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Us bank is awful! I have never had a bank rip me off like this! They put undetermined hold on checks (Even pay checks and government checks!) and seem to wait until checks written against the deposit start coming in and then automatically apply insufficient funds charges against them! (Over and over again!) if you use your debit card it should tell you when your balance is beyond the amount of money in the account, but the charge is put through and then the fun begins!

They will hit you over and over and over again with huge fees, then charge for a negative balance fee (Over and over!)! One month I had over $300.00 nsf fees and neg. Balance fees. The next month I had over $200.00 in fees! The bank also charges me overdraft fees even when they return the check! Doesn't overdraft mean they paid for the check? Well they didn't! They bounced the check, charged me nsf fees, over draft fees (Yet didn't pay the check!), then with a huge negative balance, the bank kept trying to put the previously bounced checks through, over and over, generating more and more fees!

Then they charged me fees for having a negative balance! I told them I wanted to close my account and they said I couldn't close it while I 'owed them' money!! It is a nightmare situation! I hate us bank!! I urge everyone to sue us bank in small claims court, and call your government representative! Banks get a bailout, yet we the middle class eat it, because we don't matter!! Stop this madness!!!


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    Jennifer Dec 12, 2008

    Unfortunately after several incidents and several hundred dollars of overdraft fees, I have figured out US Bank's strategy of misleading their customers in order to collect an ungodly amount of fees. I recently deposited a $400 check into our account due to the fact that the same problem I'm about to report occurred and we were charged over $300 in overdraft fees. So, after depositing the $400, I went online and noticed that at the top of the online statement, there was a note indicating that $300 was being held pending clearance of the deposited check.

    HOWEVER, approximately 24-48 hours later, that note disappeared and my Available Balance was showing about $196. Additionally my husband called to check the Available Balance and was also given the $196 figure. Naturally, one would assume that Available Balance would mean those funds are available for use, and by their own definition listed on the website, 'This balance lists the funds in your account that are available for withdrawal. This is the Account Balance minus deposited funds being held or check card authorizations outstanding.' Note it says MINUS deposited funds being held. This actually is not the case - when I clicked on the blue hyper-link provided on the online statement, I was shown that the $300 is still considered unavailable funds and our Available Balance is actually negative $103.

    If we didn't have access to the Internet in order to find that out, and went solely on the information given when my husband called in to check our balance, we would have been charged overdraft fees on any purchases we made. That is how we got all the overdraft fees to begin with - another deposit was made previously and because the Available Balance showed the entire deposit was available, we were naive enough to believe it and spent money that apparently wasn't really available...even though they told us it was.

    This practice is unconscionable, underhanded and downright dishonest. Why list funds as available when they aren't? Overdraft fees...period. In the meantime, because those funds aren't available yet and we're still in a negative balance, I actually had to borrow some of my daughter's birthday money in order to get some gas and groceries!!! We live paycheck-to-paycheck and the bank is slowly milking us to the point of having to borrow money from my father and my 11-year old daughter just to get by.

    I would be interested to hear comments or other incidents of this occurring.

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    Ray Dec 12, 2008

    I also check my account every day. I recently found 5 $37.50 overdraft charges posted as pending against my account. At the time the account went over, I had a positive balance of $387.00 in the bank and was not negative. I was told I the hotel I was staying at had authorized around $400.00 when I first checked in. Since I was staying on my hotel points, I asked the hotel why the were charging me. They explained that they had not actually charged my card and after 3 days the authorizations would disappear. When I called my bank they confirmed that if the authorizations were not acted upon they would truly not be charged to my account. When I asked if the pending charges would disappear as well, they said no. So I asked them had they charged me overdraft fees BEFORE I was actually over drafted in my account and they said that was their policy. Well, the hotel did not actually charge me and I ended up owing $200.00 in overdraft fees on an account that was not overdrawn. In an economy where people are struggling to get by, such a policy is immoral and deceitful and the bank should be boycotted.

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    ron heinemann Jan 25, 2009

    The most insidious trick that us bank uses is when multiple checks come in and you have an overdraft they will make sure the one check with the highest amount is processed first. Then hit you with multiple fees for the other checks. Checks should at least have a time stamp to show the time of day when it was used. They absolutely were told by management to process the highest check first.

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  • Mi
    mike Jan 30, 2009

    your right on that one i put a $850 dollar check in, my worker then put a $125 check into his us bank savings account they took that money out of my account on the spot, i did not have funds in there to cover it, i called that night if i would be charge overdraft fees the rep said no then i asked if i would be charge overdraft fees if i used my check card that night he said no as long as you put that $850 dollar check in your fine you will not get charged.i called the next day and i had $350 dollars in overdraft fees, i told us bank about what there rep said.they said to bad..i asked why they let my worker cash his check if there was not enough funds in there, they said because i was on good standing, well if im on good standing why are my funds not put in on the spot when i deposit a check .the fact of the matter is they lie..they cheat people, i email and call every day on this matter and im not stopping and i tell them getting my hard earned money back.until i get a court order to stop

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    Rick Feb 19, 2009

    I don't know about the rest of America, but US BANK to me is a CROOKED BANK. Not only did they boast of being 0ne of Two banks that made a profit in 2008, they took billions of dollars in taxpayers money to pad their pockets.

    Here is the CROOKED PART they adjust their computerized bank records to STIFF their CUSTOMERS.

    Just last night my wife was out and checked her balance at an ATM, it said she had enough money for a moderate withdrawal. When she got home later she went on line to validate her balance and check how much she need to deposit to bring her account back to where it was.

    I went to a US BANK branch at 9:00 AM and made a cash deposit for her.

    When I got home she checked her balance on line again as she always does and just like clock work, US BANK changed her balance records putting the last nights withdrawal five down, before the other withdrawals previously taken out, and then proceeded to put her in negative status for the prior withdrawals.

    Four charges of $37.50 for each transaction = $150.00 in US BANK charges.

    To me this is manipulation of bank records and theft by deception of CUSTOMER CASH.

    I want to see more reports posted on the site and I will look from time to time to see the response.

    My God are there any HONEST business people in AMERICAN BUSINESS ?

    These CROOKS - US BANK show be PROSECUTED !!

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    Seymoore Apr 19, 2009

    My father died in September of 2008. After making a total of NINE trips to US Bank Magnolia Branch in Seattle, and spending a total of more than eight hours over a period of six months talking to US Bank employees about this in person and on the phone, I have been unsuccessful in getting US Bank to roll my late father's US Bank IRA account into the US Bank estate account I set up to manage the funds of my late father's estate.

    I have provided proof of my identity (drivers license); my social security number; the tax ID number of my late father's estate; court documents appointing me as the Personal Representative of my late father's estate, and as the sole Trustee of the family trust my parents established in the early 1990s (in the name of which the IRA is registered), provided a copy of the signed, notarized family trust document (twice! because the bank staff LOST the first copy I gave them), and WAITED months for US Bank to 'review' the trust document.

    At no time has any US Bank employee been able to explain to me the reason for the long delay in taking care of this simple request to consolidate my late father's accounts. Probate is almost done, and I urgently need to get this matter resolved, but the employees of US Bank who I have dealt with at two different branches (the other branch is in downtown Seattle) continue to steadfastly REFUSE to carry out my request to close the IRA account and transfer the funds into the estate account. I must close this IRA account not only in order to carry out my fiduciary responsibilities as Personal Representative of the estate and Trustee of the family trust, but also to comply with IRS requirements to withdraw funds from the IRA.

    If you're thinking about setting up an account with a commercial bank, PLEASE DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH US BANK!!! If you do, you run the risk of experiencing the worst customer service that you will ever have to face in your life! I have been treated far more respect with banks in third world countries where I have conducted transactions than I have by the employees of US Bank in Seattle.

    At this point, I feel that I have no recourse left other than to file a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General or lawyer up.

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  • St
    Steven Dozier Apr 24, 2009

    To whom it may concern:
    I have a interest only loan with US bank that comes to term in September of this year. When I initially contacted the bank about refinancing my 159k loan into fixed loan, I was told that due to property values dropping, I would not qualify for regular loan but would for the new Obama program. I was never contacted. I called about a separate issue a month later, and was told by another representative, that now it would not apply and I would be placed in a ARM. I know US Bank was one of those that took “bail out “ money, but are not Appling to their customers. I ‘m not one of those that brought homes I could not afford, so why am I punished!!! US Bank PO Box 790414 St Lo MO . Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.
    Very Respectfully,
    Steven A. Dozier
    Wireless Manager
    J622 Joint Communications Management Team
    Voice: 719-554-5276
    DSN: 692-5276

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  • Na
    nalakeforest May 03, 2009

    Keep Copies of all of your statements. You will need them. Also, if you have a printer and online account access, you will need this as well. Keep track of the transaction dates online. If you make a deposit through an ATM on a Saturday, business hours or not, it shows as a deposit dated the following Monday. Then, if you use your credit portion of the Debit card, and overdraw your available funds, even if it is a credit, you will receive an overdraft charge. Interestingly enough, if you use your credit that same day you make the deposit it posts as of that day! The same day you made the deposit. So when you use your money it tracks the exact day you used it but when you deposit, the dates change from tat Saturday to the following business day. I have been successful in getting overdraft fees refunded, about 8 or 9 times I have to say. You just need to talk to the right person. They may tell you you need to go to the branch where you opened the account. Thats not true. You have to get to the top, and some of the reps will do anything from transferring you to a supervisor, and will help you to make you happy. Keep in mind, the supervisor on the phone is just a call center supervisor, so if you need to get to the top, keep asking for supervisors or bosses! Hope this helps! I'll be trying this again on Monday...feel free to reply at [email protected] as I am recruiting people and may eventually get a class action or something going on. Hey, You heard what happened to Indymac Bank right!

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    S. Clay May 07, 2009


    I am a mother of a college student who has experienced the exact same thing. She is a full-time college student and works part-time at the Gap. Since her time is so limited she makes deposits of her Payroll check into the ATM. She is always sure to wait the appropriate amount of days prior to withdrawing funds or processing transactions. Somehow every single time US Bank finds a way to place holds on her deposits, while at the same time reflecting an available balance through the automated line that is incorrect. The amounts she deposits into her accounts are modest 150.00-250.00 every two weeks. But they always seem to manage to charge OD fees and an everyday that your balance is OD fee which equate to over 350.00. When you contact Customer service they always seem to have some half-### excuse that doesn't add up. Please send letters to the OCC to shut them down. This type of practice must be illegal.

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  • Mc
    MCP May 22, 2009

    People did you also know that US bank has three (3), yes (3) days to post an overdraft charge to your account. So if you think you have caught your account before it goes into OD, which I have done too many times the OD charge can show up 2 - 3 days later!!! They must be held accountable for these assinine practices - do they think we are going to let them go on forever??? If they really think they are doing us a favor by putting a purchase through at the register if there is no money available instead of DECLINE at the register like all other banks, NO, DECLINE THE PURCHASE, PLEASE. I am not embarrassed and I will have my money. Embarrassement does not cost me anything, I will get over it, DONT CHARGE ME OD FEES. I had the pleasure of finding this out after the fact.

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  • Mc
    MCP May 22, 2009

    Another practice i have noticed if you ever get an OD charge, your account seems to be targeted, and if you earnestly try to avoid them anymore they seem to find a way to get you some. As if your account is kept on an OD charge list and if you dont get at least one or two a month they will get you three or four a month. As if they are saying 'how dare you not get an OD charge this month, what do you think you are doing??, keeping your account in good standing??
    They WANT THOSE FEES!!! And they will get them by any means necessary!!

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  • Ma
    mamba Jun 09, 2009

    I agree and did you know that in several states usury fees, like NSF fees aren't even legal? The banks really know how to profit off of the consumer don't they, but they are the first to turn to the government for a taxpayer bailout! Outrageous. I was being billed by an online company for $12 that I didn't know about. My account was running low but I knew I had enough in there until I got paid next until I got dinged by the $12 fee that I didn't even know about! That caused my account to be deficit by get this, one dollar! 1$ and the next thing I knew I have a $150 deficit in my account because of accrued NSF charges. Also, has anyone noticed that the notices that US Bank sends out are hard to follow and don't include dates!!! I hate this bank and will do everything in my power to get out from under them and let everyone know how they operate. Usury fees are nothing more than highway robbery. US Bank still refuses to work with me and the NSF fee just continues to grow and grow. I have already set up an account with a credit union and will NEVER go back to a bank!!!

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  • All,

    My wife just had a situation where US Bank collected a fee that over drafted the account and charged a fee for 2 weeks grossing $450 in fees for a $30 fee.

    She called and made arrangements to pay, before she could pay they debited $140 from her account, by the time she got notice in the mail there were an additional $96 in fees.

    Anyone who has a problem like these please go to BBB and file a complaint.

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  • Ho
    hope2009895 Sep 03, 2009

    Ok, first of all, I'll admit that US Bank is a horrible bank. I worked there, and I'll admit they have some shady practices.

    Second, though, you need to learn how banks work.

    1. Bank accounts are revolving. When a merchant (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) charges your credit/debit card or deposits your check, that's when it hits your account at the bank. This explains why your wife can check her balance at 2 PM, and it says $5, 000 and at 2:01 PM it says $4, 000. So don't blame the bank if you don't keep a register to write down what you've used.

    2. Don't deposit cash into an ATM. It's a machine, not a person. Most ATMs anywhere don't recognize cash differently than checks. If you deposit cash inside the bank at the teller, it goes into your account immediately and is available instantly if you're still not overdrawn. If you deposit it into the ATM, it's seen as a check, which means the first $100 is available and the rest you have a wait on until the next day (or day after depending on cut off time).

    Third, you should read the documents given to you when you first opened your account there. In one of them (it's a white, thick booklet) it basically states that the bank can post whatever transaction in any order to benefit their business and just because they do something one time doesn't mean they will do it in the same order the next time.

    Just FYI.

    Find another bank. Really. But remember rules 1 & 2 because they apply to most.

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  • Me
    MelodySSF Oct 21, 2009

    I have used this bank for a while now and they are worse than my previous bank, WellsFargo, with these damn BS overdraft fee's. And I don't know why they even have a customer service department because every time I call they don't know themselves how to explain these stupid situations they create.

    For instance today, I call US Bank, I deposited $1, 600.00 then I look on my online banking and it says -$435.00! I call there customer support ASAP and they said there was a "pledge" on my check. When I asked what that was the guy didn't even know what it was himself, then directed me to the branch that put that "pledge" on my check and now there going call me back. Now I'm sitting here super pissed off, with no $ and tons of over drafts. How do they get away with this stuff?!? And I'm sure I am going to have to pull teeth to get my over draft fees back, can't wait cause yelling at those idiots would feel good right about now.

    I am taking my $ out of that bank as soon as this is resolved. This is ridiculous.

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  • De
    DesignZombie Apr 13, 2010

    I recently opened a US Bank account and encountered my first "pledge." I deposited a payroll check (issued by another US Bank account) via ATM. 24 hours later my funds had gone from 10% available to frozen. Any purchases I made with debit card showed up as insufficient funds. After 3 phone calls and a trip to the branch, I am now being told that because my account is new, the deposit was larger than my average deposit my account was flagged by the fraud department and froze for 7 days pending verification of funds. Because I chose to bank via the ATM (which is another division) US Bank is unable to verify my funds or even the checks origin until the check has been scanned so I have no access to my funds for at least another 24 hours.

    Should I choose to close my account once this is resolved I will incur penalties.

    My credit union uses ATM's which scan the checks on deposit and prints a copy on your receipt, why a larger national bank like US Bank does not use this same technology is beyond me. My only assumption is that they would lose money on penalties customers incur during situations such as mine.

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  • Me
    MelissaKay Jun 16, 2010

    Tomorrow I am going to USB to try an get my money back for the fees that were their fult in my oppinion. I opened up a checking account and a savings account when I opened it I asked if they had the same option as my old bank where if u go over a little on ur checking that it will pull from your savings so u won't get the crazy overdraft charges. The guy told me they did have it and I guess it is called overdraft protection. I told him I deffinatly want that because some times I go a little over and it would suck to get a $35 fee for being over a few bucks. I knew I only had 250 in my checking and my car payment was$235 which left me with $15 so I got $15 in gas but it made me debit it for some reason... I also went inside the gasstation and got a drink... I knew I was gonna be a couple bucks over but I knew it would pull it from my savings... 3 days later I transferd $40 from mysavings to checking because I knew my tanning package was going to be takin out it was only $30 so I knew it would cover that plus the drink I bought... WELL I checked my account online and it was a mess!!! Apparently the guy DID NOT set my account up with overdraft protection so my car payment came out and the gas but sence It made me use debit at the pump it charged me a separet charge for 25 cents+ the $1.50 drink both had $35 overdraft charges and when I put the 40 in to cover the tanning it was so negative that it didn't matter so I got another 35 fee for the tanning and other stuff I bought it was also charging me $8 everyday on each $35 charge and it brought the grand total to $455... I called the 1800 number and the guy on the phonevtold me he couldn't do as much for me as the branch I had opend the account at and I should go there and they will fix everything and refund my money... Then he asked if I wanted him to transfer som money over to my checking so I don't get hit with the $8 fees everyday... I said only if they can give me my money back they messed up otherwise I'll just with draw all my money from my savings and take it elsewhere and bank... He told me that would be able to do that for me at my branch so I transferd 500 bucks... I called the branch I opened my account at and the lady on the phone said she could probly get me back $75 of it and she said she could fix my account to have the overdraft protection on it... WHICH I ASKED FOR WHEN I OPENED IT!! I told her that was not acceptible... She said her boss wasn't in and he was the only one that could authorise to put it all back and she would call me back... That was 2 days ago.

    On top of all that I went over on my account transfers because of all this bull [censor] so I got hit
    with a fee of $75... So I hope they give me my money back... After reading everyone elses posts Im not feeling very good about it .

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  • Ne
    Need Legal Advice Mar 04, 2011

    I had them deposit my check and back it back out too after accepting these checks for seven months and never having an issue.

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  • Di
    dissatisfied_again May 24, 2011

    Missed a payment because we didn't get a bill or a statement. Within a week we were sent to collections and was told they could do that because they can. We're pulling our loan with them. Lousy customer service, they won't help and the only help they offered was a phone number with no one on the other end. Your choice is to leave a message and they will call you back. Seems the people in the office were clueless on how to help. I heard they were immoral and I didn't want to bank with them, but my wife insisted and opened an account.

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  • He
    Help with Banking Jun 14, 2011

    The main thing I can tell ppl with banking is...keep a register of your purchases. Do not rely on online banking, the ATM balance, the teller balance or the automated balance...even the customer service reps balance. None of those can tell what's outstanding...just what posts to the account. Empower yourself and learn how banking works. Bankers are more than happy to help you with that...if someone isn't...get a manager. And remember...always be nice to who is helping you.

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  • Us
    usbank is awfullll Jan 24, 2013

    this should be illegal... someone close them down!

    I used bill pay service for the second time ever...I paid my electric bill on the Jan 15, 2013 and they said it will go thru and pay entergy by the 18th..on the 20th entergy says they are going to cut off so I have to pay again.. thinkin i did bill pay wrong ..since they dont send you confirmation emails..., Usbank finally paid it on the 22nd which caused me an overdraft. Talked to one lady she said get entergy to put money back in the account and she would waive my fee.. after an hour entergy agreed.. called usbank..waited on hold 15 minutes and the second lady refused... there is never a manager to talk to .. I then call one more time tell the guy the story and the whole time I talk hes laughing... they still refuse to take off my overdraft fee that they caused and they are charging me!!!... It took them 9 days for the bill to go thru.. when i was promised 3 on their website.. If they had it written on the site.. which you can see on their site that it takes 3 days to go thru.. if they didnt do that, how can they charge me when i had to pay twice? They didnt do what they said they would do. Had I known it wouldnt go thru on the 18th like they said, I would have paid another way.

    A few months ago a company that says USBANK gave them my info tried to sell me something over the phone... I refused it and still got fees on my account and never even asked or said they could use my account to take my money...never gave them my info even.. Why is USBANK giving away my info... it let people steal from me... thru my USBANK account.

    A few months ago I paid all my bills over the phone via debit card except for one... I used the bill pay on then get a fraud alert the same day. Why am I using my account information for the first time with USBANK then getting fraud ??.. how secure is their system?? Well, they cut off my debit card and I racked up a little over a hundred in bounced fees from all my utility companies. They didnt even notify me they closed down my debit card.. I find out days later when get rejected in public like I had no money..This company could care less about all the fees I racked up.

    I feel like these people are purposely making mistakes to take our money. We can't fight it.. they just take it.

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