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J Oct 31, 2018
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I apologize for the wall of text in advance, and if the wording is a little confusing, but I don't know how to make this shorter and I feel it has to be said.

I used to work for Walgreens for almost 10 years, during which time I generally thought they were a good company. But towards the end of my employment, they basically told me for one case of discrimination against my mental disabilities that if they were on file (which they were), then it was basically not possible for it to happen, and that it would not even be investigated. Then when I was fired in retaliation for "wasting time" voicing health/safety concerns, and because of discrimination against my mental disabilities yet AGAIN (that they kept me from getting as much work done as the next person), they told me that they would investigate it and get back to me, but they never did.

They have done nothing to the store manager despite having proven without a doubt that he had filed a fake disciplinary action without discussing it with me and just forging my written signature to it, or that he refused to pay me out my unused PTO like the policy dictates he has to (which required contacting the corporate accounting department to resolve). What they did decide to do was to claim I had been fired for insubordination for refusing put my job before my own health (I should have been willing to work in a situation that would likely push my severe depression to suicidal levels again, or close to that bad), and for NOT IGNORING customers in photo needing help and just focusing on the task I was given, despite being scheduled to work in that department for the night (because it totally makes perfect sense to say I should have told customers "Sorry, but I was told I needed to get this task done, so you'll either have to wait a bit or come back later.")

I'm sorry Walgreens, but I should not have to push my body to the point of breaking down in the form of an injury, or to the point of actually losing consciousness more than the TWO TIMES I have already done (as both of those things happened once as a result of trying to get the leadership members from giving me crap for it and saying that I wasn't working hard enough, as all but one or two were doing this) just to make up for my disabilities keeping me from being as productive as others unless I really overwork my body. I shouldn't have been fired just because you don't want to accommodate mental disabilities anymore if they hinder sales. I also shouldn't be told to turn a blind eye to the fact that many stores can't even come close to completing the compliance tasks they are given due to the company being unwilling to give them the hours needed to do so, and that some (like the one I worked at #5977) weren't even trying to check for and pull damaged/expired products. Some of them even have significant periods of time where they can't even follow the company's own policies because of the lack of manpower (ex. when there is a spill or broken glass on the ground).

After having them investigate the use of forgery to provide false documentation in a federal investigation, Walgreens has decided that it is OK with that being done, as the signature on a government issued ID and security footage is not substantial enough evidence to prove that a signature was even forged. Seriously considering seeing if the government agrees with that, including the testimony of the federal agent who agreed that it looked forged to her (but wouldn't be able to say for sure without a handwriting analysis expert examining it). At the very least, I certainly will be damaging their reputation with this information and the rest of what was done/said to me, since with no lies and just facts, it is not slanderous/libelous.

A company that tells its employees to put their job before their own health (even to the extent of becoming suicidal), allows illegal retaliation for "wasting time" with concerns about health/safety issues in relation to both employees and customers, discrimination against mental disabilities (if it is done so to improve sales by replacing them with someone else who doesn't have any disabilities keeping them from getting enough work done without having to push themselves close to the point of light-headedness (or in my case, actually having to go to the extent of actually losing consciousness)), and then tries to cover it up with forgery and ridiculous claims/lies such as saying that it was for being insubordinate because I DIDN'T ignore customers needing help in photo to get other work done (regardless of the fact that I was scheduled/told to work in that department for the night) doesn't deserve to receive any business (especially when they actually say that there ARE times where the customer is NOT the highest priority, and they tell their employees to ignore customers).

As they have already refused to do the right thing or negotiate/work with me, I don't expect this to have a proper resolution anymore (other than the charges for them knowingly providing falsified documentation to a federal investigation, which I am trying to figure out how to issue). This is more of a warning to others of how greedy those running it have become, and how unethical/illegal behavior is not punished in the company anymore (at least not if it is in the name of improving sales or to get them out of legal trouble...even if only temporarily). Do not give this horrible company any money when it acts like this.

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