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scam charge

I went to tire kingdom in salisbury nc on 11/9/07. Wanted two new tires, all 4 wheels aligned, brakes checked for wear and an oil change. After finding the brakes had 50% wear left I declined replacing them. What I got was an inflated shop charge from $4.00 to $14.00.

Just an aligment check nothing actually fixed. All four tires inflated to 70 psi.

I did not pay for the alignment or shop charge.

  • Ja
    jackburton09 Dec 10, 2009

    I am not exactly sure why this is a complaint. Simply stating that a charge is a scam is not a valid complaint. It is probably important to note that the same charge you claim is a scam is present industry wide. This is not a new charge nor is it a scam. The shop fee is a charge automatically computed by the point of sale invoice system. In the office next to the front counter or somewhere very visible should have been a TK corporate policy statement explaining this charge. In summary it is a fee of 10% of the pretax service charge that recovers the expense of miscellaneous fluids and materials. It also covers the disposal and cleaning of those materials above and beyond the disposal fee of oil. Rags must be contained in a special bin. Disposable oil quarts cannot be simply thrown away like you might do at your house (which is also not the correct disposal technique). They must be stored in a leak proof container and we are charged to dispose of them. This is the same container for oil filters. This is only some of the expenses. There is cleaning of the vehicle, floor mats, steering wheel covers, seat covers, hand soap, etc. The list is much longer. Very much longer!

    As you can see it would be near impossible to bill you separately for each item. That would be time consuming and would probably result in an even higher charge to compensate for the complicated billing procedure.

    No doubt it may be a little higher than some other corporate shops or dealers but most likely right around the same. Individual shop owners may or may not charge for this. I have seen this go both ways. Eventually even individual shop owners realize they must recover this expense somehow.

    As for not paying for the alignment I am not sure why that is a problem. Tire Kingdom offers Alignment checks for free. 70-80% of all vehicles that have not been aligned in the last 6 months will require an alignment. That percentage maybe even higher. That is a stat based on personal experience as a mechanic for the last 20 years. However, if you asked to have an alignment performed the difference between checking the alignment and actually making an adjustment is minor. Often times it takes only a few extra minutes to adjust the alignment. Basically you are getting all the work for free as a courtesy and then you are complaining about it. If you asked for an alignment then you should have been charged for it and you would have received all of the warranty that comes with it. A one time alignment at TK usually costs about 79.99 depending of course on your market area. That alignment comes with a 6 month warranty. You could have your vehicle aligned again in 6 months before the warranty ran out and you would be properly maintaining you tires. Without that warranty it is entirely possible that any wear patterns that your tires experience will not be covered. Obviously you did not maintain them by having the alignment done every six months. You are now just hoping that your alignment did not go out of adjustment. TK keeps records. And in six months you can say all you want about the last time you were in and how your alignment was fine but that salesman or manager is probably not going to remember your specific situation as they deal with many, many customers every day. They will simply look in the computer and see that an alignment was offered but you declined. That is evidence of not properly taking care of you tires. That will probably void the mileage warranty.

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  • Ro
    Romadus Apr 03, 2012

    You could go to a real mechanic, shut up and use common sense. Who goes to Tire Kingdom for quality anyways?

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never again

It was a sunday and my car was able to run and start up I just had been having issues with the steering wheel and car locking up and having the service engine soon light come on the night before, I had my car towed just for safety reasons to your store.

The manager, I believe quoted me $95 to run a diagnostic test on my car and said he'd put it toward the repair if I agreed to the price and procedure. I did. He informed me it would take an hour.

After the wait, I was told they found nothing and reset my car and test drove it twice with no problems. The mechanics told me they thought it was just a glitch.

I wasn't very happy when I had to pay $95 and have to wait an hour when they really didn't do anything.

I was even more upset when I broke down the very next day. I took it somewhere else and they told me I had 3 things wrong with it and I had to pay almost $500 just so my car would be drivable.

I still have my receipts and I emailed corporate this letter.

  • Ja
    jackburton09 Nov 30, 2009

    This is tricky. What exactly was wrong with your car? $500 is not a good description. There is also the distinct possibility that something failed on your car with no warning which was unrelated to the original check engine light diagnosis. Let me try to put this in perspective. Regardless of what is wrong with your knee, you are still going to have to pay the x-ray and or mri fee. A much higher fee but still a fee. I have a computer to scan ALMOST all vehicles and that cost me $8000. So I can not justify spending time hooking my equipment up to your car for no cost. That is why you pay the $95 fee. I do not know why they did not tell you what the code was at the time of the original check out. Usually the practice would be to tell you what the code was and then the possible problems it would cause and the cost to fix them. Sometimes your vehicle does not present the problems to the technician and it would be impractical to drive your vehicle for a week to get it to act up.
    It is unfortunate that your car broke down a day later but it is not uncommon. Your fuel pump is an electric motor and can and will fail with no warning. Not even a check engine light most of the time. I have had the fuel pump fail in the shop with customers coming in to get tires. Totally unrelated. It might not happen all the time but it still happens. There are many examples.
    If it was related to the original check engine light diagnosis then I am willing to bet that the Tire Kingdom would be willing to give you the deal by subtracting the $95 fee from the repair. That is pretty common practice at large corporations.

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fraudulent air filter

On Monday I had my tires rotated, balanced and alignment performed. They did not have the oil filter so I...

2 comments Indian Harbour Beach Car Service Centers

dishonest and deceptive

Beware. They are dishonest and deceptive. They only care about making money. I took my car to Tire Kingdom, 3550 S. Washington Ave., Titusville, Florida. I went in for a diagnostic check because my car was hesitating when I accelerated. They lied about me needing a new fuel pump (I had just had that replaced!) Then they tried to tell me it was the injectors and quoted me $700 to do the job. I drove home 5 hours later with the same problem. I no longer trusted anything they said. My husband looked under the hood and found a spark plug wire that had fallen against the exhaust manifold causing an arc. He thought that could be the cause of our problems. He taped the wire, moved it away from the hot manifold and drove the car. It drove without any problems! He is not a certified mechanic and was able to fix the car in 5 minutes!

  • Ja
    jackburton09 Dec 01, 2009

    This is an unfortunate situation. Most technicians at any auto repair facility check for damage to the ignition system(spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor) first. I don't know why they would tell you that your fuel pump was the problem without diagnosing it. If they had done a fuel pressure check which is pretty easy to do they would have determined this. Of course, doing a fuel pressure check or injector diagnosis will incur a fee due to the time and tools it takes to accomplish. $95 is a typical initial diagnosis fee. Maybe they were just informing you of the possible problems with your vehicle. Injectors would indeed cause a problem similar to the one you described.

    Did you get the work done? Your complaint said you were only quoted. If you had the work done and had the exact same problem then why did you not go right back and inform the repair staff immediately. There is the possibility that the injectors fixed the problem and the technician will usually always test drive before and after to verify the repair. It is also possible that during the repair a spark plug wire was misrouted when reinstalling and ended up next to the manifold. The symptoms can be identical. It may be sloppy work but it would not be dishonest or deceptive.

    If indeed you did pay the original diagnosis fee and they found the injectors to be bad and then charged you $700 and it did not fix the problem and you later found that it was just a spark plug wire you could always ask for the results of any test they performed and the old parts so that you could take it to someone else for verification. Otherwise there would be no way to tell for sure. If it was found that the old injectors were ok then a refund would be in order. In this situation Tire Kingdom should reinstall the old injectors and refund you the money for the repair.

    I also think that it is odd that your uncertified husband was able to fix the car in 5 minutes AFTER the $700 repair but not before. Is he in the habit of waiting until spending hefty sums of money before he understands complicated automotive systems? With this kind of immediate knowledge I would recommend your husband for your automotive repairs.

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  • Ja
    Janice Malfitano Jingle Apr 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just reviewing complaints about Tire Kingdom, fingers are tired from sorting through so many, but this response is pretty horrible coming from a Tire Kingdom rep.

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difficulty in making payments

I have been very frustrated with trying to pay my tire kingdom credit card bills. There is not a clear website address and when you finally find one you can't get back to it again even if you save it to your desktop or favorites. If you try to call the company they tell you there is a $14.95 fee to pay over the phone. If you don't get it in the mail in time they will charge you a ridiculous late fee and to priority mail it it will cost $17.95. Last month my payment was for $12.00 so obviously none of those options were going to work. I want to know why there is a fee to pay over the phone and why you can't ever get to the proper website easily to pay online. This is messed up.

  • Fl
    FLOATING DUE DATE Jan 03, 2010

    I tried repeatedly to pay my tire kingdom bill online and was not allowed on. I paid the first day I was admitted and was given a late fee for not paying on time. This was unexpected since my due date had not been reached. Surprisingly, a review of my bills showed that myPAYMENT DUE DATE HAD BEEN CHANGED EVERY MONTH! They have been making the date earlier and earlier every month, so that finally, by paying on the due date I had believed to be set, I was late. Outrageous!!!

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online payment

I began paying my tire kingdom credit card online once they finally gave that option. The computer that I had...

ripped off and angry

We purchased two tires on August 2007 for our sons 2005 Ford Focus. He put exactly 25, 000 miles on these 60, 000 mile tires. We realized in May 2009 that one tire was not retaining air and that they both had no tread and needed to be replaced. As the tires were under 2 years old and under 50% of the manufactures mileage usage, we expected Tire Kingdom would credit us about 50% of the original tire price toward replacement tires. Original price was 100.00 each.

They instead informed us the tires showed uneven wear and they would only credit us 25.00 on each tire. Please note that the tires were rotated three times and realigned once in this 20 month period. We agreed to the replacement deal although we felt it unfair.

Then to top it off we realized when we got the vehicle home that the manufacture date on the tires was March 2006! The new tires we had just purchased were already three year old and will be worthless and dangerous in three more. We did try to view the code before leaving Tire Kingdom but the tire was installed in such a way that you must crawl under the car with a flashlight to see it.

I will never do business with this company again!

  • Ja
    jackburton09 Dec 01, 2009

    I doubt the tire is unsafe. Although there is a possibility of getting a tire 3 years old, it is rare. Even so it will be covered under the exact same warranty as a brand new tire since it is basically brand new. If there is obvious signs of dry rot then at that time bring it back to work out a deal getting it replaced.

    Also getting an alignment done once in 20 months is not enough. Especially on a Ford Focus. Smaller cars tend to take a bit more abuse from the road. The suspension is not as stout as a bigger car hence there is less material to absorb the shock from the road. Once every 6 months would be better. A 3 or 5 year alignment policy would solve this problem if you intend to keep and maintain the vehicle. If not the policy is always transferable to another vehicle.

    You also need to rotate the tires more frequently. Three times in 25k miles is not enough. You should rotate the tires every 5k miles. A good time to get them rotated is at every oil change which should be every 3-4k miles. It is free so just get it done!

    If you follow the above advice you will have all the ammo you need to get full credit for your worn out tires. Also note that rarely will tires make it all the way to their mileage warranty. You will still get credit.

    Tire Kingdom, like most manufacturers, has nothing to hide. If you had asked them at the time of purchase they could have showed you the date code which is recorded on all tires. It is called the DOT number and is visible on the tire. Sometimes it is placed on the inside. Not on purpose. There is no need to crawl under your vehicle. It is even on your receipt.

    Tire Kingdom is the biggest independent tire dealer and it will probably be impossible to beat the price on tires anywhere. Your choice to do business elsewhere will only result in the exact same scenario just higher cost. You also will not get the support of hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. If I were as dissatisfied as you I would probably just go to a different location. Just expect the same treatment until you follow the above procedures.

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cheater unprofessional

Very Bad experience. I have my car replaced with 4 new tires (Mich Harmony MO1, 185/65R15). Later I found...

Resolved gasoline redemption coupons

With the purchase of new tires for my car in November of 2008; I was given enrolment document for free...

Resolved fraud, fraud, fraud

On 3/18/09 at 12:53 pm I delivered my Lexus sedan to Tire Kingdom on SR 7 in Boca Raton FL to replace two from tires and to change the oil. I had inspected all the tires myself together with my neighbor (who sells cars for a living) and determined the front tires needed to be replaced and the rear tires had more than 1/2 the thread still left and was good. Later that afternoon, Arend Ferverda (the manager at the location) called me and said I need Rear tires as well, Alignment for all 4 wheels and that my brake pads were overly worn and need to be replace for $229 each wheel.

He said that the Alignment would cost $129 and th extra tires were the same cost as the front tires. I told him that i had inspected the rear tires and they were fine. He said that they were not safe. I became suspicious because I saw with my own eyes the rear tires were fine. So I told him that I would have to call him back. I called Lexus service at the local dealer and they said the the brake pads ($229 each for a total of four Arend Fenwerda quoted) does not need to be replaced unless the light is on indicating it is wearing which was not the case. They also said that they would do the Alignment for $89 and had no opinion on the rear tires as they had not seen it.

I called Arend back at Tire Kingdom and told him that Lexus would do the Alignment for $85 dollar and he immediately said the he would do it for $79. I told him that I was not interested in the Brake pads and that i would rather have Lexus do the Job. I further told him I would only agree to have the rear tires replaced if He would keep the old ones for my inspection and he would put them back on if I wanted. He agreed. Lexus later said the brake pads were fine.

I went to pick up my car and guess what? They cannot find the Old tires for my inspection and would not give me the car unless I paid them in full. Arend Fenwerda says to pay the bill take the car and come back tomorrow morning and I will have your old tires for you. Well that never happened he gave me more excuses as to why he could not find the old tires.

Worst, as I am walking toward my car I see a big dent and scratched and light color paint on the driver side front. I immediately turned around walked into the service area and spoke to David Shaffer (acting Manager since Arend Ferwerda has left for the day). David say the dent looked like someone drove the car and hit something. He acknowledge that It had to have happened there as there were no reports of dents on the car and continued to fill out a customer Refund form, signing it and putting is information on it and describing the damage. He said that I would have to bring the car back tomorrow when Arend Ferwerda was there to get a picture to send it into corporate and they would make arrangement to fix my car and pay for it.

Well the next day, Arend Ferwerda Looks at the car and says that it did could not have happened there. I told him that When the car arrived that it was fine now it is wrecked and it happened while the car was in your possession. He said that he would call this insurance people and he would get back to me. I had to call him 3 days later since he never called and he kept delaying me. First the guy that worked on the car was not here today and other excuses. Then I finally stopped in to see Arend Ferwerda and He says they cannot help me period. It was not there fault. I simply told him that he would regret it and left. 10 minutes later he calls me and says that he spoke to his regional manager Adam Bowsky [protected]) and he said that they would repair the car. Arend Ferwerda said for me to get 3 quotes and that they would reimburse me.

I got three quotes to repair it and call Adam Bowsky to let him know. He asked how much it was and then said that he was going to have to turn it over to his insurance company. A week later I get a call from a Jennifer Dougherty, Senior Claim Rep for Gallagher Bassett Services, 13801 Riverport Dive Suite 501, Maryland Heights, MO 63043, [protected] x 244. I told her what had happened and she proceeds to say that the mechanic said that it could not have happened there because the paint on the car was white where the dent was (it is actually pail yellow) and all the pumper in the garage was yellow. I told here that this is funny since David Shaffer signed a refund report saying it was damaged there. She wanted to see the document. I emailed her all three quotes to fix the car and the refund form signed by David Shaffer.

A week later I get an email from her saying that 'we reviewed the service invoice in which it was indicated, before they worked on your vehicle that there were scratches to the left front' and they were denying the claim. This bought back memories of my corporate attorney telling me that the biggest scammer in this country is Insurance companies.

This business Tire Kingdom Is nothing more than a scam! They do work to your vehicle that you do not need and you cannot trust them. Is there anyone else having problem with them? Please write back here. I have a few Ideas on what I should do, feel free to recommend some as I can use them.

By the way, I have in invoice for the work and nowhere on it does It say anything about scratches or any damage when the car was checked in...

There Logo is Tire Kingdom: Service Brakes Batteries and More. I guess I got the 'more'. Hope this does not happen to you, but be very careful there.

  • Da
    DavidW May 03, 2009

    Very Bad experience. I have my car replaced with 4 new tires (Mich Harmony MO1, 185/65R15). Later I found that the Aspect Ratio is not 65 instead of 60 on the tires. Very unprofessional.

    Plus they offered free alignment checkup and then told me my wheels were out alignment and needed to adjusted. I suspected they did something to the alignment and refused to do the adjustment. Later proved that because the gas mileage dropped sharply so that I took my car to the dealer to do alignment. After the alignment the gas mileage recovered. So the free alignment checkup was a trap.

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  • Br
    BrianIrons Dec 22, 2009

    wow awesome figured i would find something like this.
    today 12/22/09 i went in to tire kingdom to have a simple oil change while i was at work just a block down
    they asked if i wanted a call when it was. i said no because i will just get it when i get off work.
    they call me anyway just to tell me blah blah blah all this stuff is wrong.

    im a 18 year old male and i think they could have been trying to take advantage of me
    the bill came out to be 30.99 when the blond girl leaving got it for 19.99 when i asked her why she said he told her he would help her out.

    keep in mind i have a 2001 Chevy silverado never wrecked or crashed always taken care of.

    the extra services they tried to add are as follows:
    Hub Bearings 209.84$ x2 152$ 571.86$
    Inner tire rods 52.69$ x2 171$ 276.38$
    outer tire rods 50.29$ x2 171$ 271.58$
    wheel alignment 59.99$ 59.99$

    they said i should do these right then and there^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    and these could wait a month or 2 V-V-V-V

    ball joints upper 53.82$ x2 133$
    ball joints lower 91.69$ x2 361$

    all coming up to a total of 1790.98 (including Florida tax of .07)

    place is a scam avoid them at all costs
    [email protected] if you want to contact me :)

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  • Jo
    joshgill Feb 08, 2013

    Same thing happened to me and I got fed up and setup the website I want everyone to know what an awful company this is!

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Resolved misrepresentation

Below is copy of a letter that I sent to the ceo of tire kingdom. Apparently he has made it very clear he has no concerns with keeping his customers.


Thank you for informing me that mr. Wolford has seen my letter. At least now I know how your company feels about long standing customer. For mr. Wolford to think that giving a customer $68.00 dollars off the price of a tire is deal then I am sure I won't be the only customer you lose.

I can't even explain how disappointed I am as a (former) customer of tire kingdom.

Former customer
Robin & todd mcvicker

On fri, feb 20, 2009 at 1:12 pm, kies, ericka wrote:

Dear mrs. Mcvicker,
Mr. Wolford and mr. Grassi discussed your issue yesterday and mr.
Wolford is one hundred percent behind mr. Grassi's offer. Tire kingdom
Will not be issuing you a free michelin pilot sport tire. The invoice
Attached to your fax does not indicate that you purchased your tires in
The "buy 3, get 1 free" program and we have never run any type of
Michelin tire in such a program.
Mr. Wolford apologizes for any miscommunication but believes what chris
Has offered you is a good deal and better than what we would offer any
Customer who would walk in to any of our stores today. Chris's offer
Will be honored through february 28, 2009 so please contact him at
[protected] to make an appointment.

Thank you,
Ericka kies
Executive assistant
[protected] x2213

Orland wolford
President and ceo
Tire kingdom
823 donald ross rd,
Juno beach, fl 33408
Dear orland:
I have a problem with a purchase of tires from you store at 1014 s u. S.
Hwy 301, brandon, fl. So I am writing you this letter for you assistance

In making things right.
This is the situation: in august my husband bought 3 tires from your
Store and at the time of purchase he was told he would get the buy 3 get

1 free deal. At that time we didn't need the 4th tire so when he was
Checking out he was told he could come back at any time and get it. So
He went back on february 13 to get one of our other tires fixed because
We found a nail in it and we have always purchase the road hazard
Warranty for our tires. So at that time my husband said can I go ahead
And get my other free tire for my car and explained to the man at the
Counter about what was told to him at the time of purchase. Rich then
Informed him that he would take care of the tire with the nail, but
Would not give us our other tire for free because he said it was never
Offered on those tires. So on that day I called [protected] and ask
For the area manager to call me back about this. Now it is monday and i
Still haven't gotten a call back. I call the store back and spoke with
Rich who tells me he will send an email to his manager and ask him to
Call me. Chris the area manager (who never gave his last name) finally
Calls my husband back and tells him that he would not give him the tire
For free that we were promised. So now I am having to call chris about
This issue and he says the same thing to me. He then says to me that he
Can give me a discount but he isn't sure so he said he would have to
Call me back about it. He calls me back and informs me that he will sell

Me that tire at cost which would be $200.00 and that would he would wave

The installation charges and also include the road hazard but that would

Be all he could do. I advised him that was not what was offered to my
Husband when he made the original purchase chris then proceeds to tell
Me that he thinks maybe my husband may have misunderstood what was said
To him. Normally I would understand that, but since my husband is a
Service manager and has been in the automotive field for over 20 years,
He clearly understood he was told it was buy 3 get 1 free. After
Speaking with chris and feeling very insulted by what he said about my
Husband, he then continues to question me on why it has been 9 months
(which it hasn't been that long) and now all of sudden I am bringing
This up and then starts to ask me if I even know who the store manager
Was at that time. I said I believe it was bobby and the manager before
Him was name troy. At this point I am very upset with chris and his
Comments and questions towards me. The conversation ended with chris
Telling me that was all he could offer and I explained that I didn't
Feel it was satisfactory and that I would be making contact to the
Corporate office about my concerns.
I have been a customer of tire kingdom's since at least 1997. You should

Be able to pull records by our last name we have bought tires for many
Of our cars at your stores. Here is a small list of some of the stores
We have gone to winter haven, land o' lakes, west hillsborough ave,
Plant city, n. Dale mabry, and brandon. I feel like it is very important

For me to make you aware of this situation and the resolution I feel is
Justified to keep me as a customer. Your stores have always had a good
Reputation with us and I trust that you will want to keep a customer
Happy. I see two options:
1. I want my new tire. Which is a mich pilot sport a-s 235-50zr18
And i
Am willing to pay for the road hazard warranty, mounting, balancing and
Disposal fees which would be a total of $ 48.99.

2. Or you can completely lose me as a customer.

  • At
    a tire manager Mar 09, 2009

    get a life michellin never offers a free tire... been in this business for 22 yrs

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  • As
    ASE MECHANIC Jul 09, 2009

    buy 3 get 1 free michelin hahahahahahaha

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  • Kl
    Kler Jul 25, 2009

    Below is copy of a letter that I sent to the CEO of Tire Kingdom. Apparently he has made it very clear he has no concerns with keeping his customers.

    Thank you for informing me that Mr. Wolford has seen my letter. At least now I know how your company feels about long standing customer. For Mr. Wolford to think that giving a customer $68.00 dollars off the price of a tire is deal then I am sure I won't be the only customer you lose.

    I can't even explain how disappointed I am as a (former) customer of tire kingdom.

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  • Ja
    jackburton09 Nov 30, 2009

    I suspect this was a huge misunderstanding. I also have never known Michelin to offer a buy three get one free. As a matter of fact they will not even allow the distributor to offer that deal. Tire Kingdoms hands are tied on this issue. They do offer mail in rebates from time to time but I have no knowledge of a buy 3 get one free. However, Tire Kingdom offers buy 3 get one free on many other brands like Yokohama and Sumitomo quite often. Not only that, but if they had offered that special it will be on the receipt. Clearly marked 4 tires purchased with a separate line stating the discount of exactly the price of one tire and why it was discounted. Regardless of what he believes he was told he did sign both an invoice and receipt. That should end any argument about a discrepancy. It is a shame you would not want to be the customer of a place because of a misunderstanding. Especially after an offer of tire at cost and free installation. Tire Kingdom does not make very much on tires. No tire place makes very much on tires. Mark up on tires is often less than 12% just to remain competitive. Michelins are the worst at below 12%.

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  • Tr
    T. Reid Mar 17, 2011

    it appears to me that tire kingdom has issues with honesty

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  • Ma
    mamalama May 17, 2011

    They are about to lose another customer in Apopka Fl due to valuing their policy of how to pay their technicians over my husbands and father of 3's life. His vehicle has been in their shop 4 times now in 10 days time (breaking dow 3 times AFTER getting it "fixed") and $963.00 later is still not fixed. The sad part is the actual mechanic that took a picture of the parts left disassembled under the hood after his second visit in, is not allowed to work on the car until he brings it in for a FIFTH time. His car stops mid driving and I worry that there wont be a fifth time if it stops mid turn of a big intersection here and an unaware drive plows into him killing him!!! They certainly have proven that they care not about the customer and we too are disappointed as we have been with them for almost 10 years!!! The technician that has been working on it has been recognized for doing sloppy work recently by all the other guys that work there, but getting him questioned, suspended or fired seems as bad as getting a government agent fired!!! The loopholes are disgusting!

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Resolved gas redemption scam.

The free gas redemption offer is a scam. I have followed all the rules and sent in my gas receipts for Nov- Feb and have not received any gas rebates. Tire kingdom promoted the offer in their store. If you buy 4 tires at least $500 you get $500 in gas rebates. Tire Kingdom needs to stand by the offer and honor it to its custmers. They will lose customers because of it. it is a trust issue. I would like a followup to this matter. Pam [protected] or email [protected]
Thank you!!

  • Vi
    vickki mikkelsen Mar 08, 2009

    I to did n.ot get my free gas cards. I turn in all of my receipt tryed to call phone not working please respond .

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  • Ch
    Chrissie Mar 12, 2009

    I bought my truck back in November 2008. They give you this free $500 gas redemptioncard. Sounded great at the time. it is 5 months later several phone calls and even the $5 certified check that had to be mailed in and NOTHNG we have not received a penny. I see lots of complaints for this and think something should be done. It is a complete scam either on the dealers part or this FREE GAS REDEMPTION company. How are impossible to get in touch with. Their e-mail address doesn't work and either does their phone # 1-888-828-5266
    Please tell me if there is anything I could do at leastget my $5 back.
    Christine Greco

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  • Th
    theresa Mar 18, 2009

    I went to Tire Kingdom because of the advertisement for the free gas. I have not received any gas cards and I have sent in all the receipts. This was a mutual agreement between Tire Kingdom and the gas rebate people, so Tire Kingdom has the liability to make right this advertisement! Either in a cash refund or $500.00 worth of products!

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  • Ma
    Manuela Woodrum Apr 07, 2009

    Hi all same here have same problem. Call Dianne Smith @ Tire Kingdom 1-800-926-8473 ext 2454
    email [email protected]

    latest I heard Attorney General of Florida was involved. Am currently awaiting a reply from Dianne. She told me in January 2009 to han g in there we will get some sort of reimbursement .

    We should all together and file a law suit if we dont! contact me!

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  • St
    starboardyacht Apr 15, 2009

    I also am a victim of this scam. I would have never bought the tires there if it wasnt for the gas rebate offer. I would join the class action suit and the other victims. David 772-546-4440 or e-mail [email protected]
    I submitted all enrollment and receipts and never got a dime back.

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  • St
    starboardyacht Apr 15, 2009

    Please include me on any action taken. I am also a victim. The fuel rebate was a total scam. David

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  • Ti
    tim92093 Apr 20, 2009

    cout me in if you are doing a law suit? I bit. I paid $635 for four tires thinking I was going to get $500 back over time. I sent in 5 month of gas tickets the last one was returned. now I and tokd to start all over again. not fair. Tire Kingtom stand up for what is right. gaston NC.

    tim Kavanagh 818-262-2753

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  • Mi
    Mindy Bustamante Mar 02, 2010

    I will also join suit. This was a the incentive for buying from Tire Kingdom.

    Mindy Bustamante 228 217 4315

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Resolved bad tires, beware

I have been a customer of tire kingdom since 2003. I purchased four tires in approximately three...

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This is a continuation to my complaint on 2/2/09 After countless hours spent at tire kingdom, and being sent...

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On 10/13/08 I had my car serviced at tire kingdom and due to amount of money I spent ($730.57) I was advised...

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Resolved terrible service

On June 28th, 2008 I visited the tire Kingdon store located at 4125 West 16th Avenue Hia, Fl, Invoice # [protected] and purchased a set of 4 BFG tires for a Grand Cherokee Jeep, I also purchased at the time the King Royal Tire Service and wheel alignment from Moises M Medina, total purchase was $726.23,

At the time he gave me a "Prepaid Card Offer Certificate" for a Visa Prepaid Card worth $50.00 on purchases of over $500.00 which I quickly mailed in to The Kingdom Prepaid Card Redemption Program, P O Box 2110, Carlisle, IA 50047. The forms indicated that I should receive my prepaid card within 6-8 weeks, it is now 10 weeks and I have yet to receive the prepaid card.

This is another disappointment with Tire Kingdom, since I already logged in a complaint regarding the tire balancing which took three trips to the store to have then corrected, them Mr. Medina called me to tell me that he was mailing me some coupon for a free oil change for all my inconvenience which I have yet to receive.

a flat two weeks after buying new tires

Two weeks after buying brand new tires from Tire Kingdom, I awoke to a flat. I had to go to work but my boyfriend brought the car in for me (with receipt) to check it out. They said the rims were rusted and charged him 25 dollars for "rim sealant." What bothers me is that they had a 3, 000 dollar estimate ready for me when I got the tires put on to fix the head gasket (etc) yet they neglected to inform me that rusty rims might jeopardize my new tires.

This happened today and I am heading over there after work to try and get a 25 dollar refund, but we'll see. The fact that this even happened in the first place is proof enough that they are criminals.

  • Ja
    Jaclyn Oct 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Update: I actually did receive the refund along with an apology from the service manager. He said that even though it isn't their technical policy to remove rust from rims when installing new tires (which sounds fishy) he says they usually do. Just wanted to let everyone know that they did attempt to correct this issue, though the entire thing was still an inconvenience.

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  • As
    ASE MECHANIC Jul 10, 2009

    i'm sure if they charged you ANYTHING extra on the first service claiming to have spent extra time having to clean your rims that never seem to have had a problem before that you probably would have complained just the same. As for giving you your money back, that is just easier than having to hear your continued griping!

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