Tim Hortons / being treated differently by a racist staff

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Hi, I came to the Tim Hortons to buy breakfast almost everyday in the north campus of University of Alberta (the Tim at CAB, Central Academic Building). But many times the girl (who is a muslim, black girl) there always treated my very rude. Today, I was waiting for my food with a white guy. She treated me and the white guy very differently. I was super disappointed.

Aug 07, 2019
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  •   Aug 08, 2019

    What was the rude comments and different treatment how? Your post seems like racism on your part.

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  •   Aug 08, 2019

    "The girl, (Muslim, black) has always treated my (not me, mind you) very rude."

    Um... Vut???? Forget the fact if you continuously patron am establishment where the regular establishment representative is rude, it's your fault for continuing to patron the place, really??? What's with the racism and bigotry on your part? Yes, your part???

    Maybe she treated you and your white guy colleague "super different"(ly) because -hey this is an idea- because he respected her and not called her a BLACK MUSLIM GIRL!!!

    How can you be super disappointed if she apparently treats you the same whether or not your white colleague is present? You should be used to it.

    Respect is a two way street.

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