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deception and verbal telling of policies to students that are unwritten in student handbook

I want to be in a class action lawsuit against UoP. I feel terribly wronged by them and am looking for other...


I have attempted to make contact with my financial advisor and the office of dispute management on several occasions about closing my account and getting my financial aid released for me to apply to another university. Well, guess what, they can bother you like hell to get you to sign up, but once you are trying to leave you cannot. It is the worse experience ever. I wish I had seen these other complaints prior to signing up with them. I am even more in debt than before, and have nothing to show for it. They lied about me being able to be certified in LA, after 6 months into the program I found out that I would be only certified to teach in Arizona and that I would still have to work toward my certification in Louisiana. Oh, and by the way it was not told to me by the UoP but by the certification counselor for LA. It has been almost 2 months since my last class and they still have yet to release me from the university or release my financial aid. Does anyone know how to file a formal complaint with them?

  • Le
    legalchik Aug 26, 2009

    My husband is going through the same thing, he went through the ENTIRE teaching program with them, got his "degree" (granted we had to get lawyers involved because we, too, had issues with the dispute management office and as a lawyer myself I knew that it would be the only way to get them to actually DO something). My husband took our IL state board of certification (which UofP said he had to take in order to continue on to the student teaching portion of the degree) only to ultimately be told that he is only qualified to teach in AZ. It has been heartbreaking to see our money go out the door and his career being basically stalled. He is now attending another school to basically get the same degree that he just received from UoP. This is the most worthless scam of a degree out there -- you will thank yourself for avoiding any involvement with this online program. I hope someone someday files some kind of lawsuit, or, at minimum an investigation into this sham and exposes them for the liars they are.

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  • Pl
    playette Sep 06, 2009

    I have been trying to get a release from university of phoenix financial aid processing department for a month and two weeks now. I don't understand why they are delaying sending it to me. I have spoken to two or three supervisors in that department including over 30 representatives and still haven't had any luck with retrieving this information. I even followed the procedures in order to have it released with the FERPA release forms and all. Would someone please tell me who I can report this situation to. Please leave me a message in my email at [email protected] if you can assist me.

    Thank you

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  • Bi
    bigtimegeologist Oct 01, 2009

    I guess that's why they don't teach law at UoP hahaha

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fraud, fraud, on everything

I agree with all the ones who are complaining against university of phoenix, along with the other names they...

rip off

Hello fellow classmates or victims, I am another victim of The University of Phoenix Axia Online crap. I...

lied:told no loan, then told, yes, there is a loan

My daughter was ripped by UOP and we are trying to get more people that were ripped off in the same way.

Her story is that, she is a single mom and thought she was getting a pell grant, to not have to pay anything what so ever for schooling, Her enrollment counselor says in the notes at UOP, that he walked her thru the loan process and told her how much the pmts would be, etct...BUT he never did, he told her she was not getting a loan that it was just formality for in case she wanted a loan. She would have never signed up with UOP if she had known she was getting a loan.

I specifically asked my daughter, if she was sure she was not getting a loan and she said yes, it's all free, because she's not working and she's a single mom...well they screwed her and now they are saying that she owes $15, 000.00 in student loans and that "she signed" which she was TOLD to sign, that it was all formality.

If we can get enough people, we will file a class action law suit. So if there is anyone that was told, they would not have to pay anything on a continuous basis from UOP, and now has to pay those loans, please email us

our email for this issue we are using is: [protected]
Hope to hear back from you
Sheila Robinson

  • Ck
    C Kerfeld May 27, 2009

    I have had similar experiences with UOP. I got vague/misleading information.

    I was disappointed with my instructor. He didnt look at anything I had submitted. I found out later that I had submitted homework with the wrong format in the references.

    I received an email with financial aid options the day I started at UOP. My financial aid had been processed and was in place by then.

    I phoned my assigned financial aid POC several times to discuss this. I didnt get any return calls.

    After I withdrew from UOP, I received more phone calls and emails then all the while I was attending the college because now I owed them money.

    They are within the legal guidelines regarding financial aid. The fact that I felt mislead, misinformed and uninformed, is not a legal issue. Their complaint system is in-house so taking the time to file a compaint is a waste of time and energy.

    After researching the college, I learned that the founder is a unique individual. This is a "for profit" college.

    I would love to talk with you about this.

    I look forward to an email from you.

    Carol Kerfeld

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  • Ni
    nikwy Jun 10, 2009

    There are millions of single moms in this world, and yes most of them are going back to school to get an education. I did! I did it through University of Phoenix. I was completely informed of what was ahead of me, and nobody gets enough in Pell grants to pay for college. Common sense, yes! Research federal aid and grants before going back to school for practice. There is no fraud here, this is how the system works in any four year state university, only difference is that University of Phoenix offers a system that works for online working mothers. Although, it is not an easy college grade and credit. If it were easy everyone would have college credit. Read the paperwork!! Keep copies of it! You have a three part application in which you actually sign and acknowledge this information! There is no excuse for ignorance. People want to sue companies for their own negligence, really?!?

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  • Ar
    armywife65 Jun 12, 2009

    @nikwy--well nikwy you can kiss my ###! I know what happened to my daughter and almost happened to me and yes we DID READ THE ###ING PAPER WORK. so don't sit there and talk about something you have not ###ing clue about. They DID LIE and obviously they are doing it to others, and I can attest to this, If they were not lying to people there would not be any ###ing complaints on here. It's not very arduous to figure that UOP are, cheating, liars, AND this is a COMPLAINT BOARD not a eulogy and worship board.

    And not that it is any of your business, but we are NOT trying to sue them for money, we are trying to get them to stop doing what they are doing. I don't want a ###ING DIME! from this. I don't need money, I can bet that I make more in 6months than you do in a year.

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  • Ri
    Rip Off Jun 18, 2009

    whatever you say thief. Don't choke trying to swallow your sausage. I know you are one of them sitting in your butt getting our money. If you call Axia Online "College" than you are so full of it because the name is not University of Phoenix. Maybe if you get some knowledge then you will not be a ### trying to explain hundreds of students why they have problems with Axia Online. You should get a job with them in ripping students off. Let it be heard, first amendment the right for freedom of speech. Don't try to silence us, Liars Liars you won't shut us that easily. Nikwy is one of them. ###

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  • Ar
    armywife65 Jun 20, 2009

    @Rip Off- I know your not talking to me right? Ya know, you seem to use that "choke on sausage" practically on every post you go to. You don't know what the ### you are talking about, so shut the hell up and go choke on your own ###ing sausage!

    Axia and UOP are basically one in the same, dumb ###! check it for your own dumb ### self or is that too arduous for you figure out.

    And personally I don't give a ### about getting pell grants, free money to pay for mine or my daughter's college. That's what it's there for so, who gives a ###. I pay my taxes!

    I go to College for FREE and I'm loving every bit of it. I get free college, because (not that's it's any of yours or anyone elses business, but I'm an Army Wife, so I get FREE, yes, FREE FREE FREE College. Woo Hoo! and you don't Ha Ha Ha! My college is paid 100% in full. (stooping to your level)

    You are NOTHING, with your facetious remarks, what a joke.

    You have nothing better to do than come on these kind of boards and talk your ###, probably because if you did it to anyone in person, they'd knock the living ### outta ya. Choke on that sausage you little ###.

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  • Ma
    mattyb5427 Mar 26, 2010


    you just really showed your intelligence in your last post. only stupid people get that emotional instead of having an intelligent conversation and swearing every second. my education was free because i earned it and not married into it. your education is free because you are at a community college, so good luck with that associates degree. i already know that you will not get a job one day because you do not know how to communicate effectively. so keep up the good work and keep living off the government so our taxes go up!

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sign you up, then leave you hanging!!

I have attended UOP for about a year and a half with fairly good results as far as professors are concerned...

fraudulent school and staff

I have been going to the University of Phoenix for over a year now and I must say that it is the worst...

never received my check that was sent out on 4/14/09 and today it the 25th

My name is Amelia Binai. I live in Callahan, FL and hve been waiting on a check through the mail coming from...

scam and cheating

I am now a former student of the UoP -Axia College Online program. I found out about half way through my...

fraud and scam

On the day of my eighteenth birthday, I was contacted by a Ms. Patricia Takahashi, an enrollment counselor...


The University of Phoenix is a huge scam meant to con people into taking worthless classes while they take...

dropped me because of hardship then garnished my wages

I enrolled in University Of Phoenix in July of 2005. I lost my job a week after enrolling. Three weeks into...

bogus fees

My husband and I were working on our master's degrees together with UOP online. I had to take a break, due to medical reasons, and I informed my academic advisor that I would let her know when I was ready to resume classes. After a couple of months, I received an email from an instructor stating that I had not posted anything in the first two weeks of class. I contacted the instructor, as well as my academic and financial advisors to let them know that I did not register for the course. My account was charged over $200 for dropping the class late, when I actually never even agreed to register for the class. No one was willing to help me with my issue, no matter how hard I tried. I finally paid the fees and assured them that they just lost $20, 000 in tuition from my husband and me, as neither of us will EVER take another class with UOP. Also, to those of you who mentioned advisors helping and posting for you during your first class...I found out that the enrollment advisors don't get paid their commission until you complete you first class. So, if you're a new student, expect UOP to be extremely helpful in the beginning.

  • We
    wendifromtexas Dec 01, 2010

    Same thing happened to me!! They charged me for classes I did attend, the advisor logged in and posted for me the "the first class". I registered on Aug 28 and withdrew on Sept 4. They lied about my transfer credits being accepted, they lied about everything. Ruined my credit in the process. I went through all the proper credit collection disputing technics and they still continue to report falsely to the CRAs. I have TONS of documentation to prove their lies and deceipt. I'm just looking for the right law firm/class action to join.

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a huge scam - beware

Don't waste your time or money - you will never get what you're seeking and employers laugh at such a worthless piece of paper they call a "degree"

  • Ar
    armywife65 May 18, 2009

    @NoTimeForIdiots--you obviously work for UOP and are an idiot, like your screen name...and you obviously can't read ALL the complaints. I only wish my daughter and I would have read them BEFORE she got screwed by UOP

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  • Sp
    specialist Jul 26, 2009

    I'm very glad that I read all the complaints before I signed up for Master Body Guard/EP inst.cert.
    One thing would be different though, if I got ripped off I would without a doubt find a head to tear off and a butt to stuff it in.
    Someone should close PSU down before they get HURT!
    Thank You
    The Specialist

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  • Bi
    bigtimegeologist Oct 02, 2009

    master body gaurd/ep ya that sounds like a real degree hahahaha. The specialist ppfffftttt what a joke i bet your "special" alright. here's a clue, if they don't offer a degree like science, art, law, medicine etc... (not with all the stupid little add on names behind them) they probably aren't REAL!!! suckers

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student loan

I enrolled with the University of Phoenix in 2006. The classes and everything fit my schedule, and everything...


After reading the complaints against UOP, I tend to agree with some of the statements. Yes, unfortunately the classes are too easy and do not expand upon an individuals field of interest. I would feel inadequate to counsel individuals at this time.
My largest complaint is that I received every grant available. After completing my B.S. in Human Services September 2008, I received from my lender, (I was required to enroll with each collegiate year), a bill for approximately $24, 000. Yes, higher education is extremely expensive. I was constantly in touch with the school and Wells Fargo. My gift to all students of any school is "just try, try, try to get an answer for loans and grants!"

  • Da
    darlynn Feb 03, 2009

    Why does this school not give more informative advice? I too had an ugly experience.

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  • Ke
    Kelli May 15, 2009

    I wish we could file a class action law suit against them for deception and lies. All unemployed in Michigan BE WARE of University of Phoenix when they say that Yes they do work with the Michigan Works office. THEY DO NOT!!! trust me I know.

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  • Xu
    xUOPstudent Sep 01, 2009

    I was a student made it through just my first term and the day I was to post finals my classes showed dropped. I got no answers as to how or why this happened. Then they returned my loan money to the bank...just to attempt to bill me for more than a thousand dollars. I have switched schools FIRST I was given a placement test and wow don't have to take all the lower level classes that UOP required saving me money and the classes are real time classes so I don't have wait for anyone to respond via thread three days after the assignment is due.

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  • Ri
    Rivera_mom Dec 29, 2009

    I too am a victim of UoP. I lost a $80k job because of these liars! I am about to lose my house. I was told that I wouldn't have to pay either. I was going to have a grant to pay for the single class I said I would take. I left the school within 3 weeks because my son became ill. 5 years later, I find that they got some loan in my name, set me up for some Criminal Justice Program to obtain student loan money and messed up my credit dropping my score 80 points!

    I have papers showing that I did not complete the forms to obtain any Federal Student Loan money yet money was given to them. They have some documents they claim I "electronically" signed but the were placed into their system in 2005...1 year after I withdrew.

    We need to get all victims of this school together... [email protected]

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complete scam

This "school" is a joke. I became disabled and had to find a new career, They really scammed me. What they charge is unreal. I went for 9 weeks and just ended up in debt. How they get away with this is unbelievable. I soon found out that almost every employer laughs at University of Phoenix degrees. These crooks go by so many different names. Axia. Apollo group. Western University.


  • Uo
    UofPhoenix Feb 02, 2009

    On behalf of the University of Phoenix, I have been asked to respond to your comments. The University strives to provide excellent customer service, and our goal is to demonstrate this commitment in all of our actions. We are always eager to review any comments or concerns from students and will work diligently to review any opportunities for improvement.

    While we encourage all students to work with their local campus directly, the University also has a department dedicated to handling student complaints. The Office of Dispute Management (ODM) is responsible for all student and faculty grievances and appeals. Our goal is to resolve and bring closure to escalated student issues either by correcting a problem for a student or providing the student with sufficient detail as to why the University took a particular action or made a particular decision. If you would like to pursue a complaint with ODM, please contact our office using one of the methods listed below.

    Mailing address:
    Office of Dispute Management
    University of Phoenix
    4615 E Elwood Street
    Mail Stop: AA-S401
    Phoenix, AZ 85040

    Email address:
    [email protected]



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  • Ke
    Kelli May 15, 2009

    What ever, you do not care about "your students". You protect your people and to heck with the rest of us. Your ODM is a JOKE!! It is true, your people can screw us and still keep their jobs and go to school for free. Your only out for the almight dollar and to heck with the people how truley have a passion for a quality education.

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  • Ar
    armywife65 May 18, 2009

    @UofPhoenix--BULL! you obviously have not read all the freakin complaints have you. You get paid to say what your saying, you work there. My daughter got screwed and I almost got screwed

    And with that said...

    My daughter was ripped by UOP and we are trying to get more people that were ripped off in the same way.

    Her story is that, she is a single mom and thought she was getting a pell grant, to not have to pay anything what so ever for schooling, Her enrollment counselor says in the notes at UOP, that he walked her thru the loan process and told her how much the pmts would be, etct...BUT he never did, he told her she was not getting a loan that it was just formality for in case she wanted a loan. She would have never signed up with UOP if she had known she was getting a loan.

    I specifically asked my daughter, if she was sure she was not getting a loan and she said yes, it's all free, because she's not working and she's a single mom...well they screwed her and now they are saying that she owes $15, 000.00 in student loans and that "she signed" which she was TOLD to sign, that it was all formality.

    If we can get enough people, we will file a class action law suit. So if there is anyone that was told, they would not have to pay anything on a continuous basis from UOP, and now has to pay those loans, please email us

    our email for this issue we are using is: [email protected]
    Hope to hear back from you
    Sheila Robinson

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  • Uc
    UC-STUDENT Jun 10, 2009

    University of Phoenix, DeVry, ITT Tech, etc. ALL of these are scams by the standards of any real university. ANY ECONOMIST OR POLITICAL SCIENTIST CAN TELL YOU A-PRIORI WHAT THE PRIMARY FUNCTION OF FOR-PROFIT UNIVERSITIES ARE- they are profit seeking diploma mills that are set up specifically to pass accreditation- its called rent-seeking. All of these are DE FACTO diploma mills that have gained DE JURE status; their product is education and they are going to do whatever it takes to maximize revenue, minimize overhead while hiding behind facades propped up by professional marketing firms in order to misconstrue the truth. They have highly paid lawyers at every corner ready to protect their source of revenue, just like any other corporation.


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  • Vi
    vickilouise Aug 24, 2009

    I actually know people that have used their degrees from Axia which is the online division of University of Phoenix. It depends on the area you are going into career wise. No offense but if you only went there for 9 weeks than you really don't know whether it is worth it or not. Yes it is expensive but the only college options that are not expensive are community colleges. For people who can not attend an actual ground campus online school has been an amazing addition to education. Also I personally go there and although I will have to make an extra effort so I can get hands on training for my resume I love the school. The counselors are all very helpful and they call and check on my progress. Yes it is a business like every other college. Its not for everyone but for some its a great option, like me who is a stay at home mom and can not get to a campus because of my husbands schedule. I do think that it is awful whoever posted about their daughter not understanding the loan, because my counselors explained all that to me. I was made aware that on top of the pell grant (which does not cover all costs) that I would have a student loan. Its expensive because its college.

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  • Sn
    Snowcrash Jan 25, 2010

    The University of Phoenix placed 37th on the OEDB in 2009 with a graduation rate of 4%. The bottom of the list in case your looking. I am currently enrolled in the University of Phoenix. I am fortunate enough to have the benefit of these posts and forums because I WILL be changing schools now. I made it through my first block with a 4.0 up until I got bronchitis and still pulled a 3.0 by the end of the courses. "9 weeks" seems to be MORE than enough time to evaluate the institution that is supposed to be adept at educating people who have a schedule yet fails epically to accommodate it's students. At this point I can't call this University a "scam" but I can certainly cite many instances of complete failure. To anyone who may be currently enrolled and wondering why the UoP doesn't seem to get things accomplished I suggest you run. Find another school immediately! I actually just wanted the diploma to add to my achievements. I'm 38 and I've had a great career in IT and CGI that dwarfs that of some of my "college" educated competitors. I see no decisive edge to UoP education I can however foresee a stigma related to having a degree from this institution.

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terrible experience

Reformatting my paper submitted at the conclusion of a 43-unit program, an instructor ignored for an entire...

fraud and cheating

I just recently discovered this site, and I too would like to share my story concerning the University of...

did not return to lender my student loan when I withdrew

I took 4 classes total. I withdrew from the school after the fourth class because the classes were bogus. I...

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