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Y Aug 17, 2018

Hi Apparel group,

I'm sorry for that email but I feel so bad and high blood from your manger Tim Hortons branch at dubai mall his name
" jatell " I'm working in Dubai mall 7 years until now I inform him about 1 order French coffee with staff discount as you give to us always everyday because I'm your regular Coustomer daily, his say show me your id I told him no Labour card any more I don't have company id only visa stamp I swear I'm here working 7 years until now in Dubai mall his don't like to believe me or give me the coffee saying show me the visa stamp I feel I'm in immigration, I feel disappointed and upset I leave your shop to buy my coffee from another shops.

Really So sorry for that we love Tim Hortons and the products we are your regular Coustomer's daily but like that attitude with Dubai mall staff, We don't like passing or setting me and my other's friends staff working in Dubai mall any more in your branch because of this guy attitude.

Kindly please do the needful

Best regards,


supervisor branch dubai mall

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