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Verizon Communications Complaints & Reviews

Verizon Communications / fios internet, tv & phone bundle

frana19 on Oct 17, 2017
My bundle bill went from $122.98 a month to $190 a month on July 19, 2017. I contacted Verizon four times (7/10, 7/19, 8/17 and 8/19) to resolve this ridiculous increase and each time the agent advised that they would provide various credits to reduce my bill to approximately $133 a month...

Verizon Communications / phone service

kingslam on Oct 15, 2017
my name is Kings, and our restaurant called Great Chow and the account number is 7818718832017, we were very stressful on Saturday on 10/14/2017, our phone systems 10lines with Verizon was suddenly shut down by you guys without any notice and it was not because the past due and I alway...

Verizon Communications / fios internet

PetrichorOne on Oct 11, 2017
We decided to sign up for Fios internet because we were frustrated with Comcast. We didn't realize at the time that they didn't have fiber-optics set up in our area, so it just ended up being crappy wifi and we cancelled in less than a week. They told us over the phone not to worry about...

Verizon Communications / verizon tv channels

jkambrose on Oct 8, 2017
We have an expensive Verizon FIOS package. When we purchased the plan, the TV lineup included our local affiliate WBOC which covers CBS and FOX. We were advised that these channels are no longer included due to a contract issue. Today is football Sunday and NO coverage of NFL games i...

Verizon Communications / Dumb customer service

Sue Gibson on Sep 19, 2017
They gave me a hard runaround last night. What a mess, people! At first, it took them 30 minutes to simply pick up the phone and 40 minutes more to do something about my problem. Verizon, why do you hire stupid people? I had to explain my issue several times before they finally understood what...

Verizon Communications / paying bill

Melissa42 on Sep 18, 2017
I have a Verizon Hot Spot. Last month, I dropped my plan from $50 to $30. This month's bill is for $50. I tried to speak with customer service to correct error and pay but my account is unable to be accessed because I don't remember pin #. Didn't really know I had one because I don't 'do'...

Verizon Communications / customer service for tv product

Nport on Sep 9, 2017
Hello, I have had consistently bad customer service throughout the years that I have been a customer. Today is no exception. I try to order an upgraded package so that I can obtain the ESPN2 channel. I thought I had ordered it and I had submitted my order online while I was on the phone...

Verizon Communications / cannot get anyone to answer the telephone

Leona8850 on Sep 6, 2017
Verizon is a terrible company. I have the triple play package with Verizon. It is impossible to get anyone to answer the telephone. I called customer service for 2 weeks and wait for over 2 hours on the phone and no one answers. I leave my number and no one returns my phone call. You treat...

Verizon Communications / customer service complaint

MelissaK111 on Aug 27, 2017
On 8/14/17 I walked into a Verizon store in Mission Viejo, Ca at The Shops at Mission Viejo. I went in because my Galaxy S6 was having problems charging. I walked up to the front and Riley Straghalis (assistant manager apparently) had his head down and was either asleep or watching a video...

Verizon Communications / chat/phone

kroberts11 on Aug 18, 2017
Verizon wireless support techs are awful! I bought phones august 7th 2017 through the online switch program. Everything was completed everything my last bill was uploaded into their system from sprint so I call the store they say everything is ready I get there they say they wont release...

Verizon Communications / weak/ no wiredmodum internet service

Pbrain on Aug 18, 2017
Last week (August 6-) I called Verizon service several times trying to get my wired internet fixed. It had died completely on August 5. For the last two months we have had days of no internet or very weak internet (.3-.5 mbps). We are paying for a 3 mbps plan with 1.1 mbps guaranteed...

Verizon Communications / cell phone

Dale Fatchet on Aug 10, 2017
Bought a cell phone in August 2016 from Verizon wireless on line with Discover card.Went to Verizon store to have it activated, updated my phone at same Verizon store and they said I still owe money on phone.I would like for you to check my Aug-Sept 2016 bill.If I show that I paid for it...

Verizon Communications / billing/ customer care phone

Shakiiir on Jul 21, 2017
Date: 07/21/2017 Hi, I am having an issue with my verizon bill every month which was their fault when I got the connection. The lady confessed that its her mistake and she will take care of this every month. But every month I had to contact them for adjusting it and they assure me I dont...

Verizon Communications / billing, arrangements after catastrophe - your associates...

verizonvictim2017 on Jul 21, 2017
It is very disturbing and not professional for one department to set up an arrangement after a catastrophe and another to not only deny it exists, cut off service and while trying to talk to them hang up on us not once but twice because we have the confirmation numbers confirming the...

Verizon Communications / on demand charges

ShannonTrescott on Jul 15, 2017
I have had verizon for over a year and signed an agreement for another 2 years. During the past several months I will start watching a show on demand, once I watch 3+ episodes, it will then charge for every episode and season to follow after it showed all shows and seasons are free. I feel...

Verizon Communications / verizon landline phone

Bob Husband on Jul 14, 2017
On July 13th I called customer service to complain about a buzzing and static on my copper land line. Customer Support replied there would be a repair guy in the area between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. I left the house at 4:15pm on an appointment and when I got back saw on my cell that a service...

Verizon Communications / mis utility lines and verizon equipment on my private property

Natalka on Jul 11, 2017
I do not have any service with Verizon, but our new neighbors ordered service w/Verizon. However, mis utility lines, including white lines for proposed excavation are all over MY private property (not public!), including a black cord that was placed on opposite side of my house and run...

Verizon Communications / internet activation

AlP76 on Jul 7, 2017
I just moved to area and when signing up for Verizon FIOS selected the self setup as I've done stuff like this before. We're in an already cabled apartment complex and we drove to the store to pick up the router. I attempted to activate the service online but was directed call their 800...

Verizon Wireless / customer service

lbschmidt on Jul 7, 2017
We purchased a motorola droid 2 on 12-31-16. The screen is scratched/scuffed and when we went to the emporia, ks store last week, one of the salesmen said "what do you want me to do about it? It isn't my problem". Really? Today, we again went to the store and a lady told us to call #8899 to...

Verizon Communications / landline phone service

David Strong on Jul 6, 2017
For over one year, 1500 feet of my landline phone cable has been laying in the grass on the side of my road. Last week, for the 5th time in that year, a town vehicle has shredded the cable. Once by a snow plow, and 4 times by the town lawn mowing service. I do not blame them, why would...

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