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I worked at store 2919 I am still owed a check for my last week they do not answer me when I call about it.
I was told by the unprofessional general manager lucy that it was mailed out but I was also told they should not do that.
I did not receive it and it has been 6+ weeks now I am suffering without my pay, I cant even buy food to live, not a joke
I call and call they never get back to me so I went to the hollywood and main store and lucy the gm said it was mailed out not her problem
So I asked for the check to be reissued and I will pick it up she said "no" goodbye and left
I cant believe this
I can die if I do get my hard earned money
I cant eat
I am suffering please do something about this mistreatment
Or I will take action into my own hands and arrange a picket out front that store
I know they serve expired products to save money I know all the short cuts they take and am not the only person they have done this too

Aaron the owner has been bad talking me to other owners for no reason preventing me from getting another job I also have proof
Store 00565 and mike and lorie cormeau 00565 and to kelly wilson as well

Please stop this abuse I did nothing wrong

I was being bullied by a staff member management andrea at 2919 agreed it was bullying and needed to stop when lucy the gm heard about it she laughed at me I have it all on video and audio recordings as well I will put it all online if you do not help me I am being abused please do not ignore me my employment and human right have been violated by store 2919s owner aaron and the gm lucy

I am using my voice you can help me

I love tim horton's please help me I dont want to effect your sales but my rights were violated and are still being violated and I am still suffering from it

Help me

Raymond. Govang
Raymond. [protected]

Sep 01, 2019
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  •   Sep 05, 2019

    “I cant even buy food to live” yet then say I’m so upset “I can’t eat.”

    Is it funds or aggravation?

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  •   Sep 05, 2019

    How can you expect to be respected when judging from your complaint you can't complete one thought before going into another? This shows how you are as a worker.

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  •   Sep 05, 2019

    You are obnoxious for not realizing you are the problem!

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