been over $200. I will take my money elsewhere and will tell anyone who will listen why I have done it.

  • Vr
    V Rausch Jul 21, 2011

    I go to the Walmart in Tawas City, Michigan and have never seen a dirtier store than that one. First of all all of the bird fecies that greets you at the front doors is atrocious. I realize that there are a lot of birds nesting, but I would think it could be hosed down at least once a week instead of it just building up and spreading disease. I see a lot of filth inside the store as well. When you are low on an item, If you pick something to buy it should not be full of cobwebs with spiders and bugs( House hold items in groceries) I feel that when items are low, the space could be cleaned before it is restocked.The night shift has a radio blasting to the point that it hurts your ears at the meat department. You can hear it in the clothing dept. The behavior of the night stockers is that of a store that should be closed while they stock. I think that a mystery shopper should come in every once in a while to observe. this store is a disgrace to Sams and Walmart Corporation.

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Resolved manager's ruling on refunds

I recieved a phone call on a follow-up to the complaint about refunds I recently had made against an experience I had with one at store 1549 in Phoenix, Arizona. I listened very carefully to what the assistant manager had to say to me as far as what she found justified in the decision that was made about a refund I recieved. I presented my case and she presented hers. I just want you to view this one more time because it does not make since to me. I was given, for free ( says those words on the reciept) shopping card. (promo ) I bought an X-box 360
I was refunded for the X-Box (even that took a battle to get) and I want to be reimbursed for the 50 dollars they charged me for that gift card when I returned the malfuctioning X-Box. It does not say on the reciept anything about me having to return the card if I return the product. It does not have any refund policies on the reciept for me to have knowledge about. The sales person did not tell me any info about policies on refunds or about this free gift card if I returned the X-Box. (As a matter of fact I was surprized I was getting one, I did not know of the promo going on at the time) I went in to buy an X-Box not a 50 dollar gift card. I want that 50 dollars back. I gave that free shopping card to my daughter for Christmas in Elko, Nevada. Furthermore, I have worked myself in retail and I have always found a way where my customer's were satisfied in the decision on difficult refunds. I know there are rules in making refunds, but what your assistant manager and manager is telling me is We are sorry that you were not informed about our policies on refunds and we are sorry that there is no kind of information on the back of the reciept that inform you of our policies on refunds, we are sorry that the sales person did not inform you of the policies of refunding this item and the stipulations of refunding this promo package and its not our fault you did not know of the promo that was going on "You could have read the flyer that has the fine print to read the terms of promo X-Box purchase" . Yes, it certainly is my fault so I am not entitled to getting that money back. Walmart can not take the 50 dollar loss that would make me satified enough to continue in shopping at this Walmart. So instead of a 50 dollar loss, its a 20, 000 dollar lost a year from this patron ...ex patron. Smart people you have working for you... Monica Wood 3350 N. 76th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85033 Just in case you change your mind and mail me the 50 dollars your store took from me.

  • Ag
    Aggravated shopper Jan 31, 2010

    To be honest I am not sure what you are unhappy about but maybe it is a part of the story not written down. The way I am understanding is that someone gave you a gift card and you used it to purchase an xbox 360 that did not work properly so you took it back and walmart would not exchange it but gave you your money back minus $50. I know you said you had a receipt so it should be a full refund you are given, I am just stunned that walmart even took it back and offered a refund. The xbox 360 has MANY internal problems and usually the consumer has to contact microsoft and send the system to them to repair. Occasionally i have heard of walmart and some other retail stores sending it in for repair for the customers, which is excellent customer service. So like I said the fact that this store was willing to take it back at all is incredible. Though I absolutely would not let that $50 go, to me that sounds very fishy.

    Later in your posting you made it seem like the gift card was a part of the package you purchased and that is what you are displeased about. If that is the case maybe this will make sense i would be like buying a television taking it home and it not working so you return it but you kept the remote control because it worked with your other tv. Or this analogy you go to Mcdonalds buy stuff and open bag and you got an extra hamburger you didnt pay for. Something is wrong with your food and you want your money back, they are not going to refund for the extra burger even if you had a receipt.

    Having retired from walmart after 15 years I can tell you what to try to resolve this. I know you somehow contacted home office. Do it again tell them you are not happy with whom you spoke with and not satisfied with the resolution and ask for the district or regional manager to contact you, if not happy then do it again. Remember the squeky wheel gets the grease. I know walmart gives $ 50 gift cards to customers that fart wrong and complain it seems like.

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Resolved being fired

I used to work for wal-mart up until August of 2009. I was fired because of having 27 minutes of over-time. They called it insubordination. My store manager was racist and we heard her making fun of other associates. I was treated unfairly. They were writing people up for being five minutes over when other people had hours of overtime and nothing was done to them. I was a full-time employee for almost six years and I called in a total of five times the whole time I worked there. I got a d-day for not having donuts out at 6:30 am but according to company policy they didn't have to be out until 7am. But since I'm not there anymore they are not being put out until 9am or later.

  • Ba
    Balsonchin Punchindic Jan 26, 2010

    Sam Walton should be dug up out of his grave and pissed on.

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  • Cr
    cryssy Jan 26, 2010

    Its truly amazing what some companies get away with. I got fired From Longs Drugs in Californiaa as soon as CVS bought us out in June 2009. They fired me for approving a credit card transaction for a couple of guys buying gift cards. The ID matched their credit card. WTF? The register would lock up if it was a stolen card! BUT, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER - BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK! Hello, I'm not racist. 14 years I worked for Longs . Never got written up. Was sick maybe 4 days. Always on time and willing to fill in for co-workers. In addition to Employee of the Year -3 years, Employee of the Quarter- 6X, And won 4 contests w/in 31 stores! They still had the nerve to take away my raise Longs just gave me a month before we converted to CVS! They said " oh well, it must have gotten lost in the conversion process, and CVS doesnt give raises for at least another year", as quoted from the Hillside District Manager, MICHELLE. ( my raise was for $1.00, because I hadnt gotten one for 2 years) Oh, but listen, a co-worker in pharmacy just got a raise in Sept. for a whopping .10 CENTS! /hour. I loved working for Longs. RIP

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Resolved the managers refund decision

I purchased an X-Box 360 on December 30th 2009 at Walmart #1549 in Phoenix, Arizona (paid Cash) Today on...

Resolved milk

Walmart in both Altoona and Duncansville PA have stopped carrying milk produced by local farmers and milk processors.

The reason they gave was that they wanted the lowest milk price possible. This is false because PA sets the minumin price for milk sold
in PA.

It appears as if Walmart cares little about the local economy, and the quality of their products.

not customer friendly

Wow! Walmart is NOT customer friendly anymore! First, you take away the layaway and today I drove (with ga...

Resolved they don't allow you support recycle, reuse plastic bag.

After I return my item, I fold the used plastic bag in a roll and plant to reuse them as trash bag at home...

Resolved crappy service

I purchased a walmart moneycard and had money direct deposited to it. The first week everything went well, no...

Resolved money taken but products not shipped

I used Visa prepaid card from walmart which had one hundred dollar balance at the time placed order. I have...