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Verizon CommunicationsWireless Internet

As I Am Working From Home What Do I Get A Message Saying Your Data Is Empty . 600 KBps After So I Then Used My Note 8 Hotspot And That Ran Out And They Never Even Lifted The Data Cap . This Is So Stupid Were In A Pandemic Of Course People Are Going To Use It I Can't Even Do A Video Call. Seems Verizon Doesn't Care They Just Want Money. When Will They Ever Care

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    Verizon CommunicationsDSL

    I live in Exmore, Va on the Eastern Shore. It's a rural area & not many choices for internet service. We've had Verizon dsl for yrs but wow! it has gotten SO bad here the last couple of months. EVERYDAY the service is so slow, it seems like dial up. They raised their prices twice in the last couple of months & the service is continually going downhill. They brag on tv about their 5g for cells, it would be nice if they cared about their DSl customers as well!

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      Verizon CommunicationsInept customer service

      I moved to a new location and switched my wireless service from Verizon to Spectrum back in May. I received another bill from Verizon in June and called their customer service to ask why, was told bill was in error and I was all paid up. I received another bill in July, and called again, and you guessed it, was told again to disregard. Now it is end of Nov, and I receive a bill from a collection company on Verizon bill not being paid. Called customer service again. This time I am told it was for service received before I switched and was indeed due. I said I wanted them to negate the collection agency as they will report it on my credit, to which I was told they cannot do, since it was already sent to them. Had Verizon for 20 years, and will never, never have them again.
      Incompetent customer service agents should not be blamed on the customer.

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        Verizon CommunicationsTrying to cancel a landline phone; trying for 10 months to get a pin

        I am trying to cancel my mother's landline. She no longer lives at the address on the account. She has dementia and is living in senior living. We have requested the cancelation at the start of the pandemic, 10 months ago. We were told we could not cancel the account without a pin. Verizon told us multiple times that they are sending a pin and it never arrives. The bills get through, but not the pin!

        Please help!

        Here is the account information:

        Alice Siminsky
        90 Gateway Rd apt. 182 N
        Yonkers NY 10704

        She has been a customer for over 60 years. Please cancel the account since she is not living there. I have power of attorney if that helps. Please credit the bill's that are piling up since we have requested closing the account.


        Karen Franovic
        cell [protected]
        home [protected]
        franovic. [protected]


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          Oct 17, 2020

          Verizon Communications — Fios tv

          @Verizon @ConsumerNJ @ClassActionCom @Change @BBB We had signed up for Verizon Fios triple...

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          Dec 03, 2019

          Verizon Mobile — change of phone plans

          Upgrade of Verizon Unlimited plan about $130.00, was the amount I was paying (around Nov 8, 2019) for my...

          Verizon Communicationshome phone

          Back in September the end of September I want in my whole phone number transferred because I could no longer live in my house for black mold After DeVol company found out they couldn't move my line they cut it off Phone number they cut all the [protected] without my knowledgePhone number was [protected] I called Saturday, September 28 to get my phone cut back on they say they couldn't give him my old number back they gave me a number of [protected] said I would have it for three weeks and they are changed my old phone number back which did not happen Been calling heiresses every customer service that I get tell lies I had a missed clock to talk to her yesterday and she told me she will go call me at 12 o'clock 12 o'clock came and went I called them gas somebody else they was full allies left me with a phone bill which it was and then home to use the phone for $171 I'm on disability I cannot be there

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            Verizon Communicationshome phone and dsl

            I lost service on 6/18 and it's 10/22 and it's still not working. Countless restore dates that never came to fruition. No help from Customer Service. Still being charged for no service. No communications, lies and more lies about service being restored. No accountability, no over to not charge me... NOTHING. just no service for 5 months. Unacceptable and outrageous that Verizon gets away with this. No call back NOTHING!

            I want my service back or I want them to be honest and tell me they are never going to restore my service. HORRIBLE how the get away with abusing their long standing loyal customers

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              Verizon Communicationselectric scam

              This Verizon number with NYC area code called to tell me my electric was about to be disconnected. I knew it was a scam so I pressed 1 to speak w REP. He answered "disconnection department." When I asked what company this is, he hung up. They are located in Hawaii! Verizon needs to disconnect customers like this who hope to scam senior citizens and vulnerable people!!

              electric scam

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                Sep 27, 2019

                Verizon — verizon cell service reps

                I am a senior citizen and have had verizon services for many years. I no longer can afford acell bill that...

                Verizon Communicationsbilling

                I was with Verizon for so many years then due to thier billing rip off and extermly bad services I switched to Sprint.
                Then I called up Verizon to let them know if they could arrange a payment plan for remaining balance to be paid monthly on a certain date if a month.
                At firts they agreed then I was transffered to anothet agent to finish up the arrangment. This agent compeletly unhelfull and uncooperative refused to help. Verixon is of the worst compaies I have ever worked with.

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                  Sep 06, 2019

                  Verizon Communications — unused pedestals that have fallen over, service order # mdch05123s, have not heard back from anyone since spring!!!

                  I am angry and frustrated. Many calls to Verizon have been futile!!! Can never talk to an agent. We have not...

                  Verizon Wirelessovercharge every month

                  Every month Verizon overcharges on our bill. Texts and screenshots mysteriously disappear from my phone of chats assuring lower rates. If you mention those you're suddenly cut off from your chat and have to start over again with a new agent. They lie and say they'll change your bill and then when it's due it's suddenly higher again. Don't go with Verizon post-pay. If that's all that's in your area go with the prepay.

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                    Verizon Communicationscustomer service/gift card scam

                    I got a number from customer service at a fake stub hub and they stole $500. The 2 numbers they used are [protected] and [protected]. Anyone at these numbers is a criminal.
                    I called the 2ND number after a Google search for stub hub customer service. They gave me the first number as a direct line. They were able to see my stub hub info and said they needed to set up an e-wallet in order to give me a refund. After buying a game stop card the phone went dead and they stopped answering.

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                      Verizon Communicationsverizon fios

                      Bottom Line Up Front - Verizon made a mistake. They don't have the ethics/integrity to own up to it. Now I am left to pay for their error. A dishonest company and my worst experience with an Internet provider ever.

                      It's rare that I comment on my experience with a company, and when I do, it's usually to relay some positive experience I've had with them. Unfortunately, after 16 years of service with Verizon, today I had a much different experience. We had ordered a FIOS service upgrade scheduled to be completed today (29 JULY 2019). We had originally scheduled it for last Friday, but when the technician came out, he said he did not want to drill through siding because it might break, which made sense. He rescheduled us for today (29 JULY 2019) from 2 pm to 4 pm (see attached texts from Verizon.) We paid to have the siding removed this morning and my wife stayed home from work to be available in case the technician showed up early. My daughter who volunteers at the hospital where I work, agreed to stay 3 hours late and to catch a ride home with me. This was because her mother/ my wife could not leave the house to pick her up as she was waiting for the Verizon technician.

                      The Verizon technician never showed today. When my wife called to find out why, we were told 4 different things. First, the technician cancelled our service upgrade request because we didn't have a hub box - that apparently was not true. Second, we were told that our service upgrade request was cancelled because it was not upgradeable, again not the case. Third, we were told the technician cancelled our service upgrade request because we weren't home - this was untrue as my wife didn't leave the house all day and two cars were always in the driveway. Fourth, and just as insulting is that we were told that I had cancelled the service upgrade request on the 19th of July because I didn't want a hole in my siding - another untruth, as I had left for a military drill that day and there are no calls showing to or from Verizon from my phone (Our phones are through Verizon wireless, so I speculate that someone there could verify that if they chose to.) I did not use the word "lie" to describe the excuses given to us for no one showing up today, but in truth it felt like we were just being lied to at this point.

                      While on the phone with customer service trying to rectify this situation, we were told the soonest we could reschedule it would be 9 AUG 2019 and we would have to cancel our original order and order a "new package." The "new package" was quoted at a higher price than the one that Verizon said we had had cancelled. The ironic thing is my wife received texts (again - see attached) up through this week making sure that we would be here today. This kind of negates 3 out of 4 of the previously mentioned excuses/ lies for not showing up today.

                      My wife spoke to Verizon staff for roughly 3 and ½ hours (though she was on hold most of the time). I spoke to them only for roughly 40 minutes because I was trying to tape a tarp to the side of my house where the siding was removed to allow for the installation. This is because they are calling for rain and we had to cancel the company that was coming out to put it back up because we have to pay for them to take it off and to put it on.

                      The first girl in customer service I spoke to, Jill, (here was the highlight) was very friendly and tried to help us. She stated we could be scheduled for tomorrow, 30 JULY, however, in the end she could do no better than the AUG 9th date, even though it was not our fault this mistake occurred. My wife eventually got on with a supervisor who said he would get on with sales to help us get set back up and to get us scheduled for tomorrow, but as soon as we were placed with someone to replace our order that supervisor was gone without so much as a goodbye. We asked that young lady to speak with a supervisor again, she said something to the effect that a supervisor can't do anything more than she is doing, and at that point I did raise my voice that we wanted to speak to a supervisor and not to her. She placed us on hold and there we stayed until the business hours were over.

                      If one was to go back through the records to when we originally ordered the upgrade, we had been planning on going with a cheaper service. A good salesman at Verizon convinced us not only to stay BUT to spend more money on the upgrade! He convinced us that Verizon had the superior product and it would make sense to stay with Verizon. My take home point after today's experience is that a superior product means little without integrity and quality customer service to back it up.
                      While I know Verizon is a huge company and losing the business of one small family will not mean much, I still felt the need to write of our experience and to share it on the offshoot chance that someone else will read it, and find an ethical/honest company to use.

                      Being a military member, who respects the opinion of other military members, I searched to see what other military experiences/ratings for Verizon were. Funny enough the only high rating I found about Verizon and the military, was put out by Verizon! LOL! At least they think highly of themselves! I really needed a laugh at this point, and this fit the bill! I don't know, perhaps they do provide some benefit to the military as an organization, but they provide horrible customer service to individual soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines.

                      Sorry this statement is so long. I wanted to warn anyone else about the "service" they would be getting before they signed up with Verizon and writing down my terrible experience with Verizon also provided some catharsis as well. In my experience Verizon could care less about the individual customer. Why not? They have millions of customers, why would they worry about one?

                      • Update - this morning (30 JULY 2019) we received an email from Verizon (see attached), cancelling the service last night at 6:16 pm. (The service that we had supposedly already cancelled). They are outrageous, I guess that's what happens when you have monopoly.

                      The texts below show the timeline for our scheduled service.

                      Below is the "new cancellation" of our service, that we had supposedly already cancelled (it was news to us).

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                        Verizon Communicationshome phone

                        Account No. [protected]-00001

                        I have been a customer for more than 20 years, having spent over $20, 000 at Verizon
                        since getting my first cell phone. Last year I added internet and home to my account in order to get all my communication devices with the same company.
                        The internet was extremely poor, cutting out and stopping every day. I had to go back to my former carrier. After purchasing all the necessary equipment for the home phone, I had trouble with the home phone losing calls or the caller not being able to hear. I then purchased a window antenna and that helped a bit but the home phone service was only somewhat good in the south room where the antenna was. I live in a small two bedroom home and the phone in the kitchen on the north side of the house was only usable some of the time. After checking with Verizon that I did NOT have a contract, I went back to my former carrier for the home phone and the cell phone. Now I can have a home phone in all five rooms of my home as well
                        as the basement as I had formerly. I am 85 years old and cannot have a phone in just one room in case I fall or have any other emergency. Since leaving Verizon, I received a bill for $188.72 and I was told I owe that because of early termination.
                        Now I am getting daily calls from a collection agency. I did not want to leave Verizon but I put up with the poor home phone service as long as I could. The only thing I can think of why my home gets poor reception is that there is a large electric transformer on a pole in my back yard which possibly interferes with wireless service. I would appreciate it if you would please remove the early termination fee from my account and I will pay any remaining amount.

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                          Jul 13, 2019

                          Verizon Communications — samsung s9 plus

                          I have had service with verizon for a while now I have come on some hard times so I am low late with my phone...

                          Jul 06, 2019

                          Verizon Wireless — phone and customer service

                          On June 16th, 2019 we went to Verizon store located at "3963 Lavista Road, Tucker, GA 30084" to switch and...

                          Verizon Fiosrefer a friend program

                          Verizon Fios offers a refer a friend program. Both parties are to receive a $100 prepaid Mastercard. Both myself and the person that referred me received an email to retrieve the cards. The link supplied in each email does NOT offer the card to redeem. I have called Verizon several times and have wasted HOURS trying to resolve this. This is complete FRAUD!!! Please help!

                          Thank you!

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                            Apr 25, 2019

                            Verizon Communications — customer service

                            You know these people told me they would work with me after my bill was generated and did nothing. I moved...

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