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I made a complaint(complicated a bit) to Turkish Airlines, who admitted their call centre had made the mistake, and emailed them on many occasions but they have not even had the decency to acknowledge my emails let alone reply to them or address my complaint !
All submitted to their so-called Customer Relations/Service department.
Not much point in having such a department !
I would not recommend Turkish Airlines to anyone

Behl Info
, US
Oct 26, 2017 1:26 pm EDT

I got the fare online that was $2615 for 4 passengers, when I went to payment page, I got error, I called customer relations and I was advised to make booking over the phone and that customer relations will then adjust the fare to match what was published fare online, provided I send them the online screenshot from turkish airlines webiste and error code. I sent all the documentation, and got a [censor] reply that they found problem with my payment system and that I need to check with my card services, how can it me my card when their payment page failed to load and actually gave error? While waiting on their response, I have already lost other flights and prices have gone up. Is there anyone in Customer relations here that care? My booking reference RF6ZRY will expire on Oct 29, 2017. My current file with feedback is TK-690237. Can someone reply quickly before my fare expires?

Minzac, FR
Oct 02, 2022 12:13 pm EDT
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Replying to comment of Behl Info

I have the same problem….TA has my money but I have no reservation.

, US
Jun 28, 2017 7:26 pm EDT
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The worth costumer service I have never experienced in may live .
No one give you any info about your missing bagge .
The laye about there name and extension number if you ever get I hold with any one .
I got in hold withe one lady in sanfransisco once in (5) days she give me fomny extinction # and name
Don't fly this airline pay mor else we're get butter servic .

, IN
Jul 03, 2015 12:17 am EDT

i just want to know its fake or real by this airline

We refer to your earlier forwarded application for job engagement with relations to the Turkish Airlines UK. With job reference number: TK657/5465-AV on the above subject matter, the management of Turkish Airlines UK hereby congratulates you on your successful emergence based on detailed recruitment by our Recruitment Agency.


Flight Nurses

START UP DATE: 30th August 2015
JOB REF: TK657/5465-AV
JOB LOCATION: London United Kingdom

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Applicants are required to make contact the
Flight Nurses

On arrival to enable to know more about your duties and responsibilities

START DATE: You shall be expected to resume on site on this month of 30th July 2015.
Herein, you have been forwarded employers' prototype of contract terms and conditions via e-mail (Attached) for your perusal and digest; on your satisfaction and agreement with terms and response, you shall be expected to start your job processes and will be sent hard copy of contract document through the DHL courier services for endorsement via your Local Representative. Agreements will also be signed during the job processes.

All employees successfully screened and recruited for the Turkish Airlines are mandated to contact the UKBA of the obtainment and release of your Expatriate Clearance Certificate to enable our sponsorship request be granted for us to pay for the entire processing of your travel papers.

We shall furnish you with a valid British residence and work permits papers on the presentation of your Expatriate Clearance Certificate as this proof you have been a skilled migrant as well your readiness to join the Turkish Airlines, we will get certified that you are eligible to take up job appointment here in UK, project team in the due time as stipulated above for your job resumption with the Turkish Airlines in UK and also to enable you receive your upfront salary including your due entitlements / emoluments prior to your departure for services with the Turkish Airlines.

However, for expatriate services employees who do not presently posses their Expatriate Clearance Certificate they are to make contact with the address given below for directives and assistance on the acquisition and procurement of their valid Expatriate Clearance Certificate with the (UKBA) UK BORDER AGENCY Office to enable us pay and commence for the processing of your entire travel papers for your arrival into the country.

Kindly contact the UKBA for the processing and release of your Expatriate Clearance Certificate to enable us pay and process your travel papers without delay.

Public Enquiry Office - Home Office, UK Boarder Agency,
PO Box 3468, Sheffield, S3 8WA, United Kingdom,
Contact Person: Mike Gleeson
T: +[protected]

If applicants meet all Immigration requirements, we will send the Salary application Forms for applicants to complete and return to our Accounts department for approval. Once approved, we will authorize our Bank to transfer funds to any Bank Account designated by such an applicant which is a six month upfront salary payment.

All details pertinent to this Job Offer, duties and responsibilities will be made available to applicants on arrival to London for the Orientation/ Training Program. However, Hotel reservations/ Accommodation and Feeding will be our full responsibility.

There will be a mandatory Orientation/ Training Program after one week of arrival, Newly Employed staff is expected to immediately get their Travel documents and work permit ready at least a week before this date to ensure that they meet up with time.

During the Orientation/ Training Program, newly employed staff of Turkish Airlines will be enlightened on the Work out sketch, schedules and time- table. All questions pertaining to newly offered Job will be addressed during this period.

Additionally, newly employed staff of Turkish Airlines will be made familiar with the Working environment, Staff and key executives of Turkish Airlines.

We are glad today because you have taken the very important step in your career; we congratulate and look forward to meeting you soon!

Note that all UK based employee's are to report personally to our office with identification materials for signing and collection of hard copy of their contract documents. This is in line with the expatriate statuary law of the United Kingdom in compliance with the U.N. Terrorism Act. Find attached for other necessary related details of job.

Congratulations on your success,


Prof.Harry Brovic
HR Manager
Tel: +[protected]
please m waiting for ur reply

turkish airlines is horrible
, AU
Jun 26, 2015 7:55 pm EDT

Turkish airlines are the worst! They are rude, poor management, they are constantly delayed, never return emails or calls and will leave you stranded in a foreign country with no compensation, loose your baggage and then treat you so poorly as if its your fault.
i have traveled the world and have never received such poor service with an airline.
if you are interested in legally going after these guys email

Julia Pare
, US
Aug 05, 2018 10:42 pm EDT

Are you still interested in a legally sue against Turkish Airlines. They are horrible! I just travel with them, came back from Istambul -Athens, Cypers on July 13, 2018. What a nightmare!

, IN
Oct 31, 2014 6:57 am EDT
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I have received a mail through Mr. Harry Brovic on behalf of Turkish Airlines and i have mentioned attached file below please go through this and let me know that its really sent by Turkish airlines or fake, your early response will be appreciated .


As per the online recruitment that we the Turkish Airlines,
we have gone through your CV/Resume through our recruitment agency have selected you as one of the qualified
candidates to work in Turkish Airlines UK as a cabin crew

Before we go ahead and send the soft copy of your offer letter
documents and more information, kindly answer the below questions, so
that we can re-confirm the details we found in your Resume/CV at our
Recruitment Agent.

We are currently recruiting workers from any race to UK to here in
Turkish Airlines


1. Passport Original;
2. Size (2x2) 2 Photos;1 picture
3. Simple CV (no any special qualification required)
4. Job offer letter takes 2 working days to sent to you,

Interested candidates should fill the below on-line job interview and
submit it along with their CV and with the following details:

NAME: ...


















Your details should be sent via Email:

Turkish Airlines; As soon as we receive your CV / Resume we shall send it to our
international screening department for proper screening and verification's.
And only the successful screened employees shall be contacted after the international
screening as there shall be no interview except orientation program on arrival in to the country.

Harry Brovic
Career Department

Aditi sane
Banglore, IN
May 01, 2023 3:56 am EDT
Replying to comment of samayra

Hi even I recieved a similar email and I want to know weather it is fake or not ? Did you recieve any reply ?

Dunfermline, GB
Jul 16, 2014 6:07 am EDT

I have contacted turkish airlines twice in a week the waiting to get through is ridiculous plus how boring and no help and zero customer service their staff is.
I would say to me they lack commitments guile and professionalism, would never recommend them to any other person and never will use them in the future.
All the comments made by the people above are correct so as a big company you should tackle these issues and get people with charisma not someone who bores you to death.

Waitingfor ever
Cambridge, GB
Jun 15, 2014 1:13 pm EDT
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I have been trying for 5 days to get thru to Turkish Airlines on the phone so they can change my flight. They are simply not responding. there is no web function allowing me to change my flight, despite by a fully flexible economy. I have just been informed (after another 1 hour of waiting) that I need to buy a whole new ticket. This is a dishonest and incompetent airline with a contempt for customers and no understanding of how to treat customers as human beings. Travel on any other major airline, rather than TA.

Los Angeles, US
Jun 11, 2014 4:08 am EDT

Well, I have been trying to add miles from star alliance member to my miles and smiles card for 6 months, no luck, I call them every other day and they are not doing anything about it.
I also tried to merge my account with my wife and after 6 months still no resolution. I am already so tired of calling and trying to finalize these two things but they are so lame and do not have the capacity to do it.
I will never fly with Turkish Airlines again unless if I can`t find any alternative.
Terrible customer service.

, SN
Mar 21, 2014 1:39 pm EDT

Turkish Airline is very stupid bad service because i am facing problem since 3 moths for nothing
when i was trawell in feb2014 they give us to much problem because of stupid resion
they allow us 46kg bagges (23+23), but i was have (19+25=44)
but they dont accept because it was not 23+23 and and cant manage 23+23 in my bags i waste 3 hour finaly i put out 6 kg material to manage bags and in hand bagage i pay for 2 kg for nothing
since last month my person wants to trawel from nepal with turkish airline they they dont allow because he was not having work later
we pay panelty for next week trawel they again refuse him now this is 3rd time

Eleni Pathiaki
, GR
Nov 29, 2013 2:59 am EST
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i have also many complaints for turkish airlines...i think they are very rude and the even don't try to help us...we were at the airport when the check had just 1 minute closed and they didn't allow us to enter in the airplane...the flight was 1 hour and 1 minutes later and we lost our flight because of them...the only solution that they suggested us was to buy one other ticket...we lost 500 euro and they even didn't try to help us...very bad company...we are dissapointed! no one go with turkish airline!

, ES
Nov 06, 2013 1:05 pm EST

I would like to make a complain, it was few days ago but now I have internet and i can do it. I got a flight from Madrid on 25/11/13 to Delhi and it stopped in Turkey on 26/11/13 at 4;30 am so next flight to Delhi was on 26/11/13 at 19:55. When i took the plane in Madrid i asked to the man who gave me my boarding pass, that it is long time waiting, and if it is possible a room for sleep. He replied me that yes, it is possible. So I arrived to Istambul and i asked to the man who is in a turkish airline table at 4;30 in the morning, about any room for sleep, because in Madrid they said me that it was possible. The man from Istambul said to me, that in Spain they give me a wrong information, and that I should go to visit Istambul. I wanna let you know that i was not interesting in visit Istambul from 4:30 in the morning because i was always flying with you and i visited many times Istambul. I asked also if i could get a breakfast and food in the airport for stay there waiting and he told to me, that i should pay my food. So I had to pay Havastas bus for go and return to the city (20 liras), plus visa (15 E), plus all the food for all day!
I think that this things are no serious for a big company like you, i dont like flight more with you because you can not give nice details to the customers. In April i have my return ticket with you but for this i dont feel like to flight with you more. I would like that you can explain about it and who is right.

Arlington, US
Aug 20, 2013 10:49 am EDT

Dear Turkish Airlines,

I don't know where to start about my extremely bad experience with Turkish Airlines.

On February 25, I made an online reservation for my mother to fly from Washington DC to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Baku. Her date of departure was August 15, 2013. Her ticket number was: [protected]. She got sick and had to stay in Istanbul for a couple of days to get some treatment. So, on June 5, I called Turkish Airlines Washington DC office and asked if I could change the ticket from August 15 to August 19. The representative told me that it was possible but I had to pay 100 Euros penalty fee, I was ok with that and PAID 100 euros penalty fee. On August 19, my mother went to Istanbul Airport and was trying to get her boarding pass. The ticketing person, name TAHIREDDIN said that she could not get a boarding pass because her ticket wasnt RESERVED. My Mum showed him the ticket that I printed out for her, but he said THIS IS JUST A PAPER, I dont care, the ticket doesnt show in the system. Started arguing with my sick Mum just recovered from heart attack, and was very very rude to her. He told her she could either go buy ticket or SLEEP at the airport. My sister and Dad were traveling with her as well. My Mum has never flied by herself before. That TAHIREDDIN person told my Mum that the flight is full and she should have to wait. They blackmailed my Mum saying that it is up to her if she wants to pay for her ticket or not. What if she didnt have money on her? What would have happened to her? What if she had another heart attack tehre, how would Turkish Airlines would pay for that.
My family went thru horrendous experience in Istanbul Ataturk airport. They bought her new tickets, number: [protected] and she paid $750 for the ticket from Istanbul to Baku. Not only the experience was bad with extremely rude Turkish Airlines ticketing people, she had to pay for the ticket she already paid for. This is the Europe's BEST Air carrier? The story doesnt end here. On Auggust 20, I called Turkish Airline Washington DC office to complain, the representative yelled at me and was very rude. I wonder if Turkish Airlines hires only rude people to represent them.

I already filed a complaint after spending an hour and half on the phone. I want refund for the ticket that I paid for at the airport. I am a loyal customer, I and my family have beeen flying with this airlines since I was a kid (I am 30 now). This treatment is unacceptable and I am demanding not only a refund but also and apology.

I am extremely mad, and will go till someone responds to my complaint. If necessary I will go to Turkey or NY office of the Turkish Airlines to solve this issue. This is not acceptable. They made all her trip miserable. And I cant find the words to express how mad I am.

Anna Ward
, AU
Dec 28, 2012 4:44 am EST
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I will never, never fly with Turkish Airlines again. I live in Australia and wanted to fly to Tbilisi from Istanbul at the end of May 2012 en route to visit aged parents in Dublin, Ireland. The visit to Tbilisi had to be cancelled due to serious illness of my mother and I had to fly to Dublin a month earlier than planned and had no idea of when I would return to Australia. I contacted Turkish Airlines and explained the situation and they extended the ticket to Dec 2012 - I had booked the ticket in Dec 2011.
In Nov 2012 I phoned Turkish Airlines explaining that it was not possible for my husband and I to travel before Dec 2012 and asked it was possible to use at least some of the fare I had paid for and not used towards a return Istanbul to Tbilisi in May 2013. The person I spoke with indicated that for a 50 Euro change fee as well as an 80 Euro penalty fee for each of us this could be done and I was sent an email indicating that the dates and time I requested were confirmed. I was happy with that arrangement and the balance had to be paid by Jan 15 2013.
Then the nightmare started. The call centre in Istanbul wanted me to pay full fare. A message from the Turkish Airlines website indicated that I had to pay at the nearest THY office. The nearest is in Sydney and I live in Adelaide! To cut a long sage short and after 3 phone calls to Sydney, 4 calls to the call centre in Istanbul, 2 calls to the London THY offices and a call to the Customer Relations in Istanbul I still wait for an answer as to what I am actually to pay and where I can pay for the tickets by visa.
The THY office in Sydney has a note attached to my booking that payment due is the amount I expected but could not "sell" me the tickets for this price and that I had to contact offices in Turkey.
The saga is akin to living in Franz Kafka's novel, the "Castle".

Oyeleye Olanrewaju Johnson
, NG
Aug 31, 2012 3:12 am EDT
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Sir, am writing this email on behalves of two people who's names are Oyeleye Olanrewaju Johnson and Oyeleye Abimbola justus. We are Nigerian Footballers, we flew through your Airline since June 17th, 2012 from cairo to istanbul and from istanbul to pristina in kosovo. And on our getting to Pristina we did not find one of our bags at our arrivals in Pristina Airport.We actually board the Plane from Cairo Egypt with 4Bags and when we got to Pristina, we find-out that only 3bags out of 4 of our bags got to Pristina. And that particular bag was the heaviest bag of all our bags that wieghed 60kg because we even paid for excess loggage before living Cairo Airport on that day.

After discovering this problem we complained to the immigration officers in kosovo but all they told us was that the bags must be in Istanbul Turkey. And later they told us to wait for a while at the Airport may be they can find something to do to the bag that was missing. And at the same day we left Pristina Airport and we flew back to Turkey because of uncompleted documentations.So, when we got back to Turkey we complained to the immigration officers, about our missing bags so he told us he will pass across the information to the lost and found department in the Istanbul Airport, so the man told us if we get back to our country Nigeria we will find it there, that is, the bag will arrive with us. Eventually that day was the same day Quaresma the popularly known footballer from Portugal lost his own international passport in your airline (Trukish Air).

Sir, since we have landed in Nigeria on the 18th june, 2012 up till now we have not found our bag. And that Bag contain majority of our playing and training kits and so many expensive things and medicines with a football inside, all this our properties in that bag are very essential and important to us. Ever-since June 18, we have arrived we have been spending money on trasportation to go and check all the time and to complain to Turkish Airline office in Lagos Nigeria Muritala Muhammed Airport about our missing bag and they always told us to be calm about our Bag and that they will sent our case to Turkish Airline head office in Turkish to solve the problem and there as not been any response about our bag. So, the Turkish Airline department in Nigeria said to us to go and write the Price List of the contents in our bag and to do the photocopy of all our travelling boarding document we used from Cairo to Istanbul and istanbul to Pristina, then Pristina to Istanbul and Istanbul to Nigeria. So, that the Airline Can Pay us Back for a compensation of our lost bags. Which we have done today 30th August, 2012.

Sir, We want to know when we will be paid because we have a lot of things in our bag that really really need to be recovered as fast as possible and all this require money. This our missing properties as really deprived us from gaining a lot of training in our Club which as affected our playing forms as a football players in our Career. I think you can understand Football Career.

We are disappointed in this airline for misplacing our Bag for that long. Because this act as really affect our own Career for while now, We need a quick response to this mail.So, that we can know what next to do.

Note :That all the necessary document on these case as already been forwarded to your office in Lagos Nigeria Turkish Airline Muritalla Muhammed Lagos Nigeria.Thanks

Saleem Khatri
, TZ
May 18, 2012 9:45 pm EDT

*** Bad Attittude of Turkish Airlines staff at the Transit Desk at Ataturk Airport (Istanbul) ... I was traveling with Turkish Airines from Mumbai to Dar-es-salaam and there was a waiting of over 9 hours for the connecting flight at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. Upon arriving at the Ataturk Airport I went to the Turkish Airlines Transit Desk to claim for the meal coupon. I met one gentleman sitting on the right-hand side at the Transit Desk, he was extremely shrude and had no manners of talking to the passengers, and I saw him shouting on all passengers. He took my boarding pass and asked me to stand aside for my coupons. I waitied for one hour and when I went to ask for my coupons they said system is down and they can't do anything, and they asked me to go back after an hour. When I went for the second time I met one lady at the Trasit Desk counter sitting on the left hand side, atleast she had manners of talking to the passengers. She provided me the meal in 10 mins.