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I enrolled in UOP received a loan for 20, 000. I was informed that only half of my loan could be disbursed...

enrollment/dropping classes

I had a and am having a bad experience with The University of Phoenix, that seems never to end. I enrolled in...

being treated unfairly

I was told I had no credits tht transfered from my previous college. I was told I had to take a class in Medical Records. Which made no sence when I have been Medical Records Director for 3 plus years. Durning the class I expressed to my enrollment and academic that I will not be doing my BA through their University of Phoenix. Within 3 days which is the last 3 days of my Medical Records class where I had an average of 99.2 the professior goes back and changes grades that where already posted. He state I had cheated. I call the professior where he tell me I have 24 hours to admitt it or else. I told him I have nothing to admitt. I did nothing worng and my report showed zero internet and zero sources with and over simiularty of zero percent. He told me "Fk ###" and was extreamly rude. I called UOP and after 3 days of calling and not reciving a return call I called a gain on 4th day. I spoke with the Academic and she stated he has no right to speak to you this way nor I can not understand how he can go and chage letter grades after posted all the way back to week one. As instructed I wrote everything out that occured and emailed to the academic. Then I find out I have had credit and I should not have been forced to take that class. ( Why would they care they got thier money).
One Month later I recieve an official letter by (email) from UOP stain I have 10 days to respond or I will be suspended. I responded immediatly. I recieve a email from a person within the UOP tha says this will take 10 -12 week to be evluated by the ethics board again part of the UOP not a non partical part as the handbook states. I email his guy back and he states 10 - 12 week. I responded again I graduate in 4 week. He said now you don't if we allow you to graduate at all. You may be kicked out, recieve a failling grade for that class, and receive academic suspention on you transcripts so you can never attend college again. ( remeber I am stilll taken my last two classes) 3 weeks from being completly done. But it is ok for me to stll continue my class so they can recieve thier money.

Dose anyone know who I should contact?????

  • Sa
    Sam Jockey Nov 15, 2010

    Please call the State Attoney General where you live and also inform the director of the U of P School that you will begin making those calls. I am sure that they do not want bad PR for their school and you might start seeing results right away. Stay on they like white on rice.
    Good Luck

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not disbursing student refunds until you complain for months

I have been a student at the Universty of Phoenix for 5 year now and I regret ever getting involved with thi...

misleading & fraudulent business practices

If You have been wronged by University of Phoenix & ARE INTERESTED in Class Action Suit Against University of Phoenix then please contact me through this website.

Fraud - Misrepresentation - Theft, You Name it!

Who remembers the old ads about University of Phoenix claiming that all of their instructors were professionals in the their fields? Ever hear those commercials anymore? Not!

I went to Univ of phoenix in [protected] but I left because of their bogus instructors, ridiculous eBook Textbooks and the fact that they just kept trying to get more and more money from me. I was supposedly on 100% financial aid however there just seemed to be something I had to pay "out of pocket" with every course. It got ridiculous. So I left and I went to Heald!

Now Fast forward 5 years and I've graduated from Heald and getting ready to move on to my BA when I meet with National University and they need my transcripts from UoP... No problem I think cuz I don't owe them a dime...WRONG!!

I go to UofP and process a request for my transcripts from within the student website - But... I get a message that they won't release my transcripts because of a "corporate hold" trying to steal more money from me.

I go to my lawyer who drafts a letter demanding that they release my transcripts, after he explained to me that holding college transcripts hostage and demanding payment from students who receive financial aid is not only against FERPA rules but also against the rules of Federal Financial Aid!!!

  • Jo
    JoannaM Jul 22, 2010

    I graduated from UOP last year. i now have my Bachelors in Science of Psychology and I am going to go back for my Masters and Doctoral Degree. UOP is so much better in so many ways than Heald. I attended Heald 2004, for almost one year. That place was a joke!
    I guess you can say it depends of the location and people. All i have to say is that UOP has so many programs to help you with school, including Center for Writting, Free Workshops and Tutoring for all classes. Not mentioning thier helpful staff at the campus, free coffee and tea, learning team private classrooms, and a computer lab.

    Heald- have to pay more than $100 for each class book (at UOP you had access to print out your books AT NO CHARGE), class schedual was rediculous! Monday to Thursday for five to six hours. Im sorry, but i had kids and a family to attend. Finally, they charged way too much for my classes.

    I payed the same price for each class at UOP and Heald. Its STUPID! Same price for an low Associates degree, when i could be getting a BACHELOR, AND BETTER EDUCATION. And I never ever payed from my pocket. The only way and reason you would have to pay from your pocket would be becuase you had a D or lower in those classes.

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  • Fe
    feelinfroggy Oct 28, 2010

    @JoannaM funny I think Ive seen this same statement about 18 times almost word for word on each compaint on multiple websites. How much is UoP paying you? And your quality education shows in your spelling and grammar. FU UoP. I hope those people sleep well at night.

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  • Na
    Nat Reader Dec 15, 2010

    Apparently the original poster is stupid TWICE.

    Heald college?

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I was recently harassed by a mentally unstable student repeatedly and asked the instructor to deal with the situation. She said it wasn't her job. It was so bad that I lost sleep and was mentally stressed out because I had to work with this woman in an online learning team. She would fly off the handle at all of us in the team and accuse us of very surprising things. Finally, after the instructor telling me over and over that it wasn't her job, I went to my counselor and the DON who told me that the matter would be taken care of. Then a week later I was sent via UPS a "warning letter" of my misconduct toward the woman who was harassing me! I couldn't believe it and it wasn't true (I have all of the posts to prove it). The worst part it that the letter was signed the "Academic Issues" team and none of the people at this school will tell me who was on this team and how exactly they came to this decision. I was absolutely shocked so I felt entitled to answers. I told them that I was going to get an attorney if they didn't answer me because I felt it unfair to be anonymously disciplined without a signature or contact person. Now none of them will talk to me. Has anyone else experienced something like this? If so, I would like to file a class action lawsuit for harassing, unfair, and unethical behavior. I am halfway through the program and 20, 000 in debt and do not know if I can finish this program with no safeguards in place against online harassment. Please let me know at [protected] Thank you.

  • An
    anotherfraudedphoenix Nov 01, 2010

    I was recently harrassed and abused by a Facilitator, I complained and nobody did anything to stop him, I took the matters in to my hands and I told him via email that he failed me as an instructor that I had a 3.67 GPA before his class and that he ruined that by failing to guide me in what I was doing wrong... he reported me for harrassing him and 2 days later I got reprimanded and threatened with expulsion! They have robbed me of my money, they have frauded me several times and I am now suing them. I encourage anyone to go after them if they have been wronged! enough complaints from us out here should get that University shut down!

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  • An
    anotherfraudedphoenix Nov 01, 2010

    There are so many lawsuits against the University of Phoenix right now, they need to be stopped.

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Dear Ms. Gilbertson (Dawn Gilbertson is a reporter for the Arizona Republic, i.e. She can be contacted at dawn.[protected],
As I write this e-mail, I wanted to share a little bit of my background. I am a former employee and student at University of Phoenix. More recently, I worked at Anthem College Online. Today, I am working on my Ph.D. with Walden University. As a current student, former online student and employee, I am passionate about education and remain active in helping with efforts to clean up a filthy industry: online education.
I do believe in online education and its primary purpose. The concept of online education is honorable because of its ability to create access to educational opportunities for those with no other choices. The failure of online education occurred at the time when the stream of revenue became more important than the student’s education. As a result, University of Phoenix and other online institutions have become chastised for low quality programs, business practices, unethical conduct, and illegal activities. At some point, the Department of Education would need to take charge of the industry, examine its practices, and if needed, implement policies and procedures aimed at the online education industry. At this juncture, the Department of Education’s policies and procedures focus on traditional ground campus institutions. Therefore, these policies and procedures are ineffective in overseeing the online education industry.
Over the last year, I have filed two lawsuits against University of Phoenix: age discrimination and retaliation. In addition, I have reported University of Phoenix and Anthem College Online to its accrediting bodies and the Department of Education for unethical business practices and illegal enrollment activities such as document falsification. In addition, I have worked with the producers from the PBS program Frontline and interviewed by the New York periodical FRONTLINE. I am currently working with a Special Agent from the Department of Education currently investigating online education practices. I have also been active in helping and speaking with former students, employees, and educators from the institutions.
Phoenix is the capital of online education enrollment. How many online institutions are located in the valley? While reporting on the University of Phoenix, I want to list other institutions worth reporting on that reside here in the valley. Those institutions are as follows: Kaplan University, Ottawa University, Everest College, University of Phoenix, EDMC (Art Institute, Argosy University, South University, Brown-Mackie), Grand Canyon University, Western International University, and Anthem College Online. These are not the only schools actively seeking students in the valley too.
I applaud the reporting and updates on University of Phoenix; however, I hope that you are not engrossed with one institution. All the institutions I have listed use the University of Phoenix as a model. Therefore, these institutions are subject to using the same business practices that Apollo Group has been accused of in the past and present. I urge you to spread your focus on these institutions as well.
In conclusion, I want to inform you of another issue regarding an online institution. Anthem College Online has a sexual harassment lawsuit currently active with the EEOC. Since I have been interviewed by the EEOC, I know the specifics of the case. The EEOC has a very strong case with Anthem College Online sexual harassment charge. Perhaps, the EEOC has a stronger case against Anthem College Online than its previous cases with the University of Phoenix for enrollment practices and LDS favoritism. I think you have another story just waiting to be told. Here is the link to the EEOC site regarding the Anthem College Online sexual harassment case:
Good luck. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

  • Cj
    CJH13 Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for your thoughtful and informative posting. I too have started my PhD at Walden University, this June actually. You seem incredibly informed about online education, and I am proud you are attempting to clean up the industry...I was wondering how it was you came to choose Walden U. over any others, and whether you think Walden is like UoP. I did fairly extensive research on them and they do not appear to be like the other for-profit con artists who care more about money than the student. So far my experience at Walden has been incredibly positive and supportive...something I did not experience at other online institutions such as Univerisity of Maryland (master's degree in Distance Ed.) and at Kaplan College now Univeristy (Bachelors). If it's not too much trouble I'd love to hear your opinion on Walden and to discuss the future of online learning as it moves through the current legal mess the industry now finds itself in thanks to the greedy. My personal email is: [email protected] Thank you and keep up the good fight, we need more positive constructive supporters of this industry.

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financial aid management discrepancy

I began attending the University of Phoenix/Axia College - Online Campus back in April of 2008. The representatives I dealt with all acted on behalf of the University of Phoenix and fed me a bunch of lies and deceit in convincing me to enroll with the University of Phoenix/Axia College - Online Campus. The major issue was with the University of Phoenix/Axia College's Financial Aid Department.

I believe that I was financially manipulated and cheated by financial aid counselors with the University of Phoenix/Axia College, simply to get me to continue attending the online courses with their university. I have battled with instructors in my virtual classrooms about how they conducted themselves and how I was treated overall. I was also not happy with their learning curriculum. I felt that the majority of classes that were said to be a part of my learning curriculum were simply implemented to add a value to the course. There were quite a few unnecessary prerequisites involving the course. I also felt that some of the prerequisites with theUniversity of Phoenix/Axia College - Online Campus were setup to "stretch-out" the course and overall cost a student extra and unnecessary monies in the long run.

I continued to be manipulated by the University of Phoenix/Axia College's practices and I listened to the advice of my enrollment counselors, academic counselors and financial aid counselors, only to eventually be financially cheated when I became fed up with the University of Phoenix - Online Campus. They used various tactics to persuade me to stay enrolled in the course and further try to obligate me on a financial level to their university.

Time progressed and I got so annoyed that I had to even switch my said "Graduation Team" with the University of Phoenix/Axia College (which was no different than my original one). My new Enrollment Counselor, Academic Counselor and Financial Aid Counselor behaved in the exact same fashion. They both repeated the process of misleading me and deceiving me to continue my enrollment with theUniversity of Phoenix /Axia College. I was told by my financial counselor that I would receive substantial grants to accommodate my financial disposition at that time, which was not good because of the economy. My Academic Counselor simply followed the lead of my Financial Aid Counselor. I eventually reached a boiling point and I refused to continue to be manipulated by the University of Phoenix/Axia College, so I attended my last block of classes and I could not continue any further.

I stopped attending the University of Phoenix/Axia College back in July of 2009 because of the profuse mistreatment I endured from their staff. Since then, the University of Phoenix/Axia College has manipulated my online records, changed my classroom attendance statuses in some classes and possibly even manipulated some of my grades. I have been unable to check or verify the pertinent details of my virtual classroom history due to everything being kept on their servers and my being denied access. This is how they manipulate things on their end, for the most part.

I have also been experiencing the University of Phoenix/Axia College trying to bill me approximately $3, 000 when all of my student loans were with Sallie Mae and the U.S. Department of Education. I was also not able to officially withdraw from the University of Phoenix/Axia College, yet because they now threaten to cause me more financial hardship with my FAFSA loans by compromising the monies I already received for my subsidized and unsubsidized federal student loans. It is truly disappointing, but I have not given up.

  • De
    Debbie Gandy Aug 05, 2010

    I ahmve been taking classes at University fo Phoenix since January 2010. I have no complaints about their curriculum, but their handling of my pell grants and financial aid leaves alot to be desired. Last disbursement I had to call them and email them almost everyday to get my financial aid disbursement it took over a month to finally receive. This month it is the same thing. It was my financial aid last month, this month it is my pell grant that does not show up. They give me a different excuse and a differnet date everytime I call them. Now they are not even answering my phone calls or my emails.
    Debbie Gandy

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  • Ld
    L Dot Oct 24, 2010

    A class action lawsuit is on the way for the fraud and deceptive business practices at the UOP to participate a CA firm has been retained to to inversigate University of Phoenix please email them with any details about your experience at the University at: [email protected]

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  • Ri
    Riya Khan Mar 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am dealing with the same thing but don't want to take any actions because I am very close to graduating...but of course that keeps getting delayed because of, surprise, financial aid disbursements. Whats should I do?

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remedial courses and forcing political beliefs on students

The University of Phoenix provides not only remedial education and service to its students but forces them to...

just a diploma mill

A friend of mine paid good money and received her undergrad, masters, and PhD in Education from Phoenix...

financial aid management discrepancies

I began attending the University of Phoenix/Axia College - Online Campus back in April of 2008. The...

harassment/bad customer service/etc

I received a letter from the UOP stating that I had owed way more than I was suppose to. Number one, I never...

absoltely no business ethics

This purpose of this paper is to identify a scam!! I am currently a student at u of p, thank god it took me only one class to realize how this so called "educational institution" works. My story is like several thousand others.

I applied for a guaraanteed student loan "fafsa", I was elibale for grant money.

So planning ahead I applied prior to attending, with the expactation the grant money was on the way. My so called "acedemic advisor" assured me the funds would arrive by a certain date. Weeks have since passed, now I do not recieve any phone calls from administration. The same simple questions are left on thier answering service. "when can I expect reciept of my grant money?" and "how much of my student loan funds are due?" is this too much to ask from a so called university?. I have attended 3 university's, 2 community colleges, and 1 technical institute. An 3.8 student! I have been snowed!!

As of today, I am dropping u of p like the terd it is...

Im joining any of the several class action law-suits against this practice of poor business ethics and fraud!

  • Sh
    sharktooth Jun 15, 2010

    I agree what a scam!

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  • Di
    dixie51athome Aug 13, 2010

    I feel you!! I too need to join in as I have been snowed the same way as 3 others I have spoken to recently...get me the info where I can join thanks

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class action law suit: misuse of title iv funds and accounting practices: unethical business practices : scam and fraud

I am a united states marine on the temporarily disabled retired list residing in charlotte, nc. I qualified...

lies and more lies

Really??? Everybody who is complaining probably failed a class and is just upset, or maybe they are not smart enough to actually finish a class. I have been attending at uop for almost three years now and am almost done with my bsb/a. I have had the best experience. Sure there are a few instructors I didn't like but that is about it. There are such things as financial agreements, and e-signing of forms. If you don't read them then that is your fault. Everything is in there and it is really that simple. This is probably why all of you where not successful in school... Go to the local community college

  • Be
    beepercreeper030605 Mar 04, 2010

    I attended the UOP and got great grades, but due to their new attendence policy I can't keep up. I opted to transfer back to Capella due to the flexibility. And UOP screwed me. I completed my courses before my withdraw. They sent my funds back to the lender and sent me a bill for 2999 dollars, and refuse to give me a copy of my transcripts untill I pay up! I contacted my lender and asked if those funds could be returned to UOP, they said all they had to do was request them. But when I contacted them to give them this information, they said they would and have not! So all my hard work was for nothing! My advisors at UOP did everything in there power to keep me there but I knew I had a better chance of completing my degree at Capella. They still keep giving me the runaround. When I originally left Capella they were supportive and very helpful...they didn't try to stop me or bully me into staying and do underhanded things like University of Phoenix. And just to make another point when I finalized my withdraw from University of Phoenix. I asked my advisor if there was anything I needed to know especially if my withdraw would effect my financial aid or anything and I was told NO! So I am happy that it has worked out for you, but you are one of few!

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  • Ki
    Kim21 Mar 22, 2010

    You are probably an anvisor and work at the school, advisors get their cut, and that's why they are still sitting in back of does desk lying to students and making money off them, you can't talk for over 300 people complaints, I would understand failing, but most of the students wirth the complaints all over the website are not about grades, it is about the advisors lying to them, nobody knows your background just like you don't know theirs, so you can't say that people arent smart because you are incorrect, students actually have cases with attorneys and the school has been investigated, and is still being investigating. if you have a BSB/A like you mentioned then why do you talk out of your ###, without reading the statistics, you are a looser that probably lies, and is making up crap just to back up the school.

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  • Gr
    grnsgrl7 Mar 25, 2010

    BINGO rogship, I too have had an amazing experience with University of Phoenix... I graduate this summer with a 3.5 GPA. I think all of these negative complainers need to except the fact that they are the type of people that blame everyone else for their lack of ambition. You have to earn a degree at University of Phoenix. In no way is it handed to you. Congrat's rogship!!

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  • If you guys are proud of yourselves for having such high grade point averages I wouldn't be. The only way that you fail a course at the University of Phoenix is by being a brain dead idiot, which much of their student base is due part that they will put anyone with a pulse, "GED" or high school diploma, and the ability to complete an application in school.

    However in defense of UOP, they are "supposed" to return the financial aid award back to the lender for any incomplete courses in accordance with the guidelines imposed by the higher education act. However this isn't required and is completely unfair to the student due in part to the unfair repayment process that this imposes on the borrower. Even more worrisome is that I would hazard a guess that 99% of students entering into a financial aid agreement with UOP are unaware of this fact. Granted UOP puts this fact somewhere on their financial aid application, but you try and find it.

    But don't believe they want to return these funds due to your withdrawing from there, as the number one recipient of federal financial aid dollars, they would much rather pass you if you can put a coherent sentence together in order to keep you in school and keep milking the billion dollar cash cow.

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  • Ro
    rogship Apr 10, 2010

    Ohhhhh, so when you sign the Master Promissory Note you didn't realize you where taking out a loan??? That is why you are probably the one who failed a course. Don't worry there are community colleges for you.

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  • Sh
    Shut it Nov 17, 2010

    Wow there ate some long-winded [censor] on here

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scam artists

I have been an on and off student at this so called university for 5 years. I would have finished my degree a long time ago if they were not ripping me off and scamming me. Well it finally happend. The final scam. I take a class, work very hard, submit all my assignments in. My teacher does not grade them, she gives me an F. The school cancels my students loans, expects me to pay them $2100 before I can get my loans back and continue classes. No one was helpful and no one wanted to back me up. My requests were denied. I could not afford to pay off the full $2100 in one shot as I jsut started working again and have other obligations. The school put my balance into internal collections which I slowly started paying. Now I get a call from their corporate office saying that they cannot hold it anymore and will sell my balance to a collection agency even though they see I started paying it. My balance is down to $1800 and I had planned to have it paid off within the next 2 months. They do not even want to work with me there. Well now I will do everything that I can to ruin university of Phoenix. They have scammed far too many people.

  • Ba
    Backtalk Mar 08, 2010

    I cannot believe the issues here. I had a similar issue. I made a payment, and immediately, my account was sent to a collection agency. I'm in 10, 000.00 debt in student loans For Nothing!! Worst, they failed me in their bogus Gen/105 class which cost me $975.00, while I passed all the other classes at 90 or better. The government need to step in this one.

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  • Yv
    yvette kelley May 26, 2010

    I thought I was alone until I just read the last two posting. I am stuck in the same situation and regret that I ever considered furthering my education with U of P. I know I owe the money and that is why I was faithfully paying it, per the agreed payment arrangements in writing from U of P. Then I receive that same call basically strong arming me into trying to agree to me to make monthly payments in a 3 month period of time that was equivalent to some people's house note plus give them one of my legs. Once I complete paying the balance I owe I will not be completing my remaining credits with this school nor will I recommend them to anyone. I will be transferring my credit else where. Good luck to those who have yet to experience this unethical approach that U of P takes with no regards of assisting their students in completing the remaining credits to earn their degree.

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  • Ss
    SSanchez Nov 28, 2010

    I was also tricked into thinking University of Phoenix is a great school and enrolled. I was very disappointed with their online degree program after jut 1 short week so I withdrew from the school.

    I was in shock when University of Phoenix "decided" that I owe them $750 for withdrawing after just 1 week. And the thing is, they don't tell you any of it and they keep insinuating each and every student to just try it.

    The top people who are running Univ. Phoenix absolutely do not care about the student's well-being. They JUST WANT YOUR MONEY ANY WAY POSSIBLE.

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  • Ss
    SSanchez Dec 02, 2010

    I spoke with a UoP relations specialist and she assured me that they are continually looking for improvements in their educational methods. So that was good to hear, that they are changing their ways. Or at least we can hope..

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  • Gr
    griffon5 Mar 04, 2011

    I must disagree with each and every post here! I am a graduate of UoP and there is no way that I could have ever completed my degree and gotten the position within my company that I now hold. I possess a Bachelor's degree in Psychology because of some wonderful academic, financial, and enrollment counselors...maybe this is one of those situations where something is only what you make of it!

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  • Te
    tech0821 Jun 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am currently attending u of p and found out that the school does not provide the information needed to complete this course IT/242. I was instructed to find the information to complete the assignment on the internet. Three weeks from graduation, not looking forward to having my associates degree in Google searching. This school is a complete joke.

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unethical practices


I recently quit the University of Phoenix as a Finance Counselor. I was promoted to that position after working for them for about 9 months. I worked with UOP Midwest Division Healthcare I have read numerous stories about the Universities Enrollment Counselors and their horrible conduct. Please don't think it ends with them. Within a month after I finished Financil Aid training I noticed a pattern of the University starting students before they were certified for Financial Aid or even qualified to start the University. They defer payment from students for up to 90 days while they check to see if they are qualified. The result is that I had a student who accrued a bill of over $3400.00 before we even knew if she would qualify for loans to pay this debt. Ofcourse she was given the impression from Enrollment that everything should be okay. That way she would start without worry; afterall the student starting class is the most important thing in this Universities culture. No one had ever explained to this student what might happen if everything did not go well with her qualification for Financial Aid. Whenever I tried to explain both sides of what can happen, I would be called negative by my manager and Academic Counselor.

The student went through class and Admissions found that her previous schools were not accredited so she could not continue with the University of Phoenix. This means she could not remain in school and could not receive any Financial Aid. The student still owed the University $3400.00 for classes they let her into though. Her account was placed in a delinquent status and moved to our collections department after about 2 months per University policy. When I went to my manager and told him this was the most unethical thing I had ever seen a company do; he looked me directly in the eye and shrugged his shoulders without a word. I immediately started looking for a new place to work and soon after that interaction gave my two week notice.

I just want people to know what they are dealing with when considering enrollment in the University of Phoenix. The above story is not the only thing I have been a part of. I have had numerous students tell me about lies they have been told by enrollment counselors. When I reported these lies to management(Enrollment and Finance) I was always told that students hear what they want to hear. Managment always told me that it was a misunderstanding not an outright lie; no matter how often it took place.

So now I want to write some advice to keep you safe. When considerng UoP.

***Please Keep in Mind***

1. If you're not sure...Do not Start Class They can schedule you for class several weeks in advance and certify your Financial Aid before you accrue a bill. Why take chances? It is not them who will suffer if something goes sideways.

2. enrollment counselors will be written up or terminated if they do not have enough students start. There is a conflict of interest. They are wonderful people with great personalities. However, they get credit for starting you two weeks into your second class...if you succeed or not. I had an enrollment counselor who wanted to start a jobless man with 3 kids who would have to pay $500.00 a month to stay in school. She told me that we shouldn't approach the man with the news in a "negative way". Luckily he did not start because it turned out that he had defaulted student loans. Jobless or not they would have let this student start.

3. I was in a meeting with all of the Online Finance Counselors and Current and Co CEO. Last Quarter the University started 100, 000 students by the end of the Quarter only 50, 000 students were still enrolled.

4. Never sign a form called an "Authorization to Close" unless you know exactly what it means. You need to understand both the good and bad aspects of signing this form. UoP usually doesn't volunteer the possible negative side of issues.

There will be those of you who will say you work for UoP and have not experienced any of this. Congratualtions, that does not make what I have written less factual.

  • Ni
    Ni-Cola7784 Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for posting this!

    I almost started class today. I have a loan that was in default, I paid on it but when I became unemployed at the end of February I missed a payment and they put me back in a status that would not allow me to receive funding.

    I called UoP and told my enrollment counselor this news. He said he would talk to his manager and call me back. I recalled talking to my finance counselor the day before, who said that the certification process would take 3 weeks. I realized that I would be approximately 2/3 done with my first class before I even knew whether or not my financial aid would pay out. Well when my enrollment counselor came back with his manager's advice, he told me that the company handling my defaulted loan could only be handling private loans (not true, it's a federal stafford loan that defaulted) and that it wouldn't affect my current loans in process. ALSO he said that if I did have a defaulted loan on file it would have come up when they submitted my paperwork to financial aid and through FASFA (I also find this hard to believe).

    I'm waiting for a call from my finance counselor to further discuss this, and I'm going to tell my enrollment counselor to cancel this class until I am GUARANTEED that my financial aid is approved.

    Thank you for confirming something I've been worrying about since last night.

    BTW EdFund is the company holding my defaulted loan. When I called in February to tell them that I was unemployed and would need a week or so additional to get the money together for the payment, they detailed no negative recourse or ramifications if I failed to pay on time, but I found out when I called last night to make my most recent payment that because I missed the payment I was placed back in a probationary status that would keep me from qualifying for aid for an additional 9 payments. I think it is unfair that most other aspects of the education industry take into account unemployment and economic hardship (for which this loan was deferred (then defaulted without my knowledge) for).

    Something needs to be done about the education industry. I'm so depressed reading these complaints about schools and lenders. When did helping people grow, helping people learn, become a business? Why are so many other countries doing internships instead of hours and hours of class time for hands-on degrees? I truly feel the reason that state/federal/school levels require so many credits to graduate is because they know you'll pay for them, because you can't get a good job without a degree. They've turned the degree into a necessity and force you to empty your pockets and stretch your limits in hopes of getting a good enough job to pay it all back once you are done. It's sad. I hate that I'm 25 with no children and I'm already scared to death that I won't be able to save up enough money to help any children I may have with school. I had no help which is why it's taking me so long to get back. When did everything get so convoluted by greed?

    That's my $.02

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  • Az
    AZManthasmom1 May 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too worked in the Midwest Division as a Financial Advisor for I am ashamed to say almost three years. I was terminated in early March after a very long battle to keep my job. Huge and high student counts made it impossible for me to be a "counselor". Phone c alls from students went unanswered because reports were more important than customer service for our students. If reports were not done per deadlines finance counselors could lose their jobs and their performance was and is still rated on this.

    Everything this previous poster says is 100 percent correct. I was hated by my enrollment counselors because I chose to fight less than ethical enrollments and told the students in my care the "whole truth". At every turn I was blasted by the Enrollment and Finance Managers for delaying class start dates and demanding financial aid paperwork was complete and correct before a student started.

    Almost every student I saw enrolled was enticed with promises of thousands of dollars of excess financial aid from grants and money they could receive that would not be needed to cover classes. Many students enrolled only for that reason and left class the minute they got that money never to be heard from again. Financial Aid does cover the full cost of tuition here BUT the school only keeps enough to cover each class in a disbursement period one time in their accounts. Students get every other penny in an excess funds check. 4 classes12 credits are in a disbursement period. Students are told if they have to retake a class for any reason they have to pay to retake the class themselves. By the time that happens they had usually always spent their excess money.

    I saw hundreds of students come and go along the way. Less than 20 ever made it to graduation from even the Associates Degree Program. Less than 50 Axia College graduates even walked at the recent graduation ceremony I attended. I tried to make a difference for my students that is why I stayed so long.

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double charging for classes

Beware of this school. There are hundreds of complaints for fraudulent activity.

I attended the University of Phoenix for six months. At that time I decided to switch to another online school that was cheaper and had different requirements. University of Phoenix was paid for my last term through financial aid, and student loans. I had my transcripts sent immediatly to Capella. Within a few weeks, UoP said they were never paid for my last class, and started billing me for it. I contacted my student loan company, and they showed that all of my classes had be paid. UoP insisted that I owed them money and sent me to collections. I sent a no contact letter, but they continued to illegally contact me. After another year of ignoring the no contact law, they sent the contract to an outside collection agency. I again had to send no contact letters to this agency. They switched to another agency. Afte 2 years of this, they have finally quit contacting me. Another co-worker ofmine had the same problem with them, only they are holding his transcripts at bay, and he can never complete his education anywhere until he pays for classes he doesn't owe for.
One of their ploys that seems to common across the board is to charge for classes that have been dropped. They will not drop the class when requested, and then will charge you because the class was dropped after the drop date.

  • An
    angel6915 Sep 07, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I have been a student with UOP for a year now. I just want to know if this college is accredited with their degrees.

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refusal to award degree

I attended the University of Phoenix extension from 2000 to 2004. Before I left, they told me that I only needed 12 units to complete my degree, I had eight years from my start date to complete this [protected]), and that since the units I needed were all general education, I could complete them at any community college. If I didn't complete this within the eight year period, all the units I accumulated at UOP would be voided. In 2008, realizing I was close to the eight year mark, I contacted the school in writing and asked for an extrension of time. They granted my request, saying all degree requirements had to be completed by January 1 2009. Not wanting to incur anymore debt by taking out a student loan to attend classes at UOP, I attended my local community college. I completed the units before Jan 1, had the college send UOP an official transcript. UOP received the transcript in Feb 2009. Since then I've had to submit at least two SAC (Student Appeals Committee) appeals to them to have my units accepted. Finally, in August of 2009, My Counselor from UOP called to inform me that my appeals had been denied because they didn't receive the transcript by the Jan 1 deadline. In this same conversation, she offered me the opportunity to attend 3 more classes at UOP (one of which I've already taken) and then the degree would be awarded to me. It seems unfair thatthey can deny me the degree I've worked so hard for simply because they didn't receive the transcript by a certain time, especially since they didn't inform me of this from the begining.

  • Sk
    sketchjet Jan 23, 2010

    So, in your opinion, a day late, a week late, what's the difference. Try that with Income Tax, see what happens. LOSER

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  • Je
    JEE86 Jan 30, 2010

    I'm very sorry. It seems they have done this to a lot of their students. I can't believe I have a degree from this school. No wonder I can't find a job.

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  • Ho
    holycatfight Mar 04, 2010

    I am absolutely amazed that someone else is having the same issue as I am. I completed my degree program in 2005; at which time I was told I needed to complete 2 gen ed classes. I called in 2009, as I was ready to not only finish my BS, but start on my MS. I was informed that I needed to complete only 1 gen ed class, I asked at least 7 times to clarify that it was indeed only 1 additional class, I was assured each time that it was. I immediately did enrolled in a class. Once I received my transcript from my local community college I called UOP...well, that's when things got really bad. I was informed that I needed to submit an appeal, as I could not get my degree due to the fact that I needed extra is a new program apparently. I submitted an appeal immediately; however, it was turned down due to the fact that, and I am quoting here "I was not nice enough". My rep asked me to write another letter, much nicer, and send it to her for her approval...which I did. Well, now I am being told that I only had 1 year to complete the gen ed classes; they want me to take an additional 21 units! I am paying $30, 000.00 in student loans as it is. I have spoken to an attorney and will move forward with a lawsuit; I just don't see UOP caring though, I have tried to reason with them, to no avail. They only respond to the all mighty dollar, perhaps I can hit them where it hurts.

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  • Ma
    MayaRich Oct 03, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I am so sorry to here about your situation with this scandalous school. How rude of them not to give you your degree the one you have worked so hard for. there is only one word for this situation LAWSUIT.

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I was enrolled at University of Phoenix and was doing extremly well. my mother recieved both her bachelor and master degree from there. I got a new Job and had to change to online classes, (biggest mistake of my life)
Everything was messed up I am indebt $733.00 because when I caled drpped the class my academic counselor was on vacation. So her sub didn't answer or return my phone calls nor did she drop the call from the class. I was now being charged for a class i sholdn't have been in. This was in January 2009 it is Janurary 2010 and I stillhave one year of college to finish that I cannot finish because they refuse to correct their mistake. So what am i suppose to do now? Never graduate? I am actually pissed off at tghe school because I reccommended soo many friends and family to this school and some of them are having similar isues.
Beware of terrible academic counselor.
P.S I had 3 in one year.

  • Pe
    pea298 Jan 26, 2010

    You might consider re-taking your writing class.

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  • Su
    SuzyQ27 Aug 30, 2010

    lol! I have to agree there.

    I am familiar with all of the changes in advisors. I have had a couple different academic advisors since I started and have also had 5 different finance advisors in the last 2 months. What is up with that?

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