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University of Phoenix [UOPX] Complaints & Reviews

University of Phoenix [UOPX] / loans

Rachelmorreale on Dec 13, 2018

I was totally mislead when signing up with you and only went to school for 5 months they have stolen 3000 out of my taxes and they want another 3, 000 and I do not understand how I owe that. I would like to know if there is any help or anything that there can be done for loan forgiveness?...

University of Phoenix [UOPX] / new financial aid policy

Krista Samuelson on Nov 25, 2018

I am a Focus to Finish Scholarship recipient, and the new financial aid disbursement policy has negatively impacted my ability to receive the proper funding I need to comfortably complete my classes. The only reason why I took out financial aid and a student loan (although my school...

University of Phoenix / financial aid scam

Melisaas on Aug 4, 2018

This school deserves no stars, I totally agree with the other reviews. University of Phoenix is a scam and it appears that their only focus is monetary. I am a veteran and I registered at the University of Phoenix to take a single course with the intention that the school would submit my...

University of Phoenix [UOPX] / excess student refund loan never


There are ongoing issue with UOP financial department timely processing of student excess refund balance. I have been waiting since April 3, 2018 and as of today no refund received. There were initial problems with my first disbursement and the assigned financial advisor since that time...

University of Phoenix [UOPX] / student loans

Ara D on Mar 21, 2018

I attended UoP from 2010-2011, with the promise of graduating with a bachelors in accounting, and also job placement. I soon learned that the classes were not anything but chatting and replying to other students. I continued on with my classes, keeping a 3.8 GPA. During 2011, our home wa...

University of Phoenix / corrupt, scam, criminal (crap) "school"

John Bass on Aug 26, 2017

University of Phoenix Sanctioned by the Government - The university was found by the GAO to have prioritized financial success over student outcomes, with low spending in instruction per student and a 66 percent withdrawal rate among students in associate degree programs. In November 2009...

University of Phoenix / advisors: enrollment/ re-entry

Jacquie T-B on Aug 10, 2017

I have been proactive in efforts for re-entry of online classes on 8/15/17 with UoP. My advisor took leave due to a family emergency; this was learned when I hadn't heard from her so sent an email requesting an update. An auto-reply came back to me stating she was out and if i wa...

University of Phoenix / school disbursements and financial aid with the school

crystal geng on Jun 7, 2017

I would make the complaint but as I am in school right now, I don't want this to get in their hands just yet. I have to make a decision to withdraw and go with the class action lawsuit or not and just get my BS degree since I'm under a year of graduation. Don't really know what to do right...

University of Phoenix / marginalization

nmonego on May 31, 2017

Unfortunately once again, I am going to have to leave a negative review for this school. This school decided to end my class for me today, when they wanted to on their terms, with no regard for my individual circumstances. After a few weeks of struggling with one sick child child with...

University of Phoenix / financial aid

Donovan Edwards-Lewis on May 19, 2017

My name is Robert Schirmer and I was an online student at the University of Phoenix University Of Phoenix / Axia College / Apollo Group from 2005 to 2011. In that time I earned two degrees. The first being an associate of the arts in criminal justice and the other a bachelor's of science in...

University of Phoenix / financial aid

Amanda Lowe on Mar 4, 2017

When I orginally enrolled in uop in march 2015, I was told that my financial aid would be ready for disbursement about 30-60 days after my start date. Which seemed like no big deal to me at the time. I completed my fafsa applications for 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 all at once, as I was asked...

University of Phoenix / financial aid

VA Pianoman on Dec 30, 2016

I have been fighting with the university of phoenix for almost 3 months now. i attended for one week and withdrew before the 2nd week began. they are truly out to get money!!! the are a "for-profit" business and $'s are their bottom line. they lied on my fafsa when they made a "correction"...

University of Phoenix / they stole both of my refunds!

Lee Blackwolf on Sep 1, 2016

I may have to consider a lawyer because of what was done to me over the course of months. The administration of this school gave me half-truths and purposely kept out information - it seems - because for some reason because of a technicality I knew NOTHING about, I don't get my refund...

University of Phoenix / university of phoenix

Chearise on Aug 11, 2016

I was advised that my tuition was going up 300 per class, I don't have a problem with that, but it went from 1400-2100 and I was told that the reason it did, was because I asked for my Associates diploma to be mailed to me back in May, in which I haven't received at all, but this i...

University Of Phoenix Online / financial department

Mrs. Kim on Apr 16, 2016

On 3/23/16 my loan was dispersed to the University. I owned no funds for my courses because they were paid in full with my initial disbursement received on 10/31/15. So the new disbursement was to be send to me as I was at a $0.00 balance. I've finished 3 of my required courses along with...

University of Phoenix / gunsmith certification

Reviewer56029 on Jan 21, 2016

I feel heartfelt regret to read all of the unfortunate outcomes on the predations of PSU "staff" on people looking to better themselves. I myself was eyeing the site and thinking to myself this sounds too good to be true for the price, all the memberships, and apparent sheer amount...

University of Phoenix / unethical billing practices also financial aid

Reviewer20750 on Nov 24, 2015

On 10/20/15 I had recently told my financial aid advisor that I wanted to withdraw from the school since the website was always done and other reasons. Now on 10/23/15 I had received my withdrawal process via email that I didn't complete a few days later since I had company here. Well...

University of Phoenix / financial aid program

Reviewer65558 on Oct 27, 2015

Ever since I have started the UoP I have had difficulties with my student financial obligations. First I was not given enough time to fix the issues and was repeatedly pulled from my classes three weeks in, surprisingly always right at the mark when you begin to have to pay for the whole...

University of Phoenix / financial aid funds

Kim Foster on Sep 23, 2015

I have attended since 2012. Received my Associate's Degree in March 2015 in Human Resources. Started attending classes in May 2015 for my Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources. Have had NOTHING BUT TROUBLE from the Financial Aid Department. They received funds in June from Pell Grant that...

University of Phoenix / improper transcrip

Peter Obasogie on Sep 18, 2015

I was admitted to the of University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Human Services, August 27, 2014.. As my Classes progressed, the school requested me to take a test on a course which I had already taken and had "B" grade at Houston Community College; saying that it was one of the...