TMobilenew google g1 phone not working - poor customer support

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Please visit the website provided here for more information about the problem.
I purchased the new Google Phone G1 from TMobile assuming that google and TMobile will provide good support. But I am upset that the support and attention is very poor. I am surprised to see that
Basically, customer support rep told to reset the phone to factory default for a problem that the phone was not connecting to internet. The factory reset messed up everything that I could not even get the phone to make any calls [some additional functionalities of the new phone won't let you get to the main screen without connecting to Google servers which obviously needs internet]. Now customer support says it can't help with it and asking to wait until they find out a resolution and they don't provide any alternative on how I will manage without a phone. I am very upset with this kind of service from TMobile. It has been 3 days since this happened and they do not have a clue on what to do.


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    kelly Mar 25, 2008
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    In october my mother became sick with cancer, that month tmobile began charging me for calls I was not making no one else had access to my phone, how ever I accepted that they were my charges thinking well maybe i made them and dont remember. However they told me they were going to add 1000 extra min for no extra charge to help me through the difficult time, what they didn't tell me was they had to renew my contract to do this. By Dec. I was in default on my bill, I paid all of november, but they claimed they never received the check, so I paid it again, I also paid Decembers bill as well. I was confused when I received Januarys bill and it said I had to pay twice as much, they told me I was required to pay for the month of February and march in January, and because they didn't receive my 3 month payment they cut my service off in January. So I turned my service off ( january 15th)!!! Now it is march, Tmobile wants me to pay the early termination fee, plus the bill for oct, nov, dec, jan, feb, and march??? I got a call from a collections agency today, telling me I had no intentions of paying my bill, I told them I do, but only what I actually owe, which would be the bill for January, and that I would pay them 10.00 a month, they said that was unacceptable. The first man I talked to was very rude, and demanded to know who was paying my bills, I told him I had to barrow money off my sick, dieing mother to pay my basic bills, he called me a lier, and kept yelling at me that I had no intention of paying my bill!!! I asked Tmobile to please place me on a payment plan, but they refused unless I gave them my bank account information ( this is none of their business), I would have gladly payed them 50.00 a month back in December to pay the bill for January. That is what my payment was until Oct. when they GAVE me those 1000 extra minutes ( gave me a headache, it raised my bill to over a hundred dollars). I am currently not working, I am taking care of my elderly sick mother, and T mobile and its collections department are a HEARTLESS GROUP OF PEOPLE ( if we can call them that). I will send them what I am able after this conversation, not a dime more!!! They should NOT be allowed to talk to people like that!!! Oh and I would NOT recommend the service to anyone Ever again!

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  • Dr
    drincon Jul 27, 2008
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    I paid a friends tmobile bill with card over the phone about 2months ago. I guess by doing that tmobile locks in people card numbers, because i received a charge for over $100 today and I didn't authorize it. I also have had my credit card no one else. Of course I called tmobile and they are denying locking in card numbers. But I know thats a lie. Has anyone else experienced this? If so please write in cause this has to stop!

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  • He
    helen bradley Aug 18, 2008
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    i to have a complaint about t moble me and my partner have been with the company for many years with no trouble at all untill now.we renewed our contract in april of this year for a further 18mth only to fnd out that 3 mths into it, t mobile have charged us full price line rental instead of the half price like we were told we were getting.When we phone them to tell them of this matter all we get is one member of there staff is VERY RUDE telling us a pack of lies we on this ocasion feel very let down by the company, we are now trying now to get out of this contract and will never recomend or go with them again.

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  • Valerie Aug 27, 2008

    Either I overpaid TMobile by over $3500 or they took the wrong amount for my phone bill out of my account. At any rate, I reported it Aug 3, they still have not given me my money back. They finally authorized a refund on the 7th, what took them 4 days? It is now the 11th of Aug and still no money. They show they have refunded me on my cell phone bill, but they have not.

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  • Valerie Aug 28, 2008

    I am a customer of T-Mobile and have been since 2017. I would like to bring to your attention an incident which I experienced and am unfortunately forever affected and devastated with the outcome of an 8.5 hour day, with several levels of Customer Service Departments, Dash/PDA Departments and IT Departments. The end result for me is: total wipe out of back up materials on my Dell, Inspiron 1501, Laptop on contacts and calendar information. In addition to this, my T-Mobile Dash was affected by total erasing of my calendar (i.e. key business appointments, doctor appointments) and out of a total contact list of 284, 150+ contacts were �wiped out/erased� from my PDA.

    I would like to explain how this happened and the experience I went through with the T-Mobile company on February 4th, 2017 from 9 am until 4:13 pm (non stop by the way) with the result of �erased information� mentioned above.

    Problem I was trying to resolve: my T-Mobile cell phone had been set up with my work IT Department so the Network/Exchange server would download any entries made from my PDA, exchange Outlook entries, and home Laptop entries on Outlook (upon synchronization � which was automatically occurring throughout the day). The home Laptop synchronization occurred only when I was �connected� with the exchange work server so this was performed manually by me every morning on my laptop.

    Another tidbit: the reason for choosing the T-Mobile Dash was the ability of the phone to create the key information and keep it within the phone/computer/laptop. This was highly recommended by my company. I wanted a Blackberry, they recommended the T-Mobile Dash. The unit was purchased with this in mind: all entries would be downloading automatically unto the PDA. This information was confirmed by me back when I talked to Customer Service online and via the telephone at [protected].

    Upon our company declaring bankruptcy, lender, our exchange network server was discontinued. 3 days ago, I noticed my emails were not downloading nor were reminders on appointments functioning properly. Consequently, I contacted the Customer Service Department from my land line, home number of [protected], yesterday, the only day I had the morning free.

    The telephone calls started at 9 am and ended in total disaster at 4:13pm.

    Summary with details:

    I started the process with a Customer Service representative by the name of Steven. Steven, transferred me to Jeff in the PDA Department. Jeff noticed I was currently paying $29.99 and advised me of a new plan adjustment which just recently took place and adjusted my new monthly charge down to $19.99. This was very positive monetarily for me so I was happy with this change.

    I proceeded to explain the situation to Jeff and we started with the process of �fixing� my problem. I was asked to access my Windows Mobile center. The following instructions were provided and I followed them as instructed:

    I was asked to go to the menu

    a. Delete the partnership (existing on the device and laptop)

    b. Asked to connect the cable from Laptop to Dash unit

    Result: nothing, it did not work. Jeff then asked me to hold while he connected me to the IT Department. Next, I was disconnected while in the process of deletion of the server exchange�.

    I once more called your Customer Service line [protected]. This time I spoke with an individual by the name of Isac or Isic (sorry for any misspelling of his name). In order to take down any information or even transfer me or go to the next step, I was asked once more these questions by him and again an offer to see if a resolution could be achieved by him. Here are the questions because I am now training and have been trained on the responses needed for the �ascertain� of the customer�s information:

    1. Cell number

    2. Last name

    3. First name

    4. Last 4 digits from SS# and I would correct them all to ask for pin number since this was a process Jeff explained had been put in place now at T-Mobile. I would mention this to the new individual and they would acknowledge this was true

    5. Asked what the problem was so they could see if they could help

    6. The problem (synopsis) was explained and the entire process

    Unfortunately, none of the conversations prior to Isac, had been entered as notes within my account nor mention of prior telephone calls with Steven and Jeff.

    Isac, after having me again explain ONE more time the problem, stated he would need to transfer me to the PDA Department. Again, I was placed on hold and once more the disconnecting occurred from the department.

    Notation: My home number works fine and the disconnecting was not originating from my land line�.since for the rest of the day, I was talking back & forth with various departments.

    I once more dialed your Customer Service Department [protected]. This time, I am asking for ID#s so I may track the phone calls, to whom I spoke with and be able to provide facts at a later date with the experience I had succumbed to, by �lack of service or knowledge�.

    The individual I now spoke with was Regina ID#[protected]. Again I was asked questions 1-6 (mentioned above) and again, Regina had me go through the entire process from the Mobile Device Center to conclude the same: nothing solved and beyond her knowledge. She then stated it was not a T-Mobile problem, it was the manufacturer�s problem and she could not do anything about this. She then stated she would transfer me to the manufacturer of the PDA. I requested a telephone number so I may contact them directly should the line be disconnected. Regina provided me with the phone number [protected].

    Upon connecting to this department and Regina leaving the telephone line, I spoke with a Chris. He was surprised at my being transferred to Blackberry because they were not the manufacturers of the HT unit (T-Mobile Dash). He offered to assist me in locating any information (i.e. telephone number, website, etc.) yet could not find any posted on the internet.

    Chris was kind enough to offer to contact T-Mobile himself and explain the problem and how I had been also transferred to the wrong telephone number and company. He obtained a live person by the name of Brittany, who in turn transferred me to a Tiffany ID# 0732319. Questions 1-6 were asked once more. At this point, I was asking everyone for their names and ID#s so once more, I could keep track of all individuals affecting my PDA and laptop.

    She after reading the notes on my account and after hearing all of my explanations once more, was not able to assist me and asked for me to hold (once more) to be transferred to someone who could assist me.

    I am was now speaking with a Tech by the name of Sophia ID#0955010. Who again asked the questions 1-6. Again, I was asked to go through the Mobile Device Center and the partnership was deleted once more and the rest of the process followed once more. The process was unsuccessful and all kinds of problems are now occurring with the synching process. I was again asked to hold for a transfer to another department and individual with knowledge to review my problem and provide a resolution. Again, I was disconnected.

    I again called your Customer Service Department, [protected]. Again asked questions 1-6 which were answered with a disgruntle from me since I was tired of this verification having to take place for the transfer from Customer Service to the PDA Department to take place. Luckily, I got transferred to the department this time without any mishaps.

    I now was speaking with Phillip ID#1220211 around 12:30pm now. He walked through the entire process of Mobile Device Center process of �synching� with the PDA and all steps necessary for this to take place. Errors occurred again�..he then asked what version of the PDA system the unit had and upon verifying it was version 5.0, asked me to start all over since 6.0 was the version he was familiar with and would work better with Vista. Again, we started the process from start to finish. This time, the emails downloaded yet we still had problems with my Calendar not updating. Once again we restarted the entire process once more. We uploaded the 6.0 and restarted again. By this time, it is close to 3:00pm or so.

    Phillip went into explanation that the exchange server was a requesting for the exchange server password because the exchange server was �inputted� in my Outlook. He proceeded to show me where and instructed me on how and that needed to be done. I deleted the Microsoft exchange server so I would not get asked once more any passwords or any other information necessary so we could move to the level needed for my Dash unit. The synchronization was taking place and was slow in the process so we agreed he would hang up and call me back within 20 to 30 minutes or so.

    After we disconnected each other, I entered into my Outlook account so I could review all of my emails and respond to them until our next telephone conversation. This is WHEN I DISCOVERED all of my emails contained with the Microsoft exchange folder, in my inbox, which had been downloaded and existed in my laptop archive, had disappeared and my contacts which had been updated for the last 2 years had disappeared as well. The only existing information was my contacts from several years ago AND the ones existent prior to 3 years ago�NONE of my current entries, appointments, and contacts existed within my database/laptop.

    Of course as you may understand, I lost it. I was a basket case since I relied 100% on my PDA and my laptop database as my �MEMORY�. I could not verify any information on the PDA since this was �synching� with my PDA. I was panicking now: what if I lost all of the information and all of the lost information was transferring now to my PDA via the synch and I was losing all of this information as well. I was devastated, panicky, destroyed and totally hysterical at this point. My business relies 100% on appointments recorded as I am a lender AND I have a small business focusing on client relations!!!

    I waited patiently for Phillip�s call and was waiting for the sync to finish. Upon the sync finishing, I double checked my PDA and fortunately for me, ALL the prior information still existed within my PDA yet the information was non-existent on my laptop. Of this I was somewhat relieved since I still had access to �my mini memory� and could keep all of my commitments and had all of my complete contact information and database �SOMEWHERE�.

    Phillip called again and I let him know of my problem. He was very apologetic and offered to transfer me to another layer of another Department of IT to solve my problem. I really was not confident at this point yet trusted once more T-Mobile would know what to do.

    I was now transferred to Marcel � who stated he was from the 3rd level of IT departments of T-Mobile in Kirkland/Redmond ( I cannot remember which of the two locations). He also stated, upon my requesting this, he did not have an ID# since the 3rd level IT did not have these, yet stated his extension was 14137.

    I again replied to questions 1- 6. I must say, Mr. Dotson, I am now questioning any processes anyone employee is asking me to do and this also upset Marcel as well. I explained the danger of this point of ANY ERASING of information because my PDA now was the ONLY source of information for my business and my contacts � the only one who now had remained intact. He reassured me after my cautioning him 6 TIMES and I did not apologize for this, that he better know what he was doing and I was also sorry for questioning him but I had now spent the entire day with various individuals and conclusion: totally messed up laptop, Verizon emails not functioning properly and my PDA the only source of accurate information for this.

    I was very ADAMENT in questioning his skill and his assuring me the information from my PDA would not be altered or affected. The PDA was the ONLY source of information which I needed as a Lender and again for my business. He assured me several times, he knew what he was doing. He was a little miffed by my doubting his ability�..

    We again hooked up the cables and once again started the process of �synch�. I was now double checking everything and at one point noticed my calendar on the laptop changing. I was alarmed by this and told Marcel. He assured me this was good.

    Upon the synchronization, I was asked to look at the PDA for information downloaded for both the Laptop and the PDA.

    ALL OF THE CALENDAR INFORMATON HAD BEEN ERASED!!! I tore off the cable and still was not in time to stop the deletion of 150 new contact entries I had previously entered on my PDA. WHICH HAD BEEN THERE BEFORE!!! I was now irate and told Marcel that I found it unacceptable and was devastated and had explicitly explained the ramifications of any errors and he had assured me earlier, he knew what he was doing. Now he had the audacity to state it was not his fault!!

    He wanted to transfer me to another representative and I said I had spent the entire day with T-Mobile reps, lost appointments, lost money today and now had another appointment I was not missing: a date with my husband at 5pm for the Sonics game. He said if I could not stay he could have someone call me. I said I needed someone to call me back tomorrow, February 5th, at 7am. This would be the only time I would be available.

    Marcel again stated it was not his fault and we should never have selected to update the contacts�within the Mobile Device Center. He said he was trying to help me but I now was not available for the problem to be fixed. Mr. Dotson, I hit the roof!!! I demanded for someone who knew what they were doing to please call me back today, at 7am. And hung up after an assurance from Marcel that someone would without fail, call me back tomorrow, at 7am even if another manager on shift.

    Mr. Dotson, although the Sonics lost against the Chicago Bulls, this �break� in the 8.5 hours or so with T-Mobile and disastrous outcome was exactly what I needed at the moment. I apologize if I could not stay any longer on the telephone BUT quite frankly I was DEVASTED with the results!!!

    Today, February 5, 2017, no one from that department has called me back and it is 9:40 am. I did place a telephone call again at 7:15am, with Customer Service Department at [protected]. I spoke with a Tisha ID#[protected]. I was asked once more to provide answers to questions 1-6 or else she could not help me. I was upset and demanded to speak to a Manager level. Again, Tisha stated she needed questions 1-6 answered. She only understood 1-5 and corrected me that the pin number was not a choice or question they asked and that the 4 last digits of the SS# were needed. I re-trained her, after providing the 4 digits of my SS# and was finally transferred to the floor Supervisor, Rachel ID#1120204 in Texas Call Center.

    Rachel was super sympathetic and promised to provide help via her Floor Manager and she would personally put in my request for a Manager to speak to me and would call me back with a name & ID# of the individual who would call me back and try to assist me in finding, if possible, solutions for the mess T-Mobile Departments had created. She called me 20 minutes later and provided the name of the Floor Manager in Texas Call Center: Silvery � she did not have an ID# because had forgotten to ask. She apologized for this. She was also kind enough to provide a fax and email for the HQ and your name as the �top dog�.

    In the meantime, via the internet, I searched for all of the Executive Officers names, so this letter and the experience and devastating results, would be brought to the attention of someone with �power� to fix, apologize, fire, anything which would avoid this type of inefficiency and destruction of other clients� information from happening again.

    The information is lost permanently on my PDA and on my laptop. EVERYTHING has been erased from my PDA and I am hesitant now on doing ANY TYPE OF sync on the PDA or the laptop.

    Should you have any solutions, I am more than happy to listen since I have lost everything � there is nothing else to lose.

    My clients, my business, my income has been affected in a way which is unforgivable and has had and will affect my salary and client relationship and my being to cal back clients when the contact information has been permanently erased from both databases for the next who knows, months!!

    I am at a loss for words�.outside of this letter. I have been having major problems with T-Mobile these last 2 years but this incident = the worst in my entire business career (20+ years)!!!

    I look forward to a reply from you and your company. I also look forward to any resolutions which may exist.

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  • Ka
    KATY Oct 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    T mobile has the worst customer care. I would not recommend t mobile to anyone. They are very unprofessional. They lie to there customers just so they dont have to deal with the issue. It seems when you call customer care the problem the customer has is never in that depatment. They will transfer you to every department. I have faxed letters, called every number to customer care and of course they just avoid me. I have reported them to the better business bureau and will let every person that I come in contact with know that t mobile are liers and theives.

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  • Ja
    jay Nov 23, 2008
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    I purchased the G1 and have some problems as well. Overall I like the phone and I believe the G1 can be a better phone than the iphone. That is once they fix the problem. The G1 does not connect to WEP wifi connection. So if you are in a building such as hospital and they use WEP public wifi you cant connect. However, if the building uses WPA wifi it works awesome. Also, if you have a Mac the G1 does connect to it. It just does not see it as an external or anything. So if you use itunes you cant download your already purchased songs. What a hassle. Someone fix this!!! once they do it will blow away the iphone. And Im a pro Mac.

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  • K
    K Dec 03, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Same exact problem! Internet service does not work at least 30% of the time. I only use approximately 300-400 minutes a month, and check email on average once every couple of hours, but the battery is completely dead from a 99% charge after 4 hours. Rep in store told me battery could hold a 5-day charge, depending on usage. I was very concerned about battery life because we are not allowed to charge at work (THEFT OF ELECTRICITY - WTF?). I go back in to store because track ball does not work, I am receiving virus messages (even though I have not downloaded anything), and had other physical issues with the phone, including poor battery time. Told that the CSR did not "mislead" or "misinterpret" the battery life of the phone - it DOES get up to 5 days off a charge - IF THE PHONE IS COMPLETELY OFF. Told that 2-4 hours is about normal because the phone MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET AT ALL TIMES WHEN ON, and that is what is wasting the battery. Told that I should have "done my homework - no one at T-Mobile has misrepresented the phone". No one at T-Mobile could tell me if there was virus protection on the phone, but that I "shouldn't worry". WTF? WORST customer service I have ever experienced, and they are saying that my "contract date" started the day I ordered the phone - no matter that I didn't get it for 2 freaking weeks

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  • Pe
    peedofperson Dec 14, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Recently i tried to start a new contract with another cell phone company, and during the signing of the paper wk i was told to port and cancel my tmobile account, and in order to do so i had to have my acct: number. So, i called, only to find out that my account had been extended for another year. i currently have been with this company for 2.5 years. i was new to the country at the time and signed an individual contract for one year plus a 500 dollar deposit and most important NO new phone: i thought that was how it worked here, then the next year i changed to a family plan for another year extension and again NO new phone or upgrade available, or even a promotional offer. And now, with out my consent they are saying that i consented to a one year, verbal consent, over the phone after my contract had already expired, and i changed my family plan down to an individual plan, and again with no phone or promotion or my consent, but because some ### at tmobile wrongly wrote a note on their system that i consented to another year extension with not so much as a phone to show for it, Now, I'm bound to the contract for another year. Help what can i do? this cant be right 2.5 years and no phone. who in their right mind would consent to a contract with no incentives? it will be 3.5 years till i can get of the contract.

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  • Je
    jen Dec 16, 2008

    i have had tmobile for 2 years...when the time came for the contract renewel, i tried to cancel and customer service wouldnt let me..they talked me into another plan that they said would be cheaper...turned out was 100 bucks more a month!. after that, my phone broke, went into a tmobile store to get a new phone, was charged 118.00. the phone barely worked, bad reception, dropped calls, etc...i complained a few times but tmobile would not give me a new phone without charging me..i cancelled my contract and now naturally, got the the bill for the early termination fee and previous $400.00. dont ever use tmobile!!!

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  • Aj
    ajr Jan 17, 2009

    these guys are in a roll ripping people off, they charge whatever fees they want, their basic service is bad, so if you want better service you got pay more, but they never tell you where all the fees are coming from, they make up fee after fee on your bill, i refused to pay part of my bill after i sent them a complaint online, they have a suggestions and help line on their website but they never respond to customers' questions, and if you refuse to pay for fees you consider unfair, they say they will report you to the credit bureau or cut off your service, they are one of the worst in the market

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  • Ka
    Karla Guarino Feb 25, 2009

    I am a disabled person who has gotten sicker in the past few months and needs to cut back on my cellular phone services in order to pay for my medications. Because T- Mobile will not allow me to change my family plan to a normal basic plan without paying penalties, I cannot afford to buy my diabetic medication each month, because I have to pay them or get even more fines. It is not as if I want to leave their company, I just want to get rid of a line. Could anyone direct me to someone who can help me, I really think that T-Mobile will live without my $200 fee for changing plans.

    Karla Guarino

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  • Dy
    Dylan Mar 04, 2009

    Vanessa, I'm sorry to hear about you and your friend's unfortunate experience with T-Mobile. Given your situation, I though I'd mention that I work for the consumer advocacy website, powered by a company called Validas, where we slash the average cell bill by 22 percent. It costs five bucks if you want to implement our suggested changes to your plan (the average consumer currently saves around $450 annually through us) but we will analyze your bill for free without any commitment of purchase, just to let you know exactly how many dollars your carrier is ripping you off by. I could go on and on about how shifty these cell companies can be in their attempts to make you overpay. For more detailed explanations and updates about ways to save on cell bills, join the group called “Fight Back” on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at

    Validas’s is becoming known as the preeminent advocate for the wireless consumer, which has reflected in the media:

    on Good Morning America at:

    on CNBC at:

    on MSNBC at:

    and in the New York Times at:

    Good luck to everyone reading on cutting down your cell costs, and let me know how much you were able to save through


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  • Me
    Meralda Velez Mar 24, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Ever since I switched cell phone companies from verizon to tmobile, I have had noting but problems. The phone that I purchased less than one year ago (The dash), has been a problem from day one. We have called them several times. First they tried to reprogram the phone which did not help, than they sent us a new battery, still did not work, than a new phone, still did not work correctly.. So now oon 3-12-09, they stated that they would send us a new phone (A sidekick) to this day we have not received it. Everytime you call they say that it is pending... They have no answeres... Today is 3-24-09, and still the same, pending... I wish I would never have switched to tmobile... Help

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  • Gy
    gyrlb Mar 26, 2009

    I've been a customer with tmobile since 2017. recently i've gotten word they were offering "loyal" customers a discounted rate. so I called to see if I was eligible. I wasn't but some one who was only with the company maybe a year was eligible with no question, first they didn't know why they couldn't give me the discount. then I was told I needed to pay my bill. paid my bill to no avail. I began emailing them and then the run around started getting even more crazy.
    this is an exerpt from an email from a rep named "steve", I asked him to forward my emails to the appropiate department here's his response
    "Hi Txxxx my name is Steve; thank you for contacting T-Mobile and giving me the chance to help. I see you emailed online customer care on our unlimited minute plan. I know it is important to get the best plan for your usage so I can look into this for you. It is not possible for me to forward your email to the loyalty department Tracy as I have no way of reaching them. It is still impossible for you to get the plan as your eligibility is determined by an automated process and there is no manual override that can be performed and I am sorry you were not aware of this before."

    still nothing no supervisor would help me, they told me to write a letter to mexico as well. this is frustrating. I STILL haven't gotten any help. This seems like a very general response, no personality in the email what so ever. I have a serious mind to cancel my service but I don't want to pay the early termination fees that are involved.

    this is from the first series of emails : rep named Heivie
    Thank you for contacting T-Mobile. I understand you are interested in Unlimited Loyalty Rate Plan that we offer; however, you are not eligible. After looking at your account, it shows that your issue ahs been resolved. You may not change your rate plan into unlimited loyalty plan;however, a feature is added on your account with free of charge. We are grateful to know that we’re able to assist you with it. If there is anything else we can do for you, please send a response to this email and we would be more than happy to assist you.

    my issues was not resolved they gave me free mobile to mobile... big deal. I still don't have unlimited minutes and i'm still dissatified.

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  • Ve
    Vee Apr 12, 2009

    T-mobile did not provide services that try to meet the needs of the customer but instead take opportunities at the customers at every single opportunity. I was recently recommended to change my family plan to get more minutes, (ie. I will be paying more each month), and the most outrageous thing was they extended EVERYONE in my family plan for another 1 year! Members of my family plan have various contract end date due to the different timing that we requested for a phone upgrade. This was definitely NOT clearly communicated, call agents would explain one thing, and when they READ the agreement in some annoying, non-serious tone, it means another thing! I strongly suggest that one do not stay around with T-mobile longer than you need. I started with them 5 years ago, during which I lost a phone and requested for a new phone upgrade, and move to a family plan along the way, 2 decisions held me captive for 5 freakin years. That's a pirate ship.

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  • Po
    poolguy Apr 15, 2009

    I can not use the internet at all. They have been charging my account for a week now and I spent several hours on the phone trying to get the issue fixed, only for them to tell me it could take up to 14 business days. I am very displeased and I am going to file a complaint. I will not pay for any service until I can use the phone.

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  • Na
    Nataly Apr 22, 2009

    In December 2017 I called TMobile as my husbands Samsung that was about 3-4 years old was not working well. No surprise there. I called to order a new phone and was talked into purchasing the useless SideKick Slide. When I purchased these phones (talked me into one for myself) there was NO mentioned that I had just entered into a 2 year contract! They also didn't mention that in order to make the phone even marginally useful we would have to sign up for an internet plan. We had been month to month with TMobile for years and I did not want to enter into a contract that costs a small fortune to get out of.

    Within 6 months the track ball on my husbands phone stopped working apparently a common problem, they did give me a return code to get a refurbished phone. I had just paid a lot for a new one, but hubby decided to just stick his sim card into the old phone and deal with it. Yes we hate the slides that much!!

    It was when I called to have his phone replaced that they sprung on me that I was the proud owner of a two year contract. I was livid.

    Fast forward to September of 2017. My friend who is on my contract, yea I know BIG mistake, got a new boyfriend and went over our 1000 minutes. No problem she will pay it. I could not find the per minute charge anywhere so I called customer service. Another big mistake apparently.

    The CS rep, Anna, had a plan that would save my friend $8!! For one month only increase our minutes to 1500 family plan. I was ADAMANT about not getting stuck with a contract on her line or my kids and explained my ANGER over the SideKick mess. I told her it was bad enough that I was stuck with these junky until 12/9 and DID NOT want to be stuck with a contract on the other 2 lines. I was assured that would not happen.

    I'm sure by now you have figured out the rest of the story. I called on 12/31/08 to discontinue service on these 2 lines and was told I verbally agreed to a one year extension on 9/3/08. I do not know how an employee in good conscience after hearing how angry a customer was about being screwed into a 2 year contract could document that I agreed to a one year extension.

    I talked to several other people that day including Kim in Customer Relations (what a joke!) and her supervisor Alex who were less than helpful. I asked her if it made ANY sense that a customer who had expressed such ANGER over being suckered into a 2 year contract would say... 'yea sign me up for another year on a service that is marginal at its best'. Her response was Anna documented that you agreed so we have to TRUST her.
    Of course they will trust the person who is trying to get a few extra bucks by extending a contract. I would have just paid the overage and went on with my month to month contract. I've been screwed by TMobile once again and didn't even get a kiss.

    You would think that after about 6-8 years with them waiting for the promised 'better coverage areas' that they would not treat you like this.

    I decreased my plan to 700 minutes, dropped caller tunes, unlimited text etc.. I had them block the text message so it can't be used at 20-25 cents a minute. I have emailed them, as per instruction of Alex, because all they want to do is 'make me happy'. You've got to be kidding. In my experience when emailing TMobile you get the automated response and then in about 1 in 5 emails you may get a response that does EVERYTHING but answer you complaint or concerns.

    Thank heavens I have been able to warn off at least 5 people about TMobile and apologize to the ones I encouraged to sign up during my first year with them. Here's hoping I'm forgiven.

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  • Ta
    Tattude Apr 24, 2009

    Can't say anything bad about the phone except for it's a little big. I received the G1 the day it came out back in Nov. 2017 and love it. I have also called about some issues back then, but they were nice and fixed the problems right away. Sorry you're having issues/problems, but this phone still does everything I need and want, as opposed to iphone. I like sending picture messages and being able to forward mail and text messages.
    Hope you get the help you need.

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  • Ak
    akapoor May 09, 2009

    Call into the retentions department and explain to them that you are a customer since 2017 and you want (dont ask for it, demand it) the Loyalty Plan for 39.99 (this is a new promo price)

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  • Do
    Don May 18, 2009

    In response to a $300 bill in which I made a single 1-minute phone call in Denmark, T-Mobile customer service advised me not to take my G1 overseas, as it racks up data roaming charges and there is no sure fire way to turn it off... so just by turning on your G1 overseas, you are running up charges. Period. Only solution offered by T-Mobile was $40 credit if I renewed a 2-year contract. This to a 10-year customer. What a joke. Guess it's time to get a Blackberry.

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  • Ka
    karen perry Jun 17, 2009

    I as many others i am seeing have been Scammed by the Tmobile Free flight tixs offer! I added Fave 5 in 2017
    when it was offered as a Deal for the Free Flight tixs. I've been paying for this service now for 2 yeras!
    I Applied as was was told to do and sent in Travel Dates, alternate dates, etc...
    At the end of May 2017 i get a V/M call saying that i have until June 17 2017 too Still GET MY TIXS.
    A voice msg picks up And then you are told to "Hold but of the Huge Volume of Calls"!
    Well i have Held on for 3 Days now !!! 2 to 3 hrs a "Hold"!!!
    Please let Tmobile that this is not right!
    I am a loyal tmobile customer and i would like My promised Free Flight Tixs or My money back for the 2 years of service!
    karen perry

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  • Tj
    tjk35 Jun 19, 2009





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  • Ca
    Cafefulconsumer Jul 02, 2009

    Agreed, T-mobile is the worst. I wasn't under contract and they charged me $200 when I left saying their notation said I was still under contract and that a "verbal" contract was enough. This is a really shifty and unethical company

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  • Mi
    Michael Crump Jul 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One night I went to pay my tmobile bill on line. I tried to make a payment, but the system told me that it con not process the payment, and to try another amout. So i tried another amount, and it said once again " try a different amount. I then went to heck my bank account and noticed that both charges had gone through, so in fact i paid double the amount 06/10/09. the next day i call tmobile and the lady italk to told me that they were aware thaat something was wrong with the website, however it would take 5 business day to get my money back. i told here that i needed my money right away due to the fact i had other charges that would hit the account. She told me that their was nothing she could do. i then asked to speck so a supervisor and she told me he was in a meeting, i then asked her what was his name and then she said their are many supervisors and they are all in a meeting, she never did give me a name she just gave me the run-around. Ithen searched and found the number to the corparate in Bellvue washington and called and never received a call back. The next day someone finally called me back. She told me she could get the money back in my account in 2 days (interesting) i told her that this was their mistake and i needed to be comp for my trouble and time wasted dealing with this. she set it up for me to get a newphone for half price( at least that what she said) but I had to sign a new contract. I found out later that the price was the same when signing a new contract. She also told me that I would be able to skip a month payment because i signed a new contract. Well today is 07/18/09 and low and behold I phone service was interupted due to non payment. So again I call tmobile and the lady i talked to said" i'm sorry you were mis-imformed, but their was nothing that can be done, the bill is due. So they really did not honor their end of the agreement, they just lied to me to get me to sign a contract. I've been with tmobile for about 10 years. now i know how they treat their " valued customers" I addition my service was interupted and my bill was only 7 day late. this has never happened before and i have been 3 weeks late before. i feel really screwed. someone should start a class action lawsuit on tmobile. i would be willing to sing up on that

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  • Li
    lissyred Aug 07, 2009

    I purchase a phone and return the phone back the next day. They stated to wait 30 days to get a refund so I did. 30 days came up and I called to let them know I haven't receive my refund. They stated they don't no why I haven't received it wait another 7-10 days. I decided to call the next day they stated they don't have any info that I purchase the phone... It took me a month and a half to get my money back... They are the worst service ever (Don't go with t-mobile)

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  • Bd
    BDaciaT Sep 23, 2009

    I have been a TMobile customer for almost 5 years, have NEVER been late on one payment. I recently went to a store to upgrade my 5 lines of service to get new touch phones for teens, hubby and self. They told me that to do so I would have to update my "Grandfathered" data package from $19.99 to $24.99 a month on EACH Phone! They also told me that I would have to sign a Data Package Contract, that states that if I upgrade my phone I have to keep the data package on for 2 years!! I disagreed with that and the Customer Service Rep stated that "All cellular companies are doing this now."


    I am freaking out...And PISSED!

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  • Dj
    Djmac Sep 28, 2009

    I had signed up for 1 year plan from April 2017 to April 2017. I had to change my plan around July09 and that plan didn;t have a contract extension online. After few months, when i checked with Customer Support they told me that my contract has extended by 3 more months.I was not informed of my contract extension during plan change. Now i asm stuck with Tmobile for 3 more months

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  • Tm
    tmobile Oct 11, 2009

    [protected]!!! this person here in doing tmobile scams on craiglist. he tells u that he works for tmobile and that he can credit the cost of the phone u want. u actually see the credit on ur acct but after 10 days it is taken off. i called tmobile and they said the check bounced! so i was confused as to y there was a check thingy there when the guy said he will jus credit it. this andrew smith guy was asking for $250 for himself for doing the favor but luckily i waited until enough time to see that he is a scammer . if any of u guys came across this guy plz dont trust him. spread the word

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  • Ar
    Artem G Oct 27, 2009

    This is legal, and in this day and age they have to keep up. Yes, all cell phone companies are doing this. They are offering you a subsidized phone. Now if you have bought the phones “outright” FULL price, than you can keep your grandfathered data plans. Grandfathered; meaning they no longer offer this particular plan.


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  • Lu
    luekinnah Jan 25, 2010

    My name is Luekinna Hodges.I purchased the unlimited phone plan on September 1, 2017.Upon my purchasing I stated to the store clerk at RadioShack that i did not want a contract.Since then i had to make more than fifty (maybe more) to resolve issues regarding drop calls, rude representatives that would not transfer me, call me a liar basically when i presented my issues.I called tech support on several occassions, but they were unable to fix the problem leaving without a phone for nearly month because i had to send it back to Sony Ericsson for troubleshooting.They mention in the advertisement that the the $1 a day plan has the feature of unlimited minutes from 7pm til 6:59 am, but i was charged for the day and was not able to make any calls after that though it was suppose to be until 6:59am.This was on the 21 of January, 2017. I did call back and got Eric in tech support who was rude and told me that the situation was as it was.So, i hung the phone and called back on Sunday night the 23, January of 2017.I called at about 11:52pm on the 23rd of January and was bounced back and fourth from customer service to technical support (eric again) who would then transfer me back to customer where i would wait on the phone for 1 hr and 2 minutes (12:52am)this is when i decided to disconnect.I could hear brief silence while waiting.Nothing in the advertisement is as they say it is.I have went through a great deal of stress. I have this particular phone invested so it and could not afford to get with another company right away this is why i have been trying to resolve the issue. I am at my wits end right now.I spent hours on the phone, and normally i get a different story everytime i call.

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  • Ju
    Julie Mazick Mar 02, 2010

    AMEN!!! Very dishonest company!!!

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  • Ju
    Julie Mazick Mar 02, 2010

    Very unethical company!!! Beware!!! I had the same thing happen to me

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  • Sa
    Sam May 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called customer care center and suspend my account and all the lines under this account. I am told there will be just $10 charge but they charged me regular monthly price. When I came back to US. I noticed that and called TMobile. They offered me $25 deduction from my next bill. And it happened again on March. They cahrged me when I was out of US.

    They apologized again but I am really dissatisfied and find this website from google to post my complaint.

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  • Ju
    JustLish Sep 13, 2010

    I am a Tmobile customer with Flexpay. For the first time last month we went over out minutes. No big deal. I still had mobile to mobile, nights and weekends. One late night my friend (non-tmobile) called and left me a voicemail. The next morning I tried to listen to it, but the automated sytem kept saying I was out of minutes. Assuming my voicemail is tmobile, I called Customer Service to see wtf was going on and why couldn't I check my voicemail. They told me their voicemail system is third party and not a tmobile service therefore not only do I pay for voicemail, but it uses my minutes to check it!! Seriously? I'M CALLING MY OWN TMOBILE NUMBER! Also, if I call my bf (we are on the same contract) I can leave a voicemail during the day even though we are out of minutes. So I guess the only way to check my voicemail during the day is the call my phone from another Tmobile phone. This is not a very smart idea on Tmobiles part.

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  • Ss
    sss1981 Jan 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tmobile is a fraudulent company. I have been fighting this issue with them for the last 8 months. I have been traveling a lot internationally over the last one year. While I never checked my voicemails overseas I was still get charged roaming charges for someone just leaving me a voicemail and me not even checking it until I was back in the United States. I tried to re solve this issue with tmobile but they said this is how it worked and they advised me to de activate my voicemail service. After doing so for the last 6 months my Voicemail service has been de activated but every month in my bill I still have exorbitant amount of VM retrieval roaming charges . Can you imagine that no one can leave me a voicemail while I am overseas and I am still getting charged for voicemail retrieval. For example I am currently in moscow and my latest bill had VM retrieval charges worth USD 85 for not receiving or checking a single voicemail. Also unfortunately I am bound to a contract with them so cannot even discontinue my service. I want to know how I can file a criminal complaint against tmobile because I am literally being robbed by them. Please advise.

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  • Su
    Susannah Williams Feb 07, 2011

    Last year I switched from Cricket to TMobile. My phone worked just fine, but my Internet service was intermittent, and just got worse and worse. I went in many times to complain, but was told that maybe it was my computer (only 3 years old, and I had it upgraded), or it was my SIMS card, had it check, and a host of other things. My internet service got to where it would stay on maybe two or three minutes only in my home. I sometimes logged on sometimes 25 times a day to just pay bills or get other things done, and it would drop drop me right ion the middle of payments where I'd be stuck in a loop. It was awful.

    Needless to say, I went into their office numerous times about the issue, brought my laptop in at least three times, call tech support a couple times, and even had them send a email to the satellite people to see if they could tweak it. Everytime I just wanted to give up, they would tell me I had to do something new.

    In Jan of this year, I was picking up some online college classes and knew it would be useless to try and send or compose papers online with this service, so I came in to ask them to cancel the internet portion of my service. Believe it or not, they would not even cancel my service. I said, "Let me get this straight, I walk in (in person), and you will not cancel a service that you cannot provide me, that I am paying for?" "No". I was told to call customer care. So, I did. I told them the problem, and they said they would cancel me, but I would have to pay the "early termination fee." I explained to them that I had been paying their bill for months with terrible service and many complaints. They said, that I signed a contract. I told them that part of that contract required that they provide a "service" to me, which they had not done. I told them to shut me off then.

    Well, they not shut off my internet service, but my phone as well, and cut my phone off right at that moment. They didn't even let me know they were shutting my phone off as well as my internet. So, now I'm left with the early termination fees like everyone else.

    Who'd they pay off for their customer rating?

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  • Ki
    Killuminati Mar 21, 2011

    I have a four-line family plan with T-mobile. Last month, I received a bill with the charge of $332.-- and I called and reduced it down to $176.--. This month, my bill was $222.--, and that's due on April. On January I called to add the unlimited texting feature to my plan, and I was told that I could get a free month of unlimited internet and that this feature WILL STOP RIGHT AFTER THE MONTH. On February, I noticed that my internet service was gone when I was trying to check my Email in school. A week after that, I checked the "My Account" app and I noticed that the internet feature was there, and that I was being charged $90 for 3 lines (the fourth line already has internet). I called and I told the representative that I did not get the service, and that I want her to cancel that feature. They charged me for the seven days that I "received" that service. A dollar a day times seven days times three phone lines= $21. I kept calling them for three days, talked to supervisors (and some of them hung up while I was trying to explain), and did everything that I could possibly do to get rid of this charge. Their reply is "sorry we can't do anything about it, it's already there, I can help you set up a payment arrangement." I don't want a ******* payment arrangement. I am not stealing the money to give it away to affluent companies. What should I do about it?

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  • Rk
    rkn_11 Apr 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tmobile unauthorize charges
    Scam, overcharging, ripoff, trying to get hold of customers service for months, its impossible

    Unbelievable, overcharging me for no reason, trying to speak to customer service for months to dispute my bill, all I am getting is same repeated damn annoying music and automated voice messages, holding time for hours, and call ends, what a joke, nothing has been resolved. What a ripoff,

    There are a lot of cell phone companies that offer the same products and services with basically the same pricing; the only thing that separates them is their service and trade name. Well you have finally lost this customer. I will cancel my phone service, which nullifies extending my contract agreement. The economy is horrible and money is tight, why should I give my money to a company that treats me like i’m worthless and nothing. I can not emphasize enough how discouraged, disgusted and enraged I feel with your companies lack of knowledgeable representatives and poor customer service. Simply give me the correct information the first time. Your procedure and policy should not change based on the individual your speaking with.

    I have invested thousands dollars in payments in the last years and I can not even speak to a competent staff member including management? Thank you for showing this consumer just how much your company does not care.


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  • Rk
    rkn29 Apr 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks for your moral support! I had been a tmobile customer since 2017. past fews months I had terrible experience, which I was been charged ridiculously for no reason, example: I was been receiving several spanish advertisement text messages, which I dont even speak or understand spanish, and they charged me $4.99 for each text, and I was been told it will take 30 days to credit back into my account! which wasn't true its been more than 30 days. Now I had been charged additional $25 to $30 a month. I am sorry I give up. Thanks again for your moral support.


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