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Verizon Communications Complaints & Reviews

Verizon Communications / Phone specials and payoffs

dboss52 on Feb 14, 2017
On February 10 my wife and I went into the Verizon store on Maize Road in Wichita, KS. We were switching our service to the New Plan. As we were doing so the agent (Matt) he was very good, told us about the Motorola V Force being on sale for half the normal price of $720.00. We purchased 3...

Verizon / Account termination

Re: John Dunkleberger Accounts February 8, 2017 Verizon; I, John Dunkleberger have had service with you for many years. Life situations change and October 19, 2016 I called to have my home phone (Acct. 570398296571969Y) number cancelled/cut off. I received a bill again in November. I called...

Verizon Wireless / Unauthorized data plan change.

ScottKer on Feb 3, 2017
I recently called Verizon to change one of the phones on my account. I paid outright for the phone and all I needed to do was activate it. I was very clear with the representative that I did not want my data plan changed under any circumstances. I get the phone activated and log into my...

Verizon Communications / Billing

Jory Farquhar on Feb 1, 2017
I closed my account in October 2016 and have a recording of my phone call and the representative saying all was paid in full and account closed. I moved to my brothers verizon plan. I continued to receive a bill for one more month of service that we clearly talk about on phone callas being...

Verizon / Cell phone extender

MsKimG on Jan 19, 2017
Today is January 19. Approximately 3 weeks ago I spoke to Verizon for about 3 hours (being switched all over the place) about getting an extender at no cost because I don't get service at my home. My next door neighbor had gotten one for that reason. When I thought they were transferring...

Verizon / Switcher offer is a scam!

Maria Piper on Jan 19, 2017
I switched to verizon in october and traded in my at&t phones in november. I had to provide my at&t final bill multiple times. I still get e-mails that they are "having trouble" processing my request. I keep calling customer service and they keep escalating my case, telling me to wait 10...

Verizon Wireless / Deceptive trade and sales practices, abuse of a person 65 years or older.

Marvin Rippner on Jan 10, 2017
We went to the verizon store on archer rd gainesville on black friday to check out their ads for cell plans that we saw on tv. Spoke to salesman nick. Told nick we had consumer cellular but werent getting enough data. Told him we have 4 lines and two phones were fairly new i phone 6 s plu...

Verizon / Charged for returning a phone when I never left the store

miakouna on Jan 8, 2017
I went to Verizon to switch my phone from basic to a smartphone for work purposes. After I decided on one, was guaranteed that my contacts would be tranferred, the employee rung it up, then the problems began. The first problem was the protective screen. He could not place it flush on the...

Verizon / Upgrade service difficulty

Ops2 on Jan 2, 2017
January 2, 2017 I am a long term Verizon account holder. Previously stated/classified as a "preferred customer" based on diligent payments and seeking scheduled upgrades as offered. Attempted once again to upgrade as my usual requisite desires for new equipment and expanded service. My...

Verizon / Customer service

BMoss on Dec 31, 2016
Hello my name is bennie moss. I live in greenville nc and feel like I have been robbed by your store. Let me explain On 12/29/2016 my wife said she was getting me a new phone for my christmas gift. I said lets try verizon because my employer (Cummins) have them in their rewards program...

Verizon / Fios internet and cable

DaveMc1122 on Dec 29, 2016
I called customer service on 12/28/2016 simply to see how much internet speed I was paying for since my wifi seemed to be lagging all of the time. The sales person told me I was on a 50/50 plan and could go to a 100/100 plan with the new quantum router with no rental fee for an additional...

Verizon Fios / Customer service

Aerodyte on Dec 28, 2016
We had Verizon FIOS for 10 years. We scheduled a move to a new residence, but then had to cancel because the real estate deal was delayed. We advised FIOS of the cancellation, and they assured us that the move was cancelled. On the Saturday we were supposed to move, FIOS turned off...

Verizon / Verizon

ElElizabetdia on Dec 28, 2016
I ordered. Verizon fios last week. I was told that my number would not be changed ( that i have had for 30 years) that was a lie. They not only changed my phone number but they also didn't inform me nor told me what the number was. I didn't know the number was changed until I...

Verizon / Billing for office phone lines, fax line, internet and fios tv

EarlEP on Nov 29, 2016
Several months ago I called and asked to have my TV package changed to a slightly better package. I was told the nest level up would increase my bill from around $200 a month to around $225 give or take. My first bill after changes was over $300. I called and complained and was told that...

Verizon / Misrepresentation/false advertising.

Debra Yancey on Nov 29, 2016
10/11/2016, I attended the Perry National Fair in Perry Georgia. There were several Verizon kiosh set up at different locations. As I was walking by one, a salesperson by the name of Gabriela Larosa asked me if Iwas interested in a tablet for $1.00? I said, no thank you. She said what if I...

Verizon Wireless / Unethical behavior.

James J DeFeo on Nov 15, 2016
Verizon Wireless / Pinnacle Collections Please be advised that a collection posting on my credit report is in error and needs to be corrected immediately. They have been terroristic in attempting to collect a Verizon Wireless $746.00 on a charge that is not legitimate. And now after you sent...

Verizon / Costco gift card

William Quam on Nov 10, 2016
On 3-9-16 at the Verizon counter in the Costco store in Victorville. I got 2 I phones and was told I would receive a $450.00 Costco gift card. Had to wait 3 months. I checked on it and found out I was to mail some paper in witch I didn't no to do. I was told to mail it in now. Wait 3 more...

Verizon / Data carry over

p dowling on Nov 7, 2016
Well as usual verliezon is at it again with the verbiage that they use..this time the data carry over is not carried over for more than a month but in Oct 16 when i last seen the data hubscam it show i had 26 % left..it said nowhere that i had to use it or lose it..but in all fairness most...

Verizon / Verizon iphone7

KarenWard on Nov 4, 2016
Kristie at Verizon store in Spartanburg SC was very rude and wanted to argue with us about warranty and tried to tell us we had been a customer for 5 years! Does that matter for the purchase of the $600+ iPhone 7!? Justin the solution manager as well. My husband came in prior to the...

Verizon / Wireless fraud

Really tired of them on Oct 31, 2016
In November 2015 an account was opened in my name. Despite MONTHS of email, letters, FAX, and promises of 'we will take care of that' there is an illegal inquiry on my credit report. I have records, they acknowleded the illegal activity in an email sent to me on November 30, 2015 Nearly a year ha...

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