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crappy products

It seems that I am finding myself settling for whatever it is they have that is similar to what I used to buy. Coincidently, when I start to like a product and buy it often, the store stops selling it and trys to sell something similar, cheaper brand, but not cheaper in price, and leaving me with no options.

For example, I bought pre-cooked pancakes, that you microwave and the brand name I don't know. I bought a bag at least once a week and now our Walmart is only selling the Great Value brand of this product. The reason why I am not happy with that is because I've tried a couple products of this brand name and 2 out of the 3 that I tried were garbage. If they are going to be selling this crappy Great Value product, they should still leave us with another option but of a different brand.

One Example: I bought the bag of Great Value chicken nuggest to deep fry and they are made so crappy, that you can deep fry them forever and they don't even get a crunchy outside.

This walmart is getting cheap and greedy and I wish they never opened this so called Super Center. I am finding myself shopping for most of my groceries at our nearest grocery store now instead of Walmart.

misleading customers

Today I shopped at Wal-Mart Apex, NC (store 3889) to buy a BluRay player. In the store I found 7 players on display, under every player a set of boxes for the units on display. Out of those 7 there was one Samsung player on display for 128 roll back (No original price listed on the tag) and there was one set of boxes for Samsung right underneath the player. When I came to the register to pay, the cash register showed $168 as the price instead of the advertized $128. I asked for customer service and walked over with customer services rep Mona. Once we arrived at the electronics section Mona understood my confusion and called a person from the electronics department to explain. They were also surprised and tried to find the reason for the price difference. After Mona and two reps from electronics department have searched they found that the model number was different and they called in store manager Rick.
Rick felt that because the advertized model was sold out, and although the sold model was not advertized, even though there was no clear indication to see the difference (even employees from the electronics department were confused), that I should have read the model number on the tag and compared it to the box. I expressed to the assistant store manager that I felt mislead and that they were selling a different model then they were advertizing, but his defense was that the advertized model was out of stock and they hadn't restocked it yet and therefore he couldn't help me. "I am sorry but the part number is different and I can't help you.” was his defense. I expressed to him I was unhappy but he felt that was my choice. Mona from Customer service understood why I was confused and why I felt mislead, but she had been overruled by a higher ranking manager and she couldn't help any further. This is the first time I had an issue after years of shopping at Wal-Mart but I am very unhappy about how this was dealt with by the store manager, he was clearly annoyed with the interruption and couldn’t was adamant why I wasn’t mislead.
I feel mislead and purely out of principle I will find somewhere else to purchase my BluRay player, but I am also disappointed that a Wal-Mart has assistant store manager couldn’t even try to understand the confusion.

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    ranmanmx Sep 16, 2010
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    Verified customer

    it sounds like he understands your confusing but you dont understand if the product number is diffrent they cant change that price it would hurt the emplyees more than you customers are always lazy and sit stuff down in the wrong places every time wal-mart does a price change it goes against employees bounus even the ones who did not make that mistake think about that

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I am absolutely disgusted with their employees

I contacted various stores in the Chicago area in order to determine whether or not they had a particular item in stock. One store (#5402) was especially bad as they put me on hold for half an hour before I finally just called back and asked to talk to a manager. The manager said they would go see if my product was in their store, but 2 minutes later I heard a click as they hung up on me. I am absolutely disgusted with their employees. They are of virtually no help and insist on being snappy and sassy when they talk to you. Luckily I have plenty of other places I can shop. I guess you get what you pay for?

  • Er
    erinedmonton Sep 16, 2010

    I have had too many to count bad, rude, etc. experiences with wal-mart. I think it's getting worse and worse over the years and it all has to start with the attitudes of their employees! The way they talk to customers, handle situations, answer phones, etc.
    I've seen a documentary on wal-mart and how bad everything about it is getting. It also talked about the guy who origonally began and built the very first wal-mart. I guess he was a really great guy who was very giving and just wanted to give people the very best for their money as well as only wanting the best for his employees who then were always great, well deserving employees who knew how to treat a customer and provide great service.
    If only he was still around to see what has happend and is happening to his store! He would be ashamed at whoever is running it all now and hiring the rudest most incapable people they can come across!

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    HeyHeyHey1980 Sep 17, 2010
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    Verified customer

    The documentary is called "Walmart - High Cost for Low Prices" Do a search on video google for it. Its there for free. Relatives of the man you are talking about now have most of the shares in the company. Corporate greed and money have taken a front seat over quality/service/reasonable pay for employees. But people want the cheapest deals, so they keep putting up with it..well some at least. There are smaller towns that are constantly boycotting new walmart stores being built. Its up to us as citizens to a) not buy stuff at walmart or b) get involved politically to prevent further stores from opening. I don't think everyone working for walmart is evil but from hearing what most employees say about walmart excluding management. It sounds like a hell hole.

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I have really had some bad customer service experiences at wal mart

With 4 children 9 and under, I feel that the best deals for groceries and non food items are at WalMart, not to mention one stop shopping with limited time. I have tried to not go there and shop at Publix or Kroger but the grocery bill by itself is outrageous. Unfortunately, I have really had some BAD customer service experiences at Wal Mart.

I live in Gainesville, GA and shop at either that Wal Mart or the one in Dahlonega, GA only 25 min. away. We moved back to GA in 2006 so I have been shopping at both (mainley Dahlonega due to being less crowded) every 2 to 3 weeks drop between $500 and $600 most of the time. Around 3 years ago, I was in the Gainesville Wal Mart with my youngest (he is only 3 1/2 now). I was under the gun as usual to get finished and get to school to pick up the other 3 kids. I normally get non food items 1st and have the Customer Service Desk hold the cart for me while I finish shopping. That day, I went to checkout and get my other cart and they had used it for go-backs. I was so upset that I vowed to never go there again. Lord knows, I didn't want to go back another day after spending around 3 hours (avg. time) to shop. I literally cried because they had put back and mixed up almost all of it and I had a baby in the cart and had been there so long and of course was under the gun to get kids at school.

I decided to check out the Dahlonega store after that. It was less crowded and seemed to be better stocked. One day, I took my kids with me (all adopted from China and Korea)for just a few items and the cashier apparently didn't like the way my family looked. She had the meanest, glaring look on her face. Just behind me in line was another family (Dirty looking, kids with no shoes on their feet etc.) glaring as well. When the order ended, I realized the cashier had rung up their loaf of bread with my stuff. I had a divider between our orders but their bread had fallen onto my stuff. No big deal, BUT when I said "that is their bread" to the cashier, she literally said "ITS YOURS NOW!" Talk about stunned silence for a moment trying to take in what she had just said! That family didn't say one word either. I told her that it surely was not and she said that yes it was and that I had to go to the Customer Service desk to have it refunded. I still to this day cannot believe that she acted that way. Of course, I ranted to the Store Mgr. and that is how I got to know the nice CSM that day. We still laugh about that. Of course, she is still employed there and I wonder what they really did if anything to her for that.

Last night I went alone Dahlonega. First time in the evening. Hubby came home early so I could go alone. The visit was fine and I thought - Wow! Tues. evening (or any evening during the week) is very pleasant. After I filled 1 cart with non food (so my cold stuff won't stay out of the fridge/freezer so long) I took it to Customer Service and asked that they hold it for me. Now, mind you, I have learned that you do NOT listen to them when they say (and a CS person tells me this EVERY Time) "Just put it over there, I will watch it for you". I learned over the past 3 1/2 years at both stores to ask for a piece of paper to write my name on and tape it to the cart so that it won't be put back. It also happened once at this store as well as Gainesville. They roll their eyes when I insist on doing that. Well, not only do I write my name, but I put 'PLEASE DON'T RETURN, STILL SHOPPING AND THE DATE AND TIME". What more do these people need?!!! When I got up to the checkout last night, my stuff at "Lack of" Customer Service had been separated and some already put back. I was LIVID! It was 8pm and I had been in the store for 3 hours. I lost it! Those employees(including the one that told me just to put it over there and she would watch it) STARTED BLAMING ME! I was in tears. The Mgr. Tom came over and I was pointing and yelling because they actually had the nerve to tell me that I should have gotten one of their signatures on that piece of paper! HOW ABSOLUTELY RIDCULOUS!!! They opened another register Thank God-because they only had 2 open!) to check me out. I was furious and just wanted to get out of there. If only I could stand to walk away and leave everything, but that is so hard to do with limited time as a mother and the time I already invested. Then the one that checked me out told me that I SHOULD HAVE HAD THEM PUT IT SOMEWHERE ELSE AND THAT PEOPLE FOR CAMPS ETC. HAVE MULTIPLE CARTS ALL THE TIME. So I said "you mean to tell me that there is a 'SPECIAL' place for multiple carts. I wanted her to understand why I was so upset.She was mad and said she didn't want to argue with me. There was NO ARGUMENT that I am aware of. None of them wanted to take responsiblity and put the blame on me! I was shaking. She gave me the receipt and never said thank you. The Mgr. really didn't know what to do. I don't remember hearing anyone say they were really sorry. Customers were staring. It was SICK! I drove up for my $600 worth of stuff and the cashier that rang me up walked out with me with the 2 carts and asked if I needed any help. I told her she didn't have to and she turned around and walked away. I really didn't want her or anyone else around me while I loaded my $600 of stuff. I just wanted to get out of there asap! I called the Mgr. in my car as I was driving off and had calmed down a little. I wanted him to understand why I was so livid. He was very apologetic and said there was no such thing as getting their signature on my piece of paper etc. He said that he hoped I continue to shop with them. I told him how embarrassed I was and that I was sorry that I got so upset. I let him know that his lovely employees inflamed the situation by coming up with new ways that it was my fault. I own a business now and also worked at Winn-Dixie for 6 1/2 years thru high school and college and NEVER can imagine blaming a customer. Heck! I don't blame customers to their face when it IS their fault. The Mgr. claimed they would go over this and figure out a better way to deal with multiple cart customers. I am shaking now as I type this because it still makes me mad.

I have been overcharged or double-charged for items as well at both stores which other posters have mentioned. It is EXTREMELY important to go over the receipt especially when purchasing so many items.

I have gotten some mileage and laughs off my Wal Mart stories with my friends (especially the loaf of bread) but I feel trapped because I would LOVE to shop at Publix all the time but I just can't stand the bill! Also would probably still have to go to Wal Mart for non-food stuff and that would be 2 places to shop instead of getting it over with in one visit. It is truly a thorn in my side every 2 to 3 weeks. HELP!!!

  • Mo
    Mom4rmArkansas Apr 23, 2010

    3 hours to shop? how old are you? I would understand if the customer was in her 60-90's, trust me they do shop this long for half a cart. As someone said, the service desk is for returns. Maybe you should of bought your non food items first and then load it into your car and return to the store for food items. Ever thought of that? Better than being frustrated when you load all of that stuff for 2 hours and then get put away. Some customers do that.

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  • Qs
    qscott86 Jul 01, 2010

    There was no need to have the front hold your item.. you could have left it in your cart.. some of this amounts to common sense.. it isn't their job to babysit your items.

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  • Mr
    mrspenguin Apr 23, 2011
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    No matter how well meaning they are about being willing to watch your cart, it isn't actually their job to do so. If other customers need assistance, they have to help them and may have to take their eyes off of your cart.

    I would recommend either bringing a second adult with you so you can have 2 carts at once, or separating your shopping into separate trips to begin with instead of trying to do that much shopping all at once. I can't even imagine spending 3 hours shopping, as much as I hate shopping, I couldn't do it. I'd rather buy just what I need and go a couple times a week rather than buying a month's worth of stuff in one day.

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transfer request about a year

walmart, cynthiana, ky-refuses to transfer a male out of a department-{receiving} for about a year may son has been trying to get transfer out. He wants to stay with the company but they (management are
making it so he can't. the managers have transferred 4 females, all with less employment time than him with walmart, but will not transfer him. he is willing to take a cut in pay just to stay with the walmart company, but they refuse to move him. he is having health problems (shoulder injury and breathing issuesand severe nose bleeds. I called today, i talked to Tracy and was pretty much told to stay out of the issue. im sorry i can't stay
out of it. i hate to see him leave walmart over not been able to transfer to another deptmart, and there are several openings in this store.
Should i see a lawyer?

  • An
    anonomous0908 Aug 30, 2010
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    Verified customer

    If he is trying to transfer to another store then he should contact the store he is looking to go to. They would be more informed on what positions were open and available for him. I would encourage him to call and be persistent. If the personnel manager can not help him at his store, he should ask an assistant manager over the area he wants to go to, to see if there is any possible way to move to that position. If the assistant manager can not help he should continue to work up the chain. I would encourage him to not skip any steps though. That is something the assistant manager or shift/co manager would be able to handle.

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I believe this is the most difficult place to fill medicine

The employees at the Goose Creek, SC Wal-Mart Pharmacy are the most ridiculous people I have ever had to deal with. I went to the pharmacy on Friday evening to get my (controlled substance) prescription filled but the doctor had forgotten to date it, so needless to say, I was not able to have it filled and was told to take it back to the doctor’s office to get a date written on it. I work 60 hour weeks and so was not able to get back to the doctor’s office (30 miles from my house) until Tuesday, at which point I asked them to change the prescription a little (because the original was too expensive) and to be sure it was dated. I had my fiancé take the prescription to the pharmacy for me because I was not feeling well. He called to inform me that they would not fill the prescription because the date was written in a different handwriting than the medicine. What nonsense. I called the pharmacy, given I was agitated but who wouldn’t be, and spoke with the pharmacy manager. She told me that they had to call to have the prescription confirmed because of the difference in the handwriting, which means that I will have to take more time out of yet another day to go back to the store again to try to pick the prescription up. I asked her if it was unusual practice for a doctor to write a prescription and the nurse to then fill in the remaining pieces, she would not answer me. I asked for her name so that I could place a formal complaint, she refused to tell me anything except that her first name was Erin and that whoever I complained to would know who she is, how very presumptuous of her. I will never go to this pharmacy again, after tomorrow when I go to pick up my prescription after they confirm that the doctor’s office was the one to fill in the date on a totally new prescription and confirm that they wasted my time. I will be placing a formal complaint in person, on any online forum and I am hesitant to go to any other Wal-Mart pharmacy after this experience.

  • Mo
    Mom4rmArkansas Apr 23, 2010

    It was not Wal-mart or any pharmacy's fault that your doctor was not accurate, it's hard enough for them to read your doctor's handwriting. You and your doctor should had double check the prescription before leaving the office. those people at the pharmacy are just doing their job and abiding state law.

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  • Qs
    qscott86 Jul 01, 2010

    Why go to a department store pretending to be a pharmacy? Go to a real one like Walgreens or CVS.

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  • Qs
    qscott86 Jul 01, 2010

    Also, the date should not be in a different handwriting.. it suggest you wrote it yourself or another staff member at the office did which isn't acceptable.. it must be written by the prescriber. You need to stop trying to illegally write on the prescription yourself.

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search after checking out

Dear Sirs, I recently got out of the hospital on Saturday.
It was so pretty on Sunday I thought I would go down with my husband to pick up my meds and a few items my sister wanted. I got most of my shopping done and hers and I became very weak and sick. I loked for an empty seat to no avail so I moved a basket that was blocking the phot center and sat down while my husban used our debit to check us out. I could hardly stand to my feet so we made our way with the basket to the door. Not paying attention except for the way I felt I went out the door. I heard somebody say come back I was almost out the second door when I looked around and she came running after us. Come back in here the alarm went off and I have to check your purchases.
I gave her my receipt, but she continued rummaging through my stuff. A robe the checkout girl had help me fold that was a gift, stuff falling out of the bags, my stuff and my sisters mixing. I was so furiouse and so sick.I felt like a common criminal. We checked our computer car key our cell phones and come to find out it turned out to be a little plastic scan bar or something on some kind of fat burner. It wasn't our fault it was on my ticket it just didn't ok it I had paid for it. Then the lady behind me started out and the same thing happened to her. I was so embarassed. people looked at me like they thought I stole something. How degradeing and rude. I say if it is my mistake I take the blame, but if it is your mistake and I have already purchased the goods they are mine and you shoud have the proper papers to search them. I travel from Glade Spring Va. to Bristol, Va every week for anything I need. I don't know If I will in the future. It was rude, and the little girl was very pushy like the stores security depended upon her accuracy. Poor judgement on your part. Maybe visiting again wil be poor judgement on my part, Do you think?

ge money card

I used a loadable grey Walmart pre-paid GE money card I had purchaced about a year ago and have had absolutely no problems. It expires 3/10. On 3/5/10, today, I recieved a blue GE Walmart pre-paid money card in the mail. I have heard about all the warnings of using the Walmart money cards and now I am very nervous about using any other cards from walmart. I don't even want to activate this new card or even touch it. It came with a very lengthy paper on how to activate it and about the charges which were a bit confusing and another large paper explaining the terms and conditions that you'd mostly need a magnifying glass for along with some time and which was just plain blurred out in places.

  • Ve
    Veer Singh Nov 28, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Issue of credit card without information

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  • Ve
    Veer Singh Nov 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The company should not issue a credit card without the conformation of the customer.

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survey on register reciept

I called the survey number told the girl i didnt want to purchase anything just wanted gift certificate, which was explained to me as a gift certificate that i could use to purchase anything. Its not even a gift certificate its a rebate . You but $200 in products an they are supposed to give tou a rebate. But they also give your information to others who put charges on your cards. They tell you that you have a trial perod but your trial period is up before anything is ever sent to you and your cards have been charged. Then when you call they tell you that the charge is non-refundable.An you can only submit up to $25 a month in rebates. I cancelled an they tried telling me that it took over a week for my card company to put the charge on. Mine is a debit card and the longast it takes is 24 hours for a charge to be taken out. So Main Street Discounters is a rip off they get your card number an put all kind of charges on it .An everyone there has an excuse for everything. If you do send something back to them make sure its registered an has to be signed for as they will say they didnt recieve it. the survey on wal-mart reciepts is a scam. One that can eventually cost you alot of money. If this is the kind of companies wal-mart does business with just makes me wonder how good they really are. I know that because of this i will never shop at wal-mart again. I am on disability and am dying of cancer an because of this an the charges put on my card one for $25, one for #1.99, an one for $24 i cant get my medicine. The company i called said i called after the charges were put on. I cancelled on the 24th of feb. The charges were put on my card the 2nd of march. my debit card company said charges are posted within 24 hours. So everyone beware they are out to get you.

  • Ka
    kato88 Oct 05, 2010

    what are you talking about??? you probably called the wrong number! the survey on the receipt is just a customer service survey... like "on a scale of 1-9 rate the level of customer service" a few questions like that and that it. there isnt anything about purchasing or receiving gift cards, rebates... your rediculous... and if your disabled, and dying for cancer, why isnt medicare or medical assistance paying for your meds? i bet your a troll. go bash a different company, or at least bash with a better explanation.

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walmart has the worst customer service I have ever come across anywhere

Walmart has the worst customer service I have ever come across anywhere. The actually refused to fill my prescription and wouldn't give me any reason. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and anyone else I can think of. The employees in the pharmacy are also very rude. I will never buy another product from this company.

  • Op
    optrader Aug 22, 2010

    They had a reason for not filling your rx. I doubt you have told the whole story. They don't just refuse to fill rx's without a reason. You did not say what the medication was. I bet it was for a narcotic. Your rx may have looked like a forgery(whether it was or not). Or you doctor shop, getting rx's filled at diffent pharmacies. And, for this reason, they may simply not want you as a customer and that is why they are not friendly to you.

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  • Tr
    Traci Rose Dec 27, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have just had tjhe worst experience with the location on 75th ave in

    Phoenix. Stafff super rude and nonchalant. They are not online with the other walmartPharmacies so the patient info doesnt carry over to their location. You have the option to pay upfront the full price or leave, go home and fetch your insurance card and return for processing. No managemnt even working on a sunday. Just bad service for a customer just attempting to refill the same blood pressure medicine i refill minthly with the

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ridiculously bad service

I called walmart in New burgh to get a price on a Bissell 9500 Steam Cleaner. Once I was connected the lady said I will cvonnect you to that dept. After a long wait, she gets back on the line and says "I'M sorry I will try again".. That went on for three more tries. Then I asked for the manager, same problem. Then I hung up and called again, Asked for a manager. Same problem. Then I hung up aqnd called again, waited for a while and the assisstant manager answered the phone. I waited then lost my patience and I am now writing to you. I don't care what THEY say, this is how it happened. Therefore, I am going to go to bestbuy and pay more for the same machine, however, I know that I will gwet the prompt and curtious service I deserve. Thanks, but no thanks.

changed credit limit

I opened a Walmart credit card with a limit of $800 over a year ago. I always paid this account on time. it...

we will be taking our business elsewhere in the future

We just had our truck serviced at Wal-Mart in Tulsa, OK. Right off, they claimed they could not check the transfer case because they did not have the correct tool. They had added declined on the paper we received. Which we did not decline. In fact my husband made a point to ask them if they were going to check the crank case and was told before hand that they would. After we left and stopped at a store across the road we noticed that the washer fluid light was one. We stopped and checked the fluid which was 1/4 in from the the bottom. (otherwise empty) We returned, presented them with the problem and were told that they did indeed fill it up but it had a crack and must have leaked all out. Which was impossible since there was no water under the truck where it was parked. It did have a small crack half way up the reservoir. But the fluid was well below that on empty.

There was a customer there who told us that she was there complaining about her vehicle and not to ever take ours back to any Wal-Mart. They had serviced her car and it had a puddle of oil under her car when she got home. Which it did not leak before hand. They were not going to admit any fault there either.

I have had my fill with Wal-Mart. We have had prior problems when my husband had a tires put on at a Florida Wal-Mart. I was hoping that it was just the one store's problem, but it seems that it is rampant at all the stores. He is not going to give them 3 strikes. He has had his fill and they are out. We will be taking our business elsewhere in the future.

  • Se
    sears customer May 01, 2010

    do not buy tires from Wal Mart if they are defective Wal Mart does not stand behind customer service. had to walk through FIRE to get atire replaced after one month and 3 return trips with a flat.NEVER AGAIN

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great value (not) products

Actually, I use Great Value products on a regular basis, but with two caveats: 1) I NEVER use generic dairy...

don't fall for special deals

I was looking to purchase a new computer. I have a credit score over 800. So I thought I would take advantage of the advertised no interest no payments for purchases over 299.00 signed up the ran my credit check and gave me a limit more than sufficient to cover the purchase only catch is you have to wait for the card. I was ready to buy at that moment not weeks later when the card arrives. they will only give you a $500.00 limit on your temporary card. not what they tell you your approved for yet they hit your credit report that is ###! well they lost the sale I'll pay more somewhere else. customer service lady could care less I called and cancelled the card. they never even attempted to increase the limit or authorize the purchase she just ok I'll cancel that for you. I would've been ashamed to carry that card in my wallet now I don't have to save the hit on your credit report use bill me later or some other financing options at WALMART!

will never ever purchase eyeglasses from the walmart optical

I purchased a pair of glasses from the Walmart Optical in Pasadena, TX back in June...only 9 months ago! The glasses just completely broke in two pieces. I was just told when I took them back that they no longer carry that frame and I would have to purchase new glasses. I paid over $300 dollars for those glasses with insurance! She told me that I had better insurance coverage this year and that they would pay more for the new glasses. Even so I really don't have the money for that. She then told me maybe I could take them and have them soldered for about $20. I have worn glasses for 35 years and never in my life have I had glasses that only lasted 9 months and then to be told basically too bad so sad...I should have at least received some type of compensation. Those expensive lenses (bifocals) that I purchased are no longer good. I am highly upset and will never ever purchase eyeglasses from the walmart optical and everyone I know is gonna hear my story.

  • Cb
    cbedair Apr 09, 2010

    I also had a problem with them I bought a pair of glasses and I was suppoesd to pick them up a week later and i went back they werent ready and they said my frames where no longer in stock so i had to get measured for another (more expensive pair) and wait another week and after 2 weeks i finally got my glasses.

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  • Ss
    SS9999 Nov 30, 2010

    I work for a WalMart in Nevada. I am a State Licensed Optician and the Vision center manager. I am sorry to hear that they told you that you need to purchase a new frame. What they should have done is offer you another frame up to the same value as the frame you had previously purchased. WalMart does offer a free 1yr no fault warranty. I consider that to be bad business and now I am sure you will not be returning there. By the way, Texas is not a Licensed state so my guess is that you may have gotten a "Mctician" who just doesn't care about performing real customer service. My fellow WalMart employees I am ashamed of you!!!

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  • Sh
    Shotinthe dark Mar 09, 2011

    I went into Walmart to see their optician for my examine. Bought new glass with lens to the tune of $300 for the frames/lens and $95 for the exam. Went to pick them up a week later, and could not see (everything blurry, and No, I wasn't under the influence of anything). The customer service person, Robin, said that I would need to get used to them for a couple of days. I returned after 3 days, and said that everything was still blurry. She checked my old glasses from SEARS, and then checked my new ones from Walmart. The prescription for the left eye had dropped by .50 % and the right eye by .75% by the Walmart optician. No wonder I couldn't see!!! Now, I have to wait to see the optician AGAIN, taking time off from work AGAIN, to have my prescription corrected, and have the new lens put into the frames (which means another week of waiting). I will definitely travel the distance to go to SEARS or elsewhere next time.

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  • Be
    becker23 Apr 23, 2011

    I could write an angry book on my experience with the Walmart Vision Center. I will make a long story and frustrating day very short. They tried to force me to keep a faulty frame that they could not get to sit straight on my face. They tried to get me to accept inferior workmanship in the lenses of my new glasses in which I could not see clearly at a distance or through the bifocal from the get go and they tried to tell me that all polarized lenses caused things to look odd indoors, because mine were reflecting light in that room in a very odd sort of way, even though when I tried on other glasses with polorized lenses and that occurance was absent. They told me "my eyes would adjust, so just take them home and try them. It can take time." Wrong, glasses should correct ones vision from the get go, or something is very wrong. They were pushy in trying to get me to buy things I did not want, they were pushy in trying to get me to keep these inferior quality glasses and they were so pushy, they offered a very, very deep discount rather than just say they must have done the lenses wrong, let us compare this with your prescription. I left finally with a refund, but not until after they wore me to absolute tears where I simply had to walk away. I will never patronize this store again and after reading on other sites about WVC elsewhere, I will never patronize another Walmart Vision Center. By the way, their good deals are anything but a good deal. They are tricks to put high pressure, buy this which nobody else wants at a tremendously hight price and get that free. Also, when I went to pick up my new glasses, that distorted frame that I paid full price for, was a freebee with a purchase of lenses that day. Guess the frame didn't fit other's faces either. Now what is wrong with this picture?

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  • Jo
    Jocelyn W. Aug 02, 2013

    I have been seeing this eye doctor, Walmart Vision Center, for 2 years (Mt. Olive, NJ). This doctor told me i have astigmatism in one of my eyes. Recently i went back for an eye exam because i was having symptoms of headaches & blurry vision. Doctor said i needed a stronger prescription. Picked up my new glasses, still had the same symptoms with my new pair of glasses. Went back to see the doctor of my problems. His response was "Its all in my head. I no longer have astigmatism & the glasses corrected the problem." That same day, I went to a different eye doctor who told me: 1). I now have astigmatism in both eyes; 2). Glasses will not correct astigmatism, it would just get worse. Of course when I went back to Walmart Vision to confront him, the doctor said "Then go see this other doctor." I am also an Emergency Medical Technician in a very busy 911 system. The sad part is that my salary is pitiful compare to this eye doctor's salary & I know for damn sure that my patients had received the best possible care that I could give them. I and many others trusted this doctor to take care of our eyes and failed. YET he has no qualms about taking our hard earned money!

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poor service/rude

My daughter needed some new tires on her car and wanted to meet at wal-mart in Monett MO. which is about 45min. drive for me. We meet they priced tires I said ok we will take them and so on. I needed to get back home so I wanted to pay for them and leave this is where the problem started. They said I would have to wait till tires were on before they could ring up. Well you just told me how much they were why cant I pay. Then the little girl got mad told the shop person to pull down so she could ring them up because I was making it difficult for her while I was standing there listening to her rant and rave. Then the manger came and had me buy a gift card thats dumb.But I got it . Then they pulled 3 cars that were behind her around our car and made her wait tell me this wasn't on purpose. I will never buy another tire from wal-mart again and I will be spending alot less money there for other things.

walmart employees are nasty and rude

gallipolis walmart employees are very nasty and rude they look like they need to be in a circus especially...

hiring is being done based on color and not qualifications and experience

The WalMart Store in Greenville Alabama needs to look into what's going on in their Human Resource Dept. Hiring is being done based on color and not qualifications and experience. The employees being hired are of one race(black), are rude and have no idea of what their doing. People are being charged wrong prices due to these employees not knowing the products their ringing up. The people in the Human Resource Dept are in the practice of hiring friends and the color of their choice! This needs to stop before it's taken any further!

  • Di
    dia3766 Mar 31, 2010

    race does not mean anything in hiring, it is the qualifications. In regards to brains being smaller in reference to intelligence bigger is not always better, i have met some white folk (i am white as well) and they were dumb as a stick and i have met some geniuses that were different races

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  • Mi
    Michael1972 May 22, 2010

    Well then your studies are outdated, they did claim blacks had smaller brains in the 60's when there was much more racism.

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  • Un
    Undetermined Feb 14, 2011

    Maybe all of you should go and do some research:
    race and intelligence has been a subject of debate in both popular science and academic research since the inception of intelligence testing in the early 20th century, particularly in the United States. Intelligence quotient (IQ) tests performed in the US have consistently demonstrated a significant degree of variation between different racial groups, with the average score of the African American population being significantly lower—and that of the Asian American population being higher—than that of the White American population.

    At the same time, there is considerable overlap between these group scores, and members of each racial group can be found at all points on the IQ spectrum. Similar findings have been reported for related populations around the world, most notably in Africa, though these are generally considered far less reliable due to the relative paucity of test data and the difficulties inherent in the cross-cultural comparison of intelligence test scores.

    There are no universally accepted definitions of either race or intelligence in academia, and the discussion of their connection involves the results of multiple disciplines, including biology, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. Many factors that could potentially influence the development of intelligence have been advanced as possible causes of the racial IQ gaps. It is generally agreed that both genetics and environmental and/or cultural factors affect individual IQ scores. There is currently no consensus whether genetics play a role in racial IQ gaps, or whether their cause is entirely environmental.

    Critics have questioned the validity of race and IQ. Sternberg et al (2005) argue that race is a social construction with no scientific definition and that the overwhelming portion of the literature have tacitly adopted folk definitions of race. Intelligence is a disputed concept which, they argue, make the relationships to other variables tentative.

    There are observed differences in average test score achievement between racial groups, which vary depending on the populations studied and the type of tests used. Rushton and Jensen write that in the United States, self-identified blacks and whites have been the subjects of the greatest number of studies. They state that the black-white IQ difference is about 15 to 18 points or 1 to 1.1 standard deviations. 15% to 20% of the black IQ distribution exceeds the white median IQ, so many blacks obtain scores above the white average. The black-white IQ difference is largest on those tests that best represent the general intelligence factor

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limit cut

I too had a Wal-mart card that had a $600 limit and after Thanksgiving I paid it down to $150 because I am working at getting my credit ratios down. Ok Fine.. 25% sounds good until I get a letter less than a week after payment posted that my credit had been reduced to $160 due to a "periodic review". My score is above 700 but they showed me as maxed out once again. So I paid off the bill and will never use the card again. Unbelievable! No wonder people have crappy credit.. the companies are all working together to keep your score down so they can justify charging 29% interest. Cash is king again in my house.

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