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Verizon Communications Complaints & Reviews

Verizon Prepaid / billing

Virginia L Baker on May 15, 2018

I made a one time payment on my sons account, Verizon prepaid stored my card information and within a month they had charged my card $387. plus I made many calls to their customer service dept All that I ever got was "take it up with your bank" it was not a mistake made by my bank or my...

Verizon / landline

Jalby on May 8, 2018

A $2.75 charge showed up on my bill for Local Directory assistance, which i did not make. Online search shows this has happened to many others. They call/report/ and charge is removed. I called, spoke with rep named "Tom" (would not give me his last name). He LAUGHED at me several time...

Verizon Communications / home phone service

Candac on May 5, 2018

On 4/24/18 I discovered our home phone service was not working. and have not had a dial tone since. I have repeatedly called Verizon customer service and the repair dept. They sent a repair tech out on 4/26/18. The tech informed us it was a problem with a phone pole at the end of our...

Verizon Wireless / negative credit report


For many years my wife, my daughter, my son, and I all owned Verizon phones. One by one, we transferred to other carriers, until the only phone on the Verizon account was my daughter's. Then, early in 2017, ownership of the Verizon account was officially transferred through Verizon from...

Verizon / service by a tech-danielle

robert giovanniello on Mar 11, 2018

On 3/8/18 Verizon was suppose to send a tech over to replace my jacks, between 1 and 3 PM. A tech by the name of Danielle calls my wife at 10:00AM and tells her that she will be right over. When she came she was escorted by a young man who does nothing, but gets paid to ESCORT her. Really...

Verizon Communications / not honoring the quote I was given by a sales rep in store

Mkbrat on Feb 28, 2018

I stopped in store and asked the sales rep what offers they had available. He offers me a quote and prints it out and states that I have til the end of the month to get the offer. I needed to see if I could budget the offer given. I go back to the location to get the offer and they...

Verizon Wireless / new jet pack I purchased sept.2017 is charging me for data and its not even on. we

nobudy on Feb 21, 2018

Our prior jet pack broke sept.2017. We had to purchase another jet pack for $149.00 and that's where this story begins. I've never used over our package limits for these last 14 years... But with the purchase of this jet pack it charges for data that they claim your using and the jet pack...

Verizon Communications / the whole enchilada

D.m.s 70 on Feb 15, 2018

I opened a account went in to store to pay my bill of $430 and pay 240 to pay off a phone . Customer service rep came over and said my account was frozen by there fraud department..called fraud people they wanted a photo copy of my account. I.d did that. They said it was verified then we...

Verizon Communications / one talk phone system

Harryjd on Jan 27, 2018

I am writing this because I feel that I am being over charge for all of my plan on my Verizon phones and my one talk and please understand me I left T-Mobile of what they did to me and I thought I could go to Verizon to be a good and loyal customer to them and it seems like I am paying way...

Verizon Communications / yahoo

Robert Werwee on Jan 15, 2018

The Yahoo news feed biased towards left since you bought Yahoo. How about posting articles representing both sides equally and quoting relevant current relevant sources not wishy-washy kooky sources who worked for past administrations? And running CNN left bent articles- Dumb! If I wanted...

Verizon Communications / verizon fios

manz on Dec 24, 2017

I signed up for Fios internet and voice service on month to month billing basis without any long term contract. My number was ported out without my consent and while I was trying to restore my number back to Verizon, the rep I was talking to wrote a new order and not only changed my billing...

Verizon Communications / trade in credit terminated by verizon

niubimei on Dec 23, 2017

14 months ago I traded in my iPhone 6 to get an iPhone 7 plus. I was supposed to get $27.08 credit on my account every month for 24 months. Unfortunately I lost my iPhone 7plus after a couple months. So I was very excited when iPhone X came out. Of course, on the very first hour, I ordered...

Verizon Communications / poor customer service

Gary Brown on Nov 28, 2017

I recently purchased a new pixel phone and IPad from the Verizon Wireless store located at 3737 Murphy Canyon Rd Suite B, San Diego. With the $1, 000+ purchase the salesman, Troy, offered a free screen protector for the phone. I was told they were currently out of stock, but to return in a...

Verizon Communications / fios internet/cable

Andrea Lynn on Nov 21, 2017

Came home from work on 11/20 and the cable/Internet were out at the house. I tried toubleshooting the problem through the to and nothing worked. We then called verizon and they tried to walk us step by step through fixing the problem. It was determined that the problem was with the verizon...

Verizon Communications / tv commercial

Benisdisappointed on Nov 19, 2017

Hello Verizon, Your commercials with Thomas Middleditch are quite possibly the most annoying commercials that have aired in the last decade. After watching them repeatedly during Sunday Football commercial breaks, I have never been closer to cancelling all of your services and product...

Verizon Communications / fios

RobertWalsh on Nov 18, 2017

I have talked to customer service three times to rectify a billing error. It was explained to me that my contract ran out. I asked why no notifications and was told they could re-do my contract. It is now approximately $105 and I am fine with that, as I have been a customer over 3 years. I...

Verizon Communications / customer support/service

gmbm on Nov 17, 2017

About 1 1/2 years ago Fios became available in our area. Previously our area was only serviced by a small cable organization (with excellent service) with limited channels. Most of the residents had ( and most still do) satellite service. We chose to go with Verizon. It has been a...

Verizon Communications / verizon fios triple play

Mark32901 on Nov 14, 2017

I currently have Verzion FIOS triple play services. As of last month, some of promised discounts were cancelled which had ended up raising our monthly bill significantly higher. I tried to resolve the issue through customer service rep and their manager, who had very unprofessional with...

Verizon Communications / high bill charges

SurinderAman on Nov 12, 2017

I visited main Verizon Office in Modesto. As per 1 lady (Customer Service Agent) and She informed me that I need to pay 15$ for international call to India. Afterwards, I agreed and took this plan. Suddenly, One day I received call from customer service about the disconnection of my line...

Verizon Communications / lg v10 mobile phone

Linda Vorhies on Nov 7, 2017

In January 2016 I purchase a LG V10 phone for $700.00. I pay monthly payments for two years. In April 2016, my phone froze and was not fixable. First I took my phone into Version shop. The nice man told me that he could put me in a new model. All I had to do was pay off the nine month...