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Verizon Communications Complaints & Reviews

Verizon Communications / customer service in rancho cucamonga, ca on kenyon

Hayesdw55 on May 22, 2017
When I left that store I felt totally duped and stupid for trusting Verizon!!! Or Verizon: is it just this one manager's dishonest sales pitch? ​ ​Back story: One day I noticed that the back of my phone was becoming unglued and the backing was raised up?? Curious?! I go to the neighborhood...

Verizon Fios / Verizon Gift Card

Neet1965 on May 10, 2017
I'm so mad I don't know what to do!!! I have triple play as of March 2017, and thought I was getting in a contract to receive a gift card. Yea right! The Gift is only for Verizon Wireless. I was giving impression it would be a $250 Gift Card thinking it was a Credit card, well it is NOT!!!...

Verizon Communications / Customer service

dabywong on May 2, 2017
I was trying to make a payment. The staff on the telephone do not speak very good English, and I talk with her with a cheerful voice, and she is keep on making broken English conversation to me, and I felt very uncomfortable. And at the end she did not say thanks for using Verizon, but she...

Verizon Communications / Internet

JE Debes on Apr 28, 2017
Called verison service 4/21/17 re: slow dsl service after wind storm - timed out log ins and buffering streaming content every 2 minutes. Scheduled inside service for 4/29 (sat) 8-12 noon for inside house access due to inabiity to be off during week. They also said they would send an...

Verizon Communications / verizon wireless customer service and lack of and fees

Siobhan McCourt on Apr 13, 2017
I have had the most horrific experiences with Verizon! 1. you can never get a person on the phone - the automated system takes you in circles. I had to go online and find the codes to push to do it 0 wait 0 again then 6 then 0 again!! 2. when I got someone they accused me of lying 3. made...

Verizon Communications / given wrong information multiple times on line causing a 7 day block for phone purchase

Cinemax on Apr 11, 2017
#518-428-7219. I am account owner/manager. Recently changed to add husband, sister, brother in law. Attempted to add son who lives in Albany NY. I am presently in Georgia. We were told we could add him onto account and then purchase phone and phone would be sent to store in Albany. My son...

Verizon Communications / Network is so slow and unstable

Haowei Li on Apr 6, 2017
Recently, my network is freaking slow and unstable, I couldn't even use website and update my games. And then I tried to find out problems and fix them, but that's useless. I used Verizon speed test, and it told me test time out, wtf is it? Few minutes later, it became all blank, then the...

Verizon Fios / Triple play cable internet & phone contract

hksunshine on Mar 31, 2017
The public should be aware of customer service and possible fraud issues with Verizon Fios as well as misinformation being given to customers. A main reason we signed up for Verizon Fios triple play was that their agent told us before we signed up in November 2014, that unlike our experience...

Verizon Communications / How verizon handles promos and poor customer service.

MikeHH on Mar 30, 2017
On 9/28/16, I visited a Verizon Store in Marietta GA and inquired about a new account. (I was switching from AT&T). I was told the current promo was a free IPHONE 7 with the exchange of an IPHONE 6. I signed up as I had an IPHONE 6 but questioned why I was signing a loan agreement for...

Verizon Communications / Commercial

Nao8763 on Mar 21, 2017
Hello, The commercial with the guy who drops the mic 3 times in one and then in the other won't drop the mic is really stupid. Just put the mic back in the holder. It's Possible not dropping the mic is related to not dropping calls. Idk it's just really a waste of money on bad advertisement when...

Verizon Communications / Verizon fios

Jennifer L. P. on Mar 19, 2017
I have been a Verizon Fios customer since 2012. Upon the end of my 2 year contract, I never did enter into a new contract. Recently, our speed and connectivity was so horrible that I called in to cancel. I spoke with a representative named Kevin on 2/17/17. He advised me of two different...

Verizon Fios / Fios

Alicecooper on Mar 10, 2017
Verizon FIOS illegally installed two boxes, wires, ugly duct tape and associated equipment on my privately owned end unit townhouse. They damaged my home's siding and landscaping. My guess is that they installed service for neighbors, but did it as an illegal activity, trespass on my owned...

Verizon Wireless / Verizon wireless activation charges

lmc20720 on Mar 10, 2017
On January 29th, I ordered a Samsung J3 prepaid phone on Amazon with the intention of adding the phone to my Verizon account (not a prepaid account).On January 30th, I took the phone to a VZ store, where someone assisted me in trying to add it to my account. I was told that there was a $30...

Verizon Communications / Customer service uninformed sales people and rude

butternuts on Feb 24, 2017
I sold my old iPhone4 to someone named John, it had a T-Mobil SIM card but was unlocked and reset to totally blank contents and ready to be activated by any carrier. John went to the Verizon store on El Toro Blvd, in Lake Forest Ca. to get it activated. The #### he talked to (don't...

Verizon Communications / Phone specials and payoffs

dboss52 on Feb 14, 2017
On February 10 my wife and I went into the Verizon store on Maize Road in Wichita, KS. We were switching our service to the New Plan. As we were doing so the agent (Matt) he was very good, told us about the Motorola V Force being on sale for half the normal price of $720.00. We purchased 3...

Verizon / Account termination

Re: John Dunkleberger Accounts February 8, 2017 Verizon; I, John Dunkleberger have had service with you for many years. Life situations change and October 19, 2016 I called to have my home phone (Acct. 570398296571969Y) number cancelled/cut off. I received a bill again in November. I called...

Verizon Wireless / Unauthorized data plan change.

ScottKer on Feb 3, 2017
I recently called Verizon to change one of the phones on my account. I paid outright for the phone and all I needed to do was activate it. I was very clear with the representative that I did not want my data plan changed under any circumstances. I get the phone activated and log into my...

Verizon Communications / Billing

Jory Farquhar on Feb 1, 2017
I closed my account in October 2016 and have a recording of my phone call and the representative saying all was paid in full and account closed. I moved to my brothers verizon plan. I continued to receive a bill for one more month of service that we clearly talk about on phone callas being...

Verizon / Cell phone extender

MsKimG on Jan 19, 2017
Today is January 19. Approximately 3 weeks ago I spoke to Verizon for about 3 hours (being switched all over the place) about getting an extender at no cost because I don't get service at my home. My next door neighbor had gotten one for that reason. When I thought they were transferring...

Verizon / Switcher offer is a scam!

Maria Piper on Jan 19, 2017
I switched to verizon in october and traded in my at&t phones in november. I had to provide my at&t final bill multiple times. I still get e-mails that they are "having trouble" processing my request. I keep calling customer service and they keep escalating my case, telling me to wait 10...

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