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International calls / extremely poor customer service, no one knows anything

The worst company I have ever seen. I canceled their service a year ago back in april, I overpaid and was waiting for the refund but obviously they kept excusing themselves, I though, whatever, they can keep it. I haven't heard from them for a year. Then they send me the invoice stating that I owe them money. I was so surprised and called the customer service, the Supervisor Lilia literally had no idea what she is talking about. I was asking yes or no questions and she kept answering with "maybe". She stated that the service was not canceled and they kept charging me monthly and when I stated that I didn't receive any bills she implied that I lied about it and screamed at me and then hanged up. Just wow. OK, just no comments about "excellent" customer service. I called again with a hope that someone will actually help me to cancel the service which I was not aware, and the next representative had 0 idea what was charged, why, and etc. So when I asked her to cancel it she stated that she can't and she will transfer me to someone else. My hope of canceling the service started to fade away... Finally, representative Philip actually answered my question and he stated that the service was canceled in February. My though, how th Supervisor do not know if the service cancelled and the regular employee knows? No comments again. Finally Philip explained that apparently I was charged before canceling and because I didn't pay the interest kept rising. It sucks that they never let me know that they charged me and I didn't have a chance to pay, but whatever, let it be, I just really wanted to get it over and never deal with such poor customer service ever again. My only concern is that they might do it again and in a year they will charge me again with no explanation and I will have to pay for the service I didnt use for a year and the service that was canceled. I really hope that I will never hear from them. This pretty much sounds like a scam but whatever, I paid without knowing what I paid because no one actually explaining what the last charge was, but if thats what it takes to never to get screamed at by asking about information if my account cancelled or what is the charge for, and never deal with such a poor behavior, I'm ok with it. In the end -11 out of 10 stars for customer service. P.s. if you will ever call them and you will end up with representative Lilia, don't waste your time and ask to transfer you call to someone else, she has no idea what is going on, she is very unhelpful, disrespectful and aggressive. Hope this review will help someone and hope that it will help MapleCall inc to improve their customers service.

long distance

We were a Blue Tone customer for years and paid the bills online once every two months (the bill was usually $50 for 2 months use)
In January of last year (2019) we received a bill from Maple Call right after we made our payment to Blue Tone. Our Account # and phone number were the same, only the logo was changed. We assumed the same company assumed business under a different name and thought nothing about it. There was no previous communication that would suggest otherwise.
A month later, we received a call that we haven't paid for 3 months and that we owe them $76.
We presented the evidence that it was paid as usual to Blue Tone for the previous 2 months, yet, they insisted that we have to pay again. I paid my outstanding balance of $26 (after the $50 I considered paid already) and asked them to cancel my account.
A Customer Service manager called me to change my mind - saying "your account is clear now, I will void the previous $50, and if you ever use our services again, we will charge you per use and there will be no fees." I thanked her, but said "no thank you".
For a year now, I keep receiving bills for the outstanding $50 that she never deleted, and now that $50 is $100. I keep explaining to the representatives that the balance should've been cleared and that I cancelled any services with Maple Call (which was actually an "assumed" contract from my previous Long Distance Service provider). I was never notified of the switch, and I never signed up for their services. The empty promises to delete the balance and promises over and over again to update the notes in my file per my initial discussion with a CS manager - were all for nothing.
I would like to complain for harassment and waste of my time, trying to explain the same thing over and over again:
-I paid my dues once and not paying twice for the same service;
- Up to the date when I received MC's bill instead of BT's bill, I never received any communication that BT is being sold and an option on whether or not I want to continue with the terms and conditions of the new company;
- If BT sold the company and their accounts to MC, how come they never received my payment?
- why was it my responsibility to pay twice, for invalid business practices of MC - shouldn't they notify all of their "clients" right away: "PLEASE NOTE YOUR ACCOUNT HAS CHANGED and use this name and number when paying your bill"
- I cancelled my "assumed" contract and was promised clean balance;
- I have not used their services ever since and they can see that in their system;
- I am still being harassed about an outstanding balance in spite of repeating the above to every single representative that called over and over again;

After reading all these complaints from other people as well, I was just wondering - how can they harass people like this and still continue with their practices?

on my last invoice I was charged $5.13 for late fee with $0.09 cost of used long distance calls. distance.

My name is Zygmunt Wardzinski and my account ID # [protected].
My last invoice was December 17, 2019 for the amount of $ 5.22 from which
$ 5.13 is for late fee. I was late with payment last time, by one day and I called your customer service. How I can be charged late fee if this was explained during my conversation with your customer representative.
Hope you can wave late fee, I already paid $0.09 for service provided.
Thank you,
Zygmunt Wardzinski

maple call billing

My husband made several calls in late December without knowing that Maple Call took over NECC. The call prices were significantly higher than of NECC. They sent a bill with the extra charge. I called them asking to reverse this charge and they did it, but it was done without crediting GST and QST (Canadian Federal and Quebec sales taxes) previously charged on this reversed amount. It was only couple of dollars. I sent a check adjusting for this GST/QST amount, with the letter explaining the difference, asking to correct the balance and to close the account. There was the second invoice for one extra call which I also paid and resent a letter asking to close the account. I did not receive any communications from them after this. It was in February 2019. On 14 of October (Legal holiday in Canada) they called me claiming I owe them $80. The person explained me that it's because of accumulated interest. Even if accept (and their bookkeeping was wrong) that I owe them several dollars, how the interest for 10 months can be more than ten times original amount, even with penalty? The guy told me that I am not in position to decide how much to pay. Dealing with the other service providers and with the financial institutions I never met this approach before. I did not receive any statement of account indicating this balance owing. I do not trust them and not going to pay the charge I do not owe.


Hi everyone,
Please be very careful with this company because they are very vicious. I'm not sure how, now days something like this still happens. They will harass you until you get fed up and either call the police or hire someone to defend you. It never stops. I personally called them and I asked the person on the other side why am I being charged with regular fees since my service was transferred to an other company more than two months ago.
No explanation, but, my bill was lowered on the spot from 50 dollars to twenty dollars. I've asked if I pay right away the bill everything was going to be ok. The answer was yes.
Right now after almost three months since I spoked with them bills are still coming. And not only that, thy are very aggressive and they call YOU to ask why don't you pay.
I never agreed to be transferred to this company. After the first bill when I saw their outrageous monthly charges I decided to move to a different company. This was back in May . I'm still dealing with them and I'm desperately mad because this is still happening and the authorities are doing nothing.
I payed what they asked for and new bills keep on coming. UNBELIEVABLE, unbelievable.
Please, someone put an end to this horror story.

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long distance service

I never signed up with them and I keep receiving bills from them. They got my information from Pulse company and keep sending me bills. I called them as soon as I received the first bill they apologized for taking my info without my permission and insured me that I will not get invoices anymore. Now they keep sending invoice and when I call them and tell them to show me proof that I signed up with them they say I am not obligated to show you that.
If this does not get resolved I will take them to court.

long distance calls

We were customers of Pulse Telecom for quite a few years. In January we received a statement from Maple Call Inc, instead of Pulse Telecom, with the list of our long distance calls in the month od December, but the price per minute was like 5 times bigger than with Pulse Telecom. Instead of $10-$15 as we used to have, our new statement was around $75.
We called Better Business Bureau, but they couldn't contact Pulse Telecom either and they closed our case. In February we signed up with another long distance company, but we still receive monthly statements from Maple Call Inc, adding every month like $10 to our February statement.
We never signed up with them, we were never their customers - and will never be.
Now we "owe" them over $150 for services we never required from them.
We tried to call them to clarify our situation but they never answer .
Desirable resolution : to stop sending us any bills. We were never their customers.
Except their statements, they never contacted us to explain what happened to Pulse and why their price is so different. Those calls in December and January were made with Pulse Telecom - that was our knowledge and has to be with Pulse Telecom's price and we had some $$ in Pulse Telecom's reward program which would cover the cost of those calls.

long distance calls

random bill

So a few months I received a random bill from Maple Call
I haven't used them in really long time so I don't know where it's coming from. It was around 9$. I googled and saw that people were saying to ignore it. So I ignored it. But ever since I've been getting a new bill each month with increasing price and now I'm up to 81$...i am at lost and I don't knoe what to do. I do not want to pay this bill

long distance calls never used

Each month I get this bill I owe it starded by 10$ now I didnt pay and I owe 82.28 I never used this company I used to be with telecom and I cancelled my service with them as they overcharged me i try to call them line is always busy how to get rid of this company every month the bill goes higher could someone tell me how to get rid of this comany I never used there service???? marek Gorecki

long distance calls never used

phone calls belling

I received bill of $20 from Maple call last Feb, 2019, i never heard of this company . I tried to contact them via the phone number they provide on the bill, as there was no web page at that time. i called them many times with no answer. most of the time put me on hold for an hour if not more then the call drope down.
i failed to contact them. so i igrone it . then again another bill was sent to me last March 2019 with more charges and fees has no idea where it come from. called them, several calls was failed, then after few days fo calling finally someone answered. I asked him: why I'm receiving bills from unknow company to me and and i never signed up with you! he said they bought NECC company and took over all customer. i asked him i paid my last bill to NECC i switch from NECC to Telus for long distance. he said to me that we took your long distance over Maple, i told him they have no right without my approval. he told me you must pay the bill and the call was hanged over, now every month i receive bill with more money added as service and fees and late charges increase every month. .. from my land line i dialed
[protected] it tells me welcome to telus long distance distance.
this is illegal what Maple calls doing. and i want them to stop sending me bills while i have nothing to do with them.
my long distance provider TELUS.
today i recieved bill with almost $100 of fees and service plus late charges.

long distance provider not authorized by me or my mom.

Good day, We were with NECC and then we were receiving invoices from Maple Call. Never heard or never asked...

invoice keeps coming as never used this company

I never use Maple call.I use to used NECC as my long distance company I keep getting invoices every month as i am not using this company to make any calls every month they charge me ($15) when i called them they said i need to pay I am not going to pay anything no only that they took my credit card information from NECC once i came to know i have to canceled my credit card.

I need to be stopped getting invoices every month Please so not send me any invoice as i am not at all using Maple call.


I've been an NECC customer for 2years. Ever since they went bankrupt Maple call has been sending me random invoices. I've payed all my NECC bills on time and was never notified of their bankruptcy. I never did sign or agree to join Maple Call. Their bills come in the mail and they are already 1-2 weeks past their due date. I've been contacting them to close my account, but each time they state I owe them money. My last bill came in June 12th and the due date is June 2nd. I am tired of their games, and illegitimate practices. I never agreed to be their customer and was not given any notification of being one. Furthermore how can an invoice arrive in the mail and already be 1-2weeks past the due date? I just want to be removed and have my so called account with them closed. My account number is 341459

  • Ha
    har22 Jun 14, 2019

    i have the same experience..i never use this company and invoice keeps coming i have always use NECC infact they keep charging me every month

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  • Ma
    maplecall Jul 29, 2019

    @har22 @PLanger

    Contact the CCTS - they will handle it for you.


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received a call about a balance on an invoice with maple call that I never heard of

I received a voice message on May 31, 2019, from a customer representative named Remus on behalf of Maple Call about a balance of an invoice. I called back on June 3rd and spoke to another customer representative explaining that we do not know any Maple call company and we never had an agreement with them. They said that Blutone company we had our international calls before went out of business and they took over. I told him that we found out about it because suddenly we had to pay through Fido, our local provider, a lot of money for the international calls. The guy went on and on saying that we have 123$ balance to pay.
I can't understand how is this possible here in Canada to be scammed like this? Why is our confidential information used by a company that we never spoke to nor agreed to do business with? If anyone from Maple Call reads this please stop harassing people!If you take over a company the first thing to do is to call every customer and make sure they want to do business with you!

receiving bills from a company I am not a customer of!?!?!?

I don't know who Maple Call Inc is, but they seem to think that I am their customer. I have not made a long distance call in over 2 years, yet I received 2 invoices for two of my lines for over $50 each! When I tried to contact them, no one answers, but they are quick to call me and threaten me to pay my bills?!!? STOP SCAMMING and HARASSING people!

accumulated bill / invoice I never sign up for

I got a invoice/bill form Maple Call Inc. last week amounting to $44.98. First of all I never sign up for...


I was NECC customer for years but canceled my account back in December paying my last bill.
In January, invoice came from Maple Call (???) with a total due: 18.53Cad but Amount Enclosed: "DO NOT PAY ", two months later another bill from Maple Call that I owe them 36.98Cad, after a quick research on Google, found out that Maple Call took over NECC customers (I guess previous customers as well) .
They even emailed me that I owe them money, I replied back advising I canceled my account with NECC . They send me another invoice for 51.54Cad...in the description
that this is a total for their fees...even when I was NECC customer, I was paying for each call per minute, there were no other fees.
I have never sighed up with Maple Call for any services, they should have contacted me and ask if I would like to be their client, they should have explained that they got my contact info from NECC which bankrupt. This is unacceptable.
I also tried to call them but was on hold for over 1hour and disconnected.

internet calling services

The company started sending me an invoices for some charges which I have not registered for and agreed with. The company seems the took my info from another internet calling company and started using it without any consent from my side. I have paid some 25 dollars earlier which I thought a backlog from previous company and now again recieving another 16 dollars bill and I'm not using any of their services. Please help on reporting a fraudulent complaint against this company and stop those invoices.

internet calling services

fake invoice

Never was a customer for maple call inc. Never gave any consents nor subscribed for their services. Now they send me invoices for fake services?!
More important detail is that calling [protected] leads you nowhere: an auto response message tells you to call 'another day' and the call is simply disconnected.
Not going to pay. I have never signed up for their services.


I left Canada on October 2018 and canceled my line with the company that I had at time, Bluetone, and now I received three letters asking for due payments from January to march. I´ve never had any contract with Maple Call and how is this possible???? I tried calling in Costumer Service, but I was put on standby for more than 30 minutes, since I´m calling from europe, I just hung up.

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