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On 3 February 2012, I took a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Baku and lost my luggage. One of two missing items was found after a week. The second one was missed, and I returned to Istanbul. Because I could not find anyone at THY Luggage Department by phone, I had to go to the airport twice to get info on my luggage. Two weeks later I filled a number of papers and provided THY officer with a list of lost things to get indemnity. I still wait, and nothing happens. Nobody answers my calls to Insurance Department at Turkish Airlines, and my emails go unanswered too. And this is so-called best airline in Europe?!


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    mayorga Jun 29, 2011

    Turkish Airlines lost my luggage while traveling domestically then i had to catch a flight internationally with Aeroflot to my country. Turkish Airlines representative promised to have my luggage delivered to my home address. They claimed, told my friend in Turkey, my luggage was on board my flight, they have rushed it, later they called my friend and told him, they sent the wrong luggage. In Moscow, I had to return the wrong luggage and catch the flight to my home town. Again, Turkish airlines representative promised to have my luggage delivered in few days, and they gave me a phone number. Phone number no one ever answered.
    You probably guessed it. Yes, Turkish airlines never delivered my luggage. They claimed it was in Moscow, i had to go get it. I had to fly 2000 km and pay from my pocket to get it. I refused. I reminded their promises. My friend in Turkey was coming, so finally they delivered the luggage to his address in Turkey, He paid $150 for second luggage and so far Turkish airlines have not compensated me for the mistake. I had my cell phone, special glasses and few other items stolen from the luggage as well. I complained too many places, finally Turkish claims they will give me $300, but, I have to collect it from Moscow. Again a game. Why cannot send to me, mail me, send to my bank account, etc. They have shown no remorse. We have boycotted Turkish Airlines. I was invited for a training in Turkey, and the organizers knowing my dislike, and problems with Turkish Airlines arranged not only my but all 30 attendee’s flights with other air carriers. Glad they lost clients. Keep it up, and Some day you will see "Globally yours". Maybe have an UP added.

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  • Tr
    Truth81 Nov 06, 2011

    I totally agree. At least you've got your bag back. As for mine, the Hostess professionally stole my handbag, from inside the airplane, can you believe it ? She gave me an irregular number tag to me in the airplane. I didn't know that was irregular, until the Turkish airlines employee in Istanbul told me so. It happened on my way back from ( Greece to Istanbul and then Syria ). I had to stay in Istanbul more than 24 hours and i needed my money and ll stuff from my Handbag.And i didn't get back, I had work documents in it, , , , very important things. They never answer the phones, they pretend they don't know English. They ignore and not help you. They just don't care. I don't understand how they have had rewards for their service is - 100000000 below 0. They are all liars. Even here in my country when i tryto contact Turkish Airlines. They just don't answer, don't have an idea about my issue, so everytime i call i have to tell them my story all over again...I am very upset, I don't know what to do. But I'm ready to file a court on them if we can gather and be a good number of people and do it all together.

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  • Mu
    muko Mar 20, 2012

    I agree with you, I have called them millions of times and no answer and even if they answer they pretend they do not understand english. Lets organize and file a joint law suite against this unbelievable customer service of turkish airline. I lost my luggage on dec 2011 and they are not even replying me or anything. it's time to bring TURKISH AIRLINE to JUSTICE. thanks

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    Salam aldhadan Mar 28, 2012
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    Dear Sir / Ma'am, I flight on your airway Turkish airline and i lost my luggage at your when i got to your airport . I asked for help and nobody help me from your employee to get me luggage back .Why?

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  • Aw
    awny mohamed gad Jul 27, 2012
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    LOST luggage my big hand bag my name is Awny mohamed gad traveling from Cairo to Istanbul date 07/07/2012 flight noTK0693 business class seat 04E my bag no TK958152 when arrived to Istanbul airport with my family for vacation no found my bag and i make clime at found& loss desk office file efer ISTTK20822-07 JUL12/0446 GMT - NAME GAD MY BAG FULL with my nice clothes for nice vacation with my family but my vacation became a nightmare since that day no one reply whir's my bag or the compensation
    but I'm sure Turkish airline one of the best airlines but the need to reactivating the luggage system and working team.
    Kindly inform what going on.
    Lost, damaged or delayed baggage is covered under the 1999 Montreal Convention. Under the Convention, the airline is liable in most cases for luggage that has been delayed, damaged or lost. This liability is limited to approximately £1, 129.

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  • Ar
    aryan nair Jan 13, 2014

    On jan 13 2014 I reached india cst airport at 5 10 am by turkish airlines
    I boared the turkish airline from jfk newyork on 11 jan 2014 11 15
    Upon arrival at my residence I found that three items were missing.
    An old sony vio laptop ( d only reason I kept it n chein bagge was that it was an old one)
    A new guess ladies hand bag a swanky new black slim wrist watch for females.
    I'm tryng to reach the airline but still no luck. There website page which registers the complain is erroring not sure how to proceed with this

    Aryan Nair

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    Shabnam Esmaeili Dehkordi Apr 16, 2016
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    To : Turkish Airlines – Celebi Ground Handling Hungary

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Hereby I, Ms. Shabnam Esmaeili Dehkordi would like to inform you on 4th
    Jan 2016
    I came to Budapest from Tehran ( Imam Khomeini airport) by Turkish
    Airlines TK 875 / TK 1035 04 Jan 2016 .
    Unfortunately, I had a carrier with me from Tehran in this flight but
    Turkish stuff did not let me to carry with myself to the cabin. So, they
    collected it upon my boarding to the aircraft on flight ( TK 875 ) and gave
    me a tag receipt . ( it is enclosed to this e-mail)
    When I arrived to Budapest that day this bag ( which I enclosed a photo to
    this e-mail ) did not come so I filled a lost bag repot at Budapest airport
    but no news of this bag so far.
    I appreciate if you follow up and find my bag .
    My Home address in Hungary : 3/36 Honvéd street 1 debrecen 4026
    My Mobile Phone : 0036308462810

    Truly yours,
    Shabnam Esmaeili

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  • Ma
    martha,kembong Jun 03, 2016

    dear sir or madam
    my mother travel from cameroon to berlin with turkish airway her bag got missing .its been 2morths past but we dont get any information
    we need to know what is the problem, the bag no was, txltk41486

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