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Resolved irate customer

It is absolutely ridiculous that they close all of their lanes about 10:00 p.m. except for maybe 2-3 lane...

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Resolved lied and put my nephew in danger.

While shopping with my nine year old nephew in the Springdale Arkansas store my nephew got lost. I informed the greeter and she went and paged a thing called a code Adam, and gave a description of my nephew. This is very dangerous, as now all the child molesters in the store know that there is a nine year old boy lost in the store and what he looks like. When I complained to the store manager about this they informed me that my nephew was perfectly safe and that they lock all the doors and don't let anyone in or out of the store until the child is found and they won't give the child to anyone except the person who reported the child lost. They won't even give the child to the spouse. They told me that this was a company wide policy. I know that this is a lie since my husband works at home office. They are just using an excuse to get out of trouble of putting my nephew in danger. I will be informing him of this illegal and dangerous practice and the lies that the greeter has told me. This "policy" just allows anyone, a child molester or a kidnapper to know a child is unattended and they can quickly kidnap the child. Also not giving the child to the spouse is just wrong, they are also the parent of the child. I will be telling my husband about this dangerous incident and have this greeter fired. If anything happened to my nephew due to this greeter's negligence I would sue and my husband would not have to work with you boneheads anymore. The worst off is my sister is blaming me for not watching my nephew properly when he took off in the first place, and when your greeter did not handle a lost child report well and put my nephew in danger.

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    DSgamby Aug 22, 2012
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    Verified customer

    What exactly did you want Walmart to do when you tell them that you lost your nephew?

    What did your janitor husband tell you what the policy is for a lost child?

    You put your nephew in danger by not paying attention and following him.

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  • mollyemt Aug 22, 2012

    the code adam describes the childs appearance in CASE somebody IS trying to kidnap them you dumbass. doors get locked until the child is found. IF they happen to be with someone who IS trying to kidnap them, THAT person can be arrested. your dumbass husband should know that also. if YOU cant control a child when you take them shopping, either leave them at home or you stay at home.

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  • little running beer Jan 06, 2013

    watch your own damn kids

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Resolved walmart money card

Warning!! If you never want to see your paycheck money, put it on a walmart money card or lord forbid on direct deposit. You will never see any of your paycheck money in cash…
Ever again!!! I had a walmart money card for a couple of years and used it sporadically and it worked okay. Recently when my bank started charging alot of fees and held my auto deposits over the weekend I started my direct deposit going on the walmart money card. Suddenly there are 2 unknown online charges on my card, the robot-like asian customer service people could not answer my questions because it was not on their script, they could not tell me where the charges came from and they would not forward me to an american supervisor and refused to send me to the survey they offer at the end of the call and then disconnected my call. They said they could not tell me who made the first charge and could not block it (It was still pending). I purchased another card to move my paycheck money into until I could get my direct deposit stopped. I paid $ 3 to open it and I received the permanent card yesterday and I received another ‘monthly’ fee when I have only had the card 10 days. I called to dispute that and they did remove that second fee however… they get you coming and going on fees unless it is an automatic deposit and then that is when your nightmare begins.!! Your paycheck is automatically deposited and you expect to get some cash, right? Dream on!! They have policies that restrict you from getting any of your hard earned money in cash!!! These people running the “walmart money card show” that ‘now have your cash’ are non-americans, probably chinese because customer support is somewhere in asia and they are using our funds to support them, because they certainly are not letting us have our money after we have made our order to use the money I had on my one compromised card, I had to make an online purchase (Even though the unauthorized charge was from an online purchase), I did that and had the card closed. However when the second unauthorized purchase credited me back (After I called them and said it was unauthorized) I can’t get that money and walmart money card refuses to transfer it to my new card I bought because of the unauthorized charges. They said they had to send me a check for the balance…checks in the mail…yea right, we will see if that happens. After I had my auto-deposit transferred to my replacement card, I went to get a money order for my house payment and some cash. Customer service said they could do the money order but I could not access my payroll deposit and get cash, as it is against their policy.

After all this, my direct deposit finally ended and I had a balance of $24.25 on my card, I wanted nothing more than to clear that balance and close that card. Guess what??? I could not!! I went to walmart and tried to make a purchase of $44 and tried to use the $24.25 balance against that as a debit and it would not take it, denied. I tried to use it as a credit and it wouldn’t take it, denied. I went to customer service to see if they could make it happen, they could not, denied, even though the available balance said $24.25. They could not give me cash back, denied, they couldn’t run it as a debit or a credit even though they clearly had printed notice that I had $24.25 available. I called the asian customer service from their phone in customer service and after being told by the non-american I had a temporary card, as it said on their script (Which I did not, they obviously did not know what I was talking about (They are chinese after all), to which I asked for an american supervisor, I was left on hold for 15 minutes until they hung up. I wanted to call back but the walmart customer service desk said they could not tie up their only phone line with my calls to the walmart money cards customer service and stated they have no control over any of that because they are not affiliated with them in any way, had nothing to do with the walmart money card people and made many apologies to that effect. The only way I was able to spend the $24.25 of my last payroll deposit was to pay it online against a utility bill, which I did and so far they have not denied it. I don’t know anyone that needs that much hassle to get access to their paycheck!

Walmart is using the american public’s direct deposits to subsidize whatever support they are giving to china. Your deposit on a walmart money card is going to foreigners to use to collect the interest and make investments from, with our hard earned money, overseas!!..
Walmart is un-american for allowing that to happen!!! They don’t even support their widely advertised money cards and direct deposits. Their customer service people, when pushed, say they have nothing to do with the walmart money cards. Your deposits are going directly into who knows who’s bank and you will never see them again. Plus the cards don’t work everywhere, try buying gas at midnight at maverick…it ain’t going to happen with this walmart money card. It’s a pain and could be life threatening in the dead of a wyoming winter night with no gas to get you home!

All americans beware of walmart money cards. Walmart is undermining the financial stability of america with these actions and should be stopped. (This coming from a 12 yr walmart supporter… (When you move from the city to rural wyoming, driving 60 miles to walmart is the only place you can get groceries, home improvement, auto supplies and kids clothes all at once).

  • Mi
    Mimitheshopper Sep 20, 2011

    I purchased a Walmart money card to set up automatic payments for a few bills I have. I decided to no longer put my automated bills on my credit card due to a couple of companies charging my account at any given moment. After reading how "easy" it is to reload the card and to get one I figured this would be the best way to go about it. So I loaded a card for $125.oo and when I call to activate it they ask me for ALL my personal information including my SOCIAL. I don't understand the need of a social if the card states it does not run your credit. Now I'm stuck with a gift card of $125.oo that I cannot use for the initial purpuse that I got it for, and paid a $3.00 activation fee which Walmart gets to keep. $3.OO is not a lot at all but imagine how many people do this. That is how they make their money. I'm BEYOND upset.

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  • Sl
    SlayerGal Sep 20, 2011

    You can't expect a service like that to be free. Have you done anything illegal that you don't want them or the government to know what you're doing?

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    Charlie5150 Aug 22, 2013

    I have had problems with them from day one, they charge you 25 cents for every purchase, and when I had a dispute cause the energy company double charged me, because I double clicked on pay, they couldn't just reverse it, they made me go threw this amazing process that has taken almost 2 weeks. It's ridiculous, and the customer service is the worst I have ever seen in my life. People truly have to steer clear of this company and employers should also steer clear and not put there employee's on this card it is ridiculous, unless the employers are getting kick backs, I don't see any reason for them to use these people. Wal mart should be ashamed for putting their name on this card its a total scam.

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  • Ri
    Rick3000 Jan 11, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I got my temporary pre-paid Walmart Moneycard from Walmart and I have had several issues with their service. First, they put a hold on my "temporary" account (only a few days after I opened it) with my funds in my account because they assumed there was fraud of some sort on my account, so I could not access my funds until I faxed them a copy of my social security card and driver license. I personally did not experience "anything" that would have given them the assumption there was suspicious activity with my account. Second, it took almost 2 months to receive my permanent card in the mail. The first time they said they sent it but I never received it. I called them and they said they would send out another one, which they never did. It took three phone calls to finally get them to mail out my permanent card. In the meantime, they blocked my account until I received my permanent card in the mail and I activated it. For the inconvenience they issued me two monthly service fees credit of $3 ($6 total). Third, it is literally impossible to reach a live operator on the phone if your card is on a block. You are required to enter your card number or social security number to speak to somebody and if your account has a block on it, their system automatically hangs the phone up on you. It's almost impossible to speak to a live operator because I have tried every option in their system. Beware.

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Resolved racism

Racism at walmart: told "black people get out of aiken county & not allowed to shop at wal-mart!!" | video - abc news
Aiken county, sc. police investigate walmart announcement asking black customers to leave the store.
Definately reommend to potential customers, who like shopping at walmart - stop, shop somewhere, anywhere else!!!


  • Ai
    Aiken Wal-mart Employee Aug 21, 2012

    Walmart Faces Long Battle On Sex Discrimination, Despite ...
    [Jan 24, 2012] Sex discrimination is alive and well at Walmart, say lawyers who have interviewed thousands of female employees in the years since Betty Dukes and a ... ( 1256 Comments ) - Cached.More results from »Walmart Discrimination: Court to Decide Whether Millions of ...
    [Mar 28, 2011] When Christine Kwapnoski of Concord, Calif., told her boss at a division of Walmart that she wanted a job promotion, she said, he told her to "blow the cobwebs off ... ( 23 Comments ) scuffle prompts racism claims - CNN
    This much isn't in dispute: Heather Ellis joined a line at a Wal-Mart nearly three years ago. Whether she cut in line or merely switched checkout lanes to join her ... - Cached

    Supreme Court Limits Wal-Mart Discrimination Case : NPR
    The U.S. Supreme Court has thrown out the largest sex discrimination lawsuit in American history — a nationwide class action lawsuit brought against Wal-Mart on ...
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    More Racism at Wal-Mart, This Time Over P.A. System: Gothamist
    Wal-Mart officials scrambled to apologize yesterday for an ugly incident that occurred at one of their New Jersey stores on Sunday. Shoppers were shocked when an ... - Cached

    Wal-Mart: Merchant of Shame - National Organization for Women ...
    NOW reviewed the extensive public record on cases filed against Wal-Mart and found the allegations disturbing. These included sex discrimination in pay, promotion and ... - Cached

    Supreme Court limits Wal-Mart sex discrimination case ...
    WASHINGTON — In blocking a huge sex discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) Monday, the Supreme Court made it harder for all workers to join ... - Cached
    More results from »
    Women File New Class-Action Bias Case Against Wal-Mart ...
    [Oct 27, 2011] After the Supreme Court threw out a sex- discrimination case against Wal-Mart, the plaintiffs are trying again by narrowing the class to women in California ...

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  • The op is having a meltdown.

    Definitely recommend using the spell check feature.

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Resolved racism & harassment

Wal-mart isn't fooling anyone!!! People should stop shopping there, because of the many compliants from...

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I recently had the worst cust serv of any walmart store. One week before my mom's 8oth birthday, I...

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Every day starting at approximately 7pm unti closing 11 PM they start bringing out pallets of boxes with...

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I have called the store a half doz. Times in a row let it ring 20 times each I could not get an answer, do anyone work there???

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tire fell off

My friend needed tires and she asked if I would go with her so they would not rip her off...I told her lets get tires online at Tire Rack..She goes no I want to go to Wal-Mart..Ok cheap junk..So we had tires put on at wal-mart we go about 2 miles and boom bang...The tire came off and damaged the car...The idiot forgot to put all the lugnuts in...Only one was on the rim...The car was damaged.. The cost was 1, 200 dollars which wal-mart paid...Good thing we were not on the freeway when this happened...If you want somebody to work on your car that gets 7 dollars an hour be my guest...Not me


I really wish there was a way to contact Faded Glory directly, but as they don't have a website, I guess this will do. I purchased two pairs of Faded Glory denim capris from Walmart. The first time I wore each pair, the zipper broke...teeth came off in the EXACT same spot. Of course, I can't return them because I wore them and took the tags off. I do know that because of this, I will NEVER buy Faded Glory brand again and I will make sure everyone I know and don't know (gotta love Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc...) about this. This is clearly shoddy construction and lack of concern for quality of product. Disgusting what companies get away with these days.

  • Wa
    WalkerTex Aug 05, 2012

    You could have just given the link Iron Muffin. No need to be a douche. Why are you on this site? Apparently not to help people.

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free $1,000 gift card scam

Beware of Walmart offering a free $1, card click here you will be filling out surveys for hours on end and you will be getting emails sent to your email box from Companies you clicked no on not to get email offers from, and you will be wasting the better part of your day unsubscribing & deleting emails from your inbox from companies you did not wish to do business with or, get junk emails from some of which you will have to mail a letter to the company to unsubscribe from their emails. If it sounds to good to be true it is.This Walmart Customer will now be considering other places to do my shopping, their loss i just spent over $200.00 there the other day

  • Sc
    scammed in pa Sep 10, 2012

    Is kind of late to comment BUT this is not a wal mart scam-I just found out today-I oo recieved a text msg after i took their survey saying i had won th 1, 000 gift card-gave up in disgust and have been cursing wal mart since-found out today that scammers are somehow getting info-unfortunatley am still angry with wal mart as their attitude seems to be they can, t do anything about it-have ignored every e mail i sent to them Maybe if enough people threaten to stop shopping they will pay attention(HA!)

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I have a complaint about the motorized shopping carts for the disabled and handicapped. My elderly mother...

Resolved cashier stole from my six year old.

Your Erie, Michigan store hires the rudest cashiers. When my son was three years old he picked up a chocolate...

cashing a money order

I bought a 1000.00 money order yesterday & didnt use it so I went to get my money back & walmart would not...

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negligent management

Apalachee pkwy walmart management tawanna was rude angry because I told her that one of the workers wa...

Resolved treat you like cattle

Shopping at the Aiken, SC can be dangerous since the Walmart employees seem to think the customer does not...

Resolved pornography on pandgital reader

I received order: on 7/19/12 via FEDX. . As I was setting up the unit and becoming familar with it. I went to...

Resolved accused of theft

went to buy groceries at walmart with my wife and 5 year old daughter last week and I started to check out...