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I placed a order on Friday afternoon for a Earth Addict top for a gift for my mothers birthday (13 feb) not knowing it takes 5- 7 working days for delivery to your branches (I was told by Robin) that it is in fine print and he understands that it was not seen.

I called Monday to find out how far my parcel is only to be told that it takes 5-7 working days to be delivered, I then requested to speak to someone who is able to help me out with my query I then got transferred to Robin Moodley from the online department (apparently his supervisor) I explained to him that its a gift and my mother is leaving Cape Town Sat and if there is a rush fee that I could pay to have the top at the store by Friday he then told me he will sort it out and call me back, it is TUESDAY AFTERNOON and I still have not received a call back, I have called 4 TIMES TODAY (nevermind the long wait you have to wait before someone answers), and every time I called they told me Robin is busy, this afternoon Zaid (I think that is his name) took my call and he said Robin is "available now"because I asked for management, (before I mentioned to him my name) he then said he will call Robin to the phone, when Robin heard it was me he told Zaid to tell me his not available, how UNPROFESSIONAL CAN A SUPERVIOR BE? I also work in a retail department and I know all the tricks! I told Zaid to tell ROBIN I AM NOT STUPID AND I KNOW HOW SUPERVISORS LIKE HIM OPERATE! all I wanted was just some assistance with my order, if the store employees also say that they have a problem with people from head office and I am just a 1st time purchasing client I would DEFNITLY ADVISE THAT THE STAFF GETS TRAINED because this was just UNACCPETABLE and to be treated like this is DISGUSTING! I feel that I will never order from Truworths online EVER AGAIN! to receive this disgusting service is not on, I will never treat my customers with that type of service even if I have a bad day at work! all ii asked for was just to have my parcel delivered to the store by Friday but I guess that was to much to ask for! I am deeply disappointed with Truworths Online department supervisor, and if this will not be resolved I will make it my way to have it resolved because I will not leave it like this I think it is just unfair!.


Tasneem Davids




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