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poor service & program guide

FIOS lack of service is crazy. I called in to their service center and told them I wanted to make a complaint. I was told they did not have a complaint call center. I would have to send a "letter" them them via the US mail. I did send a 2 page letter to them, but never heard anything from them.

Their on-screen programing has to be set up by a idiot. It does not make since, it is hard to read and so slow that it is almost worth it to rent a movie than to try to watch their on-demand programming. The "favorite" feature hardly works. It adds channels that are not favorites and removes channels that are. You can re-program it and it still messes up.

We were told that the screen wouldn't ever freeze and it does. We were told that they wouldn't rearrange the channels and they have done so at least twice within 18 months. This last time they moved several HD channels to a new level that you have to pay for. Along with paying extra for the HD box you have to pay extra for some of the HD channels.

When the time comes we might just make a change to another service. They might be just as bad but I don't think that I need to spend my money on Fios anymore.

phones not working for 4 days, each day it's suppose to be fixed, two business lines are still not working as of 10pm 12/4/2008.

Verizon support is non existant! Since I started with their "triple play" service, I have had problems. Two...

damage to tv

My verizon cable box and DVR locked up on several occasions over a few months- I would always call tech support and they would get me up and running remotely- no prob. The last time my box locked up Verizon had to send a tech out to fix the problem. The Tech confirmed the box was bad and in the process of breaking the box burned my HD port on my TV out. He stated it would be hard to get Verizon to pay but he had seen it happen before- the tech stated the box definitely burned my HD port out. The tech tested my TV and several boxes to confirm the original box and my HD port were bad.

The tech was correct- Verizon refused to pay to fix my tv and stated the tech never told me that the Verizon box burned my HD port out. Verizon said they had documentation from the tech that my tv's HD port didn't work and that the box when tested was fine.

The Verizon customer agent told me my tv burned the box out, that I would still get HD quality without use of the HD port- lye. I tried cancelling service 4 times and this particular retention specialist totally coerced me into staying. I can't believe verizon is so deceptive and minipulative. I just want my tv fixed so I can watch HD.

Im embarrassed that I let verizon keep me as a customer- they are very sorry and will say anything to keep the business.

I was told many lies about service packages for internet, tv and phone and spent over 7 hrs of my life in the verizon phone que. Verizon sucks- I don't understand why they cant just be honest. Don't they realize that treating people right will only prosper the Verizon company.

  • Ma
    Mad as hell Dec 21, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Verizon really sucks. Customer support is really really poor. Prepare to wait a least 30 to 60+ minutes to get your issue resolved. Call drops... call forwarding to other department... wrong phone numbers given out. They take your money and don't deliver the good they promise.

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slow and sucks

Ok, I have had verizon fios for a while now. not one complaint. until a few months ago that is. I hate fio...

Resolved overcharged

We have consistently been over billed, charged for text messages that were already included in our service and charged different rates for the exact same taxes and fees for each phone. Repeated attempts to resolve and contact Alltel have resulted in them telling us 'someone would get back to us' about why the taxes and fees were always inconsistent and over.

We were told it must be 'your phones' when we pointed out multiple discrepancies and billing for text messaging that was covered under our plan - and issued a credit for that month. But if we don't watch each month the do it all again and only resolve a small percentage of issues after HOURS of phone calls. Nothing we do resolves this problem.

We would be very happy to join ANY class action lawsuit against alltel regarding improper charges and over billing.

  • Cr
    Craig Dec 11, 2008

    We have consistently been over billed, charged for text messages that were already included in our service and charged different rates for the exact same taxes and fees for each phone. Repeated attempts to resolve and contact Alltel have resulted in them telling us 'someone would get back to us' about why the taxes and fees were always inconsistent and over.

    We were told it must be 'your phones' when we pointed out multiple discrepancies and billing for text messaging that was covered under our plan - and issued a credit for that month. But if we don't watch each month the do it all again and only resolve a small percentage of issues after HOURS of phone calls. Nothing we do resolves this problem.

    We would be very happy to join ANY class action lawsuit against alltel regarding improper charges and over billing.

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  • Lu
    Lukewaxer Jun 29, 2009

    Class Action Lawsuit??

    I'm there! When and where?

    After getting new service to two new phones and being assured that we would get two things like NO texting, and a billing cycle that allowed us to pay at the beginning of the month. We signed.
    Now we are getting double billed without recourse, an $80.00 per month bill is now $160.00 per month.
    We applied for a waiver, it was denied.
    We need a cell phone. And with Alltell being the Only provider in our remote area, we feel like they are stealing from us and laughing at us. So, it looks like the only thing to do is deny the bill and bring the phones back with all accessories.
    Bite the bullet and pay the Hopefully only $200.00 early disconect fee.

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  • De
    Derek Jul 18, 2009

    Alltell overcharged me on my phone bill every month they double and triple charged me and when you call to get help they don't even try to help. I got help from one person and a reference number for fixing it and the next bill was tripled and when i called with the refrence number they said that it doesn't matter and they won't do anything about it. terrible company.

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  • Ga
    Gabriel Aug 05, 2009

    False advertisement. Alltel tells you they have nation wide coverage, but they fail to tell you that you can still be charged with roaming charges. There is no federal regulations so they can and will deceive you with every loop hole they can find.

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unnecessary charges and scams

Getting text messages that are being sent that should`nt be sent dont need to be sent and beging charged to...

long distance overbilling

I recently had Fios installed in my appartment. They were six hours late. The actual Fios product is good. However, customer service is a nightmare. I have spent a total of 6 hours trying to get over $25o worth of international phone calls reversed on my statement. Verizon says these were operator assisted calls but they the "high tolls" department blocked my access to international phone calls for security reasons. There were no security issues. It seems verizon does this often. They block your long distance temporarily forcing you to contact the operator for help. This then become an operator assisted call and they charge you $2.00 a minute. When you call to try to resolve the dispute, collections does not know how to resolve it and they've dropped me four times forcing me to call back again and again. If you have Time warner or RCN - it might be worth dealing with a product that may not have all the bells and whistles but has better support.

Resolved fraudulent charges

On June 16th, I could not get onto my internet. When I called Verizon tech support, they couldn't see why I was unable to get on. I was told by a Verizon worker later that a code they saw at the office showed there was a problem and they would send someone the following week at no charge to me. That week, I called and was told there was no appointment and that I would be billed if someone came. So I was forced to go to another carrier for internet. The Verizon Co. said that I asked to cancel my service. I explained that they needed to show my service as being canceled because of non function. I have been billed and billed since then. I feel that some government agency needs to help people who become victims of outrageous billing and bogus charges to the customer. I went to the Attorney General and waited 6-8 weeks to hear that Verizon didn't respond and that I could go to small claims court. I don't know that I can do that . I'm on a very small income. Is there anyone or anything that can be done about these unethical billing practices. Bottom line, I did not cancel my contract. Verizon refused to help me without getting more money.

  • Ch
    CHARLES, S Apr 28, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was angry to see that i received a email from my credit bureau stating someone tarnished my credit report with negative infomation. When i investigated it further, I found AFNI had put the information on my credit report with. After calling them, this was no doubt a fraudulent account with Verizon, but what frustrated me more was that this was handled poorly, there was no attempt made to contact me at my correct address before it was put on my report, there was a fraud alert on all 3 reports but was overlooked. What was worse was the way the call was handled, their professionalism and the service reps' lack of knowledge and repsect. Overall a bad situation. I had to ask for a supervisor to handle the call! and now that i see that i am not the only one with this issue with AFNI and their fraudulent accounts, i feel that the Better Business Bureau should investigate these complaints with both AFNI and Verizon

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Resolved incorrect info on my credit report

Re: complaint letter to delete inaccurate information Dear sir or madam: I received a copy of my credit...

Weldon Spring Telecommunications

bad customer service

I have had Verizon DSL for aprox 2 years. After about 1 year of having DSL every time when we had thunder...

rate of price increases

a question and comment regarding Verizon FIOS (Internet only)
first year $29.99
second year $39.99
third year $47.99

can you afford this rate of price increases?
how does this rate of price increases compare to the rate of inflation?

suggestion do not order all services from the same provider or you will likely meet the same fate as a single choice consumer, rates rising fast and furious?

long distance hijacking

About a month after we enrolled in a flat fee account for both local and long distance with our local telephone service provider - not verizon - we received a bill for almost $100.00 for verizon long distance. Upon investigation, we learned that our service had been switched by verizon about a week after we enrolled in the local plan. - not only that, we'd been placed on their most expensive plan.

customer service

To whom it may concern

My name is Geanina Matara this is my second complained letter and I am very disappointed that nobody is taking any actions when customers complain. It makes me think twice about your services. What is a shame, your product is great but you have the worst customer service department for your services comparing to all other carriers.
My first letter of complain which was dated 11/4/08 was sent by fax to number
[protected] and by mail on 11/5/08 along with the $351.52 bill slip that I was supposed to pay. As of today 11/8/08 nobody has called me. Now I have another issue. I am trying to install phone service for my house because I am getting security system on Monday 11/10/08. A technician supposed to come to my house on 11/7/08 between 8am and 12pm. My husband had to take off from work to make sure somebody is home for the technician. At 11am, I started calling Verizon because the technician was not at my house. I was getting the run around from 11am until 1:05pm when I finally spoke to Stephanie. She was a very nice CS representative. People like her make your customers stay with Verizon. You probably lost a lot of customers because you have the worst CS representatives. When I spoke to Stephanie, she assured me that you technician would come since he was stuck on another job. I was telling her that I understand but I was expecting at least a courtesy call to let me know that the technician is running late. As of 5pm, no technician. After waiting ALL day for your technician we decided to leave the house at 5pm since the second appointment was from 12pm-5pm. At 5:10pm, I had a message that the technician was stuck in traffic. I called again this morning 11/8/08 at 9:00am. Again, I was getting the run around. Finally, at 9:45am I spoke to Shantae Verizon ID# Z067753 and she was great. She assured me that your technician would come tomorrow 11/9/08. We should wait and see that happen.
I am very, very, disappointed. Before I recommend your services I will make sure that I tell people what happen to me.
I sure hope I will not get charge the $40.00 installation fee since the job was not done when it was scheduled. I also hope that soon somebody will call me (a manager) to resolve my issues. I work with customers and this will never happen.
I can be reached at [protected].

Geanina Matara

  • Su
    Susan Jennings Dec 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed up for a Verizon bundle back in April '08. (I upgraded my residential,
    added internet connection and put my wireless on the onebill) Part of the sell of the bundles was I would not be charged for Numbers between my home phone # and my cell phone #.) EVerything sounded good.
    The reality...the first month I was getting charged minutes between my cell & home phone. I called and they gave me a credit for the overages.(you have to go on line with ONEBILL to see your verizon wireless bill though they give you the detail on both the home phone and intenet portion)
    THey did give a credit. The next couple months my bill looked ok so I never checked online. I had stayed within my minutes so there was no overage charges)
    Then the last couple months there have been overages so I call again.
    Again they said they would credit, which is fine but I wanted the problem resolved. After several frustrating calls I finally find out that my cell phone plan I have with Verizon does not qualify for this free calling between the home and cell. I try to go back and find out who sold me on this but of course I no longer have the name and it is impossible to get anyone to stand by the original agreement I had with Verizon. No one takes responsilbilty. They just keep passing you on. Never was it brought up what cell plan I was on othere than yes it was Verizon. VErizon won't honor what their representative sold me. Come to find out they are just 3rd party.
    VErizon WIreless can't help, they blame residential. REsidential says they were no part of the agreement. ONEBIll offers a credit but no help?
    Where do you get any satisfaction with VErizon. I plan to drop everything once I find out when all the contracts are up.

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  • Sa
    sacko57 Apr 27, 2009

    Verizon is placing an advertisement on their web page that advertises a low cost bundle. Then when trying by internet to get the program they make you call the "800" number. Their agent then reports the package is for copper and Direct TV. Yet, does it state that on the web page? NO, it does Not.

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  • De
    dedada Sep 27, 2009

    Denise-Pgh., PA area

    I applied for Verizon Bundle-cable, phone and internet in May of 2009. Biggest mistake ever! They could only connect my services two weeks apart. For this reason my bundle package wouldn't start until late June. Fair enough. Well on the initial contact when I opted for the $99.oo/month bundle package I understood that with taxes and fees that my bill would come to no more than $150.00/month. Fine this was in my budget. My first bill was over $300.00/2nd bill $250.00/3rd bill $153.00/4th bill $189.00. I feel that Verizon is a company based on FALSE ADVERTISEMENT; the main reason is being given the total RUNAROUND when calling their customer service. One fact with Comcast is true-you are given the price quoted for the total year. America-DON'T BE FOOLED! For someone like myself trying to practice patience and understanding, calling Verizon and trying to get answers to where and why a persons hard earned money is floating away is like finding a needle in a haystack. Stay with your current cable and phone company if you want to keep what's left of your sanity AMERICA.

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  • irishman1977 Sep 27, 2010

    I sense this person is a complainer, obese, unemployed, on the dole, has no life and lives with mom and dad. If you believe that Verizon is conducting false advertising contact your state's consumer affairs division and file complaint with them about Verizon. I am sure you will get far with your complaint-NOT!

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shut off of service

I was harrassed daily, by Verizon Northwest to change from my Verizon DSL to FiOs Internet and FiOs TV. I finally did. They promised I could continue to have one bill for my Wireless, Internet and TV. After I signed up and had everything installed they split up the bills between the wireless(CellPhone) and then one for FiOS TV and Internet. After a month or so they started harrassing me about not having a home phone where they could charge me for service I didn't use and add all kinds of extra fees and taxes onto. I said no, I didn't need a home phone. After 6 months of receiving a bill every month for both TV and Internet they shut off my internet service. When I called them they said that because I didn't have a home phone with them, that they didn't know how to send me a bill because it has to be tied to a home phone. They said that if I signed up for their home phone service, they could turn it back on for an additional installation fee to restart the Internet. It's odd because they are still sending me a bill monthly for the FiOS TV service, which came on the same bill, without having a home phone number. They did give me another option. If I didn't want to get the home phone, I would have to pay on an interest bearing credit card, but automatic bill payment on a debit/checking account would not be allowed, unless I was willing to pay for a whole year at a time. The problem I have now is that besides Verizon the only service provider for high speed internet in my area is Comcast. Not much of a choice.

computer virus

We went with Verizon about 4 months ago on the advice of my father-in-law. I don't fault him, he is usually prety sharp and I know he does his homework. But I have never wanted to get rid of something so bad in my life. Verizon is horrendous, I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. When they made the appt. all they said was someone had to be home, my mom came and stayed, when the installer came he did the tvs and then went to to trhe computer, apparently my wife or I needed to be there because of the security access. We were never told this and apparently the tech did not load the virus protection the way it should have. Three months into the contract our computer gets a virus, daily calls to the service dept did NOTHING!!!.
When my wife called because I had had enough they said they never received a call, except for one call from a couple of weeks ago, they had no record of any of my calls. When she asked them about the call we received on Sunday night from their offices about the issue and when we told them it wasn't resolved and they said someone would be out Monday to check it out, they had no record of that. Needless to say we are breaking the contract and going back to our old provider.But if you are thinking about getting VERIZON FIOS DO NOT DO IT THEY SUCK, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH THEY ARE AWFUL, THAY DO NOT RETURN CALLS, THEY LIE, THEY LIE AND THEY LIE SOME MORE. IF YOU DO ONE THING DO NOT GET VERIZON FIOS. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN SOMETHING WAS UP WHEN THE SALESMAN SAID HE WASN'T ALLOWED TO ENTER THE HOUSE AND THE PAPERWORK HAD TO BE DONE ON MY FRONT STEP. TAKE MY ADVICE RUN AWAY WHEN YOU SEE THEM RUN FAST RUN FAR. AND VERIZON KISS MY###.

  • Th
    The Dude that hates ebay Feb 07, 2009

    Anti Virus software would be nothing to do with a Verizon tech or any cable installer.So they put you on line and you hadnt protected the computer.

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advertising billing

We had been doing business with this company since 2001 under a different business name. When we changed...

can't get them to install it

My husband and I have only lived in the Fort Wayne, IN area since Sept. 1st of this year. We are from Michigan. In the area of MI we are from, Verizon is just a cell phone carrier. Our cell phone carrier. We were excited about getting the bundle package of FiOS TV, phone and internet. We ordered it. Three different times, each time we were given an installation date in excess of 3 weeks. Which is unheard of, in any dealings with cable, we have ever experienced. We have yet, to get Verizon FiOS. We are with Comcast. We had no issues with Comcast. They came out in 4 days and we have been with them ever since. A Verizon salesperson came to our door and said they could save me $50. a month. I explained the problems we had in the past. I was assured this would no longer be a problem, if I agreed to sign up. I was given the salespersons cell phone, and an 800 number I could even use on the weekends. We agreed. The salesperson called back with a few extra questions and then again later with a confirmation number. I was told I would recieve a call from Verizon with an installation date. I indeed recieved that call. It told me I had an installation date of Nov. 2nd (3 weeks out again). I was not in front of a calender, so I was unaware it was a Sunday. When I did relize it, I thought, "well, they are a large company...". The installers never came. That number for weekend customer support, sent us to a recording that said the office we were attempting to call was closed. The salesperson, said they don't do installations on Sunday so he doesn't know why were told that, and gave us anothe rnumber to use. My husband was on hold several minutes before he was disconnected. The following Monday comes and we still have not heard from Verizon. My husband calls, gets put on hold for several minutes to be told, first they could not find our order and lastly, that we were put on a credit hold. The questions they needed answered were the same ones the salesperson called me back for. No one called our home to ask those questions, they just put our account on hold and then did not do anything, including installing our cable, internet and phone. We were told this was the number one company for these type of services. There is no way. I am stunned that a company this l;arger can have such a piss poor customer service. We couldn't even get them to instyall it and we have been their customers for over 2 years. We were told that is a complete different service and not connected to our cell phone service. My husband told them after 2 1/2 months of run-around and no service, it never will be.

fios billing

Am formally disputing a claim made by Verizon, which went to an outside collection agency.

After having a Verizon telephone line and Verizon FIOS for several years, our family decided that the land line was no longer necessary ($31.00 per month, and we never used it). In June of 2008, I contacted the Verizon telephone service billing to have the telephone line discontinued, but that we wanted to keep the FIOS Internet service. This process seemed to go okay.

The same month, June 2008, the router for the FIOS Internet service went bad. Verizon FIOS Internet technical support mailed us a new router for the bad one, which we installed. They also sent us a second router (identified on the June 20 bill for $139.99 + $6.95 shipping). We returned the second router, via FEDEX, the middle of July 2008, once we realized what they had done. I called Verizon FIOS Internet technical support AND BILLING, and advised them it was being returned. I spoke with them again in AUGUST 2008, and they supposedly credited the account ($147 + 99.00 = $246).

On page two of this letter, you will see that Verizon charged us for the additional router, and then unreturned equipment (highlighted in blue text). You will also notice on the second page of this letter that a credit of $38.33 (billing cycle correction), leaving the secondary account number, 007471409xxxx, for Verizon FIOS Internet still active (discontinue of the land line service shifts the internet billing to the first of each month). The FIOS Internet bills one month in advance, to my credit card, and has done so since August 2008 (you will see that account is up to date). I do not receive paper bills, and with the xxxx account cancelled, I do not see any billing cycle.

We have attempted to contact Verizon telephone billing, FIOS billing, and spoken with billing supervisors, who say that the account has been credited (obviously not). The DSL Unreturned equipment charge was disputed twice in August 2008, by both myself and my SO. We have spoken to Verizon land line billing regarding account number ending is xxxx, only to be told that they cannot see any charges on this account. They then transfer us to Verizon FIOS technical support, then to Verizon FIOS billing. We have both been on the phone with customer service at least twice a month since JULY 2008. The last two billing service managers that we both spoke with OCTOBER 10 (because we were on the phone with them at the SAME TIME) said they removed the first DSL equipment charge, and the unreturned router charge from the FIOS Internet account for a total of $246.00. For some reason, they cannot seem to credit xxxx. Each time we call, it is a minimum of two hours, being transferred here and there, but we have spoken with billing managers each time, only to have this occur again.


My Bill for: 06-20-2008
Amount of last bill $73.27

Payment received on Jun 18 . Thank you. -$73.27
New Charges

Verizon Charges $23.28 (telephone)

Verizon Online Charges $203.93 (internet)

Total New Charges due Jul 19 $227.21

Verizon Online Charges

New Charges for Account 007471409xxxx
Verizon Fios Internet Service Jun 1 - Jun 30 $49.99
Additional Wireless Router $139.99
Fios Shipping 1 Item $6.95
Total Verizon Broadband Services $196.93

Taxes, Fees & Other Charges
State Tax $5.60
County Tax $1.40
Total Taxes, Fees & Other Charges $7.00
Total New Charges $203.93

Total New Charges for Verizon Online $203.93


New Charges for Account 007471409xxxx
Verizon Broadband Services
Verizon Fios Internet Service Jun 8 - Jun 30 -$38.33
FiOS Internet Service Jun 8 - Jun 30 $40.63
FiOS Internet Service Jul 1 - Jul 31 $52.99
DSL Unreturned Equipment Charge $99.99
Total Verizon Broadband Services $155.28

State Tax $4.00
County Tax $1.00
Total Taxes, Fees & Other Charges $5.00
Total New Charges $160.28

Bill Date: Aug 1, 2008 Page 1 of 2

Account: 007471409xxxx
Invoice: [protected]
Account Summary
Previous Charges $160.28
Payment Received. Thank You. - $160.28
Past Due Charges $.00
New Charges
Verizon Broadband Services $61.86
Total New Charges $61.86

Total Due $61.86

You will see on the SEP 2008 FIOS bill that there is a credit of $104.99 which credited the second router charge of $99 from the JUL2008 bill on the FIOS account, instead of the telephone account as it was supposed to.

Bill Date: Sep 1, 2008 Page 1 of 2

Account: 007471409xxxx
Invoice: [protected]
Account Summary
Previous Charges $61.86
Payment Received. Thank You. - $61.86
Adjustments - $104.99
Credit Balance - $104.99
New Charges
Verizon Broadband Services $57.99
Total New Charges $57.99

Total Due - $47.00

Bill Date: Oct 1, 2008 Page 1 of 2

Account: 007471409xxxx

Invoice: [protected]

Account Summary
Previous Charges - $47.00
Payment Received. Thank You. $47.00
Past Due Charges $.00
New Charges
Verizon Broadband Services $57.99
Total New Charges $57.99

Total Due $57.99

At this time, I do not believe that sufficient corrections have been made by Verizon Telephone Billing, nor Verizon FIOS billing, to correct their error. I will not pay this amount until such time that the telephone account is credited accordingly, and the 139.99 and $6.95 charges from JULY 2008 removed.

Is this sufficient to get the collections company back on Verizon instead?

scamming my dead mom

My mom died 4/08. She had everything (no internet) with verizon. I called to explain to them she had died. They wouldn't talk to me because I wasn't on the acct. I tried to give them a copy of the death cert, again, they wouldn't talk to me. Tried for 5 months. They kept racking up her bills. Finally my sister got a compassionate person to stop the bills. I paid what they said was owed (100.00). Turned in the equipment. Now they want what is left on the contract (800.00) and me to pay for equipment I already turned in. They told me when I turned it in they only give receipts for boxes because that is all they charge for. Now, they say I owe for remotes, which I turned in. I will personally not ever get Verizon when it moves to my county, and will tell everyone I know how they are swindling my mom. The phone service/acct was in my dad's name. Am going to tell them to talk to him about the bills...he died in 99.

new channels

Lots of hoopla about additional HD channels but, to get them Verizon had to invent a new upgrade package. I already pay for a Premier package and a sports tier and it has some HD versions of the channels included. Now they want me to pay more for the newly added HD versions of the same channels. I pay for Speed tv already but they want me to pay for the new package to get the new Speed HD tv . No way.

  • El
    elle Nov 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. I am so annoyed. I was really looking forward to Current TV, which I had when I was in Arlington, only to find out that they want me to pay more for it and the other newly added channels. Give me a break!

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  • Rp
    rperry007 Feb 09, 2009

    All the normal HD channels I use to get with Direct TV I now have to pay for with Verizon? I just don't get it. I have to pay more for the Travel Channel HD? I have always had that as HD with direct tv. And why for the love of God is Fox News Channel not a free HD channel?

    Is it any good to complain about it?

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