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fraud and cheating

I began going to Axia College of University of Phoenix in late August of this year (2008). I chose an online...

misinformation, deceitful enrollment tactics

I enrolled at the university of phoenix's axia college. I was told that FAFSA would pay for most of the bills for my school and that I wouldn't have any lab fees. Then I checked out a bill for 2000k+ for just the two classes I was taking. I was misinformed and mislead to to believe that I would pay just 2800 (quoted price) for the whole year of schooling and that it was a great learning experience. Then I started my first day. The whole process is disorganized and misleading (totally misleading, they lied and then avoided phone calls). I'm currently in the process of dropping my classes and trying to cut ties with this "school"

  • Li
    Libby Bailey Nov 03, 2008

    University of Phoenix is eager to review comments of deficiencies from its students and works diligently to review and improve areas identified. Furthermore, students are encouraged to work directly with their campus to resolve their issues. After working with the campus, should further attention be necessary, students may contact the the Office of Dispute Management (ODM) for assistance. To pursue a specific issue, call 602.557.5566. We will also have one of our staff members personally reach out to you to help you work through this situation.

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  • To
    torna browne Mar 24, 2009

    I would have to agree with the person making the complaint 100% this school is not on the up and up I myself have some issues with this school, they are lying to get enrollments for the school saying that they offered the RN course and you can take the clinical at a local hospital then later they say that that was not discussed. They also give you instructor's who do not respond to you when you ask questions I went to this school as you said for 3 weeks without a counselor so I had no idea what was happening in this school. I think that a class action suit should be brought against them and show these people that they are not above the policies and procedures they are supposed to uphold. These schools are designed to help someone who is not in the best of situations to become self sufficient in a way that they would have the ability to take care of themselves and their families, if I spend 4 years in a 2 year program because you keep failing me so that you can stifle out federal funding from the government how will this become possible? I would suggest to you that we do not allow this school to do this to us we have so many agencies that can be contacted if we do not tell on this school then they will never know what they are doing to us.
    Torna Browne [email protected]

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  • Ar
    archeangeluriel May 16, 2009

    My sister and I both attend Axia and have had few issues. We both make great grades, and while at times it is difficult to get ahold of couselors or advisors, they always return our messages. Federal aide has been slightly confusing, but we receive statement for our college loans, and we receive our pell grants, which cover a great deal of our schooling. Online school, is a huge investment. I would not recommend it for anyone who is not easily self taught or is in a bind. There are many challenges, but I really enjoy this school. It is very important to be aggressive with questions you have. Don't be afraid to let advisor's phone's ring non stop and their message box fill up. I am going into my second year, and so far so good.

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not teaching anything, lied about cost

I am currently enrolled in this on line school and in my second class. They do not teach you, they give you questions and make you research everything. They say you are recieving a bachelor's degree yet you have to attend four years...not to mention other thing that they do not tell you before you start. I would not recommend this for anyone! Now I must figure out how to get out and find an appropriate college.

  • En
    Enjoli Nov 17, 2008

    If you do not plan to do research then you will not learn in any college you attend. University of Phoenix is a fully accredited College, if you do not like it and have completed enough class to get credits your credits will be transferred to any other accredited college (meaning they will accept them) UOP is utilized by the US Military for it's officers overseas and has a great reputation. Also, Associates degrees take two years, a Bachelors four...if it takes you less than four years to get a BA then you can be sure that your school is not credible, unless you're doubling up on classes or something.

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  • Jo
    john Nov 25, 2008

    UoP counselors are mother###ers. They're lying ###s!

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  • Ri
    Ripper offs Jun 19, 2009

    Yes John I know, we are going through the same. And if you don't post attendance they will kick you out because they need certain posting attendance or the government wont give them ###. It is all money involve

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  • Fo
    Folly Darling Jul 01, 2009

    Uh duh...a bachelor's degree usually takes 4 years unless you are transferring in an acceptable amount of credits from an associates degree.

    And the laws will vary per state. So did you do your research before you even signed up. It sounds like you want everything handed to you on a silver spoon.

    I graduated from UOP and it was absolutely a grand experience. I met so many people. I went to a ground school. I would go to finish my grad degrees but suffered brain damage from a coma and can't attend now.

    You are accountable for reading the guidelines, policies and all about the process before you sign the contracts. I never had a problem with funding or anything.

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  • Su
    SuperVepr Jul 01, 2009

    UoP online is for people that need the paper but don't have the time or background to complete a real degree. They sell diplomas for the most part.

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scholarship fraud

If you are thinking about attending the University of Phoenix, DON"T!!! It is a rip off!

They pride themselves on being "a university for working adults" when all they care about is getting their hands on YOUR money. Their financial aide department is a joke! They advertise for students to apply for scholarships, which is a total fraud! I applied for a scholarship and was awarded a 4-year $50, 000 scholarship to UOP only to have it taken away from me, two weeks later, because UOP does not award scholarships to doctoral students. No where on the application did it state that the scholarship was for bachelor or master degree programs only. So, from telling everyone in my family and my employer the great news to now being totally humilated and too embarrassed to say "Oops, it was a MISTAKE". The way I see it, due to someone else's mistake I should not have had to suffer the consequences. I should have been able to keep the scholarship! So BEWARE...don't fall for their scams!! Also, the professors are not willing to work with you nor are they understanding when life throws you curve for example, going into labor and being hospitalized for two days due to complications. In their eyes, that is no excuse and you should have been better prepared followed by a non-passing grade and put on academic probation.

  • Di
    Diane DeBauche May 02, 2009

    I am currently a University of Phoenix online student and I agree with alot of the complaints I just read. I am currently having issues with the financial aid.
    I have been enrolled at the the UOP since November 2006 and I have been at a grade point average around 2.8 but this is not the problem. I have had financial aid and student loans help me pay for school or shall I say I have lined the pockets of the UOP with thousands of dollars for my so called tution expenses.

    So far since I have been there I have only received one refund from my financial aid package twice a year.
    When I first started the UOP it took them 90 days for my financial aid to be received. I have been in nursing school in the past and it never took this long for fasfa to take a look at my application.
    I was told that the refund of what was left after they took out for my next 4 classes will be sent to me in March 2007. Needless to say this is the only refund I ever received from them and it was small amount. Since 2007, I was told so many times that my financial aid was at the school and that it was being processed. But when I called to see when I will be able to receive a refund they always seemed to give an excuse why I am not getting
    a refund. I did not fail any classes at that time (not until recently) so I know it was not my grade point average.
    They would tell me you are only getting enough to cover your next 4 classes. I didn't understand this
    how could they figure 4 classes costed almost $6, 000.00?

    Now they are keeping me out of classes because of I am out of financial aid. The last time I filled out my financial aid my finanicial advisor told me not to apply for the loans at this time just apply for the grants.
    I didn't understand that.
    Well now I am out of money and they will not me take my classes until I figure out what I am going to do.

    So I was wondering if there is anyone that could help me with advice? Do I just drop out of this school and go to a community college like the University of Wisconsin? Or a Technical College? Did I just waist 3 years of my life on nothing? Is there anything I can do legally?

    Please help!
    Diane DeBauche

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  • Ca
    Cameron1999 May 23, 2009

    I am also having problems getting my refund, the left over after my classes are paid for. I failed a class and was short 3 credits(one class), so I completed my 3 credits for my federal pell grant to be released. My student loans went on and paid for my classes, the left over was $593. It has been credited for about a month now, but they still have not sent it out. I was told that my pell grant would be released on the 18, it has not been released. My new financial aid advisor has now told me it will go into processing by the 25, monday, memorial day, and that I will recieve it with in 14 days of the 25. This is the first time they have done this to me! I do not know what to do or where to turn them in at or even who to turn them into if they do not send it out.
    Can anyone help me? or give me their advice?

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  • Ar
    armywife65 May 23, 2009

    First report them to your local Better Business Bureau. I also suggest you forward this
    email to the school's P.R./Comunications office -- the address is
    [email protected] Be sure to tell them you've contacted an
    investigative reporte who has reported on them in the past.

    Don't stop if you don't get what you were promised.
    These people appeared to be trained to lie, cheat, steal from students, especially the ones that are naive about schooling.
    It's sad.
    Good Luck to you

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  • Ca
    Cameron1999 May 24, 2009

    Thank you for your assistance! I really appreciate it. I will contact my local Better Business Bureau and forward the email. I am very frustrated with this issue, and I can not drop out and attend another school because I will then have to pay all that money back first and I can not afford to do that!

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  • Ho
    howa Jun 05, 2009

    I too am a student at the UOP. I feel it is odd that I can never reach my finical advisor when needed. So now I'm looking for people that may have experienced the same thing . I wrote the president because they seem shady.

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  • Br
    browneyes44 Sep 17, 2009

    i just got done with my with my first set of classes and took the finals and with one of my finals she accused me of cheating i have not cheated never would cheat ive tried calling my academic counslor and she wont return my calls

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  • Th
    The truth is out!!! Oct 21, 2009

    I agree Do NOT go to THIS SCHOOL because its a TOTAL RIP OFF>>>>>> Your money is ALL they want and YOU are ONLY another NUMBER!!! MASSIVE LIARS and NEVER give that person out in the store your telephone number because then the CALLS WILL NEVER STOP UNTILL THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

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  • Sh
    sharkgut Jun 17, 2010

    Beware and remember your just part of a quota! sucker!

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not returning disbursed funds

Not returning money to lender even though i withdrew from classes. . . Messed up my financial aid at another college

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financial aid rip-off

When I enrolled at the University of Phoenix back in August of 2005, I then thoufh that it was the right...

misleading information

The University of Phoenix talked me in to re-enrolling in their MFT Program. I told them I didn't think I could do the course work because I was still attending the University of Nevada Reno and working full time. I also commute one hour each way to work. They assured me I could try it for a while and it it was too much I could withdraw. Part way into the semester I could see I wasn't going to be able to do the program. I withdrew and then the letters, phone calls and harassment started. Although I received no credit, no school books and nothing but a lesson from the "School of Hard Knocks". I owed them over a $1, 000 for the use of the on line books and the portion of time I spent attending the class (probably 3 classes). I have been paying $30 a month towards the bill, but that is not enough to satisfy them so they have turned me over to collections and I am getting harassment phone calls. I have 28 Master Level credits from BYU and UNR and none of them were accepted by UOP. My adviced to anyone considering going to UOP is run as fast as you can to some other school.

terrible experience

I was a student of University of Phoenix. It began when I was pressured to sign up, instead of just calling...

bad experience

This school is charging money for a diploma, not for teaching; I want a refund and an entity that would make...

harassing phone calls

I made the mistake of completing an online info request for the university of phoenix atlanta campus. I have asked them on six occasions to stop calling me at both my home and cell phone. I have even called and asked they delete me from their database. This is all to no avail. What part of do not call do they not understand? I would never agree to attend their university. Why don't they post their fees, tuition, etc. On their website. When i asked the representative, she wouldn't answer my question. Why not? Sounds like a scam to me.

If i had a wild guess, they probably have exorbitant fees and tuition. Do yourself a favor and pick a reputable college.

I am contacting the accreditation board and file a complaint. Not that it will do any good but at least i will have voiced my complaint.

  • Da
    Dana Oct 07, 2008

    I feel the same way. What a mistake to request anything online. I work alot so i am never home. They call my home 10 times a day my wife has told them to stop calling and they do anyway. Then they start calling my cell phone right after she tells them no more calling. I dont know what it will take either and i hate to have to pay to change my phone number on their behalf. So people do not contact the university of pheonix unless you want them to call 10 times a day.

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  • La
    lavonne Dec 04, 2008

    Hang up calls from 800 684-8429!

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not returning financial aid dispersed to them

My husband and I attend 1 class at the University of Phoenix online program. We filled out financial aid and...

fraud and scam!

I took one class from UOP, then had to withdraw due to my job. I was putting in way to many hours at work to handle even one class. I was asked to rejoin by one their representatives 6 months later. I tried again, but due to my project load I had to withdraw. UOP did all of the financing for the classes.

In the end, they said I owed 376 dollars, and I had 4k in loans. I said there was no way. I protested this amount since day one. I called them on several occasions about the balance, and they said it was correct. I protested this through the credit bureau numerous times. They ended up charging off the balance, and making my credit even worse than it was.

I admit I didn't have perfect credit, but this probably cost me thousands in interest. Not only that, but I was paying interest on the full amount they received from the government. After 3 years of payments, they sent back 2419 dollars to the government saying that there was a mistake they found during an audit.

When I contacted UOP about this, they said that I was lucky they even did an audit, and I was still responsible for the interest since I was still enrolled. I said I withdrew, and haven't taken a class in over 3 years. The bean counter said I still had a web page.

I said so that entitles you to keep money that isn't yours, and he replied well in fact it does. I said so there is nothing you are going to do, and he replied no we do not have to, and by the way you still owe us 276 dollars? What do I do? I doubt hiring a lawyer would be cost effective.

  • Ma
    Marco Apr 23, 2009

    Can anyone recommend a lawyer who has file suits against UOP? Our class composed of four people was charged with plagiarism. As a class we submitted a faculty complains with over 20 pages of documentation. To our dismay the University investigation found our class a whole guilty. The investigation is bias and one sided not taking into account the class concerns. Now we need professional legal assistance. please contact me at [email protected]

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  • Ri
    Ripper offs Jun 19, 2009

    Good luck to you Marco, don't give up...

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  • Tr
    treasureinheaven Nov 17, 2009

    I was contacted las Friday by my finandcial advisor to tell me that I had insufficient financial aid, and I owe UoP $1225, which must be paid before I can resume classes. I was appalled since they have an advisor for everything, and I am the student dependent on their knowledge and expertise.
    I was talked to and treated disrespectfully, condescendengly, and made to feel like I was less than a worm. The complaints I have read are very discouraging; however, I am not going to give up. I am going to register complaints against UoP to anyone that will listen. I will go to the press, CNN, and maybe even Fox. I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it! Remember, there is power in numbers; that's why they (UoP) can get away with all of this horrible stuff. Stand together; go to the press; register complaints with BBB, and the U.S. Board of Education. If enough people speak, they will have to listen.


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scam and cheating!

You can pick up an Official Withdrawl Form at, you must be enrolled to get this form...

charged for classes I never attended!

I signed up with a rep named Micheal Dudding. There were some issues with the number of credits I could bring...

unethical business practices!

I just want to urge anyone who is considering the University of Phoenix to please reconsider. First and...

inadequately specified online java editor & program development environment

A grossly unfair, non-specified software development environment for online sw development classes, i. e. online java (a computer language) courses.

After having recommended your school, I am extremely disappointed in your inability to specify a general online development environment (for those students who don't have an sw online development java editor & java (idep) interactive development environment, available elsewhere). students are “hung out to dry”, i. e. no support! by you, not specifying a specific java editor (computer language, here java) in lieu of an english (natural language text editor) i. e. notepad.

Math is not english! in notepad a minus-sign, a hyphen, & negative-sign, all print as the same character (i. e. there's no need to distinguish). whereas in math/java a minus-sign, subtract-operator, or a logic not-operator each must be treated the absence of you not specifying a java editor, java students who choose notepad (an english language text editor) are in a “world of hurt”. therefore; “flash, you cannot safely use a natural language editor, for java source preparation!!! for each sw development course, you must specify the sw editor & the idep (interactive development environment platform). I know of three students who dropped a java class, probably because of this problem.

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