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Important Details : Turkish Airlines have lost my baggage with the following details:
a) Ticket No. ETKT 235 [protected] (copy placed at the end)
b) Date of Travel: 02 October 0310 hrs
c) Flight Number: TK 0353 (Alm-Istanbul) &TK 2108 Istan- Ankara
d) Lost Baggage Report No. ESBTKB 15125 (against Tag Nos. TK 691035/36)
My claim towards the lost baggage is for US Dollar 1650 (on the lower end). Yet the company has not agreed to pay the actual cost. They are offering peanuts without any rational.

As per Montreal Convention and also Turkish Airlines Instructions on their website they are obliged to pay at least Euros 1200 . The company has refused to reply my e-mails . If desired I can forward the copies of the e-mails. Shall be grateful for necessary action as your door appears to be the last resort to an aggrieved client of Turkish Airlines.
Kind regards

Man Mohan Bhanot


  • Bo
    Bonnie Salsman Jun 01, 2011

    This comment is very similar to our experience. We arrived in Istanbul 9 days ago and have been missing a bag ever since. Trying to get information from the Turkish Air baggage line is impossible; they only say "we are searching for your bag". We finally found their online bag tracking webpage and discovered they were looking for the wrong tag number. Then they told us "You should come to the airport and look for the bag yourself". So we spent $25 on bus fare (and had an afternoon of our vacation spoiled) but we did not find the bag. We can't even get anyone to tell us if they have sent a message to the transit airports to search for our bag. I hope we will be as fortunate as Lee Yee and eventually get our bag back.

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  • Ma
    mayorga Jun 29, 2011

    I had similar experience. They lost my luggage and never returned it nor do they want to compensate. Just remember their motto should be actually like this "Globally UP Yours". More people complain and do NOt use, better it is. When they are bankrupt, they will understand why.

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  • La
    Laveria Bower Jul 16, 2011

    I have the same response. My claim is almost one year old. For a while, I got responses to my emails with instructions on who to call, who to fax and so on. None of those avenues worked and now the person that I was emailing isn't replying. I ended up spending $2000 USD to buy clothes and persoanl items before or ship left Istanbul.

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  • Ma
    Marie Claire Feghali Jan 11, 2012

    I took your flight TK 637 on January 10 2012 from Istanbul to Tripoli, after a stop over in Zurich with Swiss Airlines, also part of you Star Alliance.
    After the flight attendant insisted to take my hand luggage, containing all the stuff i DO NOT wish to loose, i delivered it to herafter she promised I would collect it in Libya. I made sure my luggage arrived to Istanbul thru their tracking system.

    However, once therein Ataturk Airport, I asked your agent Ali on gate 217 to make sure my hand lugagge was on the plane, because i am diabetic, and i need my medication with me no matter what. He was very rude, asked me to go back to my place, and said15 minutes my luggage was on the plane, which of course turned out to be a lie. Of my 2 suitcases, I only received one.

    Not only the lugagge was lost, it did not show up in any of your researches. Your office in Tripoli airport turned out to be unefficiant, and they said they had no guaranty that my luggage, containing a very expensive camera, my clothing and medication, would be safe and sound.

    I therefore hold you responsible for my health condition, and maintain the right to file for a legal complaint should my suitcase be lost. The only tag i have is LX384358, given in Zurikh for the luggage to go to Istabul then Tripoli. It is a medium sized brown luggage with a purple belt.

    I cannot believe your were called the best European Airline. So far, all the 4 flights i made ended up with either lost, or broken luggage. This is not serious, and your agents need to learn to be polite and efficient. I doubt i will ever fly Turkish again.

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  • Ra
    raqsierra Apr 15, 2012

    I had a similar experience. I was flying from Sao Paulo to Seoul via Istambul with my husband. One bag arrived with us and it was completelly destroyed. Both handles were broken, the bag was torn and the wheels came off as soon as I took it of the baggage claim. I complained and did not even get a phone call. the other three bags have disapeared. It has been almost 3 weeks and the airline customer service complaints department doesnt even answer the phones. I will never fly with this airline again, not only because of the 3 pieces of luggage but because of the terribe customer service. I have spent over 4 thousand dollars trying to contact them and on new items that just vanished. terrible airline. the worse!

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  • Ni
    Nigel Graham May 22, 2014

    Turkish Airline is the worst airline for one to ever fly with, no customer service skills and they are extremely rude,

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  • Na
    Nabeel Asif butt Aug 11, 2014

    We have the same horrible experience of lost baggage, the air line misplaced 6 baggage against tick no: TK 1345 with names, Nabeel / Aiza/ Haneen/ Laiba/ Muhammad Butt Aug 10, 2014. Istanbul to Edinburgh with tag no. Edi-TK 1345/10 IST-TK 715/10 TK 260762-63-64-65-67-69, very disappointed because I telephoned today & I hold the line for one hour and no body even responded, never travel again with such a ??????????

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  • Gs
    GStoll Sep 02, 2014

    On the 28th June 2014, I checked-in on Turkish Airline from London Heatrow to Entebbe Uganda, via Istanbul. (Checked-in One suitcase with everything I needed for my six weeks stay) I arrived in Entebbe the following day. As of today 2nd September 2012, I called Turkish Airline they told me the search is over for my Suitcase. Please, Please, Please let all of your friends and family know. NEVER NEVER fly on Turkish airline. I spent 6 weeks in Uganda, 20 days of it I went back to the airport waiting for my bag to arrive on the next flight. Dozens of phone calls, hours and hours on the phone, been passed onto many different persons. NOTHING no Suitcase.

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  • Ab
    Abigeal Sep 24, 2014

    Turkish airline are thieves now all they do is steal peoples bag now...Worse airline ever

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  • Mo
    Mohamad azami Sep 16, 2015

    my name is mohamad azami my lost baggage no is TK404724 my emai is; [email protected] ...i travelled on OCT 2014 from Montreal-Canada to Kabul Afghanistan via Istanbul . I had 2 luggage, when I arrived in Kabul Afghanistan airport one of my luggage was lost and another one was badly demaged and the items was missed from the luggage the man incharge was telling me that he is so bussy, and he filled out only one form and gave me the turkish airline address in kabul Afg, then i wentto that office they didn, t filled out another form for my demmaged baggage that lock and zip was broken the items was missed, .so that they told me come after one week after they said come after 2 weeks .withen 3 month they told me come this day and that day i spent only $300 only the taxi fees finally i recieved a letter which was saying you will recieve at least 1200 eurus which i was claimed for $4200 they give me only $800, 1200 euros on those day become $1400 they short of $600 from one hand and $1000 for the demmaged baggage total become $1600 i was too much annoyed by turkish airline office in kabul afg please make $1600 payable to me after email me thank you 16-09-2015 M.azami

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  • Mi
    Milie Oct 06, 2016

    That is the letter I sent to Turkish Airline and they only offered a $800.00 what an airline! The worst ever
    I recently returned to Algiers from Guangzhou (China), via Istanbul on flight TK0651, which arrived on September 05th 2016 at Algiers Houari Boumedienne International Airport.
    My luggage, which was supposed to be checked all the way through to my final destination, baggage tag No. TK938141 has apparently been completely missing. Upon arriving to my destination I went to pick up my luggage and after waiting for a very long time it never came. I spoke to a representative for your airline who took my information and was told that most likely my luggage would arrive on a later flight, it never showed up. I filled a PIR form No. ALGTK15388 on 09th September and was reassured that they would be in touch to inform me of where and when my luggage would be tracked down and arriving, which also never happened.
    It has been 18 days now, I spent numerous hours filling out claim forms, making phone calls and no one at the airline has absolutely no information for me as to the whereabouts of my luggage.
    I find it completely unprofessional how in our world today with the security and technology available to you as a large airline can completely miss-place or untrack a baggage.
    Being an Elite Plus member with 225.000 miles on my membership card, I fly to China about twice a month (around 15 times a year) from Algiers mostly on Business Class, I always choose Turkish Airlines over other excellent reputable airlines that also cover the same itinerary due to my loyalty to them and the service it has provided me in the past 4 years and of course for being rated in the top 5 airline in the world, but unfortunately I cannot longer put my trust in this airline based on the unprofessionalism and bad service I have been dealing with on this matter.
    This has given me stress and anxiety since my personal valuables are over EUR10.000 and certain items inside are completely irreplaceable, now the losses are getting bigger, I had to purchase a return ticket with Turkish Airlines from Algiers to Istanbul EUR320.00 and also paid EUR150.00 for the hotel accommodation in Istanbul in order to personally sort this matter out. On the day of my arrival on September 21st from Algiers, and considering I had to leave my work and my baby behind in Algiers, the airport luggage crew made me visit 2 warehouses at Ataturk Airport without any trace of my luggage and since I have been going back and forth to the airport without any success on tracing it. Today I am flying back and I still cannot believe this was such a waste of efforts, time and money.
    I hope that the bag will be located within the next 3 days and sent back but should it never turn up and be reported missing indefinitely (21 days as per airlines' policy), I believe that I am entitled to compensation from the airline, I have listed all my items on the Baggage Identification Form that I have browsed and the receipts for replacement items are available upon request. Please kindly consider this matter as urgent as this is getting very frustrating and out of hand and I do not wish to take it further or to social media just as yet.

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  • Sa
    Sahdkazim Jan 19, 2017

    Turkish Airlines are the worst, it's an absolute disgrace, my flight was delayed from Heathrow to Istanbul by 5 hours. When I got to Istanbul it was a nightmare, more then 5000 people were at the airport most of them drained off their energy,
    no one was there to help
    All staff were rude and didn't have no customer service skills what's so ever
    All staff were giving different information.
    Ofcoures I lost my luggage it's nowhere to be found and no one know where it is.
    What happened to me' I do not wish it even on my enemy. Please avoid turkish airlines

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  • Ma
    Marc Chadbourne Feb 07, 2017

    We flew to Italy from US with stop over Istanbul Airport. They missed our connection flight to Venice Italy and they checked us in an hotel in Istanbul. The next day we handled our luggage at Venice airport items such as jewelry gifts were missing in the luggage. We filed a claim by providing all the luggage tags and tickets we also informed luggage customer support at Turkish at our arrival in Venice within 24 hours from finding the items missing. After several emails, calls, providing the info etc they informed us that the airline does not take liability for missing items in the luggage. Our experience with this airline is the worst we ever had in our travels to Europe. Absolutely cannot understand how this airline is claimed to me one of the best in Europe also considering the several complaints I read online besides compliant board.com. Note I avoid to provide details of flights and personal information in support of the claim that include a police report.

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  • Hs
    H Sivan Jun 01, 2017

    pictures talk like a thousand words--here is how my luggage arrived from Istanbul. I filed the forms ten times only to find out, after calling, that they do not work with internet explorer!! it is now too late. enjoy flying Turkish--do not take any luggage. it may arrived as mine did

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  • Ti
    Tilleyroad Nov 07, 2017

    Same story. I get it, bags don’t make the plane sometimes, but the information transfer from us to Turkish to Worldtracer is nil. I say it’s a red backpack, and they write down “grey with retractable handle.” I give them detailed list of items coming to about $1700, they offer me $800 with no reasons, then promptly stop communicating.

    I honestly feel like my bag could be sitting on a table, and a worldtracer employee could be looking at my bag and my info provided by Turkish Airlines, and not think it was a match.

    You can only be so rude if you make up for it in customer service, but they really don’t care either. I’d take a free flight... hell, I’d take a “We’re really sorry with how this has gone” right now.

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  • Em
    Emmanuel Dzakah Jan 24, 2019

    Turkish airline is just rubbish, no customer service skill, no idea about relating to people and very careless in handling items. I lost my luggage for almost two months on my flight from Guangzhou to Accra, Ghana. I had to compensate people who gave me money to purchase items for them because of the missing luggage. After calling over and over to press them to look for my luggage with no avail, I finally had to give up and request for compensation. They said that their evaluation team came up with the amount of 500 USD instead of the 3000 USD in my claim, which I had since refused to accept but for the past one week, they have refused to respond to my email about the disapproval. It is hell dealing with Turkish airline.
    My return flight was to transit at Istanbul for 18 hrs and although I was to be given hotel accommodation for the transit period, no customer service personnel knew about where I should go. I got to one of the counters and they instructed me to another counter that also asked me to go to another counter. The back and forth of this continued for awhile and I finally gave up on running around the airport and decided to find a place where I can sit and wait patiently for the 18hrs transit to expire. Never will I ever ever ever take Turkish airline in my life.

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  • Re
    regan rajak Aug 12, 2019

    @Emmanuel Dzakah Hi Dzakah, did you got any emails responding your disapproval from Turkish Airlines.

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