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service given multiple times

On 3/17/20 I went to tk in sarasota, fl store # 61016 for new tires and rattle of drivers side front end. Wa...


On July 27th I bought my 2017 Dodge Ram to tire Kingdom on Hwy 200 in Ocala to have my tires replaced ( they...

Poorly done front brake job that almost killed my family

I been a long time customer, but not anymore. I dropped off my Lexus to have the front brakes service. I...

rebate program

Just a note to let you know that your rebate program is not only ridiculously slow and irritable, but speaking only for myself, it has driven me AWAY from ever messing with Tire Kingdom again.

I actually found the staff at your store to be great, helpful and professional. They did everything they said and the experience was excellent and your prices (such as tire prices go, ) were fair.

Unfortunately, the entire experience has been undermined by the shabby way you can't handle a simple, and lousy 30 dollar rebate.
Rebates have a bad reputation as it is, but your program is the poster-child of rebate incompetence.

I see no point in returning to Tire Kingdom in the future for the sole reason of the way you handle your rebates. By now, it's not about the measly $30.00, I've written that off already, as I don't expect to ever see it.

Just letting you know that (I my opinion, ) you would have been better off offering no rebate than to mess with the absurd program you're running now.

Have a good day.

Dave Bennett

rebate program

your corporate survey

Just reading what is says here in your corporate complaint comment section baffles me. " Write as much detail as possible"

Yet you send out a a survey for your customers to fill out on how the service they experience was at your local Tire Kingdom by restricting them to length of their comments.

I noticed here you want a minimum of 350 characters. In your survey you limit them to 1200 characters. I may of missed it but I did not see any indicator on how many characters I was writing or how many I had left.

So I write this detailef comment for you only to when pressing send it warns me, I wrote to many characters to submit it. I as a consumer is not going to take the time figuring out whats not as important enough to take out. So I just cancel the whole survey. Then if you were kind enough to edit my comments removing what is not as IMPORTANT.

You go to submit it now after correcting it only to find out the time you took kicks you out because the survey timed out wanting you to start all over again. Now that really shows your concerns and appeciation for the customer even taking this long survey.

We own a customer service business and if someone wants to take the time to ramble on like I am now to make my point, then our customers appreciate all the details. If we leave a so so review, then we have to take the time to contact the person who filled out the report asking them 50 questions on details they left out as our customers are not happy with our reports they paid us to do. Part of our job is to clean up the reports not eliminate details.

By the time it took to write you going over by 300 characters, my survey would have been null and void for me to even submit. In this corporate complaint here, now the customer is pissed off at you and now you give them the time to vent.

I haven't even gotten to the service issues yet and even mentioned what you ask your customers for a survey in return for helping you out that takes longer then the oil change they got. This general survey is asking for way to much information unless you are willing to give them a free oil change in return for it. We pay our people to get the kind of information your asking for plus get reimbursed for the oil change to ask for this much information.

I myself said it's not worth my time filling out this survey for what you just put them through. A general survey should be no longer then 10 questions to keep their attention. Your just driving your customers away knowing that next time you will be asking them again to take the exact survey. It took over s hour for me to take the original survey and these comments Im volunteering my time to give you. I'm just sharing my professional opinion as a courtesy to you.

price of wheel mount and balance of four tires thru tire rack

Purchased tires from Tire Rack Cust # [protected]. Tires were confirmed delivered om 11/7. Called to setup...

Tire Kingdom

staff sales agents x2

On 11/03/19 I went to the above tire kingdom regarding a nail in my left rear tire. I was told not patchable...

brakes / one specific worker

I went to this store about 2 months ago because my brakes were making sounds. I have a leased car and they...

Tire Kingdom

I waited 1 hour and 1 employee approached me to check in

I came in the morning shift to get an oil change . They said two hour wait .. they said to come back at 3 pm...

repair on axles

Nissians link: Video of vehicle inspection I took my car to Tire Kingdom on Park...

Tire Kingdom

diagnosis and customer satisfaction

Single Mom to a 1 yr old - owner of a small business- truck had engine light on, diagnosed as coil/spark...

Tire Kingdom

time and charge fee

Hello on 09/15/2019 i took my car in for a front end alignment, work was good, my complaint is that i was charged a $ 12.50 shop fee, for i guess services but i went in at 10:35 am and car was done at 12:47pm (car was done way before that) but my car was stuck up on the lift, and they couldnt get it down, had to wait for them to go to hardware store to get a part. before they put my car on lift, it broke they said cercuit board was giveing them trouble all week, they got the lift to work and as soon as they put my car on and lifted it, it broke again and they couldnt get it to lower down..If they were aware of haveing problems with lift, then why take a chance on it, AND I WAS STILL CHARGED A SHOP FEE ? For being there for over 2 hours when i was told it would take on average an hour..THEY SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST DROPED THE SHOP FEE.

oil change/ a/c cooler damaged

On Tuesday 09/03/2019 I went to make the change of oil to my car. When I got into my car after they made the...

wheel alignment

On 9/3/19 I went to your sandalfoot location in florida and did 3 new tires and also asked about doing a...

replacing an alternator

I was told that I needed an alternator for my 2001 Lexus, and when I saw the part alone was 400, I asked wa...

oil change

I had an oil change done at this establishment on August 17, 2019. Prior to this my car was running fine. The...

tires and service

After doing business with this company for many years and after several vehicles. I had an issue with my tires towing in and wearing. I purchased the lifetime alignment and road hazard for my Michelin defenders. After my regular mechanic noticed the excessive wear I took it back to this tire kingdom. I have these regularly rotated, balanced and aligned due to the lifetime service contract. After tire kingdom inspecting the issue/complaint they refused to accept responsibility, even though all 4 tires were worn the same.
I have never been noticed of any issue after each service they had done, but the rear tires being worn indicate that it was present when they rotated, balanced and aligned the last time which was 3 months before. They told me it was because of my worn out lower ball joints, which were replaced almost a year ago and I was suspicious that they would have failed this soon. They said they could not repair or align my vehicle and tires because of the failed ball joints.
I have since taken this vehicle, the same day, to the mechanic who installed the ball joints, there were NO failures indicated. He advised to take it to a different shop, (lake Tire & auto) who then aligned the vehicle without issue and also inspected the ball joints and showed no failure. I have lost usage and life from these tire due to tire kingdoms mechanics and managements lack of concern or attention to the failure that apparently was occurring before at least one if not many of my services they performed. Pro rating this is not fair, the wear was left unattended until a separate mechanic found it. Replacement of these tires is the right solution.

tires and service
tires and service
tires and service
tires and service
tires and service


I have purchased tires here since 2002 and in the past been somewhat satisfied. I am a mechanic by trade and...

oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment, and dent on my vehicle

I had an appointment at 12pm today 8/13. When I got there, they took all the oil out of my car and then told...

Tire Kingdom

[Resolved] extremely poor workmanship by the mechanics resulting in costly repairs

I have been a customer at the Tire Kingdom at 2525 W. Sample Rd. 33073 for years. I have purchased several sets of tires there and at other locations. I have had several oil changes performed. I recently had to take the vehicle that has been serviced (2012 Honda CR-V Z91GUB) to the the dealer for a dealer issue. While it was there, I had them change the oil. They gave me the stripped threads oil plug and had to replace the oil pan because the plug had been over torqued resulting in damage to the plug and oil pan. The also gave me the old oil pan. The plug was so stripped that it could not be tightened and oil dripped out constantly. The cost was $820.82. Last year I had to replace the wheel studs because they had been over torqued as well.
The last time I bought tires there I applied for and received a credit card with the promise of a rebate. I applied for the rebate but never received it.
Years ago I had a control arm replaced on a 1998 Dodge Ram at another store location. The installation was faulty and it failed in Jacksonville. I had to stay there longer and miss work to have this emergency repair completed. The wheel was slanted and fortunately it failed in town at a low rate of speed rather than on the highway at a high rate of speed with my young son as a passenger.
I have been advised numerous times by the counter staff to purchase repairs that were not necessary at the time.
Please reimburse the oil pan replacement cost since the damage was clearly done by faulty workmanship of your mechanics.

Peter Dodson
21683 Altamira Ave
Boca Raton, Fl. 33433

  • Resolution Statement

    Corporate stepped up and reimbursed me for the recent costly repair - I am satisfied with the outcome.